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  1. How to send key presses (keyboard) before and after

    @MoggFanatic Good to know what those are. You never can tell when someone might ask something like that again. Now, I BELIEVE I have it correct based on the link I gave you. I don't have demul set up, so I cannot test. It will give you a place to start though. ou should not need spaces. If my suggestion is correct it is just the symbols for (carrot)(percentage)(left bracket)g(right braket).
  2. How to send key presses (keyboard) before and after

    I was looking at this as well. To determine the "Keys to Send" value, take a look at this site. There is a link listed in the Setup Wizard, but it appears to no longer be valid. I believe the values you will need to send are ^%{h} and ^%{g}. I am curious. What do each of these shortcuts do in demul? I was unable to find anything about them.
  3. Set Up Question

    He said it was retropie. That is a pic of an emustation config screen. @Floyd Turbo You need to hook up a usb keyboard. Once the rom is actually running, press Tab. The configuration is the same as any other Mame.
  4. how to use database name with mame

    Glad you are getting it figured out. That is the first time I have seen GameEx Arcade with the logo pic or name moving across the background like that.
  5. how to use database name with mame

    I mentioned the resolution because I thought that if it could be increased, the name would just be displayed and not scroll, therefore being a little less annoying visually. Also, a 500x350 sounded like an odd resolution anyway. With a Radeon HD 4550, you should be able to have as high of a resolution as the CRT allows. But I understand that you may have it all configured just the way you want it now. Some pictures would be a good idea. I think that will help.
  6. how to use database name with mame

    OK, your files explain what is going on. Your setup is not the standard setup as I suspected. You chose to set up Mame as an emulator instead of using the Integrated Mame settings. When GameEx Arcade originally was released, it was Mame only with no emulator section. It was always intended that Mame be configured in the Mame Settings. The emulator section was intended more for the other emulators like NES, SNES, Genesis, etc. You can put Mame there if you want and it can work fine. You should choose the [Arcade] Arcade (Mame) for the Database. This should fix most of the naming and description issues you have. If you do not have that database option, you can download one from here and place it in the DATA\EMULATORS directory. Then it will show up the next time you run the Setup Wizard. One drawback is that the database is from 2014. I have no idea how up to date it is. Databases are one part of GameEx that is a HUGE undertaking and they get done as best as they can. However, I do suggest you set up Mame in the Mame Settings instead of under the emulators. The setup is similar in many ways. What is different is that I believe the name and description info is pulled from the various mame .ini and .dat files contained in the DATA directory instead of the database file...and those files are more recent. If you do decide to set up Mame this way, do keep in mind that the first time after you run Mame after setting it up in the Mame Settings, GameEx will want to compile a mame gamelist based on your settings. This can take a while depending on how many games you have and how good of a computer you are using. On average, I would say 10 to 20 minutes. As far as the 'scrolling game name', I think I see what you are referring to now. When you set up an emulator in the Emulator Setup, the name of the rom file is displayed in the upper left of the screen. Since your resolution is so small (500x350), there isn't enough space for the name to be shown completely, so it scrolls across the screen. GameEx Arcade is designed to be easier to set up because it is less configurable. Many choices that are in the regular GameEx are hard-coded in GameEx Arcade...and there is no setting I can see to make that name not appear. Can you increase the resolution? Is your display really 500x350?
  7. how to use database name with mame

    @patrickfx Would you please attach your GameEx.ini file from the CONFIG folder and log.txt from your LOG folder? From your questions, I am not sure you are using what I would call a standard setup. These two files will tell us some good information. What version of Mame are you using (in case it is not obvious in the GameEx.ini)? Also, could you clarify these questions: - What "background scrolling" are you referring to? Maybe post a pic? - Can you explain a little more about "why I change default mame to regulat Mame"? It is not clear what you are asking. Thank you.
  8. Unity Games

    You will be able to get the result you want, but the setup is a little unusual. GameEx is geared towards setting up emulators that run games via command line functionality (which most do)...but every so often someone asks how to set up a game list of stand alone PC games. This is the type of setup you will need, but it is very doable as long as each game has it's own executable. First of all, I suggest you go with the regular GameEx as it is much more configurable than GameEx Arcade. Create shortcuts to each game executable. Each one will need to be named differently. If they are the same, that adds some complexity. Stop and let me know if that is the case. Set the names of the links to whatever you want displayed in the game list. Place the links in a folder outside GameEx. Let's use C:\ArcadeProject\Links as an example. Next, run the Setup Wizard. The sections you will need to use are the Emulator Setup and Enable/Disable Features. Use the quick links on the left sidebar to get to them. In the Emulator Setup, we need to set up a sort of faux emulator. Choose an emulator number (probably #1 in your case). Set the Start Page Name to something cool. Set the Title Text to the same cool name. Set the Working Path to the main folder: C:\ArcadeProject Set the ROM Path to the shortcut folder: C:\ArcadeProject\Links Set the Rom Filter to *.lnk Set the Command Line to "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" Lastly, I suggest setting Enable/Disable Features > Fix to Emulator to your Emulator #. This will make GameEx load directly to your student's game list so you don't need to navigate to it manually. For a basic setup, that is it. It should do what you want. But I am thinking that you might want to fancy things up once it is running...so extra credit time... There are a ton of themes that can be downloaded. Pull a few down using the Download Theme option and choose a theme in the Theme section. Be aware that most downloadable themes assume you have accompanying graphic assets such as in-game Snap shots, in-game Title shots, etc. Also, some are made for specific resolutions (or screen ratio, 16x9, 16x10, etc). So choose one that works for the assets and size you intend to have. Besides the default theme, A few I think might work for you are Default - Ultimate 1 or Default - Brokeh. They both look nice and only require Snaps and Title shots. If you want to use Snapshots, set up a snap folder like C:\ArcadeProject\Snaps and place your snaps there. Then in the Emulator Setup, set the Image Snap Path to C:\ArcadeProject\Snaps. Both .png and .jpg are supported. Make sure the filename of the snap is the same as the filename of the game's link file. That is how GameEx matches the pics to the game. You can do the same for Title snaps, just create a separate folder like C:\ArcadeProject\Title. If you ever decide to do video snaps instead, that can be done. The setup is very similar, but keep the video file sizes down or you might see a small amount of 'lag' when moving through the game list (depending on the rig you have inside the cabinet). Also, there is an option called Display Settings > Hide Desktop that will show a black screen instead of the desktop while the game is loading. You may want to enable that once you are done for a bit more finish. Good luck with it. It sounds like a fantastic idea. Feel free to come back with questions if you need to...and if you do go through with the project, it would be cool to see a snap of the cabinet running GameEx once you have it done.
  9. Unity Games

    Hi Endaf, You can do this, but the setup is a bit unusual. I will write something up for you (unless someone else beats me to it). :)
  10. 3 MAME Errors

    Sorry, but I do not have a fix for you. My first priority was to clarify that it is not a GameEx related error. I did some searching on each of those errors and came up with very little. That is one of the problems when using recent builds. The troubleshooting history isn't very extensive. However, I did find this post in the arcadecontrols forum regarding groovymame and a windows resolution problem: http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=156253.0. It may be a bug in 193 that carried through to all builds. Try running the game with the -window switch instead of the -nowindow switch to confirm. 194 was released yesterday. You might try upgrading a few roms and see if the new build is any better. I did not see anything in the changelog that was obviously related to your errors, but you never know. I assume you have posted this in a Mame-related forum like MameWorld. If not, I certainly would suggest it. Someone on the GameEx forum may have encountered something like this, but going to a Mame community would be your best bet.
  11. Vertical games on my secondary monitor

    @Kabuji74 I found this info on another forum: If you have a file in the root of your MAME folder named mame.ini make a copy of this file and name it Vertical.ini then look for the line in the file that says OSD PER-WINDOW VIDEO OPTIONS>screen and set its value to \\.\DISPLAY2 (It could be 1 instead of 2 depending on which screen is which on your setup). I've not tried this and I do not know on what Mame version Vertical.ini and Horizontal.ini began to be supported, but you could give it a go. I suggest against multiple installs of the same type of GameEx. You can install regular GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition on the same PC though.
  12. 3 MAME Errors

    What version and type of Mame are you using? When you say you "try to run the command line version" are you saying you are able to generate these errors when you run it manually using a .bat file? I ask this because there is no Mame version/build that doesn't have command line functionality. I am fairly certain this issue is related only to Mame and not to GameEx. The log.txt from GameEx did not capture any of your errors and generally would not if the issue is Mame related.
  13. X-Arcade Tankstick Adult WalkerStands

    What are you talking about?!?!?! I am most definitely getting one of those in a few years...with racing stripes too.
  14. ENHANCEMENT REQUEST - GAMEEX ARCADE Since we have the Draconis Theme for GameEx Arcade, why not add a section in the Setup Wizard where the player can select a theme? Enough people appear to be interested in other theme choices (even if there is only one at the moment).
  15. Theme Installation

    I assume you are talking about the Draconus Theme for GameEx Arcade. Draco gives some instructions on the very top of the post: Create and Unzip to \GameEx Arcade Edition\Themes\Draconus folder. You will need to manually edit your gameex.ini file within the \GameEx Arcade Edition\CONFIG\ folder. Once you have the .ini open, hit CTRL+F and type Theme and change the line Theme=Default to Theme=Draconus.