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  1. @RedDog Could you post a vid, Red? Dunno why - just caps it off nicely.
  2. I propose a new game. You start a phrase from a game and whoever finishes it, it's their go! I'll start: "Stay a while....." That proved too hard!! tthurman kept producing all these obscure, esoteric titles that no-one ever heard of (only kiddin fella! ) So - Name the Game from the line..
  3. CPWizBiz is a multi-system game info and controls generator. Use it to display the controls for any game on any system. It also creates dynamic layouts, leveraging media such as images, video, flash, youtube, gifs and scrollers. More Details and Download Here:
  4. No seriously - thanks a bunch! Thanks to @Tom Speirs, @headkaze, @Adultery and @nullPointer in particular for inspiring a passion in coding and being patient/helpful with a true rank amateur/code monkey (i.e. me!) Thanks to the other well-humoured dudes in here too - a community full of true contributors/makers/creators. So I finally got CPWizBiz finished! The idea started 3 years ago when I was messing around with Headkaze's CPWizard thinking - "there's gotta be a way to use the non-mame side of this..." A few sleeps (or not!) later, and she's good to go! So technically this is a double posting as I've just updated the projects post, but I know not everyone goes in there. So: For the Regulars: Please take a look at it (made a demo vid) and if you have a spare minute, try installing it - would really welcome feedback and/or bugs! For the curious: Go on... you know you want to! @RedDog - please - no changing my nouns to vegetables.
  5. Version 1.0.0! Finally made it after 3 years! Total re-code. Requires a fresh install. Check the first post for a new demo vid of what it does and the new download:
  6. Cheers chaps. The world just gets more and more wondrous each and every day...
  7. que? Pictures Hans or it never existed
  8. You're gonna have to oil the wheels a little on this one, Hans. This wagon's a-stallin...
  9. You've got to admire nintendo's genius when knowing younger kids + families. Trying to rush them out the door and they are wanting "just 1 more go"? Now everyone's happy by just grabbing it and going.
  10. My god - it's a behemoth!
  11. I look forward to the day that someone elects to help Flash out with the databases - it's such a huge and demanding task. Of course "well crack on then!" you may say to me, but unfortunately I'm busy with producing other stuff to conrtibute to the scene beyond setup. Maybe one day - but bagsy not Commodore 64.
  12. For: Displaying Marquees or other single image stuff on displays additional to your main display. Install: Download. Unzip. Put MarqueeMasher.dll in your GameEx/Plugins folder. Configure it and boom. Use: Searches for image in folders 1-4 (1 being prioritised) for both primary and secondary displays. Searches for image matching Gamename or Romname in jpg or png format. Options: Area: constrain image to a specified specified area on the display. Area Offset: Use image at specified co-ordinates relative to 0,0 of the display. Screenshot: Download:
  13. Just if anyone's looking to make a vid of their GameEx setup, some reccomendaiton for software after what's felt like a while stumbling around in the dark: Screen Recorder: OBS Studio Free, Open Source, Longstanding and best I've used - even on low spec machine like my test/dev PC you can get 1080p @ 30fps. Also has great features like multi-monitor + window capture all integrating onto a single output. You can also set up a live-stream for UBend and Twatch etc. Video Editor: DeVinci Resolve Free + Longstanding. Beats other freebies in terms of features + you can output @ 1080. Don't ask me how to use it though - haven't got that far yet, but gets good reports. Live Audio Mixing: Voicemeeter Banana Great to mix mics, your desktop and any audio sources. For example you can route mediaplayer, mics and destop into it and then output to OBS Studio - controlling the levels as you record. Easy to set up with OBS. I'd be keen to see what everyone else is running + support @SIMPLY_AUSTIN with his awesome weekly contributions.
  14. Having sported a beard for the majority of 2016, I must admit to admiring the beard. In fact, it just adds to my loathing of Hugh Jackman - he's just one of those fella's who was born blessed...the b*****d (read: jealous). They need to take the comic book genre somewhere else + the darker and more real, the better. One of my faves of all time was Unbreakable - Shyalaman b4 he got tired.... This does look worth a watch
  15. Hi and welcome to GameEx! Launch Setup Wizard. Navigate to Setup Plugins. Highlight this plugin + choose "Configure" - button @ the bottom right. Good luck!
  16. Think @Krakerman's yer man on this one - if I recall correctly - he;s well into Rocketlauncher. Might be totally making that up though! There is someone on here who knows their onions on this.
  17. Cool beans...
  18. So where exactly were you for Christmas? Drinking with Shane McGowan?
  19. Dammit - i right click'd and searched by mistake - never knew I could do that! I'm out for this round....
  20. What's going on with her nose?