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  1. Star Trek Discovery

    Didn't catch it. I can't justify buying the CBS streaming service just for this. It bothers me that they are holding Star Trek, of all shows, hostage. It was always syndicated! Now they think it's Game Of Thrones and can get away with the HBO model. I can't justify buying every streaming service just for a few good shows. Competition in the streaming arena just annoys the hell out of me. If it wasn't for the fact it's keeping prices down, I'd rather Netflix were allowed the monopoly so this crap wouldn't happen. Unfortunately, monopolies eventually hike the price, so competition is the only way to balance the scale. So we have to put up with this shiz. Too bad, I wanted to see it. I guess I'll have to wait till the dvds come out.
  2. I want one! Do you think I could stream cat videos in 8K if I had one?
  3. +1, I can't say I've seen any better. It's really the coolest VP table I've ever seen. Star Wars lends itself so well to VP and the addressable LEDs really sets it over the top. Engaging!
  4. Is it worth upgrading the following...?

    Weird, I switched from AMD to Intel. I just did a fresh install using my original code. It saw that I wasn't rocking the same hardware, prompted me to call, and that was it. I went with a M.2 drive that required some UEFI magic to get recognized too. Been very happy with it though.
  5. Is it worth upgrading the following...?

    I usually never have to talk to a real person. Just call the 800 number and answer the questions. It gives you the code and you're done. I've had to do this many times. I bought 1 OEM Win vista way back when. It had a free upgrade to 7 when it got released. Then I took advantage of the free upgrade to 10 during the transition. I've upgraded that original computer probably 5 times since, nothing is original anymore, except the OS (albeit upgraded) Yeah, MS has been pretty lenient about the transfers. I'll credit them that.
  6. ATTN: 32 bit CCleaner users

    I stopped using it when it started removing core registry components and screwing up my windows build! It got way too aggressive, so I just use the file cleaner built into Norton 360.
  7. Another day, another carrot

    They say more units of the SNES classic will ship day 1 then all the NES classics that sold last year. And more of the NES classics will be produced too. So it sounds like they're starting to get the idea. They thought they had a collectable, then realized they had a product. If the rumors are true and the NES classics are going back into production, plus if they do a full run of the SNES classics, then I'll forgive them for their earlier slight. Mistakes are forgivable, if they rectify them. Hopefully it goes better this round. However, since all the preorders are already gone, I'm dubious the rumors are true. This could just be a rouse to try and discourage the bots from buying up the whole supply. If they believe Nintendo is producing enough to meet demand they will be stuck with inventory they can't scalp for a profit, so they may be discouraged if they believe what Nintendo is saying. Nintendo could just be lying to try and give real people a chance to get one before the bots catch on. I'd check your local stores on release day to get one, for the best chance.
  8. So many good arcade titles to choose from, I wanted to keep the list to 20 - manageable. Lunar lander huh? I've not heard of it, I'll have to check it out. My first real "woah" moment was Super Mario 64 (3D like that blew my mind). Before that it was Descent on PC, one of the first 3D games. Technically Doom preceded it in the 3D category, but Descent was the first 3D FPS I'd seen and way cooler IMO. I still play it today. and love it. Defiantly an age factor, but what the hay. Games are games and everyone can enjoy the classics. Growing up I had my dad's Atari 2600 and 33 games, so those were my go to's before talking my mom into getting us a Genesis. Later Dad got a PS1 and finally an N64. My friend had the NES and my cousin's cousin had the SNES (I only got to see it a few times and marvel at it). The SNES was my unicorn console. The unattainable, mythical one. I have a very sad story of this console. There was one at daycare we had to take turns playing, so I never got to put any real time in at getting good. All total, I probably only got in 1-2 hours of gameplay with it, never more than 5 mins in one sitting. I always died in seconds and had to relinquish the controls to the next kid in line. Later there was one in school we could play at lunch, but only if we reached level 3. This was a point system based on behavior and leadership designed to provide structure, accountability, and responsibility. We were scored after each class for behavior and lost points for swearing, not participating, talking back, not following directions (I got lots of NFD's). So I was perpetually on level 2, just 1 level below the reward of being able to play the SNES at lunch. I could only watch! I just rectified the situation. I bought my very own SNES on ebay last week! It's in good condition, no discoloring! It works great and is cooler than I remember. #midlifecrysis?
  9. Assembling my Hurricane Irma playlist

    I'm relieved to hear you all are doing ok, with minimal property damage. Hopefully that will be the last hurricane of the season with any punch to it. Fingers crossed.
  10. I'm curious how you all might answer on a few topics. What are your favorite arcade games, consoles, and genre of video games? Vote for your favorites and see how they stack up to the community's. List any others in the comments below.
  11. The GameEx Awards 2017 - Categories Nominations

    That's a good category for sure, but since we already have the HS comp, it's kinda redundant. I think we should announce the winners on the anniversary of GameEX, but I don't know when that was. Maybe @Tom Speirs would know.
  12. The GameEx Awards 2017

    Yup, just start a new topic and choose the poll tab. Maybe you should make a poll with multiple answers and we can vote on the categories first: Best Gamer Rig (we already know the winner of that Most helpful tutorial Most Dedicated General Helper Coolest Avatar pic/name/caption The Panultimate GameEX Gargle Blaster DemiGod! And so on...
  13. Another day, another carrot

    I'll get both if I find them at intended retail price. The one I hope they make and they'd better is the N64 classic. Retropi sucks at emulating it so there really isn't much alternative in that form factor.
  14. The GameEx Awards 2017

    Start a poll in each category and let the voters decide! We'll need links to the respective threads to re-read and make decisions.
  15. Assembling my Hurricane Irma playlist

    I heard too, hope power is restored soon. Can you imagine what Irma could have done if she hadn't lost steam at the last moment? Thank God it did. Dodged a bullet, even if you all got a little peppered by shrapnel. Stay safe!