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  1. stigzler

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    Ah the joys of terminology. Glad it's up and running for you.
  2. stigzler

    Advice for new MAME setup

    So, figured the issue. In Felix's original post here: He had used a character that looked like a minus on one of the command line switches, but it wasn't one (if ran in cmd - threw an error). Replaced with minus and now all's well! Also edited it in Felix's post too..
  3. stigzler

    Play Expo - 12th August (this sunday).

    Looks awesome. Great selection. Now stop filming and start button mashing!
  4. stigzler

    Play Expo - 12th August (this sunday).

    no worries - enjoy
  5. Not daft at all, but doesn't work for my setup (long story to cover, so I won't!) Cheers for thew suggestion though.
  6. stigzler

    Play Expo - 12th August (this sunday).

    Have you got a stall? If I'd have had more notice, I may have pootled down there
  7. Yeah. It seems to be working fine now. I'm wondering if it's linked to mapped network drives not mapping - I was having difficulties with these being mapped at startup. No difficulties = no issues with GE loading. Time will tell...
  8. stigzler

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    @DLuxPNW Whoops. Schoolboy error. Try V1.4.23 just uploaded.
  9. stigzler

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

  10. stigzler

    Personal Gaming Dome

    omg. omg. omg. Wipeout + dome projector = I think I just came a little.
  11. stigzler

    Scanlines vs. Pixels - emulation accuracy

    Liking this - what's a shadow mask?
  12. OK. Just come back to this a after couple of weeks - still happening + this didn't fix it. Still getting stuck on the loading screen. Alt+Tab reveals the GE window title with no info "GameEx ||||" No clues in log - any other ideas? log.txt
  13. stigzler

    Arcade 1UP

    B*ll*cks. I really stitched myself up there didn't I!? wtf is N 4 2? You yanks and your jive talk.
  14. stigzler

    Arcade 1UP

  15. stigzler

    Arcade 1UP

    Adultery, my dear boy. Arcade cabs are meant to be big, black, ugly and reek of the 80s (read: sweat, hairspray and Boss aftershave). Also, they are not meant to be sold by someone who looks and sounds like a used car salesman.