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  1. right behind you, HAN! Fun game
  2. or change the rom filter like you mentioned. Changhed to .,exe and whala!!!!! game plays. Now to work on the graphics like you mentioed. Thanks gents!
  3. Ok with Draco's info I was able to get the FixitFelix to show in the game list but when I go into it it says no game found. I am thinking I need to make a game list for it and it should be good. I'll let you know...i am using 16.10, fyi
  4. I verified my FIF works fine outside of GameEx
  5. This is an admin account but do you mean running in Admin mode? I can definitely double check that.
  6. hmmm...made my changes and moved FIF to Emulator 6 slot and slot 10 in GameEx Setup but it never write to the gameex.ini file...hmmm
  7. I see the other emulators I added...they are all mame so I think I needed to edit the config manually for this work...I rthink I need to make FIF Emulator 6...i have some other things i need to tweak before i know for sure
  8. one thing I have noticed is I have 4 other Mame Lists setup for various lists I want and one is called Alli's List. If I look at the config that says is emulator 1...yet I do not see it listed in GameEx Arcade Setup screen...like you see above. Alli's List seems to work ok and gets artwoirk. But I have a top ten list that only pulls in the list...and I have been trying to figure out how in the world I got Alli's List created ok ...I did this last year sometime. I wonder if the GUI in the setup instructions is not showing the correct Emulators?
  9. Lav Codecs where installed previously but let me double check. Nope...they are gone...WTF. I had all this working before. Let me track down those codecs and i'll let you know. The install did appear to error out and the PC has been restarted.
  10. Hey everyone I was working on another issue and was recommended to update so I did. Since then I am not able to get my video files to play in the GameEx Arcade menus. The paths were reset to defaults so I changed them to where I have the files stored. Ideas?
  11. Thanks for the info. I have added a map file but alas no changes. I might have said Atari as an example but I am really trying to add :"Fix it Felix" - which I felt I followed the instructions correctly as I believe those instructions said to add as an emulator
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