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  1. Those are some pretty darn good scores. I may have to do a training montage just to hope to come close.
  2. I think 1TB is probably the max. I put a 500GB in mine using the network adaptor a number of years back after coming across a page with a PS2 Compatibility Chart. Check this search HERE. Searching for 1000 as the size will show the 1TB. I didn't find any larger, but the site doesn't sort that great.
  3. Hey jim, Glad you are making progress!
  4. @DazzleHP Hmmmm. I may have some learning ta do. The only file I was aware of that was written to for the gamelist is the gameslist.txt file. What database file is it written to?
  5. Yup. Draco is right. You can only change the background image for the statistics page. Changing of the font is a global change that would affect all of the theme except for the emulator titles on the page (if your theme uses titles that is).
  6. @parabolic Glad we could help. Do keep in mind that standard GameEx allows for a pretty good amount of customization due to its many options. Just don't let the amount of "stuff" overwhelm you. Take a chunk at a time. Also, sorry for jacking your thread with my chat with T-man. @tthurman Hey bud, let's continue our chat by pm. I will message a bit later.
  7. @DJ Infinity What drive is Steam installed on and what drive (or drives) are your Steam game folders installed on? I seam to recall an issue a while back with games on the non-default games folder not being listed in GameEx's Steam game list. I got the impression that an old version of Steam did not relay important bits of info on those games to GameEx. I do not recall this issue coming up in quite a while. I should add that I also checked my Steam library against GameEx and all of my installs are listed. This is across two steam game folders on two drives...but my PC was reloaded about a year ago and all of the games were installed after my very first GameEx was installed on this PC.
  8. I thought I remembered a feature like 'Fix to Emulator', but I could not find I thought I was mixing up my front end programs. You can use this option with standard GameEx, but a few things to keep in mind: You will have to set Mame up as an emulator (ie disable Mame in the Mame Settings section) If you have a lot of roms, you will want to build a game list by using a mapfile or by limiting the roms in your game folder. If you want a lot of games in your list, that is quite a bit of manual work. You will have to find a theme that works for you. I could not find any specifically build for the circle menu yet. You will have a bit more configuring to do before you can it how you like it (since Arcade has a fair amount hard coded) You will need to use the Change Views option to 'find' a view that uses the 'circle menu' option. I don't doubt you could do this, but I would still suggest posting a feature request in the thread and see if Tom replies before doing all that work. Since this feature is already implemented for emulators, I wonder if implementing it for the "All MAME Games" list in Mame wouldn't be too difficult (assuming Tom can spare the time).
  9. Heh. I didn't even realize this was a thing. Nice to know. I personally consider remote assistance to be the last resort for troubleshooting though. One reason I really like the forums for troubleshooting is so that others can benefit from the solutions and details. Yeah, I know why some people here say that: troubleshooting is easier for us because it let's us throw out compatibility problems as an issue...but saying it is a bit misleading. If updating the games list was a 30 second deal, then I would go with it, but my Mame takes about 15 to 20 minutes. If I had to do that every time I wanted to test something, it would be frustrating. The only reason you need to rerun the gamelist is if you change a parameter related to generating the gamelist such as a new Mame version, new rom set, and (I believe) new data files such as mameinfo.dat, nplayers.ini, history.dat, etc, etc. For example, changing a parameter in the command line will only impact what is used to generate the runitgame.bat. In jimdeprados case, we don't know how his rom and mame versions match up. It sounds like he went forward with what he has and I think that is perfectly ok as long as he understands that mismatches may cause him problems. But...I think he is almost once he has a working game, he can rerun the gameslist to check compatibility. After that, any problems he has is likely due to version mismatch or a game just not working with the mame he has. At least he will have a config setup that works that he can fool around with. Not trying to be a nay-sayer here, cuz you are a pretty good dude and I know that you (like always) are being helpful.
  10. @jimdeprado I had a chance to test the '- mouse' option and having the extra space is definately bad. After running the game, GameEx will go black for a moment and then return to the game page (ie Mame no likey). Hopefully when you fix that up you will be good.
  11. @jimdeprado In your MAME Settings>Advance MAME Settings>MAME Options, you have a space between the '-' and 'mouse'. Remove the space. I am not sure if this would cause Mame to crash or if it would ignore it, but best be safe. Otherwise, as long as your paths and mame executable filenmame are set correctly, I do not see a problem with your configuration. Double check those to be safe. If correcting the MAME Options does not remedy the issue, try running the runitgame.bat by double clicking on it (after fixing the MAME Options and trying a test via GameEx. That test will update the runitgame.bat). See if it launches the game. Also, if the Mame you are using has it's own interface, please confirm that the game works outside GameEx. Just want to make sure we are testing with a working game. I would think Karnov would be a good example since it is an older, simple game. If your Mame has no interface and you do not know how to test via a command line, let me know and I can put a test file together for you to try.
  12. The controls for this game are a bit different than other fighting games. You expect that in order to do a move you would press a button and joystick direction at the same time. Actually, you press a button and then a direction. Because of this scheme, you can press and hold a button and then move the joystick in different directions to chain moves together. Pressing the punch or kick button alone actually does nothing. The one thing the game lacks is the ability to defend, so the best way I have found to win is to string combo attacks that have similar ranges.
  13. So @DazzleHP , did you have some suggestions for me? Windows 7.
  14. I saw that this has not been answered, so I will give it a go. I am not familiar with a 'hi score' feature, but I do know a bit about themes. How are you navigating to the 'highscore page/section'? Might it be the Statistics page? Can you post a screenshot?
  15. @parabolic GameEx Arcade is a rerlatively new flavor of GameEx that focuses solely on Mame. Think of it as the standard GameEx with a large number of settings hard-coded. While this makes setup easier, it also means that a number of options have been decided for you. I believe this version is aimed at cabinet enthusists and people who want a simpler setup. I have worked with the standard GameEx for a pretty long time and I am not aware of a setting that would launch GameEx directly into a Mame games list or the Mame menu. Since the arcade version essentially follows the standard version, I do believe that the option you are looking for does not exist there either. I also did take some time looking over GameEx Arcade to make it happen, but I could not find one. But, I can definately understand why you might want this feature. I would suggest posting a comment in the Feature Request thread HERE. Now it is possible that I just have not come accross this option you are looking for, so maybe wait a bit to see if any of the other forum goers chime in with a yay or nay.