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  1. So - Name the Game from the line... If someone gets your line, post a vid or a pic of the game. Winner gets a point. And a star. And a sticker. Starting from now(ish) Super Hero Baddies Killed The_greeze 1 tthurman 3 stigzler 2 Draco 4 hansolo77 1
  2. Oh my god............. They've braved the successor to my favourite film ever..... (Bladerunner) Looked pretty good from the trailer - looks like they may be preserving a good balance. Seriously - gave me goose bumps!
  3. many happy returns, u-man
  4. That's a nice bit of batch scripting, that.
  5. Shame that - doesn't look too shabby..
  6. My guess is that this will be easy do-able when evo's released via a plugin - detect control set>rotate accordingly>swap out game list. Good suggestion + cool cab!
  7. And Draco gets it! And that's one hell of a memory for detail right there, tthurman! Yer up, Draco.