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  1. how do i take the ROms folder filled with older roms and convert them to work with the new 64bit build of MAME, please help.
  2. I run Romlister from the Roms folder, Windows 7 crashes it. what now. ugh this is a pain going back to XP. it used to work perfect.
  3. I will try the program but one problem it keeps crashing on me. MS 4.0 .net, java based ? what was it written in? visual basic.
  4. ok so i got it to work but some dont work and some do. how do i fix this. I get a lot of error codes on some games. how do i audit them to get there build up to par. please help i dont want to call it a day but im almost there. i ran the ROM lister and it doesnt work it crashes says program not responding.
  5. ok sounds fine, so i have a rom set which app do i run to Up the build to the latest to work with the 64bit?
  6. Ok i got it to work But it just shows the video settings for a game i have to hit the enter and it closes. does this mean that all the ROMS i have for the 32bit dont work for the 64 one? is there a pack of ROMS that can be downloaded to work with this one so i dont have to do DL one by one.
  7. Are there any command options that i need to put into the mame screensaver. it ran this time but it comes up with the video specs of a game i press enter and it closes mame?
  8. ok so i currently use the 32bit so i guess i will need the MameUI64 one. I got that and put my Roms form the 32bit into the 64bit ROms folder. I did a audit of the games in 64bit mame and found a lot errors with some of the games. does that mean i have to run Romlister to find a version of the ROm that will work with the 64bit? Thanks any help is appreciated?
  9. after reading what you typed im not sure that i do. here is what my folder looks like . i attached URL http://i22.photobucket.com/albums/b309/scripttron75/4-20-20138-01-36AM_zps843fc875.png. I just run the Mame.exe and run the games in roms folder, is there a different way that it should be done to get the screensaver to work?
  10. i have an mame.exe it just runs stand alone without install i believe. guess that would make sense to install the actual app. can you point me on which Mame app to install for 64bit windows system.
  11. I have windows 7 64bit and i installed MAME screensaver download from site, setup the ROm folder etc and when i go to hit preview the screensaver does not come up it just flickers the screen nothing. I have the latest Nvidia drivers installed for my gprahics card. this worked before i reformated my drive and reinstalled windows 7. all windows updates and patches are installed.
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