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  1. Hello Rich ! Do you select the image from you harddrive folder ? You don't upload images with an url link from a 3rd party website. Am I correct ? I have to use a 3rd party for the gotm award banner if I'm not misstaken ? Other users have those banners in their signature and this would only work with an image url right ? I was also wondering which method uses the most MB in regard to your GE account maximum (image) MB upload.
  2. That sucks...and upgrading Photobucket is 300-400 dollars annualy. No option of course ! What software do you guys use for uploading your screenshots ? I'll look into Imgur. Any other ideas ? ~ GC
  3. Hey guys ! Here's my Track & Field score: 60,340 points I've checked the settings of post #1 (normal difficulty etc) ~ GC .
  4. Nice vertical banner
  5. @hansolo77 that would be great if you could PM the link of the newest version of the DBM
  6. It has been a long time since I've played this one Here's my score: 23,450 points @hansolo77: I still have to setup the new Hiscore it would be great if you could add my score to the table. Thanks buddy ! ~ GC
  7. I have to agree with Adultery
  8. Sorry Luigi ...I'll try to improve my score to ease the burden
  9. Updated score: 16,700 points !
  10. Hey guys it has been way too long ! I'll have to install our DB manager and other stuff before I can help moderate again. So, a kind request @hansolo77 to update the boards with my score of 14,310 points ~ GC
  11. Hey buddy!


    I hope all is well!  Did you see the game of the month? Defender!  That game sold 55000 machines in a year for a reason!  We are playing TG Rules, which we usually do.  5 Men.  




  12. @millerbrad I would very much like to know which program you use to record your gameplay ! I also use Mame with hiscore support and when I tried to record my gameplay (has been a long time ago) Mame screwed up my in-game hiscore table. If you could also share your settings for the program you use I would be very happy Thanks in advance !!!
  13. Updated Leaderboard
  14. Nice improvement millerbrad....and I would choose beer for breakfast haha Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB
  15. @ smario: wow ! Nice score With skills like this it's only a matter of time to enter the Top 10 of our Leaderboard !! Updated LB