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  1. Hi Draco, It is 2GB of course sorry :-). So I have edited the Gameex.ini and could disable all the emulators previously configured. I still have some GameBase packages which will still show on but does not know where to look into this very long .ini file EDIT: I did a quick search with the text editor search box and found Gamebase enable TRUE/FALSE.
  2. Hi Tom, Hardware is a standard PC config of 2004 with 2 megabytes of RAM and ArcadeVGA card running under XP. It took me a while setting al this up and I really do not want to start again it does not worth the job.
  3. Hi Draco, Luckily I do not have to change settings frequently. I will edit the gameex.ini manually then :-). Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have an issue with Gameex version 14.50 running in my cab under XP. Actually the Wizard is not saving any of my settings. I have a bunch of emulators configured but I do not use them so in order to speed up the loading time at start-up I do not want this emulator to show up in Gameex but unthicking them in the wizard emulator list will not disable them when launching Gameex. I did not upgrade to the last version of Gameex due to hardware limitation, the cab is now fine-tuned and want to keep things as is.
  5. Hi Draco, Here enclosed LOGS and INI files as requested. My signature is wrong and not updated sorry, I am using a version of Gameex up to 14.5x. Cheers, Rick SetupWizard.log log.txt GameEx.ini
  6. Hi Draco Yes this is the post I was referring to when I did the set-up. I will provide INI and LOG also. Thanks
  7. Hi, I am trying to set up Daphne Singe as already explained on an old post. I am using one of the latest Gameex Build with Win XP but I cannot get the roms name displayed on the emulator game list. I have set up a new emulator and pointed to the main Daphne Singe folder and roms pointed to the links of each batch file. The filter is set to .LNK. Despite all this I have a NO GAMES FOUND message on the emulator list.
  8. Hi, For the Gamebase users actually Gameex will only play music files in SID or either mp3 format. Each gamebase pack comes with a dedicated music player which will play music files for a specific system. From the time being a music player is correctly set up in Gamebase it would be nice to have Gameex launching the dedicated music player set up for each Gamebase pack and so the user can listen to the music tune of a game on the fly. Thanks Rick
  9. Hi GodLike, Thanks for your tutorials. Actually there are thousands of different music files to be converted and this process will be really painfull. @Draco I have upgraded to the latest Gameex build and do confirm no changes. Gameex will only play SID and Mp3 files. I was wondering maybe if this can be fixed on a future Gameex release. It would be nice to have Gameex launching the dedicated music player set up for each Gamebase pack and so listen to the music tunes of a game on the fly. Thanks, Rick
  10. @ Draco I will upgrade to the latest build and see if fix the problem. @ godlike Yes all amstrad music format and SID tunes will play fine so I assume that many other formats are not compatible with gameex. Do you have a suggestion for a program to quickly convert to mp3?
  11. Hi guys, Sorry for the confusion but I am running almost the latest gameex built, it's not the 12.30 but the 14.30. I upgrade one month ago. Thanks Rick
  12. Hi, I have set up some gamebase packs of various games systems and the relatives music files are also set up. Within gamebase GUI music files when available will play fine but in Gameex a lot of tunes cannot be heard. I do see the music visualizer and the tune name scrolling but no sound. Enclosed my Gameex settings. Thanks Rick GameEx.ini.ini log.txt
  13. Hi Guys, I am using GroovyUME 1.48 as the main MAME and MESS emulator into my cabmachine. I have installed the Sharp X1 gamebase pack but pointed to GroovyUME as the main sharpX1 emulator to be used by Gamebase (Groovy builts handle far better low res on cab machines). I am actually facing an annoying issue now as the combo to quit emulation (mapped to the ESC key) is pausing Groovy i/o quitting and back to Gameex. When playing with Mame games or Mess systems set up through the emulator Wizard list there is no such problem and Groovy will quit when hitting ESC key. Is there an option to force GroovyUME to quit when used with Gamebase? Enclosed INI and Log file. Thanks GameEx.ini log.txt
  14. Thanks a lot to both for your explanation Hope to have this feature in the future!
  15. Hi Guys, I was wondering if it is possible to set gameex to read a Mess.dat file in order to display systems info when emulated? I do not find any setting in the wizard for this option. Thanks Rick
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