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  1. I've not used custom tags before, so I had to do some testing myself...but I knew it 'should' work. On the TEXT/LANGUAGE screen, you have to set the language to CUSTOM. Then the changes you make to the tags below it will activate. I confirmed that this does work for GameEx and GameEx Arcade.
  2. In the Text/Language section, your will find a parameter called All MAME Games (MAME). You should be able to change it there. When you say you renamed 'two spots on the setup for the Display names', what exactly did you change in the Setup Wiazard? It may also help for you to post your GameEx.ini file if my suggestion does not get you what you are looking for.
  3. I checked the forum (which I guess is the official forum for the emulator) and I found no mention of command line functionality. You could post there to see if someone can give you the info or point you to some documentation.
  4. Nah. You gave good instructions. It's just a matter of following them. The Metal Slug Series is fantastic and worth the teeny-tiny bit of extra effort.
  5. I WAS going to post a score, but I did not get my Neo-Geo Parameters quite right. Ah well. I will try again later.
  6. @jimdeprado When an emulator is greyed out, it means that something is not right in the configuration (as stigzler alluded to). The custom menu would only be the culpret if you chose the wrong Emulator/Group/App for the line (for example, if you chose Mame for the Atari emulator but had not set up Mame yet). I see this every once in a while becaus eof my setup. I use an external hard drive for my roms. When I forget to turn it on, the emulators with roms on that drive are greyed out because the rom path is not valid at the time.
  7. @stigzler I know that you are just trying to have a little fun, but maybe move this thread to Social...
  8. Hey jbam, I know that Tom is aware of this thread. Hang in there.
  9. Probably best to do a new thread as well.
  10. Happy 4th Merica! Stay safe. Let's try to keep all those fingers attached when setting off fireworks...
  11. FEATURE REQUEST FOR GAMEEX and GAMEEX ARCADE: This is a small one. As you cycle through a list using the wheel view, I noticed that the image of the currently selected item is displayed in back of the image just below it. I would think that the currently selected image should be fully displayed 'on top'.
  12. No, Custom Menus do not work with GameEx Arcade. I tested it some time back.
  13. Thank you sir. Here are my thoughts on the changes to the panel. Please keep in mind that I only want to help make (my beloved) GameEx better: The removal of the colored panel (teal for GameEX and gold for GameEx Arcade) makes the GUI look plain. I like the idea of having different colors for each of the different Setup Wizards as they help to differentiate them a bit. I was surprised to see the removal of the GameEx logo from the panel. Removing the branding really takes away from the identity of the software. I can understand that space is at a premium for users with small screen resolutions, but I still think a small space should be reserved on the bottom of the panel for the logo. I still remember when the colored panel and logo were added to the Setup Wizard. I thought the new look was great. I like the functionality of the links on the panel, but how they fit into the flow of the GUI feels clunky. Their purpose overlaps with the Basic, Advanced, and Custom mode since all of the sections will be displayed on the panel. Some new users will probably be confused by this. My suggestion is to not display links on the sidebar until the mode is selected. Then, when the page is advanced only the sections belonging to those modes are shown. For Custom and Search, the links displayed on the panel would be based on the options chosen or the search results returned. Also, having the links on the landing page does make it more cluttered. In my (limited) experience, it is generally better for landling pages to be simple with options to help guide users where they want to go. I also suggest adding a bit more width to the titles on the panel to eliminate the need for a horizontal scroll bar. The orginization and flow of the prior version of the Setup Wizard worked pretty well and I do think the addition of quick links is a very worthwhile addition; I just think the implementation needs some tinkering. PS: Updates are always appreciated. I know the dev team works hard at making GameEx better and better.
  14. @DazzleHP I am sorry if I lost you. Here is a quick synopsys: I am using a v0.139 Mame with a v0.139 romset in the integrated Mame. This is currently returing an empty gamelist even though a manual verify using the mame executable returns a long list of good games. I tested with a prebuilt Mame from and roms from an original v0139 set as well as one I upgraded from v0.138 to v0.139 with the same results. However, my GameEx.ini will also show that I have a v0.162 Mame and v0.162 romset set up in the Emulator Section. I forgot that I had this setup when I made my initial post, so I later tried to clarify that the v0.162 Mame/romset setup in the Emulator Section should be ignored as it does not pertain to the issue. Beta testing software is nothing new to me and after running my setup through quite a few hoops, I am leaning towards the possibility of there being an unresolved issue with GameEx. I think it is very likely that fRequEnCy's theory regarding changes in the tagging syntax is the culpret.
  15. There are some interesting ideas here. Is this an appropriate place to give some constructive feedback?