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  1. I noticed we have 97 games in the game list...any plans for the 100th game....will that be 2020?
  2. LOL....yeah it is proving to be far harder than I expected. I need to buy a controller as well to make animations. Maybe I'll just buy the $13 version and tape it to the back of my cabinet just to give a static light. I do not mind investing time but in the past 2 years since I moved my daughter and myself are the only people who have played...so who am I trying to impress - Yers...my daughter! But she'll be happy with a static cyan light
  3. I have not purchased anything yet but this is one someone recommended because it has a custimization application. https://www.blinkstick.com/products/blinkstick-flex#mini-shop
  4. Hello, Looking to add a LED strip to the back of my cabinet for some ambient lighting affects. I am working on another forum on what to get and how to program but I wanted to see if GE has the ability to integrate with this USB LED strip. By this I mean allow it to trigger and animation when browsing menus, selecting games, etc. I have LED Blinky on my cabinet for basic LED buttons.,..so maybe this would work.,
  5. I dont think I have this on my cabinet. Looks like a modern Anteater-esq type game. I was horrible at this game but I dig these graphics. I'll deffinately give this a go sometime this month.
  6. Played this awhile ago and i love this game...but i still barely get past 3rd level The 100+ score was from 3 years ago...glad I could beat that score this weekend.
  7. One of my all time favs but never been a master at it. Look forward to firing up my cabinet to play this.
  8. Thanks for the list Floyd! I ended up never using RSS feed for the scores once WINXP lost connection to the internet. But since I have rebuilt my cabinet I should look into adding it again.
  9. Nice to see this game getting some love!
  10. We made it...but stopped streaming after 6:$0PM or so....too tired to focus on various tasks
  11. I was handing out free codes for a game I made last year when someone donated to the Extra Life event I did this past weekend. I had some laying around if anyone is interested. It's free! Android Only https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rtk3games.igz&hl=en_US
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