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  1. GimmeClassics

    Time Pilot

    No problem buddy ! I don’t consider it slack btw. You’re doing a fantastic job keeping our HS Forum up to date !
  2. GimmeClassics

    LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    Updated our Leaderboard. ~ GC
  3. GimmeClassics

    Pepper II

    Corrected Floyd's score from 22,400 to 24,200 Updated OP, DB, RSS ~ GC
  4. GimmeClassics

    Time Pilot

    Nice score @rtkiii ! Your improved your score with 10k and moved up two spots to #6 ! ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS
  5. GimmeClassics

    LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    I hope to see you back posting scores @DazzleHP ! You're always welcome at the HS Forum Updated the LB
  6. GimmeClassics

    Dig Dug

    I was finally able to beat 50K and in the process I've also beaten @rtkiii 48k score Score: 50,640 points Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB ~GC
  7. GimmeClassics

    LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    Updated our Leaderboard ~ GC
  8. GimmeClassics

    Dig Dug

    I revisited this game...it is and remains a classic From 10th to 6th place...improved my score to 38,460 Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB ~GC
  9. GimmeClassics


    After a few games my first score: 23,520 I definitely need some practice Updated OP, DB, RSS ~ GC
  10. GimmeClassics

    Moon Patrol

    Thanks buddy
  11. GimmeClassics

    Moon Patrol

    What a gem of a game I can't believe it's from 1982. I'll definitely play this game in the next couple of weeks. Here's my first score: 13,910 points ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB
  12. GimmeClassics

    LEADERBOARD Hi-Score Competition

    Updated our Leaderboard ~ GC
  13. GimmeClassics

    Tetris: The Grand Master

    @Floyd Turbo: 14k That's a pretty amazing score ! I'm not even close but I've improved my previous score. I'm now in the 3K range and part of the Top 10 gameboard ...sorry @DazzleHP ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB. Also updated the 10+ image
  14. GimmeClassics

    Donkey Kong

    Nice score MO ! I still have to beat 200k.
  15. GC


    I know you are a big fan of Donkey Kong.  I also know that you had fun with the barrel competition awhile back when we would try to get as high a score as possible while only attempting to play board 1-1.


    This morning I broke 10,000 for only the second time!  I managed to score 10200!  See photo below.


    So what is YOUR high on board 1-1?  Have you ever broke 10k on the first board?


    Talk soon buddy.