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  1. RIP-Felix

    Xformer 10 emulator for Atari 8-bit systems!

    Interesting. I like the "just works" mantra, but I don't believe the hype. Unless they include the BIOS', it can't just work until you provide them. By that logic anything just works, if you do this...that... and the other thing first. Make it a retroarch core and I'll install it. Looks interesting, especially for tablet users. Otherwise, I'm pretty happy with my current provider. I do like that you just have to drop the roms folder on the exe, which I assume includes the BIOS'. I wonder how forgiving it is of folder structure within. I would probably have them separated by system.
  2. RIP-Felix

    The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job

    They can't steal what you don't give them. Expiring key...User login...only keep the program on your USB drive. If you did the work on your own time, they can't even claim it belongs to them. If you're really security conscience, copyright the program. Then sell it.
  3. RIP-Felix

    The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job

    Sure, if there is other work that fits into your description. I envision a CPA firm that just wants someone to enter data from one electronic form into another database. Maybe they hire you just to do that, but they have no need for you otherwise. If you use a program to automate that process, then there may not be anything else for you to do. In that situation I might offer to sell the program rather than take advantage of the situation. At least then you get paid for the program.
  4. I just want them to bring back the translucent ribbon of windows aero. I've read about it coming in an update, but it still hasn't happened. OH YEAH, NOW I HAVE CLOUD CLIPBOARD!!! Woopie-doo.
  5. RIP-Felix

    The Coders Programming Themselves Out of a Job

    The issue isn't that automation reduces work, it's that leaders exploit workers. This is an ethical argument. On the one hand you have workers automating their jobs, freeing up their time. The employer might consider that stealing, especially if the worker uses the free time to plays games instead of working in other respects. On the other hand you have employers reaping all the rewards of employees who, by using their skill and initiative, make the company more profitable. The employee might consider that stealing, especially if the automation process is then used to eliminate the employees position without compensation for their automation process. Who is right? The law says it's the employer. The fact that money talks will trump any ethical argument. Those who have more, talk louder than ethics. The law follows suit. I couldn't in good conscience sit back and do nothing while the pay checks kept coming in. I would tell my boss I could automate the process and ask if that's something they'd be interested in, before doing so. If they're interested, then I'd contract the work. Then at least I'd get paid for the automation process that replaced my job. If not, then I guess I'd have to endure mindless data entry until I found a better job, like everyone else stuck in a mundane job.
  6. RIP-Felix

    Gaming friendships

    "Online friendships aren't real" is one of those headlines that is meant to entertains the masses, regardless of truth. It can be hard to explain the benefits of online interactions to those who haven't experience it. It's easier to make fun. For me, it's about conversing with someone who shares a common interest. I don't have friends who geek out on emulators and retro gaming IRL. This community keeps me plugged in. I will say however, that online friends are no substitute for the traditional definition. The internet is an added layer of detachment, which can serve the purpose of keeping friends safely at a distance. Traditional friendships have more consequence. That's part of the appeal of online interaction. But it also isolates you. Interestingly, with webcams, headsets, live streaming and so on, the line between face to face and online friendships is blurring; To the point where now, online gaming can serve as therapy for loneliness. I don't think it should replace F2F friends, but it shouldn't carry the stigma it once did. It's an outlet to meet people who share similar interests, which can be therapeutic if you don't have many IRL.
  7. RIP-Felix

    Battle Damage - Unofficial Star Wars Hype Thread

    I liked TFA and TLJ way better than ep1-2. They're on par with ep3 for me. Rogue one is a war movie which caters to an older demographic, grown ups who remember the original star wars trilogy before the prequels. That formula is easier to nail than the main series, because they don't have to 'cater to children' (convert into merchandise buying star wars addicts). Disney sees star wars as they do all their products, as an entertainment platform to sell - sell movies, sell merchandise, sell licensing, sell...sell...sell until star wars has been thoroughly mined for all it's worth. It seems like that's the priority, fan expectations and progressing the art of cinematography are secondary and tertiary considerations. I'm probably just getting cynical, though. Really they are just following the formula of the original trilogy too closely. It feels like a cash grab rather than a progression of the story.
  8. RIP-Felix

    Battle Damage - Unofficial Star Wars Hype Thread

    Disney did what I suspected they would, take the magic away from Star Wars. I didn't see Solo in theaters. Comes out late this month on Netflix (DVD), so I have to wait for that. Honestly, though, I'm not very excited about the series anymore.
  9. RIP-Felix

    Any Talisman Boardgame Fans?

    Count me in.
  10. RIP-Felix

    $100 PlayStation Classic Console

    I'll buy it, if for no other reason than it's cool. But I do have other reasons: 20 games ($5 per is okay, but some can be had for less used. Depends on the titles and last I looked they only announced 4 or 5) The form factor of these little consoles fits perfectly under my TCL Roku TV's feet. I can line them up side by side. There's a chance it can be cracked to add games. I like to support 1st party develpoers when they make retro minded decisions. Of course they do it to make money, they exist to make money, not for our joy. That's why there is a retro gaming community, because we wanted more for our beloved childhood games than to see them decay and disappear. However, when a 1st party dev makes a move that shows me they're thinking about preserving the past, I like to reward them. Even if they only release the 20 best selling titles, to the exclusion of hidden gems and cult classics. I have reservations: My CECHA01 PS3 is probably still the best way to play PS1, 2, and 3 games. It does about the best job of upscaling and is 1st party hardware based backwards compatibility, not emulation. So I don't really need this. I never thought backwards compatibility would shoot Sony in the foot twice. Not only did it stall PS3 sales, but now it's going to reduce their retro console sales. There's only one way the greedy corporate types will see backwards compatibility forevermore, as a mistake not to be repeated. Further they have their ports on the PSN, so why would they care. I don't see the trend of only saving best selling titles for resale stopping anytime soon. They'll continue to neglect the cult classics and hidden gems until they are lost to history. Thus piracy and emulation will thrive where they (Sony, Nintendo, game devs and so on) fail their otherwise loyal fans. The controller is the original, non Dualshock, type. While I like the iconic look, it's not good for playing long sessions. It will also limit the selection of games. If the system is cracked, the controller port will need an adapter for a dualshock 3 or 4. 8Bitdo perhaps, but I suspect their departure from the NES & SNES controller designs was nintendont's doing. So they may have to stick to the DIY modkits from now on.
  11. RIP-Felix

    YABAUSE making a strong return?

    *Clears throat* The video was published in 2016, just about when work was renewed on Yabause. Hmmm... I'm really glad to see marked improvement on the Saturn, a system that I sadly skipped in the 32/64 bit era (my favorite). I'm seriously considering getting one, so I can buy one of professor abrasive's flashcarts, once he finally releases the thing. My emulation interest has waned and and I'm now shifting back to OG hardware on CRT and/or upscaled to HDTV.
  12. RIP-Felix

    Touchscreen Mame/Pinball Cabinet

    Love to see another vert-cab in the wild. I like to see them neat cables!
  13. RIP-Felix

    Getting a Better Picture from Retro Consoles

    Nintendo 64 RGB Mod My RGB Video Amp board came in today. This thing is bare simple - 3 resistors a capacitor and the THS7316 analog video amp chip. It was only $12 shipped. This chip doesn't have a low pass filter in the analog frequency range. It's not a bad thing to have one as it cleans out noise, but when they stack (through multiple devices in the chain) you loose detail. It should transmit a lossless signal to the multi out. The guys at HD Retrovision are obsessed with getting their cables right, so this should represent the best RGB signal possible through component to a CRT. You may notice it doesn't address sync. That's because I installed it in my NUS-CPU-03 revision N64. It is already wired up for Csync to the multi out. Later revisions removed R1, R14, R15, R16, and C22 to save cost. I recently bought another n64, a NUS-CPU-04 revision which had them removed. So I couldn't install this Mod board to that system. I would need to use Voultar's board for it, but his is around $30. This was the cheapest solution I could find. The HD retrovision cables were $70, so I'm in $82 total now. Well, plus $174 for the Everdrive v3, but that doesn't really count. I wanted that regardless. Not too bad. Note: The antialiasing was removed using a flashcart (Everdrive64) and an APS rompatch that disables it. You could use a gameshark code also, but the flashcart makes it easier. To be sure it wasn't enabled in the baseline shot, I used my original copy of Super Mario 64. Yes I put it through a few more cycles of plugging in. Oh god the wear on the pins! You can clearly see that the AA looses fine detail if you look at the butterflies. Component clearly retains more detail, but it's interesting how much clearer it is even over composite with AA disabled. I'm not sold on the look and there are some weird checker board patterns seen in solid color patches here and there. I'm not sure if they are due to a lack of the low pass filter or just dithering. Some games may not benefit from having AA disabled, but I think it's an interesting new look and will be fun to explore these games picking out new details I couldn't see before. The Component RGB definitely looks better. I'd be very interested to see what the advanced RGB mod board with the Deblur feature looks like, since it can remove the 2nd pass of AA. My mod board can't do that.
  14. RIP-Felix

    Getting a Better Picture from Retro Consoles

    Interesting dude! if it weren't for the Nazi's you would've had HDTV in the 40s (1000 lines of resolution as the broadcast standard)? Plans were scrapped due to reconstruction costs. Friggin Hitler! Actually history if full of examples where politics stifles technological and scientific advancement. Perhaps you were trying to make another point stigz?
  15. I've DuckDuckGo'ed, but for the life of me can't find the correct combination of search terms to yield any results. Or it doesn't exist, IDK. Seems like it should. I can't be the only person that uses original controllers on emulated systems. Seems like this is a big enough PITA that someone would've written a solution by now.