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  1. stigzler

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    You never know when Matthew Smith might rock up...
  2. stigzler

    Happy Birthday Draco!

    ooops - missed it - happy very belated birthday, chap.
  3. stigzler

    [ RESOLVED ] desktop goes black

    Sounds like HideOS.exe to me. I've had similar problems with it. There's a setting in GemVoy to disable HideOS.exe entirely. That stops it for me.
  4. stigzler

    Colorblindness Glasses

    Oh yeah - and what he said...
  5. stigzler

    Colorblindness Glasses

    I am not colour blind, but I am a man. This means that I may as well be when it comes to decorating my house. I mainly stick to black and white.
  6. stigzler

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    No - apology's mine - this is one of those errors I've been meaning to get round to fixing.. Glad you got it sorted.
  7. stigzler

    [NEWS] GameEx 15.30

    Ignore that pillock. He's got no idea what he's on about... As you were, nothing to see here.. :/
  8. stigzler

    Happy Birthday Hansolo77!

    Many happy returns, chap. Don't forget the parsnip.
  9. Awesome. Dead prof...
  10. stigzler

    [NEWS] GameEx 15.30

    Ignore what this muppet is saying. Alternatively, a setting or default that only does a grab for game with missing media.
  11. stigzler

    [NEWS] GameEx 15.30

    Never explored the create snaps and videos function of GE. However, sounds awesome. What would be aces would be a hotkey to turn it on/off during browsing in GameEx. Scene being: you have most of the assets for a system, but you find one game that hasn't got a snap/title/video. Being able to turn it on whilst you run the game to grab to media and then turn it off again once you return to GE would be amazeballs. Kinda hotkey idea. Now, if there could be some kinda handle in the plugin system, I could easily build this into GEmvoy.
  12. @thetrueyuiop Yeah - shoot the bugger who wrote that pile of crap. Oh wait - that was me! If you get Gemvoy up and running, it'll be able to do what you want. Not sure what's going on as haven't had others reporting lots of unhandled exceptions. Few questions: a) You running GameEx or GameEx Arcade? b ) Is GameEx up to date - there was a recent hiccup via SlimDX, but most recent version has this fixed. Lastly, post any error messages, alongside the corresponding Gemvoy Log here: http://retrorigs.biz/Mantis
  13. stigzler

    How to use demul07_111117????

    Isn't that GameEx arcade?
  14. stigzler

    The UK Royal Wedding

    Just hope they weren't from Boston, UK. Now that's a place...
  15. stigzler

    The UK Royal Wedding

    The sovereign country of Stigzler has yet to be invaded or colonised. I think Trump knows mine is bigger than his. Congratulations to Dave and Tina for getting married the other day...