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  1. Glad you got it sorted - those pesky kids eh!
  2. Thanks Tom! The website is https://emustream.tv The Slinging concept has probably had its time as a mass market device with the increase in over the top streaming services but I think there is still a niche of users who want to replicate exactly what their set top box gives them. Or possibly just me
  3. Hello Alan I'm no longer hacking at this project so I can't help with your issue - perhaps Sling changed something with the firmware, I don't know. I have actually spent some time in the past couple of years developing an alternative solution. It's not Slingbox-based and requires setting up your own hardware components (a PC to act as encoder, a capture device to capture the AV and an IR transmitter to control the STB) and although it is more complicated to initially setup, the end result is pleasing. With the right hardware it also supports HEVC which means you can get very good quality for around 35-40% less bandwidth. I've written players for PC, Mac, Linux, iOS and tvOS. I don't know whether I am allowed to link to my project's website here, so I'd better not, but if you would like to know more then drop me a PM. The software I have written is free; it's something I've purely done for myself for fun/the challenge rather than something I am trying to monetise. Cheers Oliver
  4. When I was tweaking this app a while back I couldn't find a way to change this buffer size, so I concluded that it was fixed by the Slingbox or otherwise not exposed to the active X API.
  5. It seems sttange they'd be blocking specific outgoing ports unless it's an attempt to restrict things like BitTorrent or something - does email and web browsing work as normal? Have you tried simply rebooting your router/modem?
  6. Where is it failing - when it loads your Slingbox directory (ie logging into your Sling account) or when connecting to a Slingbox?
  7. It's definitely possible - you may need to edit a registry file to map buttons from the MCE remote to keys on the keyboard. It's a while since I did it, but I recall I used this website to help me: http://kodi.wiki/view/Using_a_Microsoft_remote_control_in_Windows The aim is to map buttons on the remote to keys on the keyboard, but of course matching what keys you have setup to perform the various actions inside SlingFront (which is configurable). Good luck!
  8. Some people were reporting issues yesterday in their forums. Did you check there too?
  9. I'm not seeing this - both account login and connecting and viewing a Slingbox are working for me. Unless it's firmware dependent and they haven't rolled out all firmware yet. It did take a while to load the Slingbox directory this morning but it got there in the end. What exactly are you seeing - failure to login to your account, failure to load the Slingbox directory or failure to connect to a Slingbox?
  10. As a hack/workaround, could you maybe use something like Autohotkey or similar to constantly force SlingFront to the foreground I wonder? How do other apps deal with this - is it a bug in Kodi that makes it show itself or is it something about SlingFront not behaving well as a plugin?
  11. I think my main reservation would be that this would presumably bypass Sling's adverts, as SlingFront does and I doubt that would go down too well with Sling. At the moment SlingFront probably falls below the radar a little. Well, I expect they know about it but the number of people using it is probably tiny compared to the number of people using the official free players. If it got to the stage where enough people were using it to cost them money then I doubt it would be allowed to continue - after all they don't offer an SDK and indeed have history of encrypting the stream to prevent this exact kind of development. Since they control the firmware on the Slingboxes I'm sure if push came to shove they could make it so that only the official players could connect to their boxes. At the moment I doubt that is in their interest - the work involved would probably cost them more money - but I'm sure it would become in their interest if they started losing money. So in summary, in my view it's theoretically a decent idea but I think maybe it's better to of let sleeping dogs lie, enjoy what SlingFront currently gives and keep it low key. I have mine rigged up to a Harmony remote and I find it's way better than all the official players for the various devices they have supported at one time or another,
  12. The problem is that even if there was a setting to open it in a window the code that detects key presses and (possibly) mouse input would take over from any other running apps due to the way it has been written. Essentially it hasn't really been designed for anything other than full screen. It's possible but to be honest SlingFront is meant as a full screen/TV user interface - you'd be better off with the official desktop or browser players if you need it to run in a window but at a guess you're fed up with the ads?
  13. Nice try, Tom! Did you run into the same difficulties as I where you could get it building but it just wouldn't connect? Anyway, the app is still working very well for me. Hopefully there is nothing Sling can do at the Slingbox end to prevent it working in future!
  14. http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/13680-siingfront-not-working-with-latest-activex-plugin/
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