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  1. RedDog

    Colorblindness Glasses

    Thanks for the update. For fairly new tech, the impact is still pretty good. I cannot wait to see how it changes/advances over the next few years.
  2. RedDog

    [Resolved] Glitchy Video playback after update?

    My video snaps are playing fine since the last two updates, but the rig I do most of my testing on is also pretty solid. You might try installing/reinstalling the LAV Filters. How good is your rig? Would you post your log.txt file from the LOG folder?
  3. RedDog

    Happy Birthday Draco!

    Happy Birthday!!!!!
  4. RedDog

    right mouse back page changed

    Some changes were made with the last version or so in regards to input. I have a feeling that is the cause. However, I am not familiar with slick stick, so perhaps someone else who is can make a suggestion. You can tell your GameEx version by looking at the log.txt file in the LOG folder. You should see it on the second line.
  5. RedDog

    Zebsboard Digital Plunger joystick codes issue

    Requested that this thread be moved to the PinballX forum. It was posted in the GameEx forum in error.
  6. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    What do you mean by "using the default menu.ini"? There is no menu.ini file in GameEx. Do you mean that Custom Menus are currently disabled?
  7. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    So, what mame version are you currently using? 175, 182, 192? Are the ROMs the same version as the Mame? Are the Mame executables the official releases from mamedev.org or do you compile your own? Do you manually update your ROMs when switching between mame versions or do you, ah, 'find' new ones?
  8. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    @8trek I think you may want to slow things down a bit. Most of the people who help others in this forum do so with their free time. You may not get replies right away. Also, if you do too much at one time, volunteers may not be able to keep up. If you want to try things on your own, that's great. It is one way to learn about the programs and how they interact; but, if you are asking for some direction, stop your own troubleshooting, give feedback, answer questions, etc so the volunteers can be on the same page as you. It us a slower process, but I think its the best way to do it via posting. BTW, it is too early to guess that there could be a GameEx/Mame compatibility problem. Those types of things do not crop up very often and when they do, they are usually easy to replicate. Not enough troubleshooting has happened in this thread yet.
  9. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    Sorry, didn't mean to post. Carry on.
  10. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    Your gameex.ini shows that the 'Hide Update List' parameter is set to 'No' as you said. You could try disabling it, saving, and enabling again to see if it helps. Worth a try. Am I understanding your CustomMenu config correctly that Mame is supposed to reside under 'All Video Games'? If so, do any Mame games show up there? Also, what happens if you turn CustomMenus off? Does the option to trigger the list appear in the Mame section at the bottom of the list? One last note: Most of the time when you change a parameter in the Mame Setting, GameEx will automaticaly regenerate the gamelist for Mame the next time you run GameEx. It does not fix the issue of the option not appearing, but it shoudl let you rebuild the game list.
  11. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] update game list missing

    Hi 8trek, You have to turn on Updage Game List in the Enable/Disable Functions area of the Setup Wizard. Then the option to rebuild the Mame list will appear in the Mame menu if you are using the integrated Mame settings. Note that the option is only applicable to the integrated Mame. Using custom menus will not 'hide' the Update Game List option as it is part of the integrated Mame.
  12. RedDog

    Colorblindness Glasses

    They are pretty cool when you first use them. If you don't mind, I would like to hear your impressions after a week or two of use.
  13. RedDog

    Colorblindness Glasses

    @tthurman There are three different types of color blindness and my optomitrist had one demo pair of glasses for each type. My understanding is that anyone that is red-green colorblind can put on the red-green corrective pair and they will work. They are non-prescription if you can believe that. That leaves me to believe that if the tech can be applied to optic neuritis, it would probably be prescription since my guess is that the affect of that condition is probably different enough from color blindness (after all, if it ws the same, wouldn't it be called color blindness?) But, it does not hurt to ask the eye doc. I would encourage anyone who is color blind to try them. Not only is it a cool experience, but the more people who know about it and like the idea...the sooner the tech is readily available...and then I can get the add-on cheap.
  14. RedDog

    Colorblindness Glasses

    I have not purchased any, but I was able to try a demo pair for about 20 minutes. I was in luck that my optomitrist was the first in Florida to get demo pairs of colorblind correction glasses. In fact, they were so new that they were not quite sure how to sell them to their customer (I guess no one there is color blind). I am moderate red green colorblind, so I did not expect much of a change when I put them on. Surprisingly, they did more than I thought. The change was not immediate. It was as if my eyes or brain had to get used to them, but after abour 15 minutes I started to notice differences that I had somehow missed. For instance, a flower I thought was white 5 minutes before was actually light pink; edging on a sign that I thought was black was dark green; the striping on a building that I was sure was brown was actually maroon. Despite there only being minor shifts in my perception, it was a rather cool expereince. My normal perscription is still changing, so I cannot justify the extra cost to add the color blindness correction to some lenses, but I am hopeful that the tech will become more common in the next 5 years. Good luck with them. I hope your experience with them is as good as mine was.
  15. RedDog

    Happy Birthday Hansolo77!

    Happy B-Day dude!