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  1. Yes it is true, these images are right data like example. I wish to create a skin in images 800x600. When it is complete, I would make some benefit the community without watermark
  2. francklek

    French section

    Can you add a french section in the forum ? Gamex is a great front-end with a lot french users. This would make it possible to increase the number of users blocked by the language I currently work with the complete translation of the file "gamex.ini" (with the explanations).
  3. The logos can be in high resolution. For exemple, in my Gamex logo repertory, i've add screens in 800x600 for a full screen display in background. like that :
  4. My MAME'cab : Cab : arcade electronic with AMD Athlon XP2000 256 Mo Ram DD : 35 Go + 80 Go Personnal Hack keyboard, with mouse + Joystick in player 1 Personnal Spinner with Hack Mouse Dance Pad TX 2000 for Stepmania Light Gun : Act Lab Microphone for Karaoké And french version of Gamex with personnal skin in full screen Soft running : MAME Virtual Music Jukebox Stepmania VP-Man Karawin 1964 and Project 64 5 light gun games (Mad dog, house of th dead 2 and 3...)
  5. For light-guns users, stepmania and pinball. All files are in "translation section" I've added logos in french version in "translation section"
  6. File config.ini in french language, first version Fichier config.ini en français, première version 28/02 : Add news logos in french for complete skin 28/02 : Nouveaux logos en français pour un skin complet GameEx_ini_Fr.zip
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