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  1. Updates (neglected this post a little!) 1.0.1 Bug Fixes: CPWB.Rig_AddNew: Do check for at least single image in Layout before add rig. CPWB.Ini_KorVToTableKey: Adds Section header in absence of Source section CPwb.StartPopulationOutput: Changes to skip datatable population if no emu/info labels/images... 1.0.2 Some Icon improvements 1.0.3 CPWB.Pop_CPWBg: Creates bak.png if not present from app resource. Added CPWizard Layouts folder backup 1.0.4 Bugfixes: Edit Imgs and Labels for Emus. 1.0.5 Fixed .ire file for General settings. Bug only occurs if you installed at Version 1.0.4. Manual fix required - update won't fix it - contact me if need to know how (basically just copy CoreAssets>VanillaAssets>db>ires>CPWizBiz.ire to the equivalent in your ascribed database location)' 1.0.6 Explored Cmd Line bug Issue #18. To do with .net .parsecmdline - small changes made but unresolved. Consider custom class. 1.0.7 Fixed startup bug if can't find db file. 1.0.8 Added game manual browse from Games tab Added change game controls from CPWizBiz 1.0.9 Added Snap + Save current CPWizard display. > Assists with documenting specific layouts (E.g. Default Emu/System button layouts) 1.1.0 Added UPdate CPWizard Function > Downloads CPWizard and compares against local version. If newer, copies relevant files to local installation. 1.1.1 BugFix: Fixes Update Rig bug where this mucked up database. 1.1.2 Added facility to edit Emulator Function Labels directly in the admin interface Added ability to change the default image viewer for CPWizard grab to one of user's choosing. 1.1.3 Added copy emulator functions from another system (for multi-system emulators such as RetroArch) Re-wrote Marquee and CPWizard dynamic image routine. Now includes any 'de-tagged' images in image results in absence of direct match (e.g. "Tekken 3 (USA)" used where game = "Tekken 3") Landing page for Maquee edit changed to Images Improved update routine, now keeps update stats via ftp. Download + Info:
  2. Do you think I'm made of money!? The peanuts, however, are complimentary.
  3. Happy Birthday chap. Another year older and 3 raspberry pi's richer? Have a gud un.
  4. I wasnt blaming anyone, dazzle, certainly not you. Why would I do that when you're a top bloke? I'd just had a frustrating evening with the whole issue and thus was venting my spleen at romcentre... @Tom Speirs thanks, i'll take a look at that, although someone also pointed me towards sets which have 1 name, one file. That may prove the shizzle..
  5. Bronson?
  6. Ouch @ c64! Whilst would be ultra cool, isnt c64 one of the systems with the largest number of games? Go for it!
  7. Ah no. Me too. Python loved sending stuffy brits up. Just think basil fawlty...
  8. @Adultery and @DazzleHP - thanks for the steers, fellas, but having spent all evening messing about with various rom managers and finding it and absolute ball ache (including messing up one of my romsets entirely!) I still come back to my original question as I certainly would find it an easier and safer solution and I think others may find it easier too. i.e. get hold of your romset, plug into gameex and go.. So, @Tom Speirs - is the request in my OP possible? It's hard to envisage how difficult it would be without knowing the GE backend, but wouldn't imagine it'd be too difficult? Not sure how you're matching the vids on the game browser page, but rather than it doing a literal comparison, maybe a comparison with any tags removed? Thus, in the OP example, it would 'de-tag' the game name and see if the videos directory contains a similarly de-tagged video file? I know you guys are stoopid busy with Evo, but this simple feature would be a boon, especially as there may be quite a few people out there in a similar boat.... Now, to find out what bloody RomCenter has done to my A2600 Roms....
  9. Thanks for the answers, but *blurgh* - Rom management - my least favourite part of this hobby. QED: Downloaded RomCenter. Started by trying to tackle an 'easy' system - Atari 2600. Have a goodset. Try to create a database for 2600 - no goodset dat. Read forum post saying they don't exist because goodset guy was being an ass about it. Tried a TOSEC dat - names close, but no cigar. TL;DR version = failed at first hurdle. So, looking like RomCenter is out.... UPDATE 1: Tried some goodxxx dats found here. Epic fail. Indiscernible error in romcenter. UPDATE 2: Headed over to Hyperlists. Downloaded the xml for Atari 2600. RomCenter doesn't accept xml. Epic Fail again. This is great fun. UPDATE 3: Found Dat-o-matic - my set might be no-intro - not sure. Grabbed the .dat - tried to load into RomCenter. Another unhelpful error message. NOT a fan of RomCenter so far! This really is tremendous fun.
  10. Ah! I wondered if you were referring to this Royle Family (kinda the antithesis of what I was banging on about..)
  11. Please tell me that you held onto the Heavy Sixer!?
  12. That's where M.E.D. originates from Sorry, your Majesty, in case you're reading.
  13. These are prime examples of people who suffer from M.E.D. in the UK. It's a very serious affliction, particularly affecting people from privileged and comfortable backgrounds... Yes siree bob, Middle England Disorder can be a nasty condition indeed. Crucibles full of neuroses, performance anxiety and the perpetual drive to keep up with the Joneses You might have to be British to spot it, although all you have to do is watch any Monty Python for a primer in what to watch for. Clue: in the video - did you notice the fake, plastered smiles and feigned happiness? Beneath lie seething demons of passive aggressiveness and hatred for their fellow men. Oh, I'm sorry, wrong meeting!