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  1. Sorry Luigi ...I'll try to improve my score to ease the burden
  2. Updated score: 16,700 points !
  3. Hey guys it has been way too long ! I'll have to install our DB manager and other stuff before I can help moderate again. So, a kind request @hansolo77 to update the boards with my score of 14,310 points ~ GC
  4. Hey guys, it has been way too long.....No excuses there. I've had such a blast setting up this Highscore forum together with @hansolo77 and other forum friends like @DazzleHP and not to forget our database master @Adultery. I have to admit it touches my heart the enthusiasm and participation level is dropping. I feel a bit ashamed I left Han moderating this forum the last year. You're doing an amazing job Han ! What I don't want to do is making promises I can't keep. I have done that before unfortunately... I still hope I will again join you guys someday but I also know my life has changed. I now live together with my girlfriend and we also have plans like getting married and have kids. I guess I have some other / more priorities compared to two years ago. However, I still love arcade games and hope this HS forum stays around for a long time ! The discussion is how to generate more enthusiasm and keep it manageable for Han to moderate this forum. @hansolo77: I hope I can join you again in the near future to help you moderate this forum. But again, I don't want to make promises I'm not sure I can keep. A few things that come to mind... * I agree with @Cynicaster: the database of scores accumulated over multiple years is one of the cool things about the competition. I think we should keep it - together with the Leaderboard. * Advertising the competition on the main forum - pinned topic every month - is a good idea I think. Advertising on other forums...I don't know...I'm thinking of the days TodayIsForgotten was estroying each score. It should stay a friendly casual highscore competition I think. * Adding a new game each month is maybe too much. You could perhaps add a new game every quarter and every other month have a re-match of games already added to our database. So 4 new games per year and 8 re-matches. Just an idea. * I've been creating point based award icons in the past (gold, silver, bronze game specific incons: really cool ) It was or is a good idea but also time consuming. I had to create about 3-5 awards per game...and we have a lot of games. I still think however it could be a nice incentive (especially if you should stop adding new games) if you can earn awards and have them showcased somehow. How to showcase them is almost equally important; maybe adding icons to the user's account ? One drawback: as of now I can't come up with a good idea to keep this award idea manageable and really worth the effort compared to the few members submitting hi-scores as of now. It's all about generating more enthusiasm, adding new incentives and also keeping all of this's tough...but really worth the effort to think about ! We all share the love of arcade games ! ~ GC
  5. Hey buddy!


    I hope all is well!  Did you see the game of the month? Defender!  That game sold 55000 machines in a year for a reason!  We are playing TG Rules, which we usually do.  5 Men.  




  6. @millerbrad I would very much like to know which program you use to record your gameplay ! I also use Mame with hiscore support and when I tried to record my gameplay (has been a long time ago) Mame screwed up my in-game hiscore table. If you could also share your settings for the program you use I would be very happy Thanks in advance !!!
  7. Updated Leaderboard
  8. Nice improvement millerbrad....and I would choose beer for breakfast haha Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB
  9. @ smario: wow ! Nice score With skills like this it's only a matter of time to enter the Top 10 of our Leaderboard !! Updated LB
  10. Updated Leaderboard. ...sorry for the delay guys @wolfman: congratz for catching up @hansolo: thank you for motivating wolfman haha @both: I'll be back to defend my hi-scores
  11. Revenge will be mine mwahahaha !! Just kidding - I love your enthusiasm
  12. Haha ! You got me there ! I've always liked this game I'll definitely post a score !!
  13. I'm Jumping Jack Flash...

    1. tthurman


      it's a gas, gas, gas.....


  14. We introduce March / April's GOTM.........Jumping Jack !!It has been a while but it's alive and kicking !! Our GOTM competition !! Have fun with this crazy platform game ! Playing as Jack, a hapless explorer that jumps from platform to platform, the objective is to get to the top of each screen. There are holes, jungle animals and other hazards that block his path !!Good luck and have fun ~ HS Team
  15. March/April 2016 GOTM Winner - Cynicaster - 127,435 (link) Jumping Jack Leaderboard POSITION USER NAME TOTAL SCORE 1 Cynicaster 127,435 2 millerbrad 112,100 3 Mame Offender 90,300 4 wolfman24 86,205 5 ExedExes 51,650 6 rtkiii 28,120 Last Updated by hansolo77: 04-02-2016 Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for Jumping Jack: ROMSet: jjack Freeze: Off Difficulty: Medium Rack Test: Off Flip Screen: Off Extra: Hard Cabinet: Upright Lives: 3 Special Rules: None NOTE: The red coloured values have to be changed to match the Twin Galaxies settings. Make sure to change these accordingly ! # you can change your Mame dip switch settings by following this guide: # you can make a printscreen of your hi-score screen by following this guide: # general rules for submitting you hi-score: