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  1. Thanks guys both solutions work for me. @RedDog the Stig did show me this method originally and it does work but the issue with that method is when you have 50+ games (I dont yet but emulation is so good I am considering it) it will be a chore t rename everything. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for looking into this , I will use your workaround and see how it goes, the issue with this though is if my library grows but at least its a working solution which is better than what i found. Thanks
  3. Hi guys, I have cemu working in game EX perfectly. because of the way the WiiU roms are formatted the games I have ripped are separated into individual folders and i cannot take out the executable file from the folder as it will break the game (*.rpx) An example of the ROM file structure is below C:\roms\wiiu\mario 3d world\code\mario.rpx C:\roms\wiiu\zelda\code\mzeldarpx C:\roms\wiiu\tetris\code\tetris.rpx A work around is to make a new directory with shortcuts to all the files and have game EX look for *.lnk files for roms, however when i do this I get the below error from Cemu The thing that gets me is if I open the .lnk file from cemu directly the game actually works so even though this is an emulator issue something is not quite right. I have tried running the runitgame.bat file without the .lnk in the extension like below cemu.exe -f -g "D:\Games\ROMs\Nintendo WiiU\Mario Kart 8." Instead of But this just produced the same error in cemu Have any of you guys got this working via the .lnk method or are you doing this differently? Let me know. Thanks runitgame.bat chcp 65001 D: CD "D:\Games\Emulated\Nintendo WiiU\cemu_1.11.3" cemu.exe -f -g "D:\Games\ROMs\Nintendo WiiU\Mario Kart 8.lnk" log.txt
  4. Final reply here as I found the cause of the issue and wanted a more complete explanation in case if someone else has a similar issue. Even though I had set the paths in setup wizard I didnt check the gameex.ini file to see if the changes were saved, Taking from the horribly formatted spoiler tag in my original post you can see below some of the emulator configs was missing (emu_2 is missing entirely)
  5. Ok I just did the auto game EX update and now the snaps are working without me making any changes
  6. Hi Guys, I hope all is well. I have recently begun updating my emulators again as the newer ones have come a long way since 2010. Anyway i have snaps in mp4 format that work when i open in windows but when I open gameEX they do not show, I am trying to get the snaps to show for "Emulator 1" I have tried setting the path in gameEX to the video file specifically but when i do that I get a "Path not found error" Log file
  7. Hey guys, Long time I had a search on the forums and could not find the answer. Basically I want to give my brother my old gaming PC that has Game EX installed with EVERYTHING configured perfectly. I want to remove the license key and make Game EX a trial again in case my brother decides to sell the PC down the line but I want to save him the effort of setting up all the emulators in Game EX again. Thanks in advance. Regards
  8. I Updated to the latest version of Game EX and for now I can say the problem has not occurred again. I will leave this thread open for a little longer incase it re-emerges. On a sidenote, Iwas unable to get gameex autoupdate to work so I did it manually. Is the below page the place I use to enable autoupdate? (by putting in my username & password)
  9. Good evening people. I have a very peculiar problem, and I need somehelp Sometimes when I launch game EX I get a black screen. I can hear the Game EX intro music but after that I am not even able to hear the curser move when I try to navigate blind. Also the ESC key does not work, I have to literally CTRL+ALT+DEL and end task via task manager to exit game EX. log The odd thing is this happens randomly per boot, as in the only way to get it to work is to restart my PC until it works. I did a forum search and found nothing related. Any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. I would just like to say that this theme is AWESOME. I have been spending a while making a similar theme to this but yours honestly blows mine out of the water. Thanks so much for sharing this with the community.
  11. Hi all I just solved a similar issue in another thread (Well the GameEX community helped me solve it) I had copied my Game EX config files from my Windows 7 setup and moved them to my Windows 10 setup but the difference was that I updated GameEX on the new machine. At this point SSF stopped working. (I didnt notice for a long time though) I was using the .bat files setup before but after taking Adultery's advise and moving to the "Virtual Drive loader" Plugin instead & updating to the new version of Deamon tools lite I eventually got it working perfect again. My suggestion is this. - Move to the "Virtual drive" Plugin setup and stop using the .bat method (It hurt me to do this too) - Update to the latest version of Deamon tools lite - Live happliy ever after I agree there is possibly something in the new version of GameEX that is stopping SSF working using the old method but no harm can come from having everything fully updated going forward. My 2 pence
  12. The Update was released today and it now works fine. I definitely got my moneys worth lol. Thanks again for the help, on to the next
  13. Ok after a lot of back & forth with Deamon tools they finally admit its a bug in the software and that it will be address in next weeks patch, see below from customer support "Dear Customer, We got this problem. Indeed, the confirmation comes whenever you unmount all devices via cmd. This is the bug that already fixed in next update, planning to release next week." I will post a final update once this is indeed resolved. Regards
  14. As a great footballer used to say "why always me?" I purchased a deamon tools licence (only £2.50 ish) and re-installed that but I get the same damned issue lol. At least now I can raise a support query to deamon tools direct. I'll do this tomorrow and let you know if I get any feedback. What a pain in the a$$ lol.
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