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  1. Yes, monoploys are bad...for everyone except those who funnel the proceeds into their pocket. That is until they place too large a burden on the global economic landscape. Then all those proceeds devalue into nothing but toilet paper (that's a pun, see if you can decipher it). They become too big to fail, the cost of keeping them afloat outweighs the detriment to society letting them fail would cause. Regulation is supposed to prevent that tipping point from being reached, but that's what comes of deregulation - Less headaches and bureaucracy to deal with, cheaper government with less tax, easier to conduct business and turn a profit, get rich...and to completely destroy the economy. Some regulation is absolutely necessary, even if it is a pain in the butt. EDIT: Oh, but the market will correct itself, so all is good. (2008 never happened. Or 1929).
  2. RIP-Felix

    Colorblindness Glasses

    Hopefully they can bring this to tritans, that would be pretty cool - people who can't appreciate the full beauty of the sky or ocean! Ultimately, I see gene therapy options being the solution here. In a nut shell, they use genetically engineered retroviruses, viruses that hijack host cells and insert their own DNA to produce more virus. However, instead of producing more virus, we hijacked them to insert instructions for building healthy genes. In this case, they can be instructed to insert cone cell color pigment genes for whichever color deficiency you have.
  3. Agreed. Especially since there are so many retro games I still have yet to play. Besides, I can continue to re-play my favorites without getting tired of them.
  4. So far so good...but it does remind me of a stock price curve before the crash. At some point transistors will to bump against a physical limit of miniaturization. At which point things will plateau, unless advancements in quantum computing overtake transistor based PS's before then. Streaming services are a nice service, but home ownership was the defining characteristic of consoles that saved me. The pay to play mindset that drove the arcade game generation was a double edge sword. 1) I was too poor to play, so most of the time I could only watch. When I could play, I got destroyed and lost all my money before I got a chance to get good at a game. Which brings me to 2). The games were designed to be hard and cheap - to kill you and make you drop another coin. 3) They required infrastructure around them. An arcade business to pay the up front cost of owning the machines and a physical place you had to go to play. Consoles freed me from that kid farming racket. For me, steaming returns to that pay to play mindset and brings with it the cheap games that are really just designed to get you to drop more coins. It's just morphed into in app purchases, advertising, and free to play nonsense. You still need to buy internet access and a device capable of running the games, which will be ongoing costs. While that's true now of PC games, consoles made it possible for that time to come infrequently with the release on another generation of console. Game ownership meant you could play that game forever, add free, without interruption or further purchases, even if you have to cut back on streaming services, data plans, and internet access to save money. If the next generation of gaming throws game ownership and consoles out the window, I'm not interested. Especially if the following is all we have to look forward to...
  5. RIP-Felix

    VPCabs Vertigo Cabinet

    Yeah, I only did the ones I play the most with custom bezels. The rest I generated from a template using CpWizbiz. It just added a custom controls pic to the black space at the bottom. If I remember correctly, I never really finished that project to my satisfaction and moved on to other projects. It's been years now since I abandoned the effort. lol.
  6. RIP-Felix

    Colorblindness Glasses

    Okay, so these are my impressions after the novelty has worn off... Indoor vs. outdoor glasses: The outdoor glasses give the biggest difference. I'm mild to moderately colorblind. So the difference isn't that great to begin with, but traffic lights, road signs, buildings, LED billboards, and red/pink flowers are the things I notice the most. Most of these objects are outside and the best effect is in full sunlight. If it's cloudy or overcast the outdoor pair doesn't work as well, unless the light source is back-lit. I found an interesting one the other day. If you are stopped at a light and look at the green street signs, you can see the street you are traveling on at an angle and the street you're crossing facing you. With the glasses, I can see the fluorescent Green on the one facing me, but not on the one at an angle. I assume this is an intentional coating of paint to catch the light and increase visibility. The thing is, I can't see it without the glasses. If I take them off, it looks the same as the sign at an angle (a grey/green). It looses that vibrant fluorescent green. The next time you cross an intersection look at the street signs and you'll see what I mean. Just imagine them looking the same regardless of angle. Also, every green information sign with that coating is the same. I don't see it without the glasses. To my blind eyes they look the same as that at angle Grey-Green. The indoor glasses are useful for cloudy or overcast days and for certain indoor colors/objects, light pink rooms for example. This is an area where being colorblind is an advantage. The girls can have their pink room, and I can have a white room, as long as I take the glasses off. Red/green charging indicators are easier to distinguish, so that's a good one. The TV is indoors and does appear more vibrant, but I haven't watched all that much TV since getting them, so I haven't noticed much more yet. All things considered, I haven't noticed as many color differences indoors as I have outdoors. Are they worth $350/pair? Outdoor = yes. They increase my enjoyment of the natural world around me enough to justify the cost. I will derive more enjoyment out of them than I would a new game console anyway. So that's a pretty easy answer. Indoor = If my job didn't weigh in on this decision, and I was basing it solely on the color differences on cloudy days and indoors at home, then I would have to say no. They do work, but I would max out at $149.99 for the advantages. They do make certain jobs at work easier. So in my case, they are worth the extra $200 for this reason. It's still a tough decision. I'm right at my limit for deciding to keep them at that price point, at least out of my own pocket. If insurance or my employer subsidized the cost, they yeah...it's a no brainier. I will be keeping both pairs, but with the feeling of having been fleeced for the indoor pair.
  7. RIP-Felix

    VPCabs Vertigo Cabinet

    Here's a few pics of the custom bezels I did for my vertscreen setup:
  8. RIP-Felix

    VPCabs Vertigo Cabinet

    My cab is like that, it's nice for vertical scrolling shooters and pinball. You don't loose much real estate for width, so 4:3 content looks the same. It's just the black borders above and below that have to be dealt with. Custom bezels and such, which can be a PITA to get right for every game on the system.
  9. RIP-Felix

    déjà vu

    I think when they say 4K 60FPS they mean UHD video playback, not gaming resolution for modern games. At least not with the specs quoted. As for the Intellivision thing, I was too young for that and we still had my dad's 2600 anyway. Those times were tight money wise, so we got our moneysworth out of it. Friends had the NES and SNES. We rented consoles from the video store a few times and later got a Genesis. Intelivision, colecovision, comadore 64, turob graffix and so on are my gaming blind spots I'm ashamed to admit. I'd like to try a few good titles from that era however. Any good ones that come to mind?
  10. RIP-Felix

    déjà vu

    They say it won't go to stores. It a collectors edition of the console, you have to register for the right to be selected to buy. They're selling exclusivity. Perhaps a limited run of the original design or a mini, but whichever the case only 100,000 units will be sold. So they say... That's also Nintendo's thing. Collectors items. Intellivision is making a quick grab off nostalgia. It's a niche console already, so 100,000 is probably a safe figure. I'm sure they don't want to be sitting on thousands of unsold units. So, it's better to under-produce than to overestimate interest. You just call it a collectors item and no one talks back.
  11. RIP-Felix

    Colorblindness Glasses

    Be careful what you ask for. I have a biology degree: Men = 1 in 12 (8%) , Women = 1 in 200 (0.5%). That's because the gene (section of DNA that codes for our cone cells' color sensitive proteins) is located on the X chromosome. As you may remember from biology class, we get one set of 23 chromosomes from mom and another 23 from dad, totaling 46. Men (XY) only get one copy of this chromosome (from mom or dad, but not both), whereas women (XX) get two (one from each parent). If you get a bad copy or have a somatic mutation, a mutation that changes the gene during your lifetime, then men don't have a backup copy to fall back on, whereas women have that second copy. This is why it's more common in men. It's still only 1 in twelve, so I lost the genetic lottery. Lol. Let me break this down for you: I'm mildly colorblind. Which means I can see colors, all of them. I just have difficulty distinguishing certain hues of red/green/orange/yellow, pink/grey, and blue/purple/red. If you want to see what it's like to have different types of colorblindness, check out [this colorblindness simulator]. For reference I have "Mild Deuteranomaly." The closest option to what I see normally would be "Weak/Deuteranomaly" I haven't tried any games yet, I'm working on a bunch of landscaping projects that have been hogging my free time. Besides, it's an excuse to be outside where I can enjoy the full vibrancy of greens around me. Trees, grasses, shrubs, literally everything has more hues of green. I used to say "shades of green", but it's more than that. I'm now thinking hue is the better word. Reds stand out against the green more - red roses pop out of the green leaves more, like someone upped the contrast. You mention photoshop. When I took the glasses off yesterday, after wearing them all day, it kinda looked like a sepia filter. Everything looked more green/yellow. Then I got used to it again and it was just like life as usual. The sun looks yellow. I have not noticed any differences there. The earth's atmosphere scatters blue/UV light, which is why the sky is blue and the sun appears yellow. In space, it appears white, because more blue/UV light reaches your eye. I don't have a problem with my Blue cone cells, so I see Blue/yellow the same as you do. People who do have a problem seeing blue have Tritanomaly, and these glasses do nothing for them. This type is only for Red-green colorblindness. Like I said about the traffic lights, Red is red and "green" appears White to me. I see a distinct difference between Red and white. The yellow is yellow. Position of the lights is overkill. I have no problem telling them apart. I just see the green in the "green light" now. Controller buttons look the same and I had no trouble with Composite cables before. Since you seem interested, I'll give you a little demo of colors that I can't distinguish without the glasses, but can with:. I used the anomalscope on this site to try to match the color on the right by using a slider that changes the hue of the color on the left. Below are my attempts to match the color. When I thought it was the same color or a close match I selected a match. If the color could not be matched, then I would say no match possible. The ones below are the ones I said matched. I can see now that only one actually matches. It also seems that it's orange/yellow/greens I have the biggest issue with.
  12. RIP-Felix

    Colorblindness Glasses

    Me too. I'd like to know how much of this is psychosomatic. I also need time to process the new signals. Needless to say, my brain hasn't caught up yet. I will say that I was expecting more dramatic results, like the road signs and green lights. That was cool!
  13. RIP-Felix

    Colorblindness Glasses

    I am a mild Deutan, "a type of red-green color blindness in which the green cones do not detect enough green and are too sensitive to yellows, oranges, and reds. As a result, greens, yellows, oranges, reds, and browns may appear similar, especially in low light. It can also be difficult to tell the difference between blues and purples, or pinks and grays." This was my experience as well. The difference was more immediate, however. While I saw color before and the difference wasn't as dramatic as many of the youtube videos, there were some drastic differences: Green lights have always looked white to me, the exact same color as the moon. I've said that since childhood and everyone has looked at me like I'm crazy. Now I can SEE why. THAT LIGHT IS GREEN, HUH? That was pretty dramatic. Driving to work today I noticed some letters on LED billboards were actually Green, not white. I found myself peaking back and forth just to make sure. It's kind of mind blowing to see a super green color with the glasses on then remove them to see white! The Green information signs on roadways always looked like a sun faded grey-green. That B!t*h is super green, like really green! I take the glasses off and it's faded grey-green again. At work there is this green fabric that I thought was old and sun faded green, because it has that faded white hue clothes get over time - especially when you wash colors in hot water. Well It's not. It a brilliant/vibrant green. Not faded at all! Mind = blown! I have a magnificent frogspawn coral at work that I thought was green. It's not. It's rose. A room in my mom's house I thought was white, is actually Pink. That's something I noticed gradually over ~20mins of wearing the glasses at the iris garden. Pinks, greys and whites began separating out. Pink is a whole lot more enjoyable. Grey is easier to see as different than pink. Red flowers were more red, like fluorescent - even iridescent at times. It wasn't as dramatic a change as the green light, but it's noticeable. Turquoise was interesting. Blue blends into green gradually without a turquoise band without the glasses. Now I can see there is a distinct band of turquoise in between. I would have said that's a greenish blue before, now I have to lean what to call it. I could be turquoise, teal, or aqua, but I don't even know the difference. I saw it before, but I'm confused by it now. My brain hasn't caught up yet. Purples are more purple, but I still have trouble identifying a dark purple from a dark blue. However, red purples (magenta) are easier to distinguish from dark red now. Yellows, oranges, and blues look close to the same. Maybe I see orange easier. It seems to separate out of red and yellow more Brown is wierd. I'm not sure what it is anymore. I thought it was a reddish or dark green, but there are lighter shades I'm seeing (like dark straw colors and dead leaves) that defy my eye. I'm not sure where tans become browns. Either I'm still having trouble seeing them or my brain has to learn the color. It's not just dark green anymore. The outdoor glasses work the best, but only in full sunlight. They do work inside and in cloudy weather, but not as good or accurately as the indoor pair. However, the indoor pair don't work as good indoors as the outdoor pair do outdoors. I retook a bunch of colorblind tests with interesting results. Most tests score me a mild to moderate Deutan without the glasses. With them I score between normal color vision and weak Deutan. So they most certainly do help, but they don't cure my colorblindness. As for color distortion, they don't really seem to skew colors. My mom said they were like wearing sunglasses, but noticed they enhanced colors a little bit. She said they didn't change any of them however. My sister said they just seemed like sunglasses to her, no color enhancement. Verdict? They do work. I am mildly red-green colorblind without them and weak to normal with them. Green, turquoise, and pink colors have the most dramatic differences, reds and purples are enhanced, orange is easier to separate from red/yellow, and blue/yellow are unchanged. Brown is still confusing. However, I can separate red from brown now. I would say that they are worth the money. I do need to be able to distinguish colors at work and have been getting increasingly frustrated with my CVD. So for this reason alone they are worth it. As for pure enjoyment, the distinctly different greens has been enjoyable. The immediate pop of color, is new. I don't have to stare at something or get closer to figure it out as much. Reds don't blend with green anymore and I'm seeing greens I would otherwise see as white...WHAT?
  14. RIP-Felix

    Colorblindness Glasses

    Anyone here colorblind and tried Enchroma glasses or other colorblindness corrective glasses? I just bought a pair and am going to an iris garden tomorrow to try them out. I looked on amazon and there are $80 alternatives to the $350 enchroma glasses, but from reading around the web it sounds like those cheaper ones are just colored lenses and skew other colors. Enchroma glasses are supposed to correct red-green colorblindness without shifting colors. $350 a pair is expensive, but as others have pointed out, it's not as bad as prescription lenses. Since I have 20/20 I don't have to deal with that expense, and since this is a life altering opportunity, I figured I'd make the investment. So I got an indoor and outdoor pair. $700 total. Insurance doesn't consider Color Vision Deficiency (CVD) a medical disorder, and won't help me pay. I checked. Even though I need to distinguish colors at work from time to time and have to ask a female coworker's opinion, they don't consider these reasonable accommodation either. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else out there has tried these and what their experience was?
  15. RIP-Felix

    Atari VCS Pre-Sales begin May 30!

    Yikes. Sounds like I saved myself a headache. At work I had a company that made purchasing their insanely overpriced product the most difficult process known to man. I had to give up on their website and call them directly, and even then it was like pulling teeth. I've never before seen a for profit business do more to discourage you from buying. TAKE MY MONEY...Please? If it wasn't the only option on earth for that particular item, I would buy from another vendor in a heartbeat. I feel like I should support Atari though, and kinda do want one - the wood grain has my eye. However, I just spent $700 on Color Vision Dysfunction (CVD) corrective glasses (Enchroma glasses). So needless to say, I'm hesitant to spend more money at the moment. I'm a mild to moderate Dutan, meaning I don't see green correctly. Tomorrow I'm going to an Iris garden to look at flowers and see color correctly for the first time, well hopefully. They are supposed to work on 4-5 people with red-green colorblindness. They have a no hassle return policy if they don't work. If that's the case and I have $700 I wasn't planing on having anymore, then I have no excuse anymore.