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  1. I'd like to point out that you are running GameEx Arcade 15.10 and I am using the latest version of 16.07. Some things may have changed between yours and mine. I am not saying that you have to upgrade, but it makes this more challenging. I would not ask you to upgrade except as a last resort or unless a reload is suggested. The first thing I see in the log.txt is that each emulator other than the integrated Mame emulator has an error stating that the mapfile does not exist. You will find these values in the Advanced Emulator Setup sections for each of the emulators. In GameEx Arcade 16.07, there are no mapfiles included in the install by default; not sure on 15.10. I suggest you recheck the mapfile paths on your install to see if the paths and filenames are 100% correct. I do not see anything wrong with your emulator configuration paths or command line unless the paths where your files actually reside have changed. One thing I suggest is to change your command line in the Emulator Setup for each of your emulators to the following (you have the same flags enabled on the Integrated Mame, so I assume you would want to be consistent): mame.exe [ROM] -rompath "[ROMPATH]" -nowindow -joy -skip_gameinfo You also mentioned trying to add an Atari emulator, but there is no Atari emulator in your config. Where should I see it? Emulators 1 through 5 are there and they are all Mame driven emulators.
  2. I use custom menus, so I did not realize that option was there. Thank you. When I triggered the 'Run Screensaver', the screensaver did trigger. I probably have something causing GameEx to think the PC is not idling.
  3. I assume this question was aimed at me. Yes, I am able to launch Mame games via GameEx, which is what my log.txt is based on. When I tested with other emulators, I used NES (nestopia) and Sega Genesis (Fusion) and they both launched successfully via GameEx as well. Then again, my attract mode isn't triggering at all, so perhaps mine will not be helpful towards the op's problem.
  4. I thought I would retest my setup to (hopefully) give another perspective...but after upgrading to GameEx 16.06, I cannot get Attract Mode to trigger at all, not in 'Time and Weather' mode, 'Videos Only' mode, 'Standard GameEx Screensaver (Mame Only)' mode, and certainly not for emulators. The log.txt file does not reflect attract mode is triggering. I rechecked the parameters in the gameex.ini file to make sure the Setup Wizard and the config are matching and saving properly, and they appear to be. I've attached the log.txt for the last test, 'Standard GameEx Screensaver (Mame Only)' mode. Tom: I am not looking for a fix for my setup, only looking to help out the troubleshooting. If you can spot anything wrong with my config, please let me know...I assume GameEx is seeing something happening on my rig that causes it to think it is not idle. I will take suggestions on that too. If my involvement may make things more challenging, let me know and I can bow out. GameEx.ini log.txt
  5. I came by this today while tinkering with GameEx Arcade v15.73. GameEx (Standard) v15.73 does not have this issue. When setting AUDIO SETTINGS > PLAY INTRO SOUND to NO, the introsound.wav still plays when GameEx Arcade starts. Would someone else confirm this minor bug? A work around would be to replace the introsound.wav with the blank.wav file found in THEMES> DEFAULT - DEFAULT > MEDIA.
  6. Hey DarkMatter, I believe that tthurman was thinking about Mame as far as the 'Update List' option. The integrated Mame module uses that function to compile the games list, but it must be triggered manually. Other emulators use a mapfile or filter to control what is displayed for the games list. It is unusual for GameEx to 'hold on' to games that are not there unless you have a mapfile that needs editing or a filter that needs adjusting. I suggest posting your gameex.ini file for review as well as a pic of the software folder with the files displaying the file extensions (this is where your jaguar games reside). @tthurmann: howdy buddy
  7. Set your command line to this: fceux.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" Your rompath and working path look fine. I've not used this emulator, but I believe that is all you need.
  8. Unfortunately, I do not have the non-steam versin of SFV and I do not have KI. Looking at your logs, the launch line does not look like what I would expect...but I haven't been able to get a good handle on your setup yet. My guess is that there is a launcher that runs the actual game. GameEx launches the launcher, and the launcher launches the actual game and then closes. When GameEx launches a 'game', it then watches for that 'game' to close so it knows when to return to the menu. When there are launchers in-between, it can cause this sort of behavior. For some reason, the forum won''t allow me to download the SFV.lnk file you provided. Would you mind uploading the SFV and KI lnk files inside a zip file? I think a batch file can be used to make this work, but I'd like to understand your setup more. I also need to dig a bit in the forums and won't have the time today. Thanks.
  9. Gonna need some clarification here. Your files do not match what you explained as your setup. You said that you were using shortcuts in a folder. Your log.txt indicates that you are using Emulator 13 to launch the Street Fighter V executable directly. I've not seen anyone try it this way. I don't see why you can't if that's what you want, but you may as well set the command line to "E:\games on external\Street Fighter V - Arcade Edition\StreetFighterV\Binaries\Win64\StreetFighterV.exe" since only one game is being used on the emulator slot. If you actually intended to use shortcuts to launch multiple PC games, then please configure the Setup Wizard to use the correct paths and settings and then reupload the gameex.ini, log.txt, and SFV shortcut (not the executable).
  10. Hey Barrydmonic, Let's start with one of the two - Street Fighter V. How is the shortcut set up? For instance, are you using the steam version or gog version? Also, please post your gameex.ini and log.txt file on your next post (found in the CONFIG and LOG folders). Those files give us some background information on your setup. Before you post, run Street Fighter V via GameEx and let it fail as it has been. That way hopefully the log.txt file catches something. Then post those files. It may not be a bad idea to post a copy of the shortcut as well.
  11. The behavior you are seeing says to me that it is likely that you do not have all the artwork (or that some of the artwork files you do have aren't usable within GameEx). The image assets have a sort of pecking order. I don't recall the exact order, but it is something like for the snapshot, if the snapshot doesn't exist, show the titleshot; if that doesn't exist, show the box shot; if that doesn't exist, show yadda yadda yadda. - First, confirm your directory paths in the config are what you want them to be. - Next, pick one or two games and look for the images in each of the folders to see if they are there. - If the image does exist, you might try swapping them for images you know are working. The goal here is to do away with guessing and to try and find out what is actually happening. You are pretty sure you have all the assets. Please find out for certain. Lastly, please post your gameex.ini and log.txt when requesting help. Those files contain helpful information that give us an overview of your setup. Thank you for playing.
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