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  1. RIP-Felix

    $100 PlayStation Classic Console

    Shouldn't be too far off. It's already been hacked and at least 1 custom game added. Compared to the same emulator running on a SNESC or NESC, SONY's implementation of PCSX rearmed sucks, even with the PS Classic's superior hardware specs. All will be corrected shortly once retroarch is tucked under the hood and the emulators are optimized by the community. Then you can load the 20 games you think should have been there and use any controller you want. What I like best about the PSC over all the other classic consoles is it has 2 front facing standard, non proprietary, USB ports! Any controller or adapter you may have previously bought for PC or RasberryPi should, in theory, be usable. I have a suite of adapters for all my OG controlers. So I'm really hoping the PSC can handle all the emulators up to and including the N64. I'm curious to see how well the PSC handles N64 emulation with thoes superior specs. Perhaps on par with an Odroid? Better? I can't wait!!!
  2. EDIT: I placed the preface in spoilers. In retrospect it seems excessive, a personality flaw of mine. Feel free to read it if you like opinionated emotional rants. This brings me to the point of this thread. It's obvious that customers want only the service they pay for. We don't want the ads! The internet makes it easier for ads to fill our visuals, slow loading of webpage, or expose our computer to viruses, malware, ransomware, worms, and all sorts of filth. It makes sense a company pops up that sells an adblocker, or antivirus, and so on. So we buy it. Then they sneak ads in. They just can't help themselves can they? I'll agree to allow a few ads through my adblocker, if my ad blocker pays me a percentage of every ad loaded on my screen. Fat chance that happens!
  3. RIP-Felix

    N64 Classic? Nintendo Says Nope!

    https://bgr.com/2018/11/16/nintendo-n64-classic-edition-release-date-never/ Well, Nintendo confirmed everything I suspected from the beginning of this Classic edition craze. They were drawing attention (bridging the gap) to the switch. Also, they don't have any plans to develop a N64 Classic. One, because they are more interested in selling their subscription based retro gaming service on the switch, and two..this is my own assertion...they don't want to invest the time on R&D to overcome the hardware limitation plaguing N64 emulation in the mini form factor. The former being the real reason. I'll give Nintendo credit for being honest about it though. It takes ballz to admit that was their strategy from the beginning. Usually, you get equivcations and ended interviews. Not nintendo, nope! NINTENDO DON'T GIVE A SHIZ, THEY TELL IT LIKE IT IS!
  4. RIP-Felix

    $100 PlayStation Classic Console

    So I picked up my PS Classic on the way in to work today. It didn't seem like there was any big run on them, it was in the case and the gal said they had more in the back. Just got home and hooked it up. The controllers are indeed standard USB, so you just need a USB extension cable to make the controller cord long enough to reach the couch. Actually, one of the first things I did was to plug in my 8BitDo USB adapter. Sure, it fits just fine, but the PS classic doesn't recognize it. Not that I expected it to, but you don't know unless you try. Too bad, it would have allowed me to pair my PS3 controller. Oh well, I guess that will come with the hack...assuming it can be. This will start to look like a much better purchase at $100 once I can load my favorites and use a PS3 controller from the couch. I don't like that the power LED cannot be turned off. When the console is off it's red and turns green when powered on. No settings to have it turn off. Overall I like it. I'll say that while it is overpriced, it is nostalgic and cool non the less.
  5. RIP-Felix

    [Off Topic] Health Issues

    I have to agree with @Draco1962 about the mesh. Putting on my Biology hat (I hold a degree), It's a foreign object and the resulting inflammatory response can push the mesh into surrounding tissues. Once in, scar tissue envelops the mesh. It can be impossible to completely remove if it later causes issues. You should discuss it with your surgeon before making a decision, but avoiding any permanent implant is usually preferable. Find out why they want to use the mesh, and if it isn't medically necessary, don't do it! If you can at all avoid the mesh, It would be wise! Don't just accept the treatment advice as gospel (except post-op care instructions...that's your 10 commandments), do your homework and ask questions. Be informed and make the best decision you can. You may want to check out "The Bleeding Edge" on Netflix. There are many bad reports of pain and suffering from them. Be well, my friend.
  6. RIP-Felix

    Clever SSID Thread

    I wonder how many people use their ex's phone number. Of course, I would never do something so underhanded...even though she deserves it.
  7. RIP-Felix


    Same thing happened to the NESmini builders facebook group a few years ago. A Chinese company strait up copied the PCB design and setup a website to sell the kits. They even told people to download the firmware from the original teams server! WTF! This kind of thing is all too common. Unless you copyright everything and have enough money to sue, you will not be able to compete. It's fun in the early days when it's about the challenge of creating something with friends, but when the money starts flying so does the shiz...strait for the nearest fan. I like the nod to the PCSX team. There really is no need to make a 1st party emulator, accept the gift and acknowledge the contribution. I think it bodes well for hacking it. I'm a bit worried they left a few surprises in there though. The lack of a dualshock controller may suggest that port is incapable of supporting one. It does look like a standard usb port though, so maybe it will be easier to use. The hackchi team has expressed their intention to crack it, so we'll see.
  8. RIP-Felix

    Extra Life 24 Hour Game-A-Thon Fund Raising

  9. RIP-Felix

    [Off Topic] Health Issues

    Oddly you're making me hungry. You'd think the talk about poop would curb my appetite, but a supreme sounds good about now. My family has a prescription for Omeprazole (everyone but me). I'm a knock-off Pepsid guy. 20mg Famotidine twice daily, no blood tests every 3 months. I'm staying away from those sodomite doctors!
  10. RIP-Felix

    Clever SSID Thread

    Pretty Fly For a WIFI ITellMyWiFiLoveHer Get Off My LAN It Hurts When IP The Promised LAN Occaham's Router C:\Virus.exe I'm Outside Your window Searching... Free Pizza in Room 216 I've actually seen "FBI Surveillance Van 2" in the wild...lol.
  11. RIP-Felix

    [Off Topic] Health Issues

    Well, my mom's been taking ibuprofen everyday since I can remember. She takes 5x 200mg tablets 2-3 times a day. She has spinal stenosis (her sacrum and lower back are fusing) and the nerves are all pinched. She'd rather die from the side effects of ibuprofen than live in excruciating pain. Tylenol doesn't work for her. I've been told not to exceed 2400mg of ibuprofen daily. That's 4x 200mg pills 3 times a day, which has always been more than enough for most normal pains. However, I slipped a disc in my 20s skiing and for 4 years afterward I would periodically aggravate it. I'd bend down to tie my shoe and feel a pop, then not be able to walk to the bathroom to pee for 2-3 days afterward. Ice/heat and ibuprofen helped just enough to make peeing possible, but for that kind of pain, the disabling/unmanageable kind, there is really nothing you can do but try to get through it. That's what opioids are meant for. They help you get through the worst of it, so you can get back to regular pain management with OTCs. When I've had to use opioids I was pretty much laid up anyway, so I wasn't going anywhere it would matter if I was doped out of my mind. I hope you feel better and get a positive diagnosis, so you can start the path to healing. Let's hope it doesn't take them too long.
  12. RIP-Felix

    Separate "Workspace" from "Homespace?"

    Pis are so cheap and flexible you don't need to emulate them. Just use putty from your computer and code away. If you brick it, re-flash your image and try again. They started out as a prototyping board, like an arduino. Playing around with hardware/code integration is what they're for.
  13. RIP-Felix

    Uh oh.. here I go again...

    What is it? I went to your site, read and watched the video and am still unsure. Is it one of thoes 'if you don't know what it is you don't need it' kind of things? If so, I must not need it.
  14. RIP-Felix

    Xformer 10 emulator for Atari 8-bit systems!

    if they wrote their own bios for the systems (unlikely) that's fine, but if they just copied them without the copyright permission then they'll be asked to remove it if the emulator gets any traction. Especially as Atari gets set to release their next console, they would likely not let this kind of thing compete. The NES classic hack using retroarch (hackchi) devs had to stop bundling the BIOS in cores they release because of this. You can add them yourself, but they can't distribute them pre-bundled anymore.
  15. RIP-Felix

    Separate "Workspace" from "Homespace?"

    I've used virtualbox to play with a few Linux distros, keep a copy of XP around during the vista/win7 era until I abandoned legacy software that couldn't make the jump. It will probably work for you as long as you keep your play local (limited to the VB partition instead of branching out onto your network). It depends on how invasive your hacking goes. Most likely you will just brick your VB and have to reinstall the module, but you might affect the main OS if your hack gets outside the virtual environment. My suggestion would be to buy, or repurposed an old laptop to play with linux. Linux doesn't need much specs to run on. Something you may also think about trying is "DeepFreeze". We use this at work to protect our workstations from any changes students or teachers may make. Upon reboot It will restore the computer to the same exact state is was when you "Froze" it. Anything downloaded, copied, moved or changed will revert to the state it was before. Viruses damage will be undone too, as long as it hasn't invaded your network and remains on an unfrozen machine. It's useful for playing with new software or code. If you F-UP royally, you can just restart to undo everything from that session. It's kinda like restoring from a clean image of your OS on every boot. It keeps the computer clean and pristine. You can create a "thawspace", a folder or directory that will remain unfrozen when the computer reboots. Any files or changes made in the thawspace will persist afterward, but everywhere else will revert. If you combine deepfreeze and virtualbox, then even if your linux hacking gets outside the virtual environment and screws up your main os, then everything will revert back to normal after a reboot. No harm, no foul!