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  1. How many applications are even taking full advantage of 4 cores, let alone 16! From what I've read it's a PITA for devs to code multi threaded applications. We've already hit a thermal wall with frequency increases generating too much heat. Miniaturization is nearing it's limit too. So in the future, it's ARM and Multi threading that offer increases in performance. That must keep software developers up at night!
  2. Good point! Solder fumes are toxic, and should not be breathed in. Problem is, unless you like to solder in 100 degree F heat, solder fumes will be drawn to your face by convection. It's caused by your body heat warming the air in contact with your skin, which rises just like heat from a fire. We're walking thermals. That's why on a still night the smoke from a campfire seems to follow you - because it is. Especially on cold nights. Yeah, all that's what I'm talking about. I too was using one of those for the longest time. However, when I was preparing to install the UltraHDMI mod in my N64, I decided to get a proper station. It was only a $50 Chinese cheapo, not a name brand. But it's really made all the difference. The one I just bought was $75 and has hot air, and a DC power supply as well. So that's got me covered for the modwork I've gotten into. Flux improves attraction and cohesion of the solder to the copper trace. You can reheat cold solder joints with fresh flux to renew them. That's what I did to my SNES. It saves me the trouble of removing the old solder with a wick and replacing with fresh solder. It makes it much easier to get the solder to stick and creates a stronger bond.
  3. The secret is FLUX and a temperature controlled soldering station, not those 15-30W irons you get $10. They get too hot and damage things. Without flux your solder oxidizes into a brittle mass that wont melt. 340-Degrees C, a good tip and some flux is what you need to get off on the right foot. From there it's all technique. That's what YouTube is for, among other things. As a quick aside, I've seen many traces on my boards that were damaged by people using those cheap soldering irons. The copper amalgamates with the solder if you go much above 350C. Or they scrub with soldering braid too hot, which wipes/scratchs the trace off. Once it's dammaged, it's hard to get a good connection. The heat can melt the solder resist that keeps the solder on the trace, not on the ground plane around the trace. Once it's gone, It's easy to make a short. Overall, a $100 investment will get you a very decent (if cheap) rework station with a temperature selectable ceramic tip soldering iron, hot air gun, and even a DC power supply. This would make soldering MUCH easier. This is a must have if you're going to attempt to install a Dreamcast DCHDMI or N64 UltraHDMI mod. Anything more complicated than simply joining 2 wires will greatly benefit.
  4. Here's your positivity. I'm willing to forgive them for breaking my trust when they have earned it back. But they have to earn it. So let's just wait and see what happens. So far, what I've seen is pretty shady. Maybe they are holding it back to get it right. If that's the case, I get it. But if it flops, isn't supported for the long haul, and can't generate game development then I will not be surprised in the least. ..Oh yeah, I was trying to be positive...UM...ok! The controller does look cool!
  5. Yes, I think that's a real possibility. DAMAGE CONTROL! Appease the backers and GET THE HELL OUT OF DODGE! ...with all the money... Hopefully the settlement SONY has to pay for removing OtherOS from the PS3 will deter ATARI from doing the same thing. Regardless, we should be weary of promises made by pathological lairs. ATARI can't be trusted.
  6. Ideally, I feel that supporting these projects signals public interest for retro games. It may help renew the gaming industry's interest in preserving video game history, a role the emulation scene has traditionally filled. I can't see them ever doing so with the same attention to detail, but it would signal a good shift in thinking. One toward preservation, rather than neglect. Having said that, I have enough of these mini consoles already. Also, I don't think the industry cares about old games or feels loyalty to their aging demographic of nostalgic would be coustomers. This is a cash grab on the coat tails of Nintendo's sucess with the NESC and SNESC. That all.
  7. Yeah, I thought that too at first. I went over the entire board thoroughly. I reflowed the 62-pin cart connector, all the fine pitch chips, and the clock crystals. I haven't tried reflowing or replacing the bazillion tiny SMD resistors/capacitors/diodes and etc on the bottom side of the board. That's a bit much! However, I did replace the electrolytic capacitors as well as the voltage regulator on the topside. At this point I'm confident the issue is a fault on one of the chips, rather than a bad connection. There's a 3 leg device with designation U11 involved in the reset/power circuit that I'm going to swap out. I have a few other working boards with that part. They are non 1-chip boards, so sacrificing one of them to restore a 1-chip makes sense. It's just I've been waiting on a hot air rework station to arrive that will allow me to lift chips without damage. It arrived today, so maybe this weekend I'll give it a try. I think I'll try it out on an old PC motherboard first, just for practice before the real thing. If nothing else this project has greatly improved my soldering skill. I feel comfortable taking on projects that I used to call it quits on. Those fine pitch legs on a CPU don't scare me anymore!
  8. Good to hear the build quality didn't disappoint! I think I'll pick one up myself, as the OSSC doesn't have inputs for composite and S-video. PS: The rabbit hole got deeper this week. I got a Sega Saturn. I see a Rhea/phoebe in my future.
  9. I think this thing will be dead on arrival, if it ever arrives at all.
  10. Bonk's Adventure!!! Seriously though, this one doesn't hit me in the nostagacles. I never did own a Turbografx-16. I'm a bit interested, but I will probably let this pass.
  11. PART 7: Cheat Well, it's fixed! Of course the solution I came up with was to buy a working 1-chip motherboard of e-bay (just the motherboard, to save a little bit). It still cost me $75. It came in and works perfectly. A quick swap into my case and pesto! It's fixed! Okay, okay...I know! That's cheating, but I'm not really done here. I have 2 reasons for doing this: I'll have a working SNES to play with while I try to fix the other motherboard. That allows me to take risks with I wouldn't otherwise. If i do end up fixing it, I can always sell it. If the working one goes bad in the future I have the semi-working board as a backup to use for parts, even if I never figure out what it's problem is. Anyway, this is where I'm at. The shmups forum was helpful, but no way forward has materialized yet. I have an idea or two to try, but I'm waiting on a Hot air rework station to arrive before I can replace a chip on the board involved in the reset circuit.
  12. You'd be well withing your right to "wait impatiently" at this point. As for me, hindsight being 20/20, I'm glad I didn't put any money down on this.
  13. May you survive the nostalgia with you wallet intact! Ohhhhh...careful Alice that rabbit hole goes deep! Last summer it started with my x-Box. In September it was the EverDrive 64. Then the N64 RGB mod and ultraHDMI mod. Then I got an OSSC and that blew the door open to the rest of my OG consoles. Then the 1-chip super Nintendo restoration project (which I'm still working on). This month I visited a local retro gaming store and picked up a bunch of Genesis, PS1/2, NES, and even a Super Gameboy. Now I want a Everdrive GB to pair with that super gameboy! It'll have to wait, since I just picked up an Everdrive N8, SD2SNES Pro, and Mega Everdrive. Last weekend it was the Dreamcast GDEmu. And I'm in the next batch for the DCHDMI...Yeah...I fell down the rabbit hole and haven't found the bottom yet. My wallet's hurting a bit at the moment. But it's been a hell of a lot of fun. I'm on a bit of an OG console tear.
  14. Agreed, except for the part about there being a possibility for a bad ass console. A more powerful dual core is like saying they upgraded a donkey to a horse, then entered the Indy 500. At this point I'm sure it'll underwhelm if it doesn't outright suck. I don't see the hook that distinguishes their product from something like a small form factor PC, like intel NUC. Just a dual core pc in an pretty Atari case (AKA Atari Box). In my opinion Atari is just as divided and dysfunctional as they were during the fall from grace in the 80's. Bad strategy saturating the market with loads of shit games just for increased profit, refusing to give game designers credit for their work, law suits from people who were contracted for work but did not receive compensation...They've obviously not gotten their shit together, regardless of how willing to forgive and forget the fans are. Their investors are too busy fighting over the scraps to focus on the future of the company. We have to wait for them to finally resolve the infighting. Atari is a case study of how greed corrupts a good thing. It's a shame too. I wanted the VCS to be the one that puts Atari back in the game. They bit off more than they could chew and have locked themselves in on this path after raising $3,000,000. They have to put something out or really put the company in danger of loosing what little consumer confidence they've built. Or worse, risk more legal trouble. That's a recipe for a crap product. But I'd love to be wrong.
  15. I don't think it was intended as a scam, but there is that saying about path to hell being paved with good intentions. I agree that Atari has botched this release by not securing exclusive games and hyping the shiz out of them. You: "What it is?" Atari: It's a 4k streaming device! "You mean like the roku?: "Err...No! It's also a gaming platform that we can confirm will have an Atari classic compilation bundled onboard!" "You mean it can do what just about every other platform currently available can already do? ..."Yes?" "why do you keep delaying the launch" "we gave it more power!" "why?" "um...to make it more capable... since AAA developers still refuse to come onboard" "What did you do with the $3,000,000 we gave you on indiegogo?" ...psst...don't tell them about the blow and hookers...better yet, say nothing and hope they go away!!! ... "how will the legal battle and internal strugles among investor affect the company going forward? Do you think you can resolve the backbiting and focus on creating content?" ... "is this a scam?" ... "Hello...Atari..." ..."we are committed to providing our backers the best possible product. We are getting close and still committed to meeting our promise of releasing a product soon." "that's what you said last year. How is this delay any different? Why should we believe your any closer than you were before? ...
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