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  1. +1 on Oddworld - there's 2. There's pitfall game too.
  2. Ya know it
  3. Status: W.I.P. Started: June 2017 Story: My mate lost his dad. He had recollections of his youth playing on his speccy. He's not a big gamer or anything, but thought I'd make him something to bring back childhood memories alongside the wonders of Pi3 gaming! He also loved Wipeout on the PSX - so gonna bung a series of those on too. Build Pics:
  4. I quite like the design. They've retained the 80s but knocked off the edges. Hurry up Atari (Infogrames?) I wanna rip it apart and put an Odroid in it...
  5. Update: So, I've finally super-geeked out. Now making my own circuit boards. Learned Eagle CAD and produced my first board schematic. When used with RecalBox and 2 scripts, handles safe power on/off; a power indicator LED and a 5V CPU fan controller. The board: It's printed on plain paper - it'll be sharper when printed onto specialist transfer paper. First design was with through-hole components. However, remembered the days of hand made PCBs at school and remembered drilling those tiny holes to be a nightmare. So redesigned and re-ordered parts for a surface mount construction. Scale wise - that board is about 4cm across! Gonna be some steady hand and tweezer magic with the soldering.
  6. New google sites is sweet. And will dovetail with your google photos seamlessly.
  7. Ha! Ooops yeah - well spotted - I meant the Jaguar.
  8. I've heard it's only gonna play one game: E.T.
  9. Damn - that's a truly fine build. Original, polished and high spec..... One of the finest builds I've seen in a while... You have posted this over @ byoac, right?
  10. Keep those angles tight, T and try it on Drift...
  11. Pah. It's merely a digression...
  12. Good luck to them getting a saturn emulator running on that bad boy...
  13. Build and use custom game lists in GameEx. V1.2 Videos Use 1. Enable Custom Menus and Setup your usual menus (Mame, Emulators etc) 2. Set-up your lists and select "Build Lists" 3. Add any games you want to include in your lists as favourites in GameEx 4. Select the games you want for each list in CustomLists and "Add Selected" Tips For obscure Rom names, try "Lookup Game" You can delete games to reset their Times + Last played status etc Download here Screenies Warning: This Plugin manipulates your GameEx favourites list to construct custom, dynamic lists. If you want to preserve your pre-existing favourites list: Go to Settings select "Show Favourites column" make a new list; select all the games with a "1" in the favourites column then transfer them to your new list.
  14. Then busted - I'm a square - I should get down with the kids and communicate vie basefook, twitcher or snappyhat - even when I'm sat next to them. Conversations are so pre-millennial, man!
  15. If you mean how do you remove the Custom Lists generated menus: Click "GEEditor" Select your custom lists root folder (in this instance, "Collections") and then click "Delete Item/Menu"
  16. Damn T - that's close to curbing free speech! Granted if someone had just proudly posted pics of their new house and you said "it looks like an untidy shed," that might be a little beyond the pale.... There's gotta be a slang term for someone who refuses to look up slang terms because he prefers to learn things through conversation! If not, let's make one.... Bit like "let me google that for you..."
  17. I love the design. Also, to quote from the article: "Information on pricing, release dates, game content, or even full specs aren't on the cards right now. "We know you are hungry for more details; on specs, games, pricing, timing," the company said. "We're not teasing you intentionally; we want to get this right, so we've opted to share things step by step as we bring this to life, and to listen closely to the Atari community feedback as we do so." Read and learn, Spintendo, read and learn.
  18. Thanks Jim. Your first issue: known one that's going going to take some really coding. On my list to do... On your second issue, you first add the game you want on a list to your favourites in game ex. Then the game should show up on the list.. You can't do a list under each system. It works on a nested folder/list basis and you have to choose a location for your 'root folder.' You can of course have a subfolder for each system...
  19. Dayum.... That's begging to be pied. You guys sure get some cool stuff over there
  20. Nope. Is it where you post what may be perceived as a negative view?
  21. I've still no idea what that is...
  22. That almost looks as good as an Ataroid..
  23. I'm sorry - I don't speak jive - what's that?