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  1. I couldn’t imagine why ?! .......
  2. ...you've just confirmed you don't want to take any effort to get to know our community. That's all we ask. Maybe you've noticed the name of our competition ? GameEx Hi-Score Competition…….it kind of reveals it's a community competition . It's a friendly community and a friendly competition and we like to keep it that way... Everybody is welcome but we don't need any hit-and-run players. Like Hansolo explained we've had bad experiences with players just posting a few (insane) scores, being rude and don't try to get to know our members and/or the GameEx software. Reading your reply I think you find a better fit at other high score competition websites. Good luck. *** You've submitted a score of 964,700 points at Twin Galaxies - ranking no. 3 in the world ! Again, we have a friendly competition and this competition is not really a place for world-class players. Other high score websites are a better fit. I hope for your understanding.
  3. After a couple of tries I managed to get on the in-game high score board My score: 45,200 Initials: DEN ~ GC @hansolo77: I'm on a small vacation (to Germany) and can't seem to upload my score using the DBM because of a not-safe wifi connection. Could you perhaps update our thread ? Thanks buddy
  4. Reclaiming 2nd place … gettin' closer to @Floyd Turbo My score: 354,000 - level 13 ~ GC @hansolo77: I'm on a small vacation (to Germany) and can't seem to upload my score using the DBM because of a not-safe wifi connection. Could you perhaps update our thread ? Thanks buddy
  5. Hello Han, hi buddy, I understand why you’ve started a poll on what to do with our GOTM / GOTQ in 2020 and going forward. A bit of history… I still remember setting up this competition together with you back in 2013. I was (still am) full of motivation and we were able to convince the general mods to setup a subforum for our high score games. We were very enthusiastic about it. From there we added individual gameboards, a General Leaderboard and a Game of the Month challenge with individual awards. Thanks to Adultery we even got our own High Score Database Manager which enabled us to manage updating scores, adding new games etc. A total of 38 different players have submitted scores and with quite a few regular players we have setup a great competition. Personal note… I love playing arcade games and I really love the eighties in general (love Stranger Things btw!). For me this arcade competition is also kind of a safehaven if I feel a bit down or when I’m in a nostalgic mood . Having met my wife and becoming father to a daughter changed my whole life the last couple of years. It’s absolutely fantastic but it also takes a lot of energy. Energy which I haven’t been able to put in our competition. [again, you have done an amazing job the last 2 – 3 years keeping everything up to date!]. This however doens’t mean I have lost any interest in our competition. I never want to give up our little place of happiness ! Going forward… Not adding any new games is kind of a death blow to our competition. However, if too few choose to play in our competition (which is the case) we should perhaps stop adding games according to a fixed pattern and add games when we (Han or I) feel like it. This puts no pressure anymore on the high score mods adding games but still offers a competition with new games to be added. Perhaps other members feel a little less involvement but if we choose to only add games from the wishlist it’s for a great part being compensated. Generate more interest… How? This is really hard. We have a nice and friendly competition. Getting big was and will never be our goal. Mods like Han and I only have so much spare time so keeping this competition manageable is very important. A few years back I had more spare time so I started to create individual game awards. This is however not realistic anymore and takes too much of my time to implement. I have some other ideas which I have been working on and can implement on pretty short notice. Like a list per player which games he or she has submitted scores for and combining this with a few awards which can be won. For example awards per genre of games and number of top 10 (top 5) submissions [work in progress]. Pretty cool I think. Anyhow, this is how I feel right now. Do any of the other members have any other good ideas to boost interest in our competition? My conclusion right now… We should perhaps stop with the GOTQ when we have reached 100 games and then choose to add games every now and then from the wishlist (suggested games by our members) when Han or I have the time. ~ GC
  6. Nice score MO ! And a month left to try and beat GC’s and Floyd’s score Do you have a new controller ? ~ GC
  7. I can confirm what Floyd is saying. Every level has a timer. No point leeching at all. ~ GC
  8. @Floyd Turbo: wow That's a major improvement. I know I can beat my score but 90K+ extra...I don't know. I'll definitely try. Good job Floyd ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB
  9. Nice score Floyd. You've beaten my score with 400 points ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS
  10. Anytime buddy ! I hope you’re feeling better now !!
  11. Thanks for the new upload Floyd ~GC Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB
  12. @Floyd Turbo: the battle has begun! Nice score Floyd ! Can you perhaps re-upload the screenshot of your score? I don't see an image. Thanks! Btw...it's GimmeClassics not GimmieClassics Like the song from the Rolling Stones: "Gimme Shelter" But you can call me GC, hahaha
  13. Quoting myself .... I was finally able to beat level 10 and 11. Level 11 was some kind of boss I had to beat. Level 12 starts a new world > Pyramium. I was close to beating level 12. New top score: 306,360 ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB
  14. Boosted my score to 265,900 Just like @Floyd Turbo I have trouble beating level 10. It's damn hard. ~ GC Updated OP, DB, RSS
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