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  1. Nitroball

    This was one of the first games in GOTM...memories!
  2. Vs. ExciteBike

    good start....fun game
  3. [GOTM] Growl

    nice score.
  4. GameEx FE shows as Black Screen with Steam Link

    I'll check out Window's Mode. I do not think the other two apply.
  5. [GOTM] Growl

    Yeah I am impressed with the lack of slow down with this game.
  6. Hi,

    I add all screenshots I can do to show the ROM Version and my personnal settings too. If you could compare to yours ?


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Funnix



      By chance, would you know  a website that gives the parameters I'm lloking for ?



    3. rtkiii


      No...I would post on here in the GameEx High Score forum...some want should be able to help.

    4. Funnix


      Thanks a lot for the advice :) !

  7. Yie Ar Kung Fu

    I don't have this issue with my version. Maybe get a newer ROM or Mame version? Or verify you dont have some weird control scheme setup that is rotating your playfield?
  8. [GOTM] Growl

    Score Update 13,100
  9. [GOTM] Growl

    It is a 2 player cabinet with six buttons each. The CP was layed out to have 4 and I added two extra, I think. Or the 6 were already there but hidden under the old CP artwork. Good idea on the bezel artwork....sharper the better
  10. Trying to use Steam link with GameEx and everytime i do GE shows as a black screen on the remote screen. Shows fine on the PC LCD that is running GameEx You hear the audio fine while moiving through the menu. Once you start a game the screen shows the game but once you go back to the GameEx menu it goes black again. Any ideas?
  11. [GOTM] Growl

    Cynicaster, Thanks for the compliment! The bezel art and control panel art where something I created in photoshop for "The Time Machine". The cabinet itself is a original Dig Dug Cabinet that I stumbled across a few years back that had a NEOGeo board in it. So I gutted it and setup for mame. Orignal Dig Dug Artwork still in tact In this close up all I see is my terrible cutting job around the monitor, it is paper print of my original idea that I have never had professionally printed...yet
  12. this did it. Moved out of folder and tested on two tables that were having the issue tonight! Than ks! SOLVED!!!!!
  13. Rally-X Arcade Game (Jan 1981)

    Loved this game back in the day.
  14. Games You'd Like to See!

    Cannot believe I have not requested this before. Alien Syndrome!