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  1. rtkiii

    Time Pilot

    played a bit more at Tappers and verified the settings are compliant with ours. 130,800 I was pretty buzzed at this point
  2. rtkiii

    Time Pilot

    have not played in awhile but played it at Tappers and felt i should give another run into the Top 10! 120,400
  3. rtkiii

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    man you guys are good. played about an hour... 155,210
  4. rtkiii

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    nice battle this month!
  5. rtkiii

    Tetris: The Grand Master

    Wow way to stick with this, Luigi. I'd try to challenge you for my title but I actually hate this game now...so it is all yours!
  6. Checked .bat file and it looks fine but still sees nag scren....downloaded 190 nonag from a site and it is working great. Thanks for the helps guys!
  7. i think i am using .190 - I was using .143 with no issues on GameEx the full version. I feel like the .143 was nothing special and would give me the prompts in mame but GameEx did not when i had the "Notifications" off or whatever it is. Let me look around...nonag mame seems like a bit of overkill but if needed ill go that route.
  8. It actually already had that by default but I still get the prompts/notifications when ROMs load. Hmmm
  9. I know there is a setting in GameEx but I cannot seem to find that setting in GameEx arcade. Am I missing something? Thanks, Rich
  10. rtkiii

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade Edition - LEDBlinky

    yeah...working is relative. Cant get the contros to light...ill head over to arcade controls for that. amazing how much i have forgotten since i set this up like 5 years ago thanks for help!
  11. rtkiii

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade Edition - LEDBlinky

    yeah i am still musing 64bit version
  12. rtkiii

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade Edition - LEDBlinky

    Actually found plugin n eeded to be enabled in GameEx itself too Once I turned that on I have LIGHTS! I need to tweak controls but much better off now...duh
  13. rtkiii

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade Edition - LEDBlinky

    ill look in to seeing if i can rum command line version or something
  14. rtkiii

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade Edition - LEDBlinky

    Same result...dang it.
  15. rtkiii

    [RESOLVED] GameEx Arcade Edition - LEDBlinky

    ok..installing...will test when i get home. Does LEDBlinky just work natively(I know you need to tell LEDBlinky to use GameEx as a front end) but i cant rememeber if anything needs tweaked on GameEx side or if it just works.