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  1. Toddzilla

    That's some fine craftsmanship, my good man. Great to see care, craft and detail prevail over designed obsolescence and commercialism. (Did I really just turn a bit of wood into a political comment!? Damn, I'm getting old)
  2. Caucasian

    *phew - thought they were gonna try and remake it then..... awesome film. The dude abides
  3. Toddzilla

    This really does win the prize for the most enigmatic build ever. I have no idea how this is going to look once assembled...
  4. [NEWS] Big seasonal updates

  5. High pucker factor

    not you, t dude... the guy who posted that vid
  6. High pucker factor

    Wow. No 1 was awesome! (another uBend whore!)
  7. High pucker factor

    Damn. That must take some skill and balls.
  8. Marquee Magician 2.1

    I ended up not using this and not sure there's many still using it? Depending on what you're doing with it, you could try this for simple images on an additional display to your main: If you need more layout options on your display, you can try this: but be warned - it's not for the faint hearted!
  9. [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    OK. Start up the config, get the error, then post your MM log.
  10. [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    For: Displaying Marquees or other single image stuff on displays additional to your main display. Install: Download. Unzip. Put MarqueeMasher.dll in your GameEx/Plugins folder. Configure it and boom. Use: Searches for image in folders 1-4 (1 being prioritised) for both primary and secondary displays. Searches for image matching Gamename or Romname in jpg or png format. Options: Area: constrain image to a specified specified area on the display. Area Offset: Use image at specified co-ordinates relative to 0,0 of the display. Download:
  11. Happy Birthday tthurman!

    Many happy returns, chap.
  12. Who sent a picture of my British shed to Draco?
  13. 10.6.17

    Let's hope.
  14. [APP] CPWizard v2.35 ?
  15. RIP: Harry Dean Stanton

    @Draco1962 Was saying exactly the same to my mate in the pub today, Draco. All my childhood heroes are dying. We're next. We're a long time dead, fellas, so let's stop being petty and snarky and enjoy it whilst it's here... Time disappears faster as we get older.
  16. RIP: Harry Dean Stanton

    Sad news. Great, unobvious man
  17. Toddzilla

    Wowsers. Beats a garden shed in skegness.,.
  18. Toddzilla

    Damn. Is that a home shop?
  19. The GameEx Awards 2017

    OK, OK. It doesn't exist yet, but what do you think? Here in the UK, the winter draws fast upon us and thought it would be a bit of light relief to have some awards? Only a bit of fun. If people like the idea, post some ideas for categories. We could then invite nominations (self or otherwise!) for each, have a bit of voting then announce the winner on New Years day? Here's some ideas (with examples): Perseverance in the face of utter disaster (@TerryRed for his heartbreaking playfield smashing of Summer, 2017) Member gone bonkers over one aspect of the scene ( @hansolo77 for his obsession with sbc builds, @RIP-Felix for his insanely detailed and fascinating write up on fixing his Atari 2600) and if we must, some more simplerer categories like: Most Enthusiastic Newcomer Media Moghul Best Theme Most Helpful Whatcha think? Apart from "not yet another bloody 'bright idea' from that plonker"
  20. The GameEx Awards 2017

    First world problems, huh Terry? Mind you... bed bugs...
  21. Categories Nominations Post your ideas below for categories for the GameEx awards. Good ones will be put onto the poll and voting counted at the end of October.
  22. error

    Was it this one?
  23. The GameEx Awards 2017 - Categories Nominations

    Hi-Score King? or is that your "The Panultimate GameEX Gargle Blaster DemiGod" @RIP-Felix??
  24. The GameEx Awards 2017

    Ah great. I should have asked a moderator about the poll thingy - they're meant to be good at stuff like that. Oh...wait... Right - New Poll it is to get what we are going to poll on (I think or should we take a poll on whether we should do that or not?)
  25. The GameEx Awards 2017

    Cool. So any ideas for categories? @RIP-Felix - can we still do polls on here?