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  1. Well, right now it's pretty kick a**! Of course, in 6 months...
  2. I started tinkering with the Theme editor about a year and a half ago completely from scratch. It turned out better than I had hoped it would, so I did post it here (shameless little plug). I admit that a guide would have been nice, but with the forum threads, asking questions, and a bit of time working with it, you can get a handle on it. What I did was grab a theme I liked, loaded it up in the editor, and then started poking around to see what was what. After that, I started altering images to see what effects I could do. One bit of knowledge that will be helpful is to know that there are two different theme versions that can be created: Version 2 and Version 4. Version 4 has a bit more stuff. Off the top of my head, the things that come to mind are the inclusion of the title image (v2 only has the snap image), more menu options, and I believe popup descriptions and game ratings. Of course, the editor supports both and when you create a brand new theme, you will be prompted to choose. You can determine what version a theme uses by opening the Theme.ini file in a text editor. The version will be listed at the top. Also, themes can be created with one background that is used for every page in GameEx or you can use customized background for almost everything. Note that a few pages (like steam) do share backgrounds with other pages. I do not recall which ones those are at the moment, but there aren't many. Another bit of knowledge that is helpful to know is that png files allow for transparency while jpg do not (in case you are new to image editing). And another thing I did when I decided to to the theme was to create a thread in the GameEx Media Project section of the forum. That way I could get feedback on what I was doing and ask questions that related to what I was trying to do. The feedback was really helpful. Even if you don't plan on releasing the theme to the world, you might consider tdoing something similar. Anyway, hope it helps.
  3. Hey zeck73, So, your gameEx.ini says that: ...the Mame snaps are located in E:\MAME\snap. ...the Mame marquees are located in E:\MAME\marquees. The name of the 4 in 1 game rom is In order for a graphic to appear, it must have the same name as the rom (except for the extension, of course). If I recall correctly, GameEx only supports jpg or png for image files. Check your snap and marquee folders to see if there is a graphic file called 4in1.jpg or 4in1.png. If they are named differently, do not exist, or are in a different format, you have found out why they do not appear. Lastly, keep in mind that the theme does come into play here. It tells which assets are displayed on the screen and where they are displayed. Your theme appears to be straight forward with the snap in the upper left and marquee in the bottom left. Hopefully this helps. Let us know what you find.
  4. I am still struggling with this one. Any help is appreciated.
  5. It's all about price points. I never got into 3D because I did not want to pony out the money. I have a feeling this round VR for Games will probably also go that route...unless they can bring the prices down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for holodecks!!!
  6. My knowledge of Model2 is pretty limited, but I knoiw that you have to have the 'XInput' parameter in the EMULATOR.INI file set to 1 to allow for Xbox360 compatible devices. I do not know if this is set to 1 by default, so you might check that. I set up my XBoxOne controller and was able to assign analog stick and buttons for a game. It also appears that there is no global config files for the controls, so each game will have to be configured separately. Anyway, hope it helps. That's about as much as I know.
  7. Hi Jonas, Welcome to the forums. I looked over my setup and found that at least some of the games that use the Model2 emulator are being displayed in the Mame list (I did not take the time to hunt them all down). I also activated the option to show the Sega Model 2 Games sublist in the Mame section and 30+ games were displayed there. I am running the latest GameEx and Mame 161. I suggest rechecking your Mame settings regarding rom visibility and then retrigger GameEx to build the list fresh. Then, check to see if some or all of the model2 games are not being displayed. If this does not resolve the problem, please post your GameEx.ini and log.txt file. Also, please specify if you are trying to use the Sega Model 2 Games sublist, the All MAME Games sublist, or both. Even though the model2 emulator is configured to RUN the game, I believe that the list validattion is based on your Mame. If there are version mismatches between the rom and mame, the rom could be excluded from the list. Of course, you could always add the games back in as an exception under the Don't Filter These Roms parameter.
  8. @the_greeze Yes, it is Rrrrrrrridge Rrrrrracerrrrrrrr! The next quote is yours. Not sure you to embed a link to a particular time in a you tube video. Click the link ablve to go to the 1 minute 5 second mark.
  9. @Adultery Sorry, no raiding happening here.
  10. @stigzler That's a negatory
  11. Happy B-day!!! I'z late too.
  12. "Wow! What a start! This is just what I wanted to see!"
  13. Well, obviously Han knows this one. It's The Last of Us...the only video game I know with a character named Joel. I believe that Tess is the one saying the line.
  14. Good deal. Nice to see that one fixed.