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  1. rtkiii

    Games You'd Like to See!

    I'd like to suggest "Fire Trap"
  2. FEATURE REQUEST: I would love to be able to rate the table inside of PBX menu vs going into the Game List Manager. Thanks Rich
  3. rtkiii

    [GOTM] Xevious

    I remember playing this in Noble Roman's when I was in like 6th or 7th grade. Then on NES down the road...i was never good though LOL
  4. rtkiii

    PINemHi New version 1.3.1 released

    OHHHHH. Yeah I knew oyu could see in Information for a table. So this is an update to it...cool. Thanks!
  5. I ma not sure if I have requested this before but I would love to be able to rate the table inside of PBX menu vs going into the Game List Manager. I just think it would be more convient to have in PBX GUI. Thanks
  6. rtkiii

    PINemHi New version 1.3.1 released

    What would you do with this information? Can you import it into PBX to display somewhere or is this just for a "To have" kid of thing. Do not get me wrong I think it is neat just curious of the practical application of it.
  7. rtkiii

    Juno First

    Well I do not use it for MAME...for newer games and movies. I use a cabinet for the MAME....
  8. rtkiii

    Moon Patrol

    welcome home
  9. rtkiii

    Juno First

    Nice Setup and welcome! I have a projector setup as well....it is wonderful!
  10. rtkiii

    Dragon Spirit

    Yeah my buddy was like that. Went out to buy a truck and bought a Explorer Limited Edition Eddie Bauer...WTF? That is why I suggest the online route first...no one is there to bug you or pressure you. You just look casually until you find something. Compare mileage and prices...then once you find something that grabs go to the lot. I am not the person who haggles or anything like that but I find if i go in knowing what I want then all I do is test drive and if I like it, buy it, if not....I do not. Sorry to keep going off topic Yes this game is tricky.
  11. rtkiii

    Dragon Spirit

    this is closer but still not the site I liked https://repairpal.com/reliability
  12. rtkiii

    Dragon Spirit

    I use the online car sites now to figure out what I could afford and where to go. Sort by price and distance and start to see which one wows me! Then I check out the things you mentioned. I found another site that helped my last decisions on my last car purchase last year. This is not the exact link but it gives you an idea. https://www.yourmechanic.com/article/the-most-and-least-expensive-cars-to-maintain-by-maddy-martin Then go test drive Yeah have fun with this
  13. rtkiii

    Dragon Spirit

    Looks like my PC was overheating with the back panel of the cabinet on. Never had it on at the old house Need to work on the ventilation. Got up to 46,650 after a few tries.
  14. rtkiii

    Dragon Spirit

    toiugh game...i can only get about 13K. Seem to be have power issues with my cabinet as well...ill have to look into that
  15. rtkiii

    Puzzle Bobble

    I forgot about this game...i need to give it another whirl...just to make top 10!