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  1. Ok. Few ideas. Firstly, you appear to have the secondary additional display enabled. You only need this is uou ahve two additional screens to your main one. From the log its hard to see a problem. The marquee is getting drawn on game launch. You mention that you can alt tab and find the marquee. Whatvexactly do you see on game launch? Do you get black screen over you marqude display or does it go back to the desktop? Is there something overlaying the marquee? This could be gameex game extender, gameex hide desktop or even mame - you can setup mame to display on a second display.. Try the ideas above and come back to me.
  2. @ksbman Could you post: MMLog, settings and Systems out of GameEx>PLUGINS>MarqueeMasher please? Also, this happens for which system?
  3. Who'da thunk it - right here in my own backyard. Some real classics in there too!
  4. Not related to this, is it?
  5. I'd image, IRL she might be a little high maintenance... She used be a lot more laid back, but you can't turn back time...
  6. We must have met before...
  7. I'd love it - booze and coding... Pack my laptop on a Saturday morning, potter into town, have breakfast then hit the GitPub for a day's drinking and coding. I'd also not let Adultery down and be a complete ass...
  8. It's invariably my dodgy coding breaking the internet, @headkaze
  9. aw, cummon! Yer only jealous you didn't get there first!
  10. I sold it online and am now retiring and buying a yatcht.
  11. He's been hanging on waiting for 15 months awaiting a reply putting his whole project on hold.... Only joking!
  12. Wb krc. Ltns!
  13. I love that show - could sit watch it for hours!
  14. @Kustom KidOK - recreate the error then upload: GameEx>LOG>SetupWizard.log GameEx>Plugins>MarqueeMasher>MMLog.log GameEx>CONFIG>GameEx.ini It might be worth bringing @headkaze into this too, as the error originates from Setup Wizard. It's looking to add an item twice - so maybe MM is getting added twice or something? dunno