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  1. After careful over thinking I have decided backward time travel is impossible. If multiverses doesn't exist: It's not possible to travel into (or communicate with) the past without being seen or heard by someone, which would alter the past. That's not allowed because paradoxes requiring alternate realities would ensue. The butterfly effect and grandfather paradoxes would mean that no matter how careful you are, you would inadvertently change something requiring multiverse to explain. It's disallowed in this thought experiment, so that's the end of non-multiverse. You cannot travel into, or communicate with the past without multiverse. If multiverse exists: Any change you make would create a pardox that can't be explained in your reality. You must split timelines into an alternate reality - just another in an infinite sea of multiverse realities where every permutation has been done at nauseum and beyond. Sending messages into the past just splits the timeline and it can't change your reality. If you could travel into your past, you couldn't return to your own reality because the trip itself puts you into an alternate - the butterfly effect and gradfather paradoxes prohibit your timeiline from being achievable anymore. Your mere presence in your own past timeline obliterates it. Everything you do changes an outcome. Therefore, in a multiverse there is no reason to communicate with the past and no point traveling into it unless you're bored and never want to return to your own reality. You could have a life in an past era, but never return to your own timeline. But that creates the possibility of "time settlers" and "time criminals". Going deeper, if backward time travel/communication were possible, we'd meet/correspond with "time settlers/criminals" all the time. We'd be inundated with them from an infinite number of multiverses in which someone figured out how to do it. In fact, their "mass" (bodies/information) would reach critical concentrations causing Big bangs that sterilize that universe. And thanks to infinity being infinite, universes would be "massed to death" over and over again. In fact all of them but the ones not visited be sterilized. Inevitably, any living observer must be in one of the surviving universe's. And all multiverses must never achieve backward time travel, or they'd be "massed to death" by infinite "time suicides" (those wishing to visit the big bang of their own universe) causing big bangs in in others, reseting one after another until they sterilize the multiverse again. Isn't infinity great? And if multiverse is not true, then backward time travel is impossible anyway. Either way, no backward time travel is one metaphysical traffic law.
  2. Interesting, pretty much confirms what others were speculating. Sounds like the motherboard is not a dummy, that's the good. The lead architect who designed it quits after 6 months without pay, that's the bad. And that's very bad. Debugging and hardware changes will have to come from another architect, which means more delays. If they couldn't pay their lead architect and had to raise more funds by duping Walmart and GameStop customers into pre-ordering, they are really only digging the grave deeper. Gamestop won't get into a costly lawsuit to protect their customers (they're near bankruptcy as it is), but Walmart will bury ATARI alive if they don't deliver. Dangerous game ATARI is playing. The executives who have ATARI locked up and gagged, need to sell it off to someone who can actually do the brand justice. Sounds like it will only be a linux PC inside a nice box. @hansolo77 you may get just what you asked for and nothing else. Well, assuming they actually do release something.
  3. May this thread be dedicated to the outlandish truths no one can believe. May I start this off with a tale. A tale of yesteryear, when HDTV's were ridiculously expensive and DVD was just replacing VHS as THE video media storage vehicle. But what If I told you, that you could skip all the intermediate years between DVD and BluRay by simply recording 1080i onto a VHS tape. 50GB movies on a single VHS tape... And now the ball's in your court. Anything that you couldn't believe that challenged what you thought was true about the world? Feel free to blow our minds.
  4. This one is over the top, but I think he makes some good points. He say's you can't cancel your order until the VCS ships and the lowdown from the game industry insiders is it's a complete scam. That day will not come anytime soon, if at all! Also that ATARI's been searching hard for real investors and they'll only touch Atari with a 10" poll to beat them out of their office! I feel lucky that I didn't get in on this. I was indifferent from the beginning, but kinda interested for the nostalgia factor. Moreover, I like supporting retro inspired projects. In this case, I'm glad I didn't pull the trigger.
  5. I REALLY don't think you can trust what ARARI has to say at this point! They have proven themselves to be habitual liars. Don't make the mistake of believing them just because you want to believe the lie.
  6. Okay, I tested the lens today and have updated PART 2 with my conclusions having played with the lightgun for awhile. I also updated the part about the Dreamconn+ blutooth controller.
  7. Lol...thanks man! I'm glad my struggles to piece this together helped you out. To answer your first question, I haven't tested the Gunconn out that much yet. It does work if you're standing far enough back. I just got a wide angle lens in and have yet to custom print a 3D mount for it. However, the lens should increase the field of view on the IR sensor allowing it to work in my game room. I'm guessing it will distort the aiming calculation causing accuracy to suffer, but that's something I'll test when I get to it. As for the tracking/lag. Chris confirmed he harvests the IR sensor out of Nintendo Wiimotes. So it's basically the same level of responsiveness you can expect from lightgun games on the Wii. I imagine that it's very similar in performance to an Ultimark Aimtrack which uses basically the same tech. As for the marseille mCalssic, I agree with most of the sentiments others have expressed on the SHMUPS forums, but I don't see it as being completely useless. My main complaint with my mCable Gaming Edition is that it stretches everything to 16:9, even 4:3 content, and I can't stretch it back with my TV's aspect/zoom button because it rudely things It's already in the best mode (stay away from VIZIO). mClassic's retro mode fixes that! So that does entice me to give it another try. I have some real issues with it however: EDIT: I just learned about the RAD2x (Retro Analog to Digital 2x) upscaler by the same creator as the RetroTink. I'm planning to get the Nintendo Multi Out version, which is compatible with all Nintendo consoles that support the multi out video port (AV Famicom, SNES, N64, and GameCube). It uses RGB if available and composite if not, then converts to 480p over HDMI. It also has it's own anitalasing filter switch. It does not apply any video enhancements. This could work well with the mClassic, which I just backed. I'll try it out and see if my opinion changes on Dreamcast. 1440p is intriguing.
  8. An interesting video. I have not heard of the DreamPi! Apparently it can be used to play Phantasy Star Online and download some DLC. I'll have to look into it as that sounds interesting.
  9. Pretty much what I suspected. I was thinking of trying an Intel NUC, but the better ones cost a fair penny (or perhaps an unfair penny, knowing Intel). Still, they are too big for what I have in mind. Maybe a full size console gut, but I don't have any bunked consoles. AND I'VE TRIED BUYING BROKEN...lol. I have to attempt to fix them, and apparently I'm too tenacious to give up and call it dead. Why can't you actually find a really broken console on e-bay? I should start a repair shop.
  10. Interesting. There's a Dreamcast and a Saturn case for the XU4 on thingiverse. Is the N2 the same footprint? Might make for a fun mini console project. I'll admit, my excitement for small form factor computers has waned. They don't have enough horsepower to use run-ahead latency reduction in retroarch, thus the suffer from lag (more than I care for). Does the N2 handle Run-Ahead latency reduction for NES, SNES, Genesis? I don't know if it's enabled in the RA cores for Odroid. N64, DC, and PS1 probably won't work well at all, but are of less consequence than older systems where tight controls matter.
  11. Ah, how does that compare to an XU4. Last I heard, the XU4 was quite a bit better than RPi, but not quite there for DC emulation. From the benchmarks the N2 looks only slightly better. Does that 1320MHz RAM make all the difference? Pretty interesting if it can. Also I haven't been following the software side of things for Odroid. Has that matured, or is it still a PITA?
  12. Yeah Shenmue is a really influential game. I'm like you, I never did get very far in the game. Again I've only played a few minutes of the intro during testing. So I have that title to look forward to as well. Shenmue and Shenmue II are available cross platform now in a set. So that's the definitive way to play, spotty emulation unnecessary. I have it on my modded DC and like the retro look, so that's is where it's at for me. As for Skies of Arcadia, I think the definitive version was the re-release on GameCube. I think there are some extras too, but I don't recall off the top of my head. Dolphin runs more accurately than any of the DC emulators. So that's your best bet for SOA. In general, I have been most disappointed with DC emulation. It has made big strides since RetroArch devs ported Redream and Reicast cores. It's gained user attention and thus development momentum again. I hope they can work out the kinks. The biggest problem I notice is texture rendering doesn't get layers correct, in Sonic Adventure's opening scene for example, after you beet Chaos he turns to a puddle and goes down a drain. I don't remember if it was redream or reicast, but half of the drain was clipped by the concrete texture, or Sonic's eyes were missing! One would have better options for graphics, and the other wouldn't. You might have to switch to the other to progress in the game, copying a save over to that cores directory. In Blue Stinger, I've seen super annoying flickering in Nephy's glow (the ethereal blue follower). There are sometimes random crash-points in the game, invisible walls, and otherwise glitchy behavior. I just prefer to play on OG hardware and get the experience that was intended, instead of worrying about fighting the emulator. PS1, GC/Wii, GameBoy, SNES, NES, Genesis and etc. have very good emulators that I trust not to bunk up the experience for me. So in those cases, I prefer emulation because of save states, graphic improvements, and versatility of platforms they're playable on (like my phone). I would like to see N64, DC, PS2, X-Box, and Saturn reach the same level of fidelity. I'd say that N64 and PS2 are the closest of that group to be acceptable, but the beefy specs needed limit the devices that can play them properly. @hansolo77 you mentioned smooth playback on your "N2". What is that?
  13. Yeah, I must have liked it when I played it. I finished it 100% with all characters. I don't think I've played through it since then though, besides a few minutes during testing and etc. Well I decided to play through Blue Stinger again and I can say that it kept me entertained for the last 12 hours (didn't have work today). I first played it on 9/9/99 release day, and finishing it again 20 years later seemed fitting. I enjoy this game, despite it's flaws. A fitting 20 year anniversary. I was going to get into Skies of Arcadia, but had a me a hankering for a monster masher. EDIT: I went back and played through it a second time managing 4:49:23 this time. Doing this allows you to save and restart the games, but with all of Eliot's weapons in my inventory from the start of the game, including the elusive Ray Gun. On the first play through it's out of stock at the gun stores and can't be found. You have to be awarded it by beating the game in under 8 hours. My first attempt was just over 10 hours and I only received 100 or so small and large Hasseys (they refill your life meter). So having a save starting the game with all the weapons and full ammo is a nice save to have. That's one I think I'll have to export to my PC and keep on file.
  14. Tonight's the night, tomorrow's coming. According to my VMU saves, the first DC game I ever played was "Blue Stinger". I actually really like this game. But yes the voice acting was pretty bad, with needless swearing and some sexist objectivization of the female character. It's kind of like watching 50s TV, with abusive husbands, homemaking wives, and their gender segregated roles in the family. You can watch with hindsight being 20/20 and be bitch about the customs of the past, or you can try and see it in historical context. I prefer the latter, mainly because I'm not a trolling dick. It's a more enjoyable lifestyle to forgive the erring ways of the past and move on. The gameplay was fun and still is, when taken for what it is, and not for what it isn't. What was the first game you played on Dreamcast?
  15. 20 years at midnight! I'm ready for it! I have my NA Launch Day Dreamcast all modded up for the next 20 years. $1999 worth of mods to comemorate the 9/9/2019 anivarsary of one of my favorite consoles. ODE replaces the GDROM with an SD card, Wireless Bluetooth controller and Light Gun, new power supply that allow the console to be powered on/off by Bluetooth, New silent fan that pushed more air, and the DCHDMI to get the best possible image from the console on modern TVs. You can read about the build here. To sum it up. I will commemorate this anniversary by playing a game that's been high on my need to play list for years - Skies of Arcadia. Seriously, how have I never played this!
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