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  1. Evolution

  2. Finally!

    *still impressed
  3. Finally!

    lol/wow. That's kinda important in a weird kinda way.
  4. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    Second time lucky. Cheers Fella.
  5. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    Hmm, so some display full size, but others half size - any ideas:
  6. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    That nearly did it. Just two vids playing small - both same format as the others, but in portrait aspect rather than landscape (although other portrait vids play ok). They look stretched in the x direction: log.txt
  7. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    Nope. Not the LAV codecs.
  8. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    lol. Told you I'd be a rubbish Moderator.. Hang on, let me have a word with myself: @stigzler: Please include your log.txt with any queries made of the GameEx team..
  9. Feature Request for Evo: To reduce my body weight by 2lbs every time I spark it up until it reaches a number I specify in settings..
  10. World's Best Mum

    Only in the Daily Mirror.....
  11. [Resolved] Startup probs

    Weirdly, came back to it today and it didn't stall...Dunno what all that was about but will take another look at it if it happens again.
  12. [Resolved] Startup probs

    Hi folks, So came back to work on my rig after a break. GE is getting stuck on the "loading" screen. Attached full log, but below is likely culprit: 18:57:17.28 17/04/2018: Playing intro sound file 18:57:17.31 17/04/2018: Initialization OK! Starting GameEx! 18:57:17.31 17/04/2018: Testing Main Loop Once: Processing Frame 18:59:53.95 17/04/2018: Exiting GameEx! 18:59:53.96 17/04/2018: Closing HideOS.exe 18:59:54.02 17/04/2018: Disposing all videos 18:57:17.31 is where it's getting stuck and not progressing. 18:59 is when I manually killed it.. Any ideas? Can't update it as, of course, you need GE launched to trigger update routine? log.txt
  13. [Resolved] Startup probs

    Naturally, my good man, but same applies - not finding the overwrites an issue until a lot further down the track and more settings/changes having been made to 'this' installation. Not doubting my learned and esteemed colleagues here - just with these types of things, I like to be 100%
  14. [Resolved] Startup probs

    If it's straight, unmanaged file overwrites that would be so. However, you can write file-by-file update conditions that prevent, for e.g. user-changed files being over-written. I'd be interested to know how Tom does it.
  15. [Resolved] Startup probs

    Cheers fellas. Yeah, my worry is I won't see the part that's gone south until I hit on that particular esoteric part of GameEx (not daily use) - e.g. some obscure system using a batch file somewhere. Think I'll hang on for Tom's consideration - also, curious to know what's going down with my present installation - it won't be that out of date..
  16. [Resolved] Startup probs

    My worry has always been it overwriting settings files - for example CustomMenu.ini or other more esoteric parts of GameEx.... It really does come down to knowing the coding behind it all - whether these files are created/overwritten/ignored at runtime by the code, or whether they are just part of the update download (which could also be managed as part of the update process). @Tom Speirs - could you advise? is it safe just to do an overwrite - no settings/setups will be knackered?
  17. Pet Peeves

    Web "articles" without a date. Knobheads.
  18. [Resolved] Startup probs

    Funny innit? In the 5 odd years of using GameEx, I've never been brave enough to do this! You promise me Draco that this won't make my Norman fall off or all my teeth fall out? I'll come nick yer beers if it does....
  19. Pincab futur

    lol. That's f***ing insane.
  20. New Kid In Town (Eager to Learn With Money TO burn...lol)

    Evenin + welcome an all that. Whatcha bringing to the party? Good choice with GameEx - we're a bunch of mardy ole buggers, but get the job done and I've never seen an issue go unresolved yet... + you come in at exciting times with the release of a brand new version just around the corner.
  21. Pet Peeves

    I just punch them in the snozzle. Then I give them a flower.
  22. [APP] RecalBoxER

    V1.1.0 Big Update Added: ROM drag and drop adds game to databse. You can now edit a game's metadata, including images from Recalboxer Can drag and drop images from the built in browser to the game image or drag and drop image file form file browser. Now auto adds game's metadata to folders that contain gamefiles (e.g. Psx + Dreamcast) Individual game scraping system - allows individual scraping (no need to use Recalbox scraper anymore) System game scraping - v fast + full control over scrape parameters in settings. Updated video in original post.
  23. [APP] RecalBoxER

    Given it's not GameEx, I'm posting this here rather than User Projects. I know a few of you have SBC builds and the new stable version of recalbox is out (4.1). Given it some testing and I'd deffo recommend it for 'out of the box' performance. I'm making a gift for a friend involving a Pi3 and recalbox. Now, he aint too tech savvy, so he's gonna need point and click rom management. I wanted to cut out all of the uncertainty about transferring roms manually via the windows shares and also all the hassles with rom extentions etc. Thus, RecalBoxER is born: If of any use to any of you, you'll find it here: https://sites.google.com/view/magoarcade/software/recalboxer For any coders amongst you, there were a couple of points of interest in this project: - Sourcing a decent web browser control to replace the archaic internet explorer-based one. In the end went for something called dotnetbrowser - very reliable and lowest footprint I could find @ 50Mb (chromium based). Just hoping their promise of a free license to open source devs comes true... - Had to design a mini file explorer interface (above) as weirdly, there are few winforms controls for this. The only one I could find cost about $4382. Ironically, the aforementioned archaic webbrowser control came back into play. If you send it file locations, it acts like windows explorer! Who'da thunk it. Very happy with the way it turned out: fast, responsive and with all the Win Explorer features preserved! Right, back to reality...
  24. C64DebugGUI

    Evenin. For those of you that like C64 stuff, I made a GUI for a blinding app called C64Debugger. It basically lets you disassemble/monitor an emulated C64 (via VICE) as it's running. Lets you peer into all the tricks and magic those buggers used to pull off in their games.. Anyways, I 'shup and let the video do the talking: Download: https://sites.google.com/view/magoarcade/software/c64debuggui
  25. "King of Kong" Dethroned

    Don't worry, t. He looks like the kinda guy whose ego is coated in Teflon..