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  1. I played this for an hour last night trying to beat the high score I had listed on my cabinet. Beat it! Got like 55k...but then I found I already had a higher score here. LOL
  2. took me a little bit of time. But 1st place is mine. 149,700
  3. I am sorry i have not been as active but i have switched jobs on a contract status and working to get hired on full time for $$$. I actually just got the offer on Wed and I countered so I hope everything works out. With that i have a lot of things going on until the end of the year but will try to be more active once that time passes. I totally understand the possibility that this contest ends but i truly hope it does not. Most of us have been around for years and though we are not here every contest it a great community...to me at least. I love arcade games and i love battling with you guys...but i also understand the time Han and CC have put into this to keep it going for the small amount of scores that get submitted. Other forums and leaderboards come and go all the time...so id hate to se this go before we hit game 500 :) But as always I understand if it does stop...and i will always have a place in my memories for this place. Thanks to everyone.
  4. I noticed we have 97 games in the game list...any plans for the 100th game....will that be 2020?
  5. LOL....yeah it is proving to be far harder than I expected. I need to buy a controller as well to make animations. Maybe I'll just buy the $13 version and tape it to the back of my cabinet just to give a static light. I do not mind investing time but in the past 2 years since I moved my daughter and myself are the only people who have played...so who am I trying to impress - Yers...my daughter! But she'll be happy with a static cyan light
  6. I have not purchased anything yet but this is one someone recommended because it has a custimization application. https://www.blinkstick.com/products/blinkstick-flex#mini-shop
  7. Hello, Looking to add a LED strip to the back of my cabinet for some ambient lighting affects. I am working on another forum on what to get and how to program but I wanted to see if GE has the ability to integrate with this USB LED strip. By this I mean allow it to trigger and animation when browsing menus, selecting games, etc. I have LED Blinky on my cabinet for basic LED buttons.,..so maybe this would work.,
  8. I dont think I have this on my cabinet. Looks like a modern Anteater-esq type game. I was horrible at this game but I dig these graphics. I'll deffinately give this a go sometime this month.
  9. Played this awhile ago and i love this game...but i still barely get past 3rd level The 100+ score was from 3 years ago...glad I could beat that score this weekend.
  10. One of my all time favs but never been a master at it. Look forward to firing up my cabinet to play this.
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