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  1. Beat my score...nice work, jerk!
  2. Awesome HAN, Thanks! Qbert and Qix are on the same line. Yeah the old list was a little out of date. Time for some T&F, Luigi!
  3. Legend of Kage KungFu Master 10-Yard Fight
  4. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Yeah'd I'd try it.
  5. OMG who would openly request this game - It was torture for me to get the high score...and I am sure is easliy beatable for the pros...but OMG...this game...is tough! Painful and frustrating. I am guessing you enjoy Dark Souls 3
  6. Oh man...that sucks
  7. A little better....just a little 10,000!
  8. Oh I thought I was supposed to change it from 5 to 3 - Sweet...so maybe I can get 12K
  9. Yeah but typically in the past if I saw this issue then everyone was having the issue. Looks like it is working this morning. I know the screenshot looks different than my normal ones. But I played this on my PC vs cabinet. Best I have ever done but surely this is a horrible score 8,460
  10. Not much but something! Crap...upload issues. Can someone assist?
  11. The myth...the legend has returned! Briefly GC said it best - * I agree with @Cynicaster: the database of scores accumulated over multiple years is one of the cool things about the competition. I think we should keep it - together with the Leaderboard. As long as the Leaderboard stays functioning I will always come back.
  12. How did I miss this? I love GameEx...do not get me wrong but always thought there was too much stuff I was not using. I'll have to give this a whirl for my cabinet! Thanks...Tom! I will miss my "Time Machine" Theme...though
  13. Yeah I never played this before but alas my cabinet is in storage because of moving. Hope to be back up in June. If you have an old school arcade monitor I have a dig dug one that I am not using. Located in Indiana.
  14. Nice score, Cynicaster!
  15. As Draco states we need a bit more detail. Typically if it is playing fine in VP then it is a setting you have set in PBX. Be patient you will find your way...PBX is a great frontend once everything is running as expected.