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  1. RedDog

    attract mode isn't working with non mame emulators

    I tried testing this in August on a Windows 7 machine and could not get attract mode working except for videos and Mame. Today, I had no problems getting Mame and Sega Genesis (via Fusion) to work in attract mode on my new Windows 10 box. Maybe it is something different between Windows versions...Anyway, my testing from today is attached in case it helps. log.txt GameEx.ini
  2. RedDog

    attract mode isn't working with non mame emulators

    @Phantom It would not be a bad idea to also attach your gameex.ini file as well. You can go back and edit your post to attach it if you like.
  3. RedDog

    Happy New Year!

    Happy (almost) New Year! And remember kids, don't drink and game. You will just spill your drink and ruin your score!
  4. RedDog

    Happy Birthday Adultery!

    Hey. Happy Birthday Adultery!!!
  5. RedDog

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    Yeah, what he said.
  6. RedDog

    Unable to scroll down in the setup wizard.

    Hi Orsty3001, Would you please post your log.txt file located in GameEx/LOG? It will have some background info about your system that may help. What desktop resolution are you running on your machine? I assume that you have visible scroll bars on other programs such as when browsing, correct? You may want to check this in your Windows settings as well: Settings > Ease of Access> Display > Automatically Hide Scroll Bars Not sure if this would even be related. I assume your other programs would be hiding the scroll bars as well if it was, but it doesn't hurt to check. BTW: I checked my GameEx 15.52 in Windows 10 Home and the scroll bars are there for me.
  7. RedDog


    Grabbed it and gave it a try. Not bad.
  8. RedDog

    Some Mame games not showing up in GameEX

    Yes. As the Mame executable evolves, new fixes are implemented to solve various problems with roms. Sometimes these fixes also require one or more roms to be adjusted to a new version. Sometimes the changes are minor, sometimes significant. The very best results for Mame compatibility is to use the same version of Mame with the same version of roms (such as Mame 0.78 with a Mame 078 rom set). If you try to use a more recent version of Mame with an old rom set or vice versa, if the changes between versions are minor things may work just fine. However, the further apart in versions, the more changes, and possibly more incompatibility. You can manually recompile your roms to a later version using CLRmamepro, but that takes a little knowhow. Mame executable and rom set mismatch is very common. At one time I also thought that you could just dump a set patch into an existing set to update the entire set.
  9. RedDog

    Some Mame games not showing up in GameEX

    @r3b0rn You did not mention whether the Mame version matches the rom version. Mismatched versions are certainly a reason that games may not populate to the list. I also notice that you are using a pretty good rig. I know that there are some legacy Mame version that have features that newer version may not have. Is there a reason that you are currently using 0.49u1? Also, after a bit of searching, I am having trouble finding a reference to 0.49 or 0.49u1 roms. Are you certain that is the Mame version and rom set version you are have? If you still recall where you got the Mame executable from, that may help (assuming it was not from a site that hosts roms - we want to stay away from that sort of conversation). And in response to Draco, since we do want GameEx to be compatible with older versions of Mame, we should try to see if we can help with his current Mame files. I will agree that 0.49 is pretty old, but on the off chance that there is some sort of problem with GameEx's interaction with those types of old sets, it may not be a bad idea to troubleshoot it through.
  10. RedDog

    Subnautica Free on Epic Launcher

    Hey, BIG thanks for posting this one.
  11. RedDog

    setting joysticks arcade machine

    We will assume this one has been resolved then.
  12. RedDog

    cant login

    Sushko, What steps are you taking to log in to GameEx? I ask because I do not know what interface you are specifically referring to. Is it something related to GameEx, the website, the FTP, etc? What is the error message? Please post a screenshot. Also, I do not know what the file is that you posted, but it isn't the gameex.ini file. You also did not post a log.txt file. The files I am referring to can be found in the GameEx\LOG and GameEx\CONFIG folders.
  13. RedDog

    Alpha or page up and down

    Not a great way to troubleshoot...but I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully the right person will happen by.
  14. RedDog

    cant login

    Hi Sushko, Can you clarify exactly what it is that you are attempting to log into? GameEx the program? Steam, Origin, something on the website, etc? Also, what is the exact error message you are seeing? Perhaps some snapshots of what you are seeing will help us. Also, if your issue is directly related to GameEx or GameEx Arcade, would you please post your gameex.ini and log.txt file? These may also help us out. Thanks.