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  1. Are you using Gameex Arcade by chance? There is no Theme download option in that version.
  2. [RESOLVED] Videos shrunked

    You probably already tried reinstalling the lav codecs. Otherwise, it's probably a config issue within the codes. However, if that is the case, that is where my expertise ends. I not too bright about such things.
  3. Media player in Arcade edition

    GameEx Arcade is meant to be a streamlined aracde platform. You can request that the jukebox feature be added to Arcade, but I have a feeling it is pretty unlikely. If the Jukebox is an essential feature for you, you would be better served by trying out a GameEx setup. You can have both installed at the same time since they have different default directories.
  4. @Gildahl We are on the same page then. It certainly was odd that I encountered the first issue during my testing; It is likely some odd combination of things that makes it happen. @Tom Speirs Could you take a look at the issues and request noted in this post above. Thanks.
  5. [Resolved] Startup probs

    I used to worry about all that stuff too. Not so much any more. I back up my 'core' files all the time now just because of troubleshooting issues with people. As long as I keep a good copy of the GameEx.ini, my custom theme, the CustomMenu.ini, and some plugins I know I have 98% of what I need to rebuild easily.
  6. [Resolved] Startup probs

    The automatic updates are the same as installing over an existing install, so you have already been doing it without knowing. The only thing you need to worry about is if you made changes to default files and left the file name the same. In those cases, the file may be written over. Install away my friend. It will be all right.
  7. GameEx Arcade Edition

    @clintcastle @Buzzin69 You are usually much better off posting questions in the GameEx General forum. That is the forum most of the support is done out of. Here is the link: https://www.gameex.info/forums/forum/2-general/
  8. RIP - R. Lee Ermey

    Well, that certainly is a major malfunction. There has never been anyone else that could verbally tear down another person like he could. Damn poetry it was! Really sorry to hear about this one.
  9. @Gildahl Would you please review the summary in the post above to make sure I am explaining the issues you found as well as you initial request properly. These are the issues I have been able to replicate and have created examples files for the devs to review. I just want to be sure I did not miss or misinterpret what you have said thus far. If it looks good, I will report the post for Tom to review. Thanks for waiting on me to get through these tests.
  10. @Tom Speirs: While looking at an issue reported by Gildahl, a few other issues (posible bugs) came up regardling Emulator Groups, Custom Menus, Favorites, and SelectList1. ATTACHED FILES: In the attached gameex.ini, I set up three Emulators and two Emulator Groups utilizing those emulators. The CustomMenu.ini contains all the emulators and emulator groups. I've also included a 7-zip file that contains a set of dummy folders, dummy emulators, and dummy roms that can be extracted to the C drive that will work with the included gameex.ini. Again, these are dummy files (empty txt files with the names and extensions changed to rom names). No actual roms are included. Hopefully this will make it an easy example to review. ISSUE #1: Emulators not displaying correct contents when Emulator Groups are used with Custom Menus In the attached example, the CustomMenu.ini contains the three emulators, two blank lines, two Emulator Groups. Once you are in GameEx, if you navigate to any of the emulators and enter, instead of displaying the content for the emulator, it instead displays content on an Emulator Group. If you enter into one of the Emulator Groups, the content there looks to be correct. I find it odd that this has not been reported before, but as I am have been unable to have emulators and emulator groups in the same menu while testing, I have to assume there is some sor tof issue. I did clear my cache during troubleshooting to make sure that was not the cause. ISSUE #2: The SelectList1 object does not display the word "Items" when navigating the parent menu In the attached example, after starting GameEx, navigate through the home screen to the NES emulator. Note how the SelectList1 object will display "5 Items.". If you then navigate to the NES/SNES Emulator Group, notice that the SelectList1 displays "10." instead of "10 Items." It is a minor oversight, but the word "Items" should be present. I tested on v3 and v4 themes (in case it is relevant). ISSUE #3: The SelectList1 object does not display an item count for the Favorites when navigating the parent menu This may be more of an oversight than a bug. If you navigate to the Favorites, notice that the SelectList1 does not display the number of items in the Favorite list at all. It would make sense to display the count. REQUEST: When navigating the list of games inside an Emulator Group, can the title on the screen be made to reflect the emulator the game comes from? This is the main request made by Gildahl when the thread began. Currently, the Title Text that is displayed comes from the Title Text of the Emulator Group in the Setup Wizard. I do not see any parameter that overwrites that value. Gildahl would like the to have an option in Emulator Groups where the Title Text that is displayed is based on the game that is currently high-lighted. This is to show the user what emulator or game system the currently high-lighted game is from. Note that some users may not want th etitle to change, so if this is done, I think the best bet is to add a parameter in the Emulator Group section. GameEx.ini : This is a setup I specifically set up to test these issues CustomMenu.ini log.txt : I navigated and entered each of the emulators and emulator groups when capturing this log. Emulation.7z : If you extract this pack of dummy files file to your C drive, the resulting emulator directory will work with the attached gameex.ini.
  11. I was able to see the isues you pointed out with the 'items' description for the emulator groups and favorites, however there is an additional issue I came across with the emulator groups. Your gamex.ini is pretty involved, so I have been working on a more simplified example to give to Tom for review. I should be able to post it in the next day or two assuming we do not uncover any other issues.
  12. [RESOLVED] ColEm Emulator Full Screen Startup

    There does not appear to be a command line parameter for full screen. See the documentation for 4.4 here. Does the emulator retain it's fullscreen parameter if you start and stop it outside of GameEx? Perhaps you are inadvertantly toggling to windowed mode when you are exiting the emulator. Apparently, you can use [ALT] + [ENTER] to switch between full and windowed mode. If the emulator will not retain it's full screen setup, you could do a Send Keys when the emulator is launched.
  13. OK. I've done some testing, but I am not getting the results I am expecting. Because of it, I do think that there is something wrong with the way emulator groups and the emulators that compose those groups are being displayed. There appears to be more off than the titles. I don't think it is related to the custom menu, but since you can't test emulator groups without custom menus, it's hard to say. I have been busier than expected, so I have not had as much time as I have wanted to test it more thoroughly. Sorry for the wait. As soon as I can run through a few more scenarios, I will likely post a new topic with examples for Tom to review.
  14. Updating emulators automatically on Gameex

    It's not a bad idea for a feature for non-Mame emulators, but I would not want it to automatically update. I would much rather be notified that an update is available and trigger it to download and install. The problem is that occasionally an emulator will go through a major change which may require some adjustments on the user side. I would rather have the opportunity to look at the change log before it was installed.
  15. @Zero Dreams Would you mind posting what you created? If they look good, maybe I could include them in the download.