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  1. Bonuses you get at the end of stage 1. That is the key. Certain amount for all the POWs you save, so try not to die during boss fight or all those are gone. And you get a huge bonus for still having your tank. I probably played for 1 1/2 hours last night
  2. GC - you are right...I forgot about the signatures, yeah those need a url. But score postings do not. I just hit upload and select a file on my computer...then Boom...but alas does not help with signature issue. Maybe you could move all those files to imgbb like Han suggested or someone here can create a GAMEEx Banner for imgbb account for them to be stored on? I don't know about GE limits either...but did just look. There is a 500MB limit...I am at 11% after all this time. So yeah if you are more active in the forums and post images for other subtopics maybe this is not good for you either. You have used 54.04 MB of your 498.05 MB attachment limit. I have 231 total attachments.
  3. I just upload directly to GameEx Forum. No other site needed for scores.
  4. I have a feeling this won't last for long. But I'm happy with the #1 spot for now I remember playing this on my cabinet years back but never really gave it a chance since the others slowed down so much...but this plays great. No continues - set 808,730 - RTK Note I do you do not see may cabinet in these shots...but it is still me. Still in process of moving.
  5. I'm with Miller....I hate this game too but glad I did nothing and moved into top 10! LOL
  6. Nice to see this one still getting some love. I cannot wait until I can give this another go down the road. I think I put the most time into this one and still could not pull out #1 spot.
  7. Love the back and forth of the scores this month. Cmon Han I'm pulling for ya, nooffense Mario
  8. Nice month guys! Nice to see so many scores. I'm ticked I couldn't beat my original score even though I many many more times. Frogger just isnt my game, i guess
  9. Yes...Nemesis....I remember trying to find this ROM back in the day. What great pick. I played this a ton on NES but not much on Arcade. I'll see if my KB MAME setup will play this well enough to submit
  10. Actually my second one I use Construct2 to build and design game since I have no programming background, this program works really well. Various sources and pay assets as I am no artist
  11. I started tinkering around with Android games to introduce my daughter into easier video games. Figured some of you may enjoy sharing with your kids. Thanks Rich Space Shooter: Galactic Attack https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rtk3games.galacticattack FeaturesMain game: Dodge and battle 6 levels of enemy fighter ships and end level bosses! The challenge grows the further you progress through the game. Survival Mode: Destroy an onslaught of enemy ships and asteroids until you are ultimately destroyed.High ScoresRated: E for Everyone
  12. Beat my score...nice work, jerk!
  13. Awesome HAN, Thanks! Qbert and Qix are on the same line. Yeah the old list was a little out of date. Time for some T&F, Luigi!
  14. Legend of Kage KungFu Master 10-Yard Fight
  15. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah'd I'd try it.