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  1. [POLL] GOTM November 2017

    I did not realize there was another forum I'll check that out.
  2. Looked at my PinballX settings and I see nothing that would cause this., like a mouse click off screen or keyboard entry. So odd...this was working fine previous and to my knowledge I have made no major changes besides updating to the latest version on PBX. Maybe the issue will go away with the next update?
  3. [POLL] GOTM November 2017

    No Halloween games?
  4. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    I always pick two to start. I did not realize once you got the 2nd blue thing you warped. I thought you warped after 1-6, but maybe not. I'm sure forest has an answer
  5. Did more testes the past couple of nights and the issue seems to be happening. After about 15 seconds it seems to pause MOST tables inside of PinballX. I wonder if I set like a click after so many seconds in my Visual Pinball setup inside of PBX? Again tables work fine in Visual Pinball, outside of PBX.
  6. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    Patrick...yeah mine came at 50k as well now that you mention it. But I just left my settings at default.
  7. Tested out NBA Fastbreak and it played a full round Moved to Popeye and played a full round Moved to Pirates table by JP Salas and it froze Moved to Qbert table and it froze Moved back to NBA Fastbreak and it froze If I click on the screen the table plays...so the issue is not fixed
  8. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    @forest4585 you know you can enable High Score saves in MAME now...I think as long as you are 170+ there is an option you turn on. You might not like to have your scores saved...but I wouldn't play if it didnt
  9. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    Han - I feel your pain. I'm 41 and white...when I was 18/19 years old I did not get any scholarships or help from the government because my family was too rich. I think they made 45k combined and had 3 kids. I coulnd't even get a grant to pay for classes at IVY Tech...so I paid for school on my own...eventually dropped out and here I am today in IT. Flash forward about 8 years when I am 26/27 and my sister who was 30/31 had two kids and her husband was in prision for killing someone. Full Ride to a private college! All because she made fucking horrible choices and didnt work. Guess what she went for like 2 semesters got bored and spent her tuition money on a laptop and other shit. I remember being so disgusted with that crap....all because I didn't make bad decisions...and I was a white male. In the end I decided never to rely on anything I couldn't control. Sorry Han...it just sucks.
  10. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    here is my score 100,900 - yeah I'm RSK - i suck at entering initials.
  11. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    got 109k....i have never given this game much of a chance...never knew there were varying game types in this one. Ill post a score once I have my phone to take a picture
  12. Actually have had no time to test. I will try and do tonight and hope for good results.
  13. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    Congrats on the raise...$5 an hour raise is really awesome! But honestly I could not work those 2 days every month...some I am sure need the help...but man I bet a lot abuse this. I'd freak out. Especially those rolling up with T-Bones and Porterhouse steaks.....hats off to you...i couldn't tolerate it.
  14. [GOTM] Galaga '88

    I think this guy should be banned
  15. Metal Slug X

    I think EE desrves the win. We have a set rule and I think we should abide by it. As for it taking a few days to get the next GOTM rolling, is fine as well. You are doing this in your free time and whenever you can do it is fine with us(I am speaking on behalf of the whole community...because I can) Nice win EE!