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  1. For: Displaying Marquees or other single image stuff on displays additional to your main display. Install: Download. Unzip. Put MarqueeMasher.dll in your GameEx/Plugins folder. Configure it and boom. Use: Searches for image in folders 1-4 (1 being prioritised) for both primary and secondary displays. Searches for image matching Gamename or Romname in jpg or png format. Options: Area: constrain image to a specified specified area on the display. Area Offset: Use image at specified co-ordinates relative to 0,0 of the display. Download:
  2. Ok. Few ideas. Firstly, you appear to have the secondary additional display enabled. You only need this is uou ahve two additional screens to your main one. From the log its hard to see a problem. The marquee is getting drawn on game launch. You mention that you can alt tab and find the marquee. Whatvexactly do you see on game launch? Do you get black screen over you marqude display or does it go back to the desktop? Is there something overlaying the marquee? This could be gameex game extender, gameex hide desktop or even mame - you can setup mame to display on a second display.. Try the ideas above and come back to me.
  3. @ksbman Could you post: MMLog, settings and Systems out of GameEx>PLUGINS>MarqueeMasher please? Also, this happens for which system?
  4. Who'da thunk it - right here in my own backyard. Some real classics in there too!
  5. Not related to this, is it?
  6. I'd image, IRL she might be a little high maintenance... She used be a lot more laid back, but you can't turn back time...
  7. We must have met before...
  8. I'd love it - booze and coding... Pack my laptop on a Saturday morning, potter into town, have breakfast then hit the GitPub for a day's drinking and coding. I'd also not let Adultery down and be a complete ass...
  9. It's invariably my dodgy coding breaking the internet, @headkaze
  10. aw, cummon! Yer only jealous you didn't get there first!
  11. I sold it online and am now retiring and buying a yatcht.
  12. He's been hanging on waiting for 15 months awaiting a reply putting his whole project on hold.... Only joking!
  13. Wb krc. Ltns!
  14. I love that show - could sit watch it for hours!
  15. @Kustom KidOK - recreate the error then upload: GameEx>LOG>SetupWizard.log GameEx>Plugins>MarqueeMasher>MMLog.log GameEx>CONFIG>GameEx.ini It might be worth bringing @headkaze into this too, as the error originates from Setup Wizard. It's looking to add an item twice - so maybe MM is getting added twice or something? dunno
  16. @Kustom KidYerp - still not sure - the error is being thrown by the Setup Wizard, not by MarqueeMasher, although it could be the interaction of the two. Again, you can totally remove MarqueeMasher from the plugins directory to help you isolate the problem. If you still get that error - it's something else.
  17. To one of the true asset kings... well done sir! And happy birthday.
  18. V 1.2.0 Added Open Mapped drives from context menu Added to tray on minimize Changelog now viewable via setting button. V 1.3.0 Added auto-updater and tidied GUI Added Dark Theme Adds Launch icons to parograms and start menu V 1.4.0 Added wait before autorun feature to help avoid contention at startup.
  19. DriveMappy ( A small app that can help any of you running GameEx off Network storage setups. I found Windows Drive Mapping via Explorer to be a bit of a faff (having idiosyncrasies around user + admin accounts etc). Also, wanted something that would enable me to edit assets/setups whilst offline/away from my LAN. So made this. I have any apps (GameEx, CPWizBIz, GEmvoy) setup using mapped network drives for gamefiles and assets (e.g. drives Y: and Z:). My setup involves having all my assets on my home server. I have installed BitTorretn Sync ( on my server which essentially allows me to run it as a cloud service (no more capacity limits through corporate ones). Then I've set up cloud-sync folders on my laptop - nice thing about BTSync is you can select download files on demand, rather than autosync all files (saving disk space). On my laptop, I have it to try mapping the Y + Z drives to my server first. On fail - then maps these to the sync folder (which matches the server folder). Thus, I can essentially access a copy of the server when LAN connected - essentially through the interweb. Secondly, the versatility of BTSync can help with disk-size management. All automagically done on startup. (Caveat: to get full features of BTSync - you need to fork out £30 - but there's a lot of functionality through the free version too).
  20. If that sounds a little strong, it's because it's meant to be. 10 years of public dropbox links (i.e. images all over these and other forums and websites) no longer work. Dropbox just chose not to have them work anymore. Without any replacement or workaround. I hope it rots in hell. Hope that's not too strong?
  21. @Tom Speirs - Nice work on the new promo vid -covers both GameEx's and the online stuff nicely. One though though - GameEx arcade is up first and it's not very clear that this is a 'stripped down' version of Game-Ex optimized (via being minimized!) for arcade cabs etc.... My worry is that people new to FrontEnds looking to make a commitment will see this and if they are looking for a more featured FE may be put off by the trimmed down features of GameEx Arcade. Of course, you could always tell me to mind my own business; but, being a fan-boy, I'd hate for new users to go elsewhere on a misunderstanding! btw - nice intro - did you do that? Blender?
  22. Maybe cut between the two? With an overlay id'ing whether it's GE standard or GE Arcade. You'd hopefully capture both markets then. This is the danger - tbh if I was new to GameEx and just saw the GE Arcade bit at the start, I'd have moved onto another frontend - not because GE Arcade is lacking but more because I'd be looking for a FE more akin the GE Classic. Other FE's (who shall remain nameless - aside from hyperspin) would have caught my eye more in this regard. However, I'm also very keen for people to see the true power and versatility of GE Classic. It's different strokes for different folks, but both GE versions cover all bases. It's just making sure people know this. I'll also see if I can knock a vid together of GE Classic at work with 3 displays, custom lists etc... Hopefully that'll add to the showcasing.. Wasn't that Austin fella asking for some vids?
  23. It's not criticism by any means. More just wishes for people to get the true scope of GameEx on initial sight of the vid. Know what you mean about the software. Took me an age to get a decent-ish setup on my ageing computer. To make my CPWizBiz promo, settled for: OBS Studio (great for multi display/window recording) Shotcut for editing (although started to find it's limitations towards end of making that video) - good for fades/audio dubbing/cutaway etc. Did find that KDen Live (longer heritage + better features) has been ported over onto windows from linux. Had a quick play around with it and seems really good, but not sure how stable it is given the early port. In active dev.