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  1. Hello fellas - just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I've got a new leadership job and working 60 hour weeks, so sadly aint got much time these days to get busy creating like I used to. Bloody responsibilities.. Still miss the banter + peanuts and hope you're all doing good. Steve
  2. Errrr. Maybe? I think I read somewhere that there was a bug in the SID chip that gave an audible click when you changed the volume. They then manipulated this to essentially play a sample. It's the bottom line on the scope - sounds like an 80s sample @ that! geeetar... Whodathunk tetris' music was such a ground breaker?
  3. 100 points if you know how he got 4 voices working on a 3 voice chip...
  4. Evenin. I don't know if any of you have seen this guy's channel. Some awesome game code breakdowns. This one deep dives into the AI of pacman! I thought you guys may appreciate it.
  5. Heyup Tom. Likewise really, but mine was born of bank holiday trips to Skegvegas. Arcade machines were a rarity in my hometown, so seeing them a few times a years added to the magic! Always remember seeing games like SpaceHarrier (pneumatic version) and Gauntlet and being blown away. Whilst we didn't holiday in exotic climes, I do remember finding a small 5-machine arcade in a small Welsh fishing village one night + playing Spy Hunter all night, whilst my parents partook of the sauce.... "can I have some more 10p's please, mum?" how's things?
  6. heyup scutters. I've still got that Leeds arcade down as a visit one day!
  7. Well I wouldn't talk about that here, t. I mean I know I'm a bit of a bugger, but that would simply wouldn't be cricket. Any more tthurman projects recently?
  8. What a pair of doozers. I wouldn't worry about the latter fella though - his shit never works. This does look great and Leeds only 1 hour away from me! Only thing is - facebook!? Cummon now. Middle aged men do not like facebook. It's rancid millennial detritus. if yer going retro, drop facebook and do IRC. Looks fab from your website. May pay a visit. I might avoid the middle floor though, coz it looks like it might be full of yufes.
  9. Happy Birthday to one and all! Wishing you all bright sunshine and good luck in your new ventures...
  10. @OldSkoolGamerWell - that's nice innit? Not many people give back in this hobby - so wtg. I'm happy to get the other side of a beer for you: Stigzler's xmas hangover fund
  11. I'm confident you'll figure it out....
  12. I blame html 5. I first started web browsing around 2000. At that point it was a constant mess of ads and pop ups. We then moved onto a more civil period after that, but imo since html5 came in, the internet seems to be getting junked up again. Love ad blockers. Now, if I could only get one for my letter box...
  13. @Phantom - I'm sure it's possible, but I'm curious as towards why you'd want to do this?
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