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  1. Play with friends
  2. It will don't worry, The game itself is memorable BUT not one I care to really play by myself. This is meant to be played with friends, hence the 2-4 player setups...so it is tougher for me to get excited to play a game like this on my own.
  3. 24...Yeah! I do not enjoy playing this on my keyboard...ill give it another whirl once cab is out of storage.
  4. I want to play, not that I was ever any good, but time is short - The one drawback to having months to play is the procrastinators(like me) in the group will wait until like week 6 before I give it a shot
  5. [POLL] GOTM January 2018

    Hyper Sports...nice!
  6. Galaga '88

    Floyd Turbo....what a cool handle and welcome to the group!
  7. Custom Theme Issue

    Oh man, sorry to hear about your loss, Draco.
  8. Custom Theme Issue

    I did some more investigating last night. Below is my custom menu and which ones work and which ones act weird. The Arcade - MAME - Works as expected - Mame v190 - works as expected - Mame v175 - works as expected - Mame v129 - Does the weird layout - High Score Competition - Works As expected - Alli's Games - Works as expetced - Rich's Top 10 - works as expected The Consoles - NES - does weird layout - SNES - does weird layout - Genesis - does weird layout - TG16 - does weird layout - TGCD - does weird layout Keep in mind that all of the menu items have a "Game List" Menu item that points to the emulator I have setup for each of them. So Mame v190 has an emulator setup in GameEx named MAme v190 and so on. The top MAme list is not an emulator but the default mame list thingy...thing Funny thing is I am consolidating my lists and I think I might remove the Consoles from my list and remove v129 all together...but it still bugs me it behaves this way.
  9. I have two ports only on my cabinet and always found I could only be the left two Turtles. It is based on where the quarter is put in...i am pretty sure. There may be a two player rom out there that lets you select but I never investigated.
  10. is there a setting in the wizard that hides bios roms from being listed for Emulators? I know the Main Mame one does...or do i just have to hit delete on each of them inside of GameEx>
  11. Custom Theme Issue

    I did not make any changes to the theme itself until I tried fixing this issue this week and it is just moving the date field around like i mention a little bit further down in this post.. The issue has been happening for sometime and I was on Windows XP...so I thought now that this is on Windows7 it would work better. But it does not. I do use custom menus with this. To me it is like GameEx is seeing a conflict of some sort and going to to a non"Default Layout" Like my first screenshot above. But it still applies the custom background and foreground I have in place for those emulators\pages. I was thinking if I knew which Layout it was applying(I show like 30 of them in my theme including "layout" which is my second screenshot....then I could just eidt whichever one it is calling as a work around. But I have tried editing like 15 of them...thinking I could find which layout it is loading...but alas none of those changes seem to matter.
  12. Custom Theme Issue

    It was uploaded to this site a few years back. "Time Machine v#.##" if you want to pull it from here. If not I can upload it to my dropbox when I get home.
  13. Custom Theme Issue

    Hey All, I created a custom theme awhile back and it seems to work fine except when loading console emulators layout inside GameEx itself. The games play fine and everything but the Layout for the desctipion, image1, image2 etc are all whacked. Whacked = not what I have the layout to look like. So I verified my "Layout" that has all the various things listed are set as I like and again that seems to work for all my MAme emulators. Something is causing the Default Layout not to load correctly. Does anyone know what layout GameEx goes to if there is a problem. I figure if I modify that layout it will be a good work around. I attached what the default layout looks like...and the layout that loads for my emulators. I have tried tweaking various layouts for the emulators but it doesnt make a difference with this issue for some reason.
  14. Galaga '88

    Man these 2 months went FAST! Congrats to the winner...good round, again.