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  1. To add to that, for Mame, you will see an option to set global controls as well as controls for the current game. Set up your global controls first, then fine tune controls for individual games. Another possibility could be that the controls are momentarily being unrecognized by Mame resulting in them being reset. This video speaks about that:
  2. OK, well, that would have been a helpful tidbit to know...at least we are making progress though... Please repost your gameex.ini.
  3. Hey trislaver, I assume we are looking at emulator #9. Your command line is still incorrect. You have it listed as notepad.exe. It needs to be mednafen.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]". In the Advanced Emulator Setup for Emulator #9, you have Also Launch set to E:\Mpsx\mednafen-1.22.2-win32\mednafen.exe. Clear that parameter. Also in the Advanced Emulator Setup for Emulator #9, you have Zip/7-Zip/GoodMerge/RAR set to Yes. This is fine if all of your games are zipped. If not, be sure to disable it. I cannot see anything else to look at. Please make these changes and let us know if that gets things going.
  4. As far as the date and time overlap, I am guessing that the theme you are using isn't a great match for your resolution, so it is scrunching assets together. The date/time is part of the theme and cannot be disabled within the Setup Wizard. You have two choices: Try different themes until you find one that 'fits' better'. I would guess that one of the default themes that comes with the install should work out. If the date and time is the only issue you have with the theme you currently have, you could use the Theme Editor to disable the date and time. The Theme Editor is located in the GameEx folder. After you launch it, it will have an option to edit an existing theme. Navigate to the GameEx\THEMES folder, then into the folder of the theme you are using, and then choose the Theme.ini file. After the theme opens, go to Edit > Options > Settings and uncheck Show Date/Time. Then save the theme and close it out. Now, I would actually go one step further by making a copy of the folder of the theme I was using and then edit it instead and then choosing that updated theme using the Setup Wizard. That is up to you. As far as the controls problem, are you referring to the controls within GameEx or Mame? I think it would be a good idea to post your current GameEx.ini, log.txt, and CustomInput.ini (if you are using customer inputs) for this one. Log.txt can be found in GameEx\LOGS and the ini files can be found in GameEx\CONFIG. Thanks.
  5. I am sorry SirAbsolute, but we do not discuss the downloading of roms on this site. We cannot help you with that.
  6. Although it takes a bit more manual setup, the standard GameEx would allow you to do this. You would ignore the integrated Mame setup and instead configure Mame in the Emulator section. There is an option in the Enable/Disable Features called 'Fix to Emulator' that can be used to only allow the one emulator to be used. You essentially would have a 30 in 1 setup, which is what I think you are looking for. GameEx Arcade is kind of a one and done solution that hard codes many settings, but allows for a much easier setup. It also has the nice wheel GUI when navigating games. The standard GameEx allows for a lot more tweaking, which can be a bit daunting for some users at first. If you really want to stick to the older Mame, you might consider giving it a go.
  7. @Tom Speirs I tested GameEx Standard and GameEx Arcade 16.10 and found that paging via the keyboard and joystick were not working as expected. As aavecone suggested, the paging function for the keyboard causes the menu to go BACK while the paging function for joystick has no effect. Paging commands for keyboard and joystick are working fine in GameEx Standard 16.10.
  8. Hi trislaver, You have to set up your command line properly. Now, this is the first time I have looked at Mednafen, so my experienece with it is limited to say the least...this should get the game running, but you may need to tweak things a bit. I tested PSX specifically: For your command line parameter, use mednafen.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" Make sure your Working path leads to the folder that mednafen.exe resides in. Make sure your ROM path leads to the folders the games reside in. If you have the games in separate folders, there is a setting in the Advanced Emulator Setup section called Scan Sub Folders that should be set to YES. Set your Rom Filter to *.cue;*.ccd;*.toc;*.m3u Also make sure you have the proper bios files if you attempt to run any games that need them. Those files belong in the firmware folder of Mednafen. To go from Windowed to full screen, hit ALT+ENTER after the game had launched. There does not appear to be a command line setting to force this, although there may be a way using the mednafen.cfg file. Hopefully this gets you started. Documentation for mednafen itself is located at https://mednafen.github.io/documentation/.
  9. I don't know if it will help, but you could try clearing the cache. It certainly won't hurt anything. To clear the cache, navigate to the GameEx\DATA file and search for all files with the .dbcache extension and delete it. When you next open GameEx, it will regenerate the files. My hope is that there is something in GameEx that is the issue and not some mixed up configuration in your GameEx.ini. After that, since you have already reinstalled GameEx over the existing install, I would have to suggest completely uninstalling GameEx and deleting any leftover files and reinstall again. You can make backups of your GameEx.ini, CustomMenu.ini (if you use custom menus), CustomInput.ini (if you use custom controls), the PLUGINS folder (if you use plugins), and any custom theme you have. After the reinstall, I would manually set up one of your emulators at the most basic level and then try to delete the files. If it works, then try replacing your backup files and try again. If it works, then lovely. If not, then that would point at your GameEx.ini being mucked up.
  10. Hey Phantom, Sorry for the delay. This is not a known bug that I am aware of. I tested the removal function with my own GameEx 16.10 setup and it did work fine. I also ran some tests with the filenames you provided and they also worked ok. As I was reviewing your GameEx.ini file I noticed some oddities my text editor was pointing out. I made some minor edits in Emulator 7 and 8 in the file (hopefully) to clean up and resolve the issue. I am wondering if the 'issue' I noticed in the file was causing GameEx to not read the parameter that states what games not to show for that emulator. Please back up your current GameEx.ini file in the GameEx\CONFIG folder and place the attached file in it's place. Then, try to delete the BIOS files for TurboGraphix 16 from within GameEx and let me know if it works or not. If it works fine, you can continue using this file going forward. If it does not work, you may have to reinstall GameEx over the current build. One thing that was not clarified before is whether this is the only emulator you are unable to remove games from, if none are allowing it, or if some do and some do not. GameEx.ini
  11. The last OS that machine the DC7800 was certified for was Windows Vista. Please keep in mind that there may be strange issues in Windows 10 that may occur. Then again, everything may work just fine. Sometimes it's a crap shoot with uncertified software. Regardless, if it works out to be something you plan to keep, consider upgrading it to 8GB of memory if it can handle it. 4GB is pretty low for Windows 10, sharing with integrated video, and running other programs. Unfortunately, I don't have a suggestion myself on the "SharpDX.Result.CheckError()" problem. All I can find is that it is some sort of wrapper for DirectX and I don't really know DirectX well enough to really troubleshoot errors like these. Draco appears to know a bit more so maybe he can offer some direction.
  12. I noticed that you installed Windows 10 on a Core2 Duo machine with only 4GB or RAM. With no GPU, that RAM is being shared. How old are each of these machines exactly? In the case of the Windows 10 machine, are you certain Windows 10 is supported?
  13. Hey Phantom, Thanks for the list. I looked this over last week but got caught up in RL stuff for a bit. I will try to get back to it ASAP. What I did find was that your gameex.ini file does reflect the actions you took trying to exclude each of those files from the list. I will need to do some testing myself to see if I can replicate the problem and to see how the gameex.ini is being handled. I am hoping to take some time before the end of the week.
  14. As far as the Mame emulators you have set up in the Emulator Setup area, I don't see any problem with the setup unless the path to the mame executable or roms are incorrect. These are the only two places in the Emulator Setup area I believe can cause the emulator to not show up properly in the list. If your paths are correct, you can try clearing the cache files by deleting any file with the .dbcache extension in the GameEx Arcade Editions\DATA Folder. They will automatically be recreated when you next run GameEx Arcade. If that doesn't do it, I can only suggest reinstalling GameEx Arcade with 16.10.
  15. For Fix-it Felix, the configuration you have in GameEx Arcade is fine. I tested the same setup with a the executable for Notepad++ and was able to successfully launch it and exit back to GameEx Arcade 16.10. I did come across was a version of Fix it Felix on the net (I can't say where), but I could not get it to run on my box. It kept erroring out staying that it could not find another file. Can you confirm if the game runs on it's own on your setup? You might also try testing with a different executable (like notepad or something) just to see if it launches. At this point, I am assuming either your Fix It Felix isn't actually working or something is 'broken' in GameEx Arcade and you may want to reinstall with 16.10.
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