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  1. Just spent a credit on Audible, will listen sometime this fall. I still need to finish the third book in Asimov's Robot series and move on the Empire series. So I have at least 4 books ahead of me before I can get to it. And that's if I don't re-read the Foundation series just to cap off the whole epic, which I may very well do. So I have potentially 9 books to pound through before I get to it. I'm in no hurry. It's nice to have a backlog of good SIFY to look forward to over the next few months. EDIT: I had some yard work to do this morning, so I put on a pair of headphones, started Ready Player One on audible, and went on about it. SO GOOD, so far! Asimov can wait, I'm devouring this first. (Man, that trailer looks so much better now! I really hope it doesn't suck now that I'm being spoiled with this). BTW: the plot is way better than that trailer let on about, which is basically nothing except the key at the very end . Yeah, I'm enjoying it.
  2. True, but the quality is top notch. As long as you do a good job with the layers in eagle the PCBs turn out immaculate. They'll fix minor issues or tell you if they spot issues you need to fix. It's one of those parts of an electronics project I never knew could be done on the hobby level, until recently (NEStalgia). Then you just need to order the right electronics and solder them in. Nothing a lot of FLUX and the right tip can't handle. Good luck on your surface mounts, they're the way to go IMO...PITA, but better than TH.
  3. OSH park, that's all I'm saying!
  4. I feel the same, but wonder if seeing the movie first would be better than reading the book first? The Martian was a better read after seeing the Movie first. I liked the movie and the book was good too. I preferred the scientific depth in the book, but not the profanity. If I'd seen it after reading, I think I'd have enjoyed the movie less. Conversely, The Force Awakens book was an interesting read after seeing the movie. It added more thought and feelings. It explained more than I got from the movie. It enriched the story without detracting from the film. If I'd read the book first, I still would have liked the movie, but perhaps more so. I'm not sure. I think in this case, the book may be the better story to consume first. From the trailer, I don't think I'll be blown away by the movie. However, the idea is interesting. I think I'd rather imagine the characters and scenes for the first time, rather than have the Hollywood concept fed to me.
  5. Sadly, seeing this on TV left me with early dreamlike memories (I was young, very young). I thought I had seen some strange ewok star wars movie, but couldn't remember if I had actually seen it or if it was a dream and false memory. I have a few of those. The penutbutter solution was another of these. BTW, you can't unview the full length films on youtube, weird effects added. Just search them.
  6. My first impression was they looked like a wifi router / streaming device. I'm not as impressed with the later concept pics than the original pic with that blister hazard of a controller. I do like the backlit RED Atari logo on black. Darth Vader esk?
  7. Crash Bandicoot, original was side scrolling plattform Oddworld - Abe's Oddysee Thoes 2 are worth a play
  8. ...or just media support for music, pictures and DLC.
  9. That "games" bit makes me think they intend for it to be a CE console with pre-loaded games on it, instead of a platform for game devs to create new content for. I'm reading into it a little, but the rhetoric is sufficiently slanted away from a next-gen console and more toward the retro mini market. I like the inclusive aspect. Tease the market prior to release. Gauge the interest, desired features, and demand. Then finish the product with the most desired/feasible features, a reasonable price tag, and be sure to produce enough to avoid the scalping market. I hope that's what they're doing anyway.
  10. It happened again Sunday. I went into UEFI (BIOS) and found the relevant settings. They were all disabled except 1 (allow OS event timer to wake computer from sleep). I disabled it and hopefully that will be the end of it. If not, I can't think of anything else. I guess if the computer were a server, theses settings would be useful to allow remote users to wake it from sleep for access to the content. EDIT: Well, it happened again. So...nutz!
  11. Free speech is a legal right. [Rant warning] I think the slang term you're referring to is (or rather 'was'): "Square"
  12. My cousin likes the old Ocean's eleven better than the reboot. I never saw the 70's version, so I like the new one. I've never seen Blade runner, so maybe I should wait and just see the remake, so I'll like it. IDK, maybe these remakes are targeted at a demographic Hollywood knows still attend theaters - teenagers. They were too young to see the originals, have money to burn on dates, are too young to appreciate deep and versatile stories, and are used to the CGI based special affects (instead of pyrotechnics, stunts, and hand made pupets/models we got spoiled with). I still think ILM peaked with Jurassic park. The mix of animatronics and CGI is better then the CGI today IMO. I don't get why it was so lifelike, even now looking back. By contrast, I watch a movie that was made this year and think the CGI looks fake and overused. This is not to say that Hollywood is only catering to teenagers, but the big box office titles, like remakes, seem to follow that trend. What's worse, they're baiting higher attendance by trouncing on the legacy of beloved films. However, I can't help myself. I'm starving for more of my favorite franchises, and maybe...just maybe...this time it'll live up to my expectations after the puppy love wears off. I liked SW ep.7 at first, now I see flaws that tarnish my enjoyment of repeat views. I'm managing my expectations of ep.8, but if it can live up to the standard of Rogue One, then I'm excited to spend the $11 in theater.
  13. What's it supposed to be? That's what I want to know. If it's a retro classic edition like the NES or SNES CE then why not a mini version of the beloved 2600 ascetic? That's what leads me to believe they're looking to make a new gen console. But that design? There doesn't look to be room for beefy specs...actually now that I look at it again, maybe the whole top is an anodized aluminum heatsink. It'd fit the classic Atari ascetic. The large surface area would allow everything to be bonded (TIC/Heat pads) directly to it and the heat to rise up, where it wants to go. Plus with passive cooling, it would be dead silent. Interesting, if that's what they have in mind.
  14. They can't admit it publicly, but in this day and age we're getting pretty good at interpreting Bull $h!t. Nintendo strings it's customer out like they're sling'n dope! This is news to no one! I'm convinced they're doing it on purpose, without remorse. They're laughing all the way to the bank!!! Here's a question for you. Which Nintendo character best represents the company's public image? I think it's this one: He's lovably evil. Despite knowing this I keep coming back for more. I can't help myself! Please excuse my thread crap.