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  1. Black Widow

    Here's my score: 46,650 points I need some practice I use my keyboard to play this game. Using keys numpad keys 4, 5, 6 and 8 and E, S, D, and F. Kind of hard to control. ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS and LB
  2. LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    Updated our Leaderboard. @Luigimaker: so close to 3rd place ~ GC
  3. Games List

    @Luigimaker: you're absolutely right. I've just unpinned the old game list. It's now on page 4. This is the one to go @hansolo77: you're by no means a backup moderator. We're absolutely equal as a mod. We've both started this High score forum and I absolutely appreciate it you've kept things running more than over a year. You're free to change things and take decisions buddy ! I'll always be around and I'm still planning to have a comeback and start moderating this forum together again @Draco1962: I also appreciate Han's loyalty. He's a great dude ! ....and I hope you don't consider me dead yet haha. Like I said in my remark above...Han is free to change things and take decisions. And....I'll be back. I'll always love arcade games and this Highscore forum both Han and I have setup. @hansolo77: I've already unpinned the old games list and updated the first post of this thread with a nice banner. I've also adjusted the text a bit. It's a perfect list to work with. User friendly ! Great work Han ! ---------------------- Message to all: Maybe I should share with you guys why I've been away so much...October 2015 I started dating a girl (Simone) and now two years later we're married and have a 8 weeks old baby daughter (Emma). It has been a hectic two years and pretty much a roller coaster. Changing from a single guy to a married man and father of a daughter. The best thing that has ever happened to me ~ GC
  4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    I definitely hope this Highscore forum will remain alive for years to go ! I'll always enjoy playing retro games and I will always try to contribute to this nice hi-score club we have. Allthough I don't have as much spare time as I used to have I'll always be around and keep playing games and trying to help moderating this forum. @hansolo77I hope I can be of more help in the future ! Thank you for everything you do to keep this HS forum alive. Anyhow....here's my score of 23...Cowabunga !!! ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS
  5. Galaga '88

    I was finally able to beat 100K AND MO's score (sorry for the initials misstake. I hope you guys forgive me ) Score: 113,420 @hansolo77: I've started updating the HS Forum images using imgbox. A weird move Photobucket stopped using 3rd party linking . Anyway, I've updated the GX Leaderboard image and started updating the +10's images. I've also installed the newest version of HS Databasemanager and updated the game board and Leaderboard. One question though: I wasn't able to copy / paste the score url using "set url and generate". I got an error message...? ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB
  6. Galaga '88

    Damn...I wanted to break 100K...wait...we've another month points: 98,420 ~GC
  7. Galaga '88

    @hansolo77: I read your post of yesterday. I feel for you man. It's just not fair. I want to say: keep focusing on the things that make you feel happy and make you smile. If playing arcade games makes you feel good focus on that. If you love watching sfcifi series do just that. Don't focus on things you can't change or make you feel bad. I know it's hard. I also have to tell myself to do just that. Sometimes it succeeds and sometimes it's hard. Just keep remembering yourself to focus on the right things. We'll always share this cool hobby so that's already one thing that makes us feel good . ~ GC
  8. Galaga '88

    After a few drinks last night and a few hours of sleep this is my best shot Score: 79,750 points ~ GC
  9. Metal Slug X

    And I really like the new 2 months GOTM setup btw. What do you guys think about the new setup ?
  10. Metal Slug X

    I think we should keep the last day of the month as the final moment you can submit a score. This way it's clear for everyone And Rich agrees so a couple of days without GOTM is ok Anyway, that's my opinion ~ GC
  11. Metal Slug X

    Of course we will accept your score Rich. You're with us from the start of our HS comp. That's worth a lot and you're a very nice guy !! ~ GC
  12. Galaga

    @hansolo77: please look at Rtkiii's post at the leaderboard topic of July 22nd. I don't think we have a new Tif situation and should welcome Forest. @forest4585: I hope you don't blame us for being cautious. With member Tif it was not a nice situation. You are more than welcome.
  13. Jackal

    It has been a long time ago I've played some arcade games for 1+ hour I still love it so much !!! I'll keep visiting this forum as long as it exists @hansolo77: I'll install the DBM asap and be more of a help very soon. Sorry for the delay buddy ! Jackal...another Konami Gem ! One tip: save your comrades Points: 74,200
  14. Tokio / Scramble Formation

    ...and another improvement. Getin' close to 200k points: 185,900
  15. Metal Slug X

    I didn't notice my weird scoreboard image on my last post @hansolo77: patrick has two entries on the gameboard. Could you please make a correction. Thanks buddy ...well, here's my improvement points: 734,740 ~ GC