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  1. Dedicated PC to TV

    Not sure...he said 'simple'. It doesn't get any simpler than using the Windows Startup folder.
  2. Dedicated PC to TV

    I do not believe the Setup Wizard has an option to start GameEx on boot, but it is easy to add to Windows. Just go to Start > All Programs > Startup and place a shortcut to GameEx there. Do check the manual for your TV to see what the proper way is to use it with a computer. I have read that not all HDMI ports on TVs work well with PCs. You do not want to damage your TV or PC.
  3. Assembling my Hurricane Irma playlist

    I am happy to say that I got word from my neighbors last night that our area did very well and everyone is ok. Power was out for maybe 12 hours. @Draco1962 Except for the lack of power, did everything else work out ok. No significant damage I hope?
  4. Assembling my Hurricane Irma playlist

    Unfortunately my place is in Tampa. We left the area already, but have no idea what to expect. I am also concerned for our neighbors who decided to stay behind. Hope for the best I guess.
  5. [Dev Diary] TypeXtra - A Taito TypeX launcher

    You young whipper-snappers got no respect these days for us elders...why back in my day...something about potatoes and liking it that way...oh, I'm too old to remember.... Sadly, I won't be of much help for at least a few weeks. I am away from home without emus and assets. I wish you luck though.
  6. GameEx Arcade Trying to change a sound.

    If you would like to change the audio that plays when the program starts, take a look at the sound files in the GameEx Arcade Edition\THEMES\Default - Default folder. However, you may not find what you are looking for there since there are no annoying sounds in GameEx....
  7. Happy Birthday fRequEnCy!

    Happy B-day dude!
  8. Happy Birthday KRC!

    Happy Happy Birthday!!!
  9. Gameex Arcade Edition Display Background Mode

    There is very little you can do with changing Theme settings for GameEx Arcade. It is designed to have many of the settings you would find in the standard GameEx decided for you. While that makes certain aspects of the setup much easier, it also means you do not have as much flexibility. There is a minor-hacky solution for it though. Find the GameEx\Themes\Default - Default folder. In it you will find a bak.mp4 file. This is the video used for the background. If you rename it to something else, GameEx Arcade will isntead use the bak.png file in the same folder as the background. Besides giving you a bit more pep in GUI, you can also change out the bak.png for a different image if you like. Now, I have not fully explored this myself, so there may be some other unexpected adjustments that will need to be made (but I can't think of anything offhand). The other solution is to spend some time with the standard GameEx so you can get exactly what you want and then transition over to it instead.
  10. Mame .LAY

    I looked into .lay files at one point thinking they would be something relatively simple and found that they were not. I didn't want to invest the time, so I let it go. If you have found some resources that make the process easier, it would certainly be nice to hear about them.
  11. HideOS.exe

    I normally have Hide Desktop disabled as it makes testing easier. HideOS does not launch when I start GameEx. This is what I would expect. I wonder why it is doing so for you. Maybe check your GameEx.ini to see if the HIDEDESKTOP parameter somehow appears twice.
  12. [RESOLVED] MAME 188

    How did you go about upgrading your romset from 0.179 to 0.188? Perhaps something happened there.
  13. [RESOLVED] Project64 Command Line

    It works with quotes, ie: Project64.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]". That is the way I have mine set up.
  14. [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade - "All Games" Title

    I've not used custom tags before, so I had to do some testing myself...but I knew it 'should' work. On the TEXT/LANGUAGE screen, you have to set the language to CUSTOM. Then the changes you make to the tags below it will activate. I confirmed that this does work for GameEx and GameEx Arcade.
  15. [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade - "All Games" Title

    In the Text/Language section, your will find a parameter called All MAME Games (MAME). You should be able to change it there. When you say you renamed 'two spots on the setup for the Display names', what exactly did you change in the Setup Wiazard? It may also help for you to post your GameEx.ini file if my suggestion does not get you what you are looking for.