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  1. RedDog

    I'll just leave this here.

    Here I thought I was the only one that played this. he he
  2. RedDog

    I'll just leave this here.

    Mine worked pretty darn good. I played several sessions of GTAV a few weeks back and totally forgot it was streaming. Not a new game by any means, but still an ok test. My main hangup was not having compatible wireless ocntrollers, but wired worked. Maybe you got a bad unit.
  3. RedDog

    Humble Jackbox Party Bundle

  4. Added this to my calendar...I may give this a whirl.
  5. RedDog

    attract mode isn't working with non mame emulators

    I've done a bit of testing in GameEx 15.34 and have been unsuccessful in getting attract mode to trigger at all with games. I believe it was working properly when you originally posted your question since I usually test things like this before throwing out a reply (but I honestly do not recall for certain). I had attract mode set up to pull from favorites not long ago, but it only included mame games at that time. I shut it off at one point during some other testing and had not turned it back on. In any case, I am flying out on a trip tomorrow and will probably not be able to get back to this for some time. Can someone else try testing this as well?
  6. "Use DirectB2S"? That's solely PinballX stuff, correct?
  7. Recheck the entry. I tested on my GameEx Arcade v15.34 with Mame .193 executable and rom set. It worked properly with and without the entry. If you are comfortable with .bat files, you could also take a look at and run the runitgame.bat file that GameEx generates in the DATA directory. It might give you some hint of why it is not working.
  8. There does not appear to be. You will need to add -skip_gameinfo to the MAME OPTIONS parameter.
  9. RedDog

    Arcade 1UP

    Totally, right.
  10. RedDog

    Arcade 1UP

    Here is a link to the build video on the tube: The screen and 'computer' is one unit, so who knows if any mods can be done. Also, I tried to find out specs on the controls and the monitor and could not find diddly. At that price, they both are probably crap. Walmart is offering $100.00 off preorders. Here is the SF2 version: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Street-Fighter-2-Arcade-1up/994342377 At $299.00 I can see it appealing to retro enthusiasts who have very little experience with cabinet building AND emulators. I mean, as long as the controls are ok and the latency are ok, it's not a bad way to go for those folks. It's not my cup o tea. I would rather buy a solid kit and build the whole thing.
  11. I forget that there are mapfiles for many consoles in the GameEx\MAP FILES directory. If you go that route, you will notice that the format of the lines are a bit different. There are actually two ways to format a line. I gave the method using quotes and the files in the MAP FILE directory uses the pipe (|). Either are actually ok. Also, if you need to edit or take any lines out, I suggest making a copy of the file and using it as your mapfile.
  12. I assume that you have multiple versions of the rom in your rom folder, such as one for USA, one for Japan, etc. By default, GameEx will include every file in the folder when displaying a game list for the emulators (other than Mame, which is handled differently). OPTION #1: One simple way to remove 'extra' titles is to simple place the 'extra' roms in a folder outside your rom path. OPTION #2: Another way is to use the ROM FILTER parameter to only show roms with USA in the filename. For example, this may work: *(USA)*.smc OPTION #3: Yet another method is to use Mapfiles. A mapfile allows you to control exactly how the title is displayed as well as which titles are displayed. You do need to build the mapfile in a text editor. It is very easy, but can be time consuming. Note that it does not relate to anything else such as game descriptions, ratings, pics, etc, etc. Here is an example for SNES: ABC Monday Night Football (U) [!].smc "ABC Monday Night Football" ActRaiser (U) [!].smc "ActRaiser" ActRaiser 2 (U) [!].smc "ActRaiser 2" AD&D - Eye of the Beholder (U) [!].smc "AD&D - Eye of the Beholder" The format of each line is: <filename> "<title>" Save your file as <filename>.txt and then change the extension to .map. For example: SNES.map If you have a game in the folder that you do not want in the list, don't included in the mapfile. Once you have your mapfile done, be sure to go into the SETUP WIZARD > ADVANCED EMULATOR SETUP > MAP OR SW LIST FILE and add the path. Only using the filename and the ROM FILTER parameter. There is no option in GameEx to choose games based on region. I am fairly sure clrmame only works for Mame, but then again, I have no idea. In the Emulator Setup, there are two parameters called Database and Use Database Name. If you enable the correct database and use the database name, and if GameEx can find a match, it will obviously display the name contained in the database. This is also how game descriptions, ratings, etc are found. If the wrong name shows up or the filename is displayed as the title, then most likely GameEx cannot find a good match. The databases are maintained by the GameEx team. While some are very, very complete, less popular consoles are still a work in progress. The database files are located in your GameEx\DATA directory. If you do not have a database for a particular emulator, you can download them from here. If you are familiar with SQL, you can perform your own updates in a database, but I would suggest against it. Some GameEx updates may include database updates, so it is possible that your work may be overwritten. Also, in the future, when requesting assistance regarding your setup, please post your gameex.ini file and log.txt file. Every person's GameEx setup is different and those files give us some insight into how YOU have yours configured. Thanks.
  13. RedDog

    Create Single Video

    You are saying 'Table'. Is this question for GameEx or PinballX?
  14. RedDog

    attract mode isn't working with non mame emulators

    Hey laggerific, This may be a silly questions, but, is your GameEx coming up as registered (for example, no splash screen)? Using other emulators is a registered user feature only. Your profile shows you are a life-timer, but best to ask. Also, try setting TOUCHSCREEN/TABLET SETTINGS > ENABLE to NO and retest (unless your setup uses touch screen). Does attract mode work if you set ONLY FAVORITES to NO (ie allow Mame only)? I doubt the games themselves are to blame, but could you give some examples of some of your favorites (platform and game)?
  15. RedDog

    I'll just leave this here.

    I think standard bluetooth gamepads, the Steam Controller, and the XBox360 controller that work fine. Its controllers with unusual functions that don't work natively. For example, I guess that VirtualHere is usually needed for wheels and pedal setups...and XboxOne non-S Controllers. Also, I read somewhere that VirtualHere was free at one point. Now you have to pay for it. The free version also no longer works. Honestly, it feels a little questionable. Now, I admit that I bought this thing for $2.50 (plus shipping) in order to try it out. If this had cost me $50.00 and THEN I had to pay more to get some a very common controller to work, I would have been miffed. As it stands now, I am just a bit disappointed. I don't know. I may give VirtualHere a try. Part of me want to not support VirtualHere and just buy different gamepads.