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  1. Man...I am bad 15,500 Alli says "Hi, Guys!" She rocked out her new high score for Bump N Jump(Burnin Rubber) just before we both tried Defender.
  2. Voted...come on Yie Air Kung Fu!
  3. Too bad this game was just...okay
  4. I'll give it a try sometime this week. Family is heading to Indy after my Son's Varsity BBall game tonight. So I should have two nights at home with nothing else to do but play video games!
  5. Yes...3rd place 24,070
  6. Ok...Han needs to keep an updated list like the High Score challenge
  7. You win! Sorry if MK has been done before....this thread is clearly too long!
  8. Damn this is the only one I knew "I Hunger" "Sinistar!"
  9. Man that game looked cool! Especially for back in the day.
  10. "Xmen" - The beatem up style like TMNT Oh wait...that is "Welcome to Die!"
  11. Yeah...I'm horrible too...just like the sounds and music of the game take me back to when I was in 3rd grade. I remember one time they had a bartop version in Wendy's and I was sitting there pretending I was playing because I was waiting for my sisters to get out of the bathroom, I had no money to actually play and this couple next to me set a quarter on the top on the screen so I could play. One of the nicest things I think a stranger has done for me. I cannot remember if I played for 1 minute or 15 but to this day I remember that couple anytime I think of this game. So I will definitely enter but I doubt I'll ever be close to competing in this one.
  12. Cool project, Han! I'm not sure how to respond to everything else you talked about - just keep your chin up and women are over-rated. Either pay for a quickly or just masturbate and then get your mind back on this project. ...unless you want a kiddo...well then...you need one - Love? OVERRATED and usually fades in time...in my experiences anyway. High Score Competition Forever!
  13. played this again last night and I beat my old HS that was on my cabinet by 1k - but just realized the one I have on record is 65k lower than my current HS...Need to get that photo uploaded. Did not move up any spots...but...