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  1. Set your command line to this: fceux.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" Your rompath and working path look fine. I've not used this emulator, but I believe that is all you need.
  2. Unfortunately, I do not have the non-steam versin of SFV and I do not have KI. Looking at your logs, the launch line does not look like what I would expect...but I haven't been able to get a good handle on your setup yet. My guess is that there is a launcher that runs the actual game. GameEx launches the launcher, and the launcher launches the actual game and then closes. When GameEx launches a 'game', it then watches for that 'game' to close so it knows when to return to the menu. When there are launchers in-between, it can cause this sort of behavior. For some reason, the forum won''t allow me to download the SFV.lnk file you provided. Would you mind uploading the SFV and KI lnk files inside a zip file? I think a batch file can be used to make this work, but I'd like to understand your setup more. I also need to dig a bit in the forums and won't have the time today. Thanks.
  3. Gonna need some clarification here. Your files do not match what you explained as your setup. You said that you were using shortcuts in a folder. Your log.txt indicates that you are using Emulator 13 to launch the Street Fighter V executable directly. I've not seen anyone try it this way. I don't see why you can't if that's what you want, but you may as well set the command line to "E:\games on external\Street Fighter V - Arcade Edition\StreetFighterV\Binaries\Win64\StreetFighterV.exe" since only one game is being used on the emulator slot. If you actually intended to use shortcuts to launch multiple PC games, then please configure the Setup Wizard to use the correct paths and settings and then reupload the gameex.ini, log.txt, and SFV shortcut (not the executable).
  4. Hey Barrydmonic, Let's start with one of the two - Street Fighter V. How is the shortcut set up? For instance, are you using the steam version or gog version? Also, please post your gameex.ini and log.txt file on your next post (found in the CONFIG and LOG folders). Those files give us some background information on your setup. Before you post, run Street Fighter V via GameEx and let it fail as it has been. That way hopefully the log.txt file catches something. Then post those files. It may not be a bad idea to post a copy of the shortcut as well.
  5. The behavior you are seeing says to me that it is likely that you do not have all the artwork (or that some of the artwork files you do have aren't usable within GameEx). The image assets have a sort of pecking order. I don't recall the exact order, but it is something like for the snapshot, if the snapshot doesn't exist, show the titleshot; if that doesn't exist, show the box shot; if that doesn't exist, show yadda yadda yadda. - First, confirm your directory paths in the config are what you want them to be. - Next, pick one or two games and look for the images in each of the folders to see if they are there. - If the image does exist, you might try swapping them for images you know are working. The goal here is to do away with guessing and to try and find out what is actually happening. You are pretty sure you have all the assets. Please find out for certain. Lastly, please post your gameex.ini and log.txt when requesting help. Those files contain helpful information that give us an overview of your setup. Thank you for playing.
  6. I tested this on GameEx Arcade 15.52 and GamEx 15.52 and got the same results. The same occurs for Karate Champ as well. My guess would be that the following parameters are not recognized when the control panel is generated: P1_JOYSTICKLEFT_UP P1_JOYSTICKLEFT_DOWN P1_JOYSTICKLEFT_LEFT P1_JOYSTICKLEFT_RIGHT P1_JOYSTICKRIGHT_UP P1_JOYSTICKRIGHT_DOWN P1_JOYSTICKRIGHT_LEFT P1_JOYSTICKRIGHT_RIGHT There aren't many games that use this sort of control scheme, so I can see why it may have been overlooked. I've sent a message to Tom.
  7. RedDog

    map keys to gamepad

    The iPac software has keyboard bindings built in as well. Don't get me wrong. Joy2Key is a great little program, but it really doesn't feel needed here.
  8. RedDog

    map keys to gamepad

    So, the iPac can be mapped to gamepad controls itself. If you only need to remap the controls for this one game, why not create a config file in the WinIPac software and load it when you want to play that game? If that doesn't work for you, it would be easier on us if you could say what game and emulator you are speaking about.
  9. I felt it was worth while to advise that the suggestion you made goes beyond the intended functionality of the program. If you wish to discuss it further, feel free to message me. Thank you.
  10. Keep in mind that we don't normally suggest editing the gameex.ini directly. The Setup Wizard provides access to all of the intended functionality. GameEx Arcade is intended as a more out-of-the-box solution than GameEx, which means that many configuration decisions are made for you in order to streamline the setup process. Of course, that also means you can tinker less. If Draco's suggestion works for you, then that's great....but if not, then GameEx Arcade likely has that option hard-coded.
  11. You have my sympathy for all that you are going through. Hopefully your recovery goes smooth from here on in. Definitely give yourself the time and don't push too much (easier said than done, right?) I've been watching the Odroid stuff for quite a while as well. I would love something small that is able to handle at least some PSP and I think this one may do it. When I saw your initial post, I almost jumped on it immediately...but then I remembered several unfinished tinkering project that I already have pushed to the side. So I let it go for now. I am interested to see how your build goes, so I hope that goes well too.
  12. Hello myonions, You should be able to rebind the Throttle command in Mame to some other key (or nothing at all). Press 'Tab' while running a Mame Game and search the menus. You can find it under General Input > User Interface > Throttle. If you have a newer version of Mame, you may be able to access the menu by running the Mame executable on it's own. 193 is what I am using and it allows for it. If you have not edited the bindings before, just take it slow. It is easy to get them all screwed up if you hit the wrong entries. Otherwise, check to see if you have F10 set up in the Setup Wizard > Input Commands > Global Exit. By default, I am fairly certain F10 is not set up in GameEx to exit games.
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