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  1. RedDog

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tthurman (belated)

    Good catch Draco!!!! Happy Birthday T-man! You go by T-man, right? Well, maybe it will catch on. Good thing your handle doesn't start with P...or C even...
  2. I would not have asked if I did not think they would be helpful. It would be appreciated if you could post the files when you are able.
  3. RedDog

    GameEx Arcade edition load/save states

    @btptr321 How are you implementing the use of save states in GameEx?
  4. @kemikal Would you also post your log.txt file and gameex.ini files? These have helpful information about your installation and setup.
  5. RedDog

    MAME- not all games show up

    @Draco: You do not need to recommend that members get newer mame sets. As long as he is running the latest GameEx, he should be ok for newer and older rom sets. If we were to find a problem validating older roms set versions, Tom will want to know about it. @btptr321: Would you please confirm if your .105 rom set are all indeed version .105? Have you ever attempted to 'upgrade' the set to .105 and if so, how did you go about it? Also, what Mame .105 are you using? Is it from mamedev.org, your own compiled version, or a compiled version from another website? As Draco pointed out, making sure the Mame version matches the romset version is extrememly important when it comes to creating the game list within GameEx. Also, it is normal for GameEx to only show a small portion of games from a full rom set. For example, my 30,000 split file set results in a list of about 2500 games. How large is your rom set and is it merged or split (if you know)?
  6. RedDog

    Any Talisman Boardgame Fans?

    All right @Draco1962...it's all yours. Check your messages.
  7. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade setup

    Hey funky, You have a space inbetween the hypen and ctrlr command in the Mame Options line: "- ctrlr X-Arcade". Remove the space. The rest looks ok. Also, I am not sure if the X-Arcade option is still supported by Mame. I used to have a legacy X-Arcade stick a few years back and had trouble making it work. I recall having to go with the keyboard emualtion instead. If removing the space above does not do it, try removing the ctrlr option all together as a test.
  8. RedDog

    Newbie to Demul Help needed on bios files

    Demonseedling. We stay away from talk about downoading rom and bios files here. Of course, that means we won't point you in the direction of any of those sorts of files either. It's best to not mention it. However, we do try to lend a hand in getting emulators set up with GameEx. The first thing you will want to do is get the emulator and game working outside GameEx. It sounds like you are trying to do just that. Sadly, I am away from my primary rig for a few weeks so I am limited in what I can help with. CD based games are a little more challenging as well. Hopefully somone who already has a setup can provide some direction.
  9. RedDog

    Any Talisman Boardgame Fans?

    I've got a Steam code for the Talisman: Digital Edition from the board game Humble Bundle that I won't use (since I already have it). Anyone interested? If so, I will check this post in the next week and choose someone at random. The game is only $7.00 on Steam (yeah, I know, big prize right)...but someone may as well get some fun out of it.
  10. RedDog

    Carnevil Lagging

    Let me first say that placing together words like 'downloading' and 'roms' in our forums is not so welcome here...so let's just not talk about that, please. Next, Carnevil is not a good game to start with. It is known to be very finicky. From what I have read, the best way to run Carnevil is to find a Mame and Rom verson that is known to run it well. not every version appears to do that. If you are new to emulators, you would be better off testing other games that are known to be more stable. I am not a Mac guy, so I don't know if that impacts anything. I would think the specs of your rig would matter more.
  11. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade setup

    If I recall correctly, GameEx_Background.exe is what downloads assets in the backgorund when you first launches. It may also do other tasks too (not sure). I've never actually tried to launch it manually, but I just did and it did indeed launch GameEx Arcade. I have no idea if that is intentional, but I assume it is sicne it does work. Tom may need to chime in. GameEx.exe and GameEx_Lite.exe are the executables that you would normally use to launch GameEx Arcade. If you cannot launch using either of them, you may want to post the resulting log.txt and any error dialogue that appears. Maybe it is something related to the Ultimate version of Windows 7 64 bit. The new vesion worked fine for my Windows 7 home 64 bit.
  12. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade setup

    Funky, GameEx Arcade 15.40 is now available and should fix the launch issue you experienced. Would you upgrade and give it a try? Then you can get back to see if Tom's fix for the attract mode/screen flipping has improved.
  13. Tested GameEx 15.40 and GameEx Arcade 15.40 on Windows 7 64 bit. Both confirmed working.
  14. RedDog

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade setup

    Hey funky, there may be a launch issue with 15.39. See this thread.
  15. I was able to replicate the launch error in 15.39 as well. Log.txt is attached. Here is the crash dialogue: Description: Stopped working Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: gameex.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 5b8f48da Problem Signature 04: GameEx Problem Signature 05: Problem Signature 06: 5b8f48da Problem Signature 07: 10db Problem Signature 08: 1ec0 Problem Signature 09: System.IO.FileNotFoundException OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 log.txt