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  1. As Draco states we need a bit more detail. Typically if it is playing fine in VP then it is a setting you have set in PBX. Be patient you will find your way...PBX is a great frontend once everything is running as expected.
  2. Pinball X is great GameEx is great Same company makes and I would recommend both of them...if that is the question you are asking
  3. You should add this to the suggestions page. Actually a really good idea for Dads with kids.
  4. I have a pin cab and arcade cabinet and sure you could do it but like DRAC mentioned you'd only be able to play one at a time. Plus MAME setups really do not need something super beefy at all. So I'd look for a used PC like 3.0 GB Single process with 512 MB video card and you should be good. Now 3D style arcade gemas typically cause issues but I find that age of gaming to be ugly anyway
  5. I thought the High Score table still had me at 290 something...if it is only a 1.3 k change...I wouldn't have posted LOL sorry
  6. it wasnt a disable option but did find where I could change the size. Changed size to 0 and now it is gone. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction SOLVED
  7. 386,850 - i got this awhile ago but never posted. Highlighted score is what i did today just so I could view the high score table
  8. I'm horrible but fun little game - 18,700
  9. With Visual Pinball I think you get that every time, at least I do. I only use it for troubleshooting tables and testing so I have never dove into figuring out how to remove it, it does not happen inside of PinballX even though that is enabled in VP, for me anyway.
  10. Ok I will check that out. I always thought that had to do with the table itself, but that when I was first learning everything 2 years ago. Now that I think about it VisualPinball controls the DMD once the table is launched. I bet you are right...if I disable that it should do the trick. I'll give it a whirl this week. Thanks!
  11. As Expected...there was a typo in my path Tested fine!
  12. OK so I found all the "No DMD" vidoes in another folder and moved them to my desktop. So instead of the DMD splash animation showing I just see a still image that says Pniball X. I found that image and moved that to the desktop. When I start PBX I see a black box where the DMD on the 2nd screen in the menu. HOW CAN I GET RID OF THE DMD DISPLAY IN THE MENU ON THE SECOND SCREEN
  13. ill take a look for those
  14. Not a problem with startup image. I have a xcustom image in there and that works fine. IT is the DMD PinballX logog that comes up that I cannot hide even though no files are in the media\startup videos folder
  15. Funny thing is....this is not the game I thought it was LOL Looks cool though.