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  1. @Tom Speirs I'm going to try to FTP it overnight (Filezilla). I haven't tried to DL the whole file since release, so maybe there are issues midway that don't pop up unless you commit to the whole thing. I live on the opposite side of the pond, so maybe I can reproduce @decker12's issue.. So far: 5 mins in, 139kiB/s ***EDIT*** Okay, Results: It completed at 2am, approximately 5 hours after starting the DL. Compressed file size is reported at 20,461,856 bytes. After unzipping with 7z the file reports as 21.1GB size on disk. It appears to be intact and good to go. I should mention that my network isn't that simple, but it's not that complicated either. I have xfinity ISP 25Mb/s (Stupid crappy 3 in 1 wifi router/cable/phone that drops in and out all the time). It's connected to a Ethernet through Powerline router (wall wart) to establish a high speed connection to my room. From there I have a switch that my computer, TV, and game systems connect to. So both the switch and the ETP router have to play nice with the Crapcast gateway, and don't always. Even still, I managed to DL the file. @decker12 I'm very sorry for your trouble and understand your frustration. As a systems administrator, in your opinion why would 2 computers separated by over 9000miles be able to DL the file just fine if there were a problem with the server? Almost sounds like something else is interfering with your DL, like censorship or an ISP blocking it. However, you said you tried 3 different ISPs, so unless they all flagged the file, unlikely since it doesn't contain anything proprietary and isn't being sold, that can't be it. Honestly, I don't understand it. Thank you for the report, however, we'll keep it mind going forward. @Tom Speirs As for his idea of putting a "warning on the files" or some kind of disclaimer, I think besides telling people that it's a very large file and takes a long time to DL, we're doing everything we can. The "Law of parsimony" (Occam's Razor) would seem to apply. Unless we get more reports of this issue, or can reproduce it, It's more likely the problem is not on our end. We should however, keep Decker12's report in mind in case this pops up again and thank him for bringing it to our attention. Even if it's not on our end, we can at least inform people that it's been observed before.
  2. It isn't, I have one already. I'm trying to decide how to paint the other Actually I'm going to print a forth (I have a problem). I'm modifying it and playing around with some ideas (not ready to tease more yet). That's awesome. I'm playing with some related ideas, so I don't see why I couldn't. Honestly though, if you're going in that direction the color scheme of R2-D2 better lends itself to the North American SNES design. That would be a more original build, rather than ripping off someone else's design in miniature. I may be interested, but I need to finish this project before taking on another. Enticing though.
  3. Doesn't look like it yet, but here is the link to the image if you want to mess with the alpha. BTW which NES color scheme do you like best above?
  4. Update: Hey, I thought I'd drop in and let you'll know how things are coming. I finally got all of my parts to complete the hardware portion, however I don't have anything to show for it yet. I just soldered the pin headers onto the RGB LED and Arduino Pro micro for testing on a breadboard. There are still no real DIY guides for this part, although there are some wiring schematics. I'm really doing my best to figure it out with what I ordered, but each case is different and some degree of testing will be required. The guys over at the Mini NES Builders Facebook Group have been very active and helpful. There is a ton of collaborative effort going into getting electronics kits ready for sale. I'm in the first Batch for Evan Wright/Jared Kirchgatter's kit. It should be ready soon, I'm eagerly awaiting that! In the mean time, I'm trying to figure out my pieced together DIY project. Who knows, Evan & Jareds kit may arrive before I finish. Regardless, the kits being put together are already cheaper than my parts list. So that's the way to go IMO. Some of the kits don't have NFC but handles the power, shutdown, and LED. This is great to have for any rPi project that require a PWR, RST, and LED. So, if you're interested you should join the group and strike before the iron cools. I have some concepts for different colors and wanted to see which you all like the best. Since the kit will install so cleanly, I figure I could print 2-3 cases and when I get tired of looking at one, I can use a different case (Or mix and match tops/bottoms for more combinations). That's been kind fun. I like the Red top + Btns w/black bottom/trim best. Lastly, I thought I'd share this video. It's kind interesting to see how the NES classic edition holds up to the Video quality these purists aspire to:
  5. Damn, you hooked me for 4 hours! That video let to another...and another...and another... ...and another... ...Until finally I came across this: Man, I'm really thinking of getting an everdrive 64, NES and Another video has me drooling for a Professional Video monitor too...Then there is a video input processor to handle the up-scaling to better reproduce the video on my HDTV. I never knew scan lines and pixels could look Yup, that's the right adjective. Here are a few more poignant words.. crap...Crap...CRAP! Dammit @tthurman look at what you've done. I have too many projects as it is!
  6. Why can't they capitalize on the name? I imagine if it were called Half-Life 3 it would sell more copies. So what's the point of naming it something different if it's supposed to be a sequiel? IDK maybe I just haven't followed the franchise that closely, even though I know there has been fan interest in a third game for a LONG time.
  7. In case you missed it don't forget to grab Mass Effect 2 on the house at Origin. I never played it, looks good.
  8. @decker12 Sorry man, I honestly don't know why your having trouble. If no one else is able to verify your issue, it must be on your side. I thought I would verify that I'm currently FTPing it via Filezilla @ 1.4MiB/s. It would be done in around 4 hours if i continued; I already have it, I just wanted to make sure I could still DL it from the servers. I'm not even going to try a browser download manager, I couldn't get that to work (Timeout issues). One question. I know you said you tried and failed with FTP from home. However, when you tried from work did you connect via FTP or a brower DL Manager? Stick with FTP. I'd recommend all the usual network connection troubleshooting (Pull router plug, wait 30s, etc). Make sure you have a good connection to the internet and are receiving your ISP's quoted UPs and Downs from a speed test site. If not troubleshoot the rest of the network tree. Try plugging in directly to your router/modem (If not already) and try again. Disable your antivirus firewall temporarily, maybe lower User Account Control security Setting (I hate warning messages and disable it altogether. I doubt it matters, but maybe). Check router settings and make sure there are no security setting that may be limiting certain connection types or websites (I'm not sure what settings to look for, google, but I know it can be done within router firmware. If it's default, I wouldn't think there to be an issue). Other than that, I don't see why GameEx servers would single you out. Murphy's law maybe. The only other option I can think of is to piece together the artwork yourself the way we all had to before this pack (lots to time, many sites). EMUmovies is a good place to start. is a great resource after that. Torrents, despite being seedy recesses of the greynet, are sometimes capable of having something difficult to find. Let's hope you get it sorted before you have to go that route, I know you purchased partially for this pack, and while it's not the main product, you should get what you paid for. Good luck buddy, and sorry for the trouble.
  9. Update: Don't worry I'm still working on it. STILL WAITING FOR PARTS!!! Arghhh! Actually I've made progress on the finish of the case. I found the right colors (Spray Paint, ABS is just too hard/expensive to find a good match). As you can see, the colors actually don't match perfectly. However, they are close enough to suggest the difference could be due to yellowing of the original NES. So it's close enough. I've actually tried a quite a few times, ruining a number of prints learning what doesn't work. I tried a combination of sanding, acetone vapor, and painting to find the right mix of techniques. Currently after printing the part is precariously brittle (better with optimized settings and mods, but without an enclosure ABS will just not adhere consistently, and be prone to cracking as a result). PLA will print perfectly and many people have had good results with it. I don't have any, so I'm perfecting the ABS method (Higher temp resistance is better anyway). To reduce the likelihood of cracking and to strengthen after printing I paint the case with acetone (using a paint brush). This welds/melts a thin shell around the whole case. I let it cure for 24 hours before sanding by hand. I try to get each surface as flat as I can, working down at least 2 grits. Then I wash with soap and water, dry with a hair drier, and spray paint. I learned the hard way that spray paint doesn't work in 30-40 degree Fahrenheit weather (it separates, cracks, and makes alligator skin). The weather still refuses to warm up, so keeping the paint can warm inside and only going outside for a quick spray, then bringing the print inside to dry (near a vent for the fumes) worked in a pinch. The original cart that Daftmike created doesn't have the ridges in the recess/tab that you pull to remove the cartridge. I found that without this, it's hard to get the mini version out, you have to tilt and shake ti out. I modified the STL file to add a few ridges so I could get a finger nail to catch something for easier removal. I checked an actual cartridge and they do have them, so mine is more accurate. I don't know why it wasn't on it to begin with, but it prints fine and all my carts from now on will have them. I just got some gold filament for the Legend of Zelda Cart. So that's next. I was thinking of making some custom labels for non NES titles too, If I have enough filament, I'd like to do ALTTP, OOT, and Majora's Mask in gold too. maybe a Black cart for Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, Yellow for Donkey Kong 64, and so on for choice titles. Hopefully RetroPi plays these well enough on a Pi3, I don't know yet, I haven't tried them. Maybe someone who has can chime in. From what I've read Atari (2600, 5200, 7800), NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, and PS1 all do pretty good on a Pi3 without jitter. I now realize this project is a lot more difficult than it appeared to begin with. The 3 major sections are: The Case (which I'm still working on, but nearly done with. All I have left to do is place the decals for the power, reset, logo, and port labels.) Hardware (not as easy as it looked, but doable. I'm still working on the schematics and wiring diagrams. Moreover this will require a bunch of tricky soldering, flashing code to Arduino, running custom scripts on rPi. Luckily the Facebook group is active and worked out most of these technical challenges. They are soon to have electronics kits for sale to streamline the process as well. I'm still waiting for parts to arrive before I can finalize my Circuit design and begin this section). Software (setting up and optimizing RetroPi. While technically there is nothing that is stopping me from skipping to this step before I start section 2, I've been busy with part 1. But I'm starting to shift in this direction, as the case is nearly finished.) Here is some cool anecdotyl stuff: I intend to get one of these and do this for sure! I may use this theme for my Mini NES Pi. This Guy did what I intended to begin with, except I want to retain the original function.
  10. You may want to put some of that in spoilers bud. Instead of giving women more roles in movies, I'd rather they gave them equal pay! While it's true that the profession is 84% male, If you look at the top paid actors vs. actress, it's more revealing. Proactively typecasting more female leads for an even balance is the easy way to remove sexist claims, because it's cheaper than real change and allows PR executives to equivocate. "See the number of strong female roles has been increasing." I actually don't like that they female lead has to be strong and unshakable. I prefer the realism of vulnerability and carnal limitations, the balanced reliance on the physical strength of the men a female lead commands instead of being superior, callous, and indifferent - the "anything you can do, I can do better" song in film metaphor. i don't mind the occasional kick ass girl and I respect the gall of a writer and director that will allow female vulnerability to make it on screen. No, I don't mean the stereotypical female emotionalism, but the emotions anyone, male/female would feel in those circumstance. The difference is the way men/women are stereotypical supposed to react that ticks me off, Real people don't usually react in a predictable manner, but Hollywood characters almost always do. In typical Hollywood reaction, Men have been given more sensitive roles, and women have been given more gritty roles. I see this as more proaction, instead of allowing the fictitious human story to be told regardless of the sociopolitical real one. Not that science fiction souldn't have any political commentary or depict a utopian ideal to aspire too, but I get tired of it when overdone and flips stereotypical roles to make a point. Get over yourself, respect humanity, and allow the story to be told unhindered..
  11. I saw Rogue One finally. I liked it, but it's a war movie so there's lots of action, not grotesque, but I wouldn't recommend it to my Mother (she thinks the other star wars movies are too violent, this is more of the same). I also saw Passengers and Liked it as well. I recommend them both. Each was worth the $8.50, IMO. Non-Spoiler version: Pros: Lots of panoramic/spacious scenes to give you the sense of scale on which the ships and battles take place. I enjoy getting the sense of how massive the ships are, it immerses you in the scene. There were familiar characters, clothing, equipment and locations to remind you of the time period the movie takes place (just before "A New Hope"), complete with a few cameos. I'm sure there were Easter eggs I missed too, so it will be fun to try and spot them when I get the DVD. The Death Star is AWESOME! Oh my the power. It's aptly named!!! Beautiful and terrifying at the same time. The story is pretty much what you expect if you're familiar with the "A new Hope" but it's not trite or predictable beyond an enjoyable threshold. Every story will follow some general plot lines. Eg, character introduction/development, periods of setup, danger and suspense, the payoff evasion and regroup followed by the "bad thing" or "Twist" - something bad or a twist (which doesn't have to be bad, but usually faces the heroins with some challenge) has to happen when you let your guard down, it's Hollywood karma! These are the basics of all good stories anyway, so despite there being there, the story is good (Not great or unexpected, but adequate and satisfying). That's a pro, not a neutral. Cons: Some characters felt thrown in simply to pay homage to "A New Hope" without needing to be there or otherwise adding to the story. While they do act as a good way to set the time period squarely in the time of Episodes IV, V, and VI I would have liked some of them to have a more functional role, besides "see this is a Star Wars movie". This is preference more than anything and I doubt anyone else would care. Too much violence to recommend to a sensitive person. Then again, the story necessitates the violence. It's not the kind of story that can be told without the grit. This puts it in the teen and up category IMO. By today's standards though, it's not that bad. Neutral: Another Female Heroin. I'm neither annoyed nor glad they chose another female lead in this movie. I'm indifferent to the gender of the these characters, but if taken too far, say another female lead in the third standalone movie.(we already know the second will be a male Lead - Han Solo), it could insinuate speculation of sexism. I find the choice for another female lead a bit trendy. Men are in a bit of a bashing period. Yes, society still has much to do to combat sexism against women. However, that's no excuse to vilify, stereotype, or perhaps in this case typecast exclude men as a gender, or denigrate masculinity in retribution. I actually lean toward the feminist argument in this debate, but as a Man I keenly feel the retort has damaged Male dignity and image. Men have lost esteem and poise in mainstream media as a result of overly punitive social commentary over admittedly serious injustice in the world. While I agree with the need for more inclusive reform, equal rights, pay, and procedures aimed at ensuring unbiased decisions, I don't agree this should include pro-action (except in rare cases). Stacking the scale to one side to counter act an imbalance is not the solution, it just increases the burden. Instead, IMO the Fulcrum (social norms) need to be moved to evenly distribute the weight (education, procedures, accountability). I'm not saying that's what's going on here, it's just a potential pitfall that I noticed and hope they skirt skillfully around. I want to escape reality and be entertained, not question their motives or be fed a moral in the same way Star Trek did. Star Wars takes place "a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, FAR away." Let's keep it that way. That's all I'm saying... Overall, my first impression is that it's a solid stand alone movie that fits in well with the Star Wars cannon as told by the movies (I haven't read the books, so IDK about them)..
  12. UPDATE: I've been working hard planning the hardware side of things. I've been getting lots of help from the guys on the Mini NES Builders Facebook group. Once I finish the wiring diagram I will wire everything up to a breadboard to test. I'm using images of actual parts in layers to visualize the fit and pinouts, route wires, make notes, and see what it will look like before I solder everything in place. I'm still waiting on parts from China and may not get all of them until February! Lets hope that shipping estimate is wrong and I get them sooner. The parts list has increased too but, until I'm confident of what I will use in the final design, I won't edit the materials list in part 2 just yet. My glass Printer bed and new all metal hotend upgrades arrived today. I'll install them tomorrow and retry printing the case this weekend. I'll test it by reprinting the failed Z braces again, I think my cooling fan was the problem. Hopefully they will be done and I can install them Saturday. Then I can start the Top half of the case. I'm going to try a different filament for the bottom and cartridge that should be a better match, but it's going to be awhile before it gets here too. As busy as I have been researching the electronic, I have not even looked into the software side of things yet, besides writing the RetroPi to a 32GB SD card. I haven't even plugged in the Pi to see if it While I'm waiting for the hardware to arrive maybe it will be a reprieve to try and get some emulators working. A fun anecdote. I had an original NES sitting in a box that has been tucked away for years. I originally bought it for $7.99 at the Goodwill to replace a broken NES that is long since gone, it still has the sticker on it even. I decided to pull it out to compare its design with the mini NES and of course try it out! I suspected it was broken, but thought there might be a chance... While it took a bunch of blowing, jiggling, banging, and resets It still works, complete with buggy pixies, glitchy sprites, and that white noise audio when you turn it off!!! I miss that and don't at the same But wow, I had forgotten how finicky it was to get working and all the tricks/sounds came back to me with great nostalgic effect. I'm actually surprised it still works. I played through the first world of Mario Bros. 3, then Metroid, and lastly Duck Hunt/Mario Bros. All carts still work, with varying degrees of tricks to get them to. So that was kinda fun. Here's a weird one, Player 1 and Player 2 controls are crossed. 1 is 2 and 2 is 1. I'll have to open it to see why, I suspect someone (Probably me at one time) reconnected them backwards. I think I was contemplating turning it into a NES Mini ITX PC, but decided against it. Glad I didn't pull the trigger. It's pretty Iconic and neat to have a working Stock NES. I may improve the aesthetics, it's pretty ugly ("pretty ugly" isn't that an oxymoron?) but should clean up well enough. It's yellowed quite a bit though. I don't particularly want to use H2O2 and UV to remove the patina though. It looks authentic and aged as it should (Like me).
  13. Last I looked into it (about a year or two ago) those 21.9 monitors were about $350, so $150 - 15% for first purchase isn't bad at all. I would go that route if I hadn't already decided against it. Who knows, maybe one of these days the price will come down to a point where I can't resist. I'm kinda dreading it though, because then I will have the headache of actually fitting it and getting it
  14. Thanks, but no amount of wishing can make the inevitable "well." There's nothing remotely ok about senior living facilities. I know what you mean to say though, and I appreciate the kindness. In case you interested in a serious downer enclosed in spoilers is our general experiance:
  15. Shocking That really sucks for the family. Not quite Kennedy level, but damn tragic none the less. At least their deaths were quick, no withering away for years, fading out in diminishing states of helplessness while the elder care industry milks all that you have worked hard to save up and hoped to leave your family - like everyone in our family. It's really hard to watch my Grandmother go through this and leaves me feeling guilty for wishing it would end before it bankrupts my grandfather, he may still need the money. Who knows how long he'll live after grandma dies. Sometimes I feel like she's the only reason he has lasted this long, I know he's the reason she has held on. Other time I feel like it taken years away from him and our time with him by extension. I get more time with grandma, so that's the other side. Death just sucks all the way around. It's too hard to dwell on, so I'm done thinking about death for the rest of the year. Hopefully 2017 will be better, Trump not withstanding.