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  1. @DazzleHP It's been a bit, so just giving this a little bump. Looking for some feedback before I continue.
  2. @jukker Tom is referring to the six icons that are always displayed at the bottom of the window of the Setup Wizard. The icon to the far right (looks kind of like two dialogue bubbles, one with an asterisk) is the language icon. This icon does work to change the language. Evidentally the radio buttons on the TEXT/LANGUAGE page are not working as intended and will have to be fixed. It did the same thing for me as you described: when a different langauge is selected using the radio button, the data in the fields clears from the screen for a few moments and then reappears. The radio selection and text in the fields reverts back to the original language that was active before the selection.
  3. Hi lordleuter, Support for emulators other than Mame was added to GameEx Arcade Edition recently, so you will need the latest version (14.75). You can check your installed version by opening the log.txt file located in your GameEx\LOG folder and looking at the first few lines. If you need to upgrade, you can install the latest version over your existing install. Once installed, you should see the Emulator Selection, Emulator Setup, and Advanced Emulator Setup sections. If you have further questions or any problems with the emulator setup, please attach your GameEx.ini and log.txt files after you have confirmed you have the latest version.
  4. Yeah, I mentioned that above. if you look at the notes of the 'profile' parameter, it says "Defaults to all controllers", which means that when you activate a profile, it will be applied to all controllers. So, if you activate 4 profiles in succession and do not specify a controller to activate them for, that profile will be active for all of them. The 'profile-controller' parameter says you can single out a specific controller by it's name, controller index, or GUID (global unique identifier). It sounds like you will need to figure out how to ID your controllers so that you can use the 'profile-controller' parameter to assign it to a specific controller. You will probably end up with four command lines that look something like this: D:\Jogos\AntiMicro\antimicro.exe --tray --profile "D:\Jogos\AntiMicro\Profiles\NINTENDO (1 Jogador).ampg" --profile-controller I have no idea what a controller index is and I did not find anything on it with a quick google search. I found this post on how to find a GUID for a piece of hardware, but when I looked the GUID for the two XBoxOne controllers I have, they are the same. You are probably going to have to find a forum where people are talking about antimicro to see how to assign a profile to a specific device. As for the you tube tutorials, I was referring to antimicro tutorials in general, not command line tutorials. It sounded like you might need a bit more of an understanding on how to use the program. Understanding Command Lines is a different subject and not specific to just antimicro. Many, many programs allow for command line usage. For instance, when you set up an emulator in GameEx's Setup Wizard, you are giving it the information it needs to construct the command line that will run the emulator. If you want to use programs that use command lines, it is probably best to find some basic tutorials on the web. It is not something I want to teach in a forum. Otherwise, your best bet is to try and find another forum where they are talking about antimicro and see what advice they can give. I just don't think there are too many people here who know about this program...but who knows, if you wait a bit, maybe someone will come along. X
  5. Thanks KRC. Your stuff is just fantastic, so I appreciate the kind words.
  6. I don't use antimicro, but from what I have read just now: You need to create a profile for the program (or emulator) that the key binds will be used for. Antimicro must remain open and the profile active for the key binds to work. Once Antimicro is closed, the keybinds become inactive. One thing I noticed in your quote above is that the profile is loaded for all controllers unless you set a controller value. If you plan to run with more than one controller it sound slike you will need to figure out how to identify your controllers by the controller index, name, or GUID. Obviously using the name is very easy IF your controller show up in the device manager with different names. Your command line should probably look more like this (although this is just an educated guess): D:\Jogos\AntiMicro\antimicro.exe --tray --profile "D:\Jogos\AntiMicro\Profiles\Project64.ampg" This should load the Project64 profile (which you will need to create) and display antimicro in the system tray. You could also create a command line to unload the current profile when you are done: D:\Jogos\AntiMicro\antimicro.exe --tray --unload There are a few tutorials on youtube. You might want to check them out.
  7. Hey Alan, in the future, if you have a new question please create a new thread. We appreciate it because It makes things easier in a number of ways. Maybe one of the higher admins will move your post ot a new thread, but in the meantime... The emubak.png is the background that is used for Steam (and I believe uPlay and Origin). In my experience, GameEx sometimes displays the incorrect background is usually a video related issue, such as when a resolution change occurs (and something doesn't work out right when switching) or video memory is too low to do all the stuff GameEx is trying to do. I was also able to replicate this with my setup to some degree (wiuth resolution switching), so it may indeed be a bug. I should ask, what is the reason for using ALT+ENTER?
  8. Sorry you had to go to such lengths, but at least you got things to where you are happy. That is the #1 important thing.
  9. Just chiming in in case it helps. I am able to cycle through the Setup Wizard in the Advanced mode from start to end without a crash occurring. I am using Windows 7 and GameEx 14.75. I do have the Lav Filters .69 installed (via the Shark 007 Codecs).
  10. I checked over your GameEx.ini in the Setup Wizard on my rig and could not find any path problems. I also ran it with GameEd and it loaded without an error. I am running Windows 7. From this other thread, I am guessing that you are running Windows 10, correct? Regardless, I do not believe the GameEx.ini is any different for Windows 7 or Windows 10, so I do think it is less likely to be the config now. I cannot say if the Setup Wizard issue reported in that other thread has some relationship to your problem. My gut says it isn't, but you never know. Since you reinstalled GameEx, that also rules a few things out. The only things left that I can think of are: The Cache Files: In the GameEx\DATA directory, there are files that GameEx generates for each of the emulators. I do not recall if the uninstall process removes these files. You might try another uninstall, but before you reinstall take a look at the GameEx folder to see what was left over. If the GameEx\DATA folder is still there, then I suggest changing the name of the GameEx directory so that when you reinstall, you know it is clean. After the install is done, run GameEx with the default settings and see if it opens cleanly. If it crashes with the same error, then you know it is a GameEx/Windows issue. If it works, you can copy over the GameEx.ini, CustomMenu.ini (if you use custom menus), and CustomInput.ini (if you use a file for Custom Controls in the Input section) from the renamed GameEx directory, run the Setup Wizard to check it over, and then run GameEx to see what happens. Some Issue Between Windows & GameEx: The only suggestion I can make is to fully update Windows and try again. Beyond that, you could wait to see what happens with the issue in this thread or wait for someone like Adultry or Tom may to lend some advice. Of course, if you have any other observations or thoughts, please post them here in case it leads to some other ideas.
  11. The GameEx.ini file is in the GameEx\CONFIG folder. Depending on how your Windows is set up, you may only see the filename as will not be anywhere else. Since your emulator config vanished for some unknown reason, look for a file in the CONFIG directory called GameEx.UpgradeBackup.ini (or GameEx.UpgradeBackup). It is a backup that is made during the upgrade process. If you have not gone back and reconfigured all your emulators, you could back up your current GameEx.ini (just to be safe), make a copy of the GameEx.UpgradeBackup.ini, and rename it GameEx.ini. This essentially reverts your config back to what it was when the upgrade happened. It also may fix your original issue.
  12. Hey Greego, The log says that there is an illegal character in one of the paths. Would you check all of your paths via the Setup Wizard in case some unexpected character got there? If you cannot find anything, please post your GameEx.ini file as an attachment.
  13. Yes! Tom to the rescue!
  14. @B2K24 Thanks for the info on the hash files. And I was not proposing anything. I was showing how simple map files are set up in case that format would be helpful for the OP. Since you are familiar with hash files and sound like you understand their use, perhaps you can provide a suggestion to the OP?