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  1. stigzler

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    I'm confident you'll figure it out....
  2. stigzler

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    Change this:
  3. stigzler

    Inside the Brotherhood of the Ad Blockers

    I blame html 5. I first started web browsing around 2000. At that point it was a constant mess of ads and pop ups. We then moved onto a more civil period after that, but imo since html5 came in, the internet seems to be getting junked up again. Love ad blockers. Now, if I could only get one for my letter box...
  4. stigzler

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    I killed it again, didn't I? :|
  5. stigzler

    [PLUGIN] Marquee Masher

    @Phantom - I'm sure it's possible, but I'm curious as towards why you'd want to do this?
  6. stigzler

    Uh oh.. here I go again...

    It's CPWizBiz 2. If I ever get my head around Entity Framework...
  7. stigzler

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    OK. That and nipples tassels. You won't even know I'm there.
  8. stigzler

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    @Draco1962 - I agree. I think all societies/common interest groups of middle aged men should walk around in masks like that, especially if they were to even meet up for a beer. There'd be nothing weird about that at all.... may I wear wrestling trunks?
  9. stigzler

    Build an Arcade MAchine

    Is that you, dude?
  10. stigzler

    Uh oh.. here I go again...

    Starting a new coding project that's going to be a long one, I feel, but the one I've always wanted to make! I'm keeping a dev log here, for those who are interested in that kinda thing: http://www.magoarcade.org/wp/projektx-breakthrough-finally-made/ One day I'll finish something...
  11. stigzler

    Gaming friendships

    You Americans and your crazy acronyms...
  12. stigzler

    Gaming friendships

    Pah. I dislike anything with legs. Humbug.
  13. stigzler

    Touchscreen Mame/Pinball Cabinet

    Awesome sauce.
  14. stigzler

    A compact cabinet for a compact living space..

    Lots of effort put into this + welcome to GameEx!
  15. stigzler

    What has changed since 2008?

    Did it blow his house up? (asking his PC to do a 10 year update)