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  1. Unable to view MAME snaps

    ah ok fine... thanks
  2. Unable to view MAME snaps

    ah ok... thanks i try... and how to works hyperspin with gameex evo? i config this but dont see how works this thanks
  3. Unable to view MAME snaps

    i all, its amazing i try to load videos mame and dont works. i configure good this video snaps... but dont works. how to works hyperspin config? thanks sorry for my english
  4. Evolution

    Any beta evo?

    Happy new year!!!!! And evo? I feel lost.... 2014 bye evo
  6. Evolution

    any news...?
  7. [APP] Super Escape

    ok thanks...i try
  8. [APP] Super Escape

    some process dont close eg hd-agent.exe, hd frontend.exe etc etc.
  9. [APP] Super Escape

    hi tempest, code is very good but does not work well with BlueStacks. can be solved? Might you help me? thank you very much
  10. Evolution

    Evo have ahk keymapper for keyboard???
  11. Evolution

    I elite? Contributor? I recibe the email with evo? This is amazing i cant whait more
  12. Evolution

    GameEx new evo is at 90% or 80% or 50% of birth?
  13. Evolution

    awesome!!!!! amazing!!! in 3 day download? any body know? tom?
  14. new gameex

    oka.... any news?
  15. new gameex

    Tom ..... how much anxiety can anticipate some as going to be the new GameEx?