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  1. Not a problem with startup image. I have a xcustom image in there and that works fine. IT is the DMD PinballX logog that comes up that I cannot hide even though no files are in the media\startup videos folder
  2. Funny thing is....this is not the game I thought it was LOL Looks cool though.
  3. I have them stumped! Seems like it should not be tough, right. Has anyone else made this change on their PBX cabinet?
  4. Tom?
  5. Says error loading the table and gives the path from where it is supposed to be running from. Outside of PBX it works fine. I might have something wrong inside of PBX which is fine but before I dove too far into it I wanted to see if others had success running UMD tables in PinballX.
  6. I used to have a custom startup DMD but find I dso not want to use it any more now that I have captured videos of the tables in menu. So I turned off startup video in settings and removed all video files from pbx\media\startup videos yet the PBX DMD logo keeps popping up on my backglass display as a DMD sized image. thnamks
  7. I cannot seem to get my UltraDMD tables to load in PBX. The tables work fine in VisualPinball but always get a path issue when trying to launch inside of PBX. I have the paths setup like normal VP and VPX tables. I know tables pull information from an additional ultraDMD folder...but again they work fine in VP. Any ideas what I am missing? Thanks,
  8. Man...I am bad 15,500 Alli says "Hi, Guys!" She rocked out her new high score for Bump N Jump(Burnin Rubber) just before we both tried Defender.
  9. Too bad this game was just...okay
  10. I'll give it a try sometime this week. Family is heading to Indy after my Son's Varsity BBall game tonight. So I should have two nights at home with nothing else to do but play video games!
  11. Yes...3rd place 24,070