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  1. I upgraded my PC and misplaced the link for the real DMD Videos for PinballFX2. Not sure if they were posted here or someplace else but I uploaded what I current have to the FTP site @ /-PinballX-/Media/PinballFX2/Real DMD Videos. Anyone know who made these or if the newer tables are around? Z
  2. Sorry, I haven't had a chance to look into this, work is get in the way.......... Can you set your EnableFileMatching to False and try again. I'm not saying that is the issue because I haven't had a chance to parse through your ini line by line. Also, did you try changing the Backglass Display # in PinballX? For example on my 2 monitor test setup I have Display 1 and Display 5. Z
  3. Attach your pinballx.ini. It sounds like your screens in PBX are not set right or your XML file has the backglass disabled. Z
  4. Anyone have an image of the Pinball FX2 table grid with all the current games? I've tried to take a snapshot with snagit and have issues. Z
  5. Stuart great write up!!!!!! As a side note, is there anything you would advise adding to the PinballX Guide to make life easier? I just want to make sure we capture this somewhere, to make it painless for new users. Z
  6. zeenon

    FX2 table question

    I don't know if you can use this but I zipped up the config files for xpadder that I use. I would backup your xpadder folder and then copy these in to try out. I run different profiles for different programs.......the default has hotkeys to start pinballx and/or add tokens when I hold down the shift key (left flipper). Z Xpadder.zip
  7. zeenon

    FX2 table question

    Changing the grid positions either way works. If you change the XML then load it in Game Manager you'll see the changes. Whichever way you feel comfortable. Yes, a GUI would be nice but once you update it, it's good until you purchase more tables. I have the VP v1 plunger kit and don't notice any issues. I also use xpadder with FX2 for the buttons and nudge. (see the Pinballx guide for nudge setup under xpadder) Z
  8. You are trying to use all three methods at the same time, you only need to use one. Pull up the PinballX User Guide, and let's configure it the easy way. 1) Goto section 4.3.12 (2nd screen shot page 35) this should be how your pinballx.ini config should be. 2) Section 5.10 is how to configure your Pinball FX2.xml (I've already included a copy in section 6.3) 3) Copy section 6.3 to you PinballFX2.xml. (From <menu> to </menu>) 4) Now open your PinballFX2.xml file and your X:\PinballFX2\data_steam folder. Each <game name="actual game name/pxp file"> in your PinballFX2.xml HAS TO MATCH the table/pxp file in your X:\PinballFX2\data_steam folder. 5) Lastly your image/video filenames should match your game name <game name="actual game name/pxp file"> Z
  9. Dave, As you progress more and more into this hobby, you will see it's a very touchy subject........ http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=27426&page=1 Between the two sites above and of course this one....you're 95% covered in the world of Virtual Pinball. Z
  10. Dave, Congrats on the table purchase and welcome!!! The quick answer to your question....Goto vpforums.com and/or vpuniverse.com and download....the table (FS version), the rom, the BG and the media pack for a table you want. The tables and BG go in your tables folder, the rom goes in your Vpinmame\roms folder, and the media pack usually get's broken apart into various directories in your pinballx\media folder. Unfortunately, there is no magic program (yet) to download all the required files and place them in the right directories. Once you have the files in the correct directories you can go into Game Manager and add it to the correct XML file. The Import button pulls in the graphics, but not the table/rom/BG. Z
  11. Sounds like your pinballfx2.exe script or your pinballfx2.xml is not passing the right values. Do the tables in the script/xml match the TABLE NAMES in the data_steam directory? Z
  12. Is it enabled? Here is a snippet of my pinballx.ini [system_10] Name=Visual Pinball Physmod5 Enabled=True WorkingPath=X:\VPinball TablePath=X:\VPinball\Tables Executable=VP_physmod5.exe Parameters=/play -"[TABLEPATH]\[TABLEFILE]" LaunchBeforeEnabled=False LaunchBeforeWorkingPath= LaunchBeforeExecutable= LaunchBeforeHideWindow=False LaunchBeforeWaitForExit=True LaunchAfterEnabled=True LaunchAfterWorkingPath=X:\PinballX\Scripts LaunchAfterExecutable=ledset.bat LaunchAfterHideWindow=True LaunchAfterWaitForExit=False NVRAMPath=X:\VPinball\VPinMAME\nvram LaunchAfterParameters= LaunchBeforeParameters=
  13. Blanking out your text setting will only display PINBALLX. Normally it should look something like this: [Text] Line1=Select Table w/ Flippers Line2=Press Start Z
  14. Blanking out your text setting will only display PINBALLX. Normally it should look something like this: [Text] Line1=Select Table w/ Flippers Line2=Press Start Z
  15. I have not gotten this to work either, and think it's a bug. I've sent Tom a message informing him of the issue. Z
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