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  1. Henceforward, I dub this day, the 28th day of May as Scruffy-Nerf-Herder Day! And so shall it be!!!
  2. OK, I will throw my best score in here: 14,000 I think board 3 is as high as I got...maybe 4.
  3. I read over your scoring post and...honestly...I didn't understand the system. Maybe it's something only the hardcore players will want to understand and leverage. When I play, I am usually just here to play some games. Getting top score isn't that much of a deal because I know someone usually comes along gets a better one. My suggestion: If possible, keep it simple for the new players that come around. Complexity can sometimes shy people away. Isn't Poll#2 just a bit extreme in it's choices? How about a bit of range next time instead of 'Isn't life so wonderful?' and 'I wish I was dead."
  4. What version of GameEx are you using? 'Plugin Manager' is no longer a term that is used in the Setup Wizard. It may help if you post your GameEx.ini file and log.txt file. They can be found in the CONFIG and LOG folders.
  5. The Amiga database is very incomplete (assuming I am looking at the same one you are). Many of the entries do not even have the basic information to form a match. As for those that do have entries, I have a feeling your filenames may be too different to form a match. Updating the databases is a HUGE undertaking and there is always effort put into getting updates out, but there is no telling when the next update of that database may happen. The exact filename match is "Jim Power in Mutant Planet_Disk1" which should yield a name of "Jim Power in Mutant Planet". If you want to tinker with it, you could try changing the JimPower rom name to something closer such as "Jim Power" to closer match the Gamebase database entry. If the exact match still does not work, you could try another variation or you may want to clear the cache for that emulator in case something isn't working right there. However, I suggest using a mapfile until the database is more complete. At least you can have a nice, clean list even if a little work is needed to get one. If you have further questions, please post your GameEx.ini so we can see your entire config.
  6. Tested it last night. It will not display a video from another folder if the video is not in the designated Video Snap folder.
  7. Regular GameEx does this for images, but not videos. The exception is that GameEx wants to show a video but none exists, it will try to show an image...but you can't show a video in place of an image. I am not sure how Arcade handles it, but my guess is that it is the same as regular. The files have the following pecking order: IMAGE1 (usually Logo or Title): Logo Title Box Cart Emulator Logo Blank IMAGE2 (Usually Video or Snap): Video Image Snap Emulator Logo Blank Older themes only have one image (I believe both v1 and v2). V3 and v4 can have an Image1 and Image2. Also, keep in mind that theme creators can be pretty creative, so they may use assets in unconventional ways. There are also a few other exceptions. For example, if a snap is not found, the Snap Not Found image will be displayed if there is one. I believe the Emulator Logo may also be displayed if an image other than a snap is not found (but I am not sure of all the combos). Evo is still cooking and there is no date for it's full release. Only the devs really know how images will be handled there, but I expect either similar functionality or something more versatile.
  8. I appreciate the link, but I find it hard to trust links that hide behind URL aliases. If you have a link to a 'legit' emulator site that shows the actual address (well, as 'legit' as such a site can be anyway), I am still willing to take a look (unless someone else wants to, of course...all though I am still curious). Also, don't worry about your English. You are doing fine. For the most part, I think the communication in the thread has been pretty good for everyone. If we need to ask a few more questions to make sure we are on the same page, that's ok.
  9. @Adultery OK, I broke down and ordered me a Raspberry Pi no need to watch for deals (thanks for the offer though). I haven't decided what to do with it beyond retropie, but I have not ruled out going all hamm and doing a table top kit like this. After the great help I got with my joystick referb, I am feeling pretty confident that I could pull it off if I go that route.
  10. I do not believe GameEx Arcade supports windowed mode. When I do testing, I prefer windowed mode and I have not been able to get it to go. I believe the setting allows for Full Screen Windowed or Full Screen. GameEx Arcade was designed with Arcade cabinets in mind, but I don't think that includes Pinball cabs. You could put up a request for it. Please specify that it is for Arcade.
  11. @175650 I tried the link, but it said that the rar is empty or corrupted But hopefully Adultry's exaplanation helpped. At least you can confirm if the setup he suggested is indeed what you have (as far as the .lnk files)...but if that is the case, then you should be able to double-click on a .lnk file to run the game. @stigzler Not sure...maybe?!?!?!
  12. I looked through the thread. Maybe I missed it, but it appears to be about getting the launcher/emulator to work on it's own. Was there some GameEx-related stuff I missed?
  13. Nah, I think the additional power and features the Pi3 has are worth the money.
  14. @175650 If you can provide a link to the latest emulator, that may help us (in english if possible). Hopefully they have some documentation included.
  15. @Draco1962 I have a feeling that there is no command line functionality for this loader. I did a pretty good amount of searching today and did not find any reference to it.