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  1. friendly bump if anyone has an idea
  2. Hey guys, Been awhile since I have had to modify my Arcade settings but I am trying to add "Fix it Felix" to my GameEx Arcade and I cannot seem to get emulators to display. I can see MAME and some custom lists I made awhile back. I tried adding an atari emulator as well just to see if it would display and it does not. I am sure I tweaked something ages ago but i cannot remember. I verified emulator is enabled and did not see anything in adv emulator settings but I could have spaced over it. suggestions? Thanks, Rich
  3. I am getting ready to try this tonight on GameEx Arcade...hope it goes easily
  4. Damn it! I forgot about this game and I finished in 2nd! damn it congrats!
  5. I'm not too great at these games but do enjoy playing them. I'll get an entry in sometime Still working on a new math app for my daughter and it has just taken all my free time.
  6. I played this for an hour last night trying to beat the high score I had listed on my cabinet. Beat it! Got like 55k...but then I found I already had a higher score here. LOL
  7. took me a little bit of time. But 1st place is mine. 149,700
  8. I am sorry i have not been as active but i have switched jobs on a contract status and working to get hired on full time for $$$. I actually just got the offer on Wed and I countered so I hope everything works out. With that i have a lot of things going on until the end of the year but will try to be more active once that time passes. I totally understand the possibility that this contest ends but i truly hope it does not. Most of us have been around for years and though we are not here every contest it a great community...to me at least. I love arcade games and i love battling with you guys...but i also understand the time Han and CC have put into this to keep it going for the small amount of scores that get submitted. Other forums and leaderboards come and go all the time...so id hate to se this go before we hit game 500 :) But as always I understand if it does stop...and i will always have a place in my memories for this place. Thanks to everyone.
  9. I noticed we have 97 games in the game list...any plans for the 100th game....will that be 2020?
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