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  1. Evolution

    Yeah - it has taken longer than expected, but this is a hobbyist area, not a large multi-national corporation. I see the GameEx lifetime pass is around $55 - the same price as a playstatyion game? For lifetime support and continual ongoing improvement? I'd cut the guys some slack - they probably got into it and realised it was a lot bigger to get it perfect then expected. Anyone who is creative and has projects on the go knows this happens. My advice: don't complain too much - else you might get a rushed, under-developed product. Give the guys the space to do what they do (albeit I'm guessing not as their day job) and you should reap suitable rewards.
  2. Evolution

    The above is your edit. The previous version for this and your preceding posts were nonsensical and meaningless, hence the worry about you being a troll. This edit is more intelligible, so thanks for the edit.
  3. Evolution

    @Maxwel1970 - Please edit your previous two posts. As they stand at the moment, they make no sense and do, indeed, come across as trolling. If these aren't edited, I will remove them from this thread.
  4. Evolution

  5. Finally!

    *still impressed
  6. Finally!

    lol/wow. That's kinda important in a weird kinda way.
  7. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    Second time lucky. Cheers Fella.
  8. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    That nearly did it. Just two vids playing small - both same format as the others, but in portrait aspect rather than landscape (although other portrait vids play ok). They look stretched in the x direction: log.txt
  9. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    Nope. Not the LAV codecs.
  10. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    lol. Told you I'd be a rubbish Moderator.. Hang on, let me have a word with myself: @stigzler: Please include your log.txt with any queries made of the GameEx team..
  11. Feature Request for Evo: To reduce my body weight by 2lbs every time I spark it up until it reaches a number I specify in settings..
  12. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    Hmm, so some display full size, but others half size - any ideas:
  13. World's Best Mum

    Only in the Daily Mirror.....
  14. [Resolved] Startup probs

    Weirdly, came back to it today and it didn't stall...Dunno what all that was about but will take another look at it if it happens again.
  15. [Resolved] Startup probs

    Naturally, my good man, but same applies - not finding the overwrites an issue until a lot further down the track and more settings/changes having been made to 'this' installation. Not doubting my learned and esteemed colleagues here - just with these types of things, I like to be 100%