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  1. jimdeprado

    [NEWS] MAME System pack

    Thank you!
  2. I second this. This would be very helpful.
  3. jimdeprado


    This looks cool. Can't wait to try it out! Jim
  4. jimdeprado

    A few questions

    I am currently using MAME197. Thanks for the help! Jim
  5. jimdeprado

    A few questions

    Thank you again for launching Evolution! I have it up and running and I am working on adding MAME and a few emulators. Can you help with a few small things. 1. The progress bar shows up in the middle of my monitor regardless of where I have any open windows. Is this supposed to happen? 2. I can't seem to exit Evolution throught the main menu. I have to close it by clicking on the "X" in the upper right hand corner. 3. Is there an option to only show the MAME games where I actually have the ROMs. I know this was available in GAMEEx, but can't seem to find the same option in Evolution. 4. I really like the graphical interface in Evolution. Is there a way to reorder the order in which the emulators display? I could remove each emulator and add them back in the order that I want, but was looking for a simpler method. 5. Is there a set of instructions, similar to the GAMEEX setup page, where people with simple minds, like me, can figure out what everything means and what each setting will do? Thanks again! Evolution is simply AWESOME! Jim
  6. jimdeprado


    Thank you very much! I have it installed and I am setting up my emulators.
  7. jimdeprado


    Hello, I was on the site today and trying to update my GameEx to the newest version when I noticed that Evolution was out. Did I click on something that I shouldn't have? I did also recently receive an email with my license from Tom, so I'm wondering if Evo is officially out? Thanks, Jim
  8. jimdeprado

    3 MAME Errors

    I am using Windows 10 and have a Surface Pro 4 with Intel HD Graphics 520 card. I have DirectX 12 and have updated it per the link given above. Thanks all, but I have tried all the solutions above but nothing has worked so far. I will post on MAMEWorld and pass on the solution when I get it. Thanks Again! Jim
  9. jimdeprado

    3 MAME Errors

    I have tried using a version that I compiled myself, as well as versions just downloaded from MAME.dev.
  10. jimdeprado

    3 MAME Errors

    I am using the latest version of MAME , 193. I am using the 32 bit version, although I have downloaded and tried the 64 bit version as well. When I load a game through GameEx, it just returns to the game list without showing any errors. So I opened a command line window and tried to load a game that way (mame dkong). Can you point me to any information that might help me resolve my MAME issue? Thanks, Jim
  11. jimdeprado

    3 MAME Errors

    Hello, Recently I have been having trouble running MAME. When I try to run the command line version, I get the following errors: Unable to create the Direct3D device (8876086C) Unable to initialize Direct3D 9 Fatal error: Unable to complete window creation I did some research and RIP-Felix had a similar issue in June 2016, but his solution did not work for me. I have tried re-installing GameEx and updating my video drivers. I've attached the normal files. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Jim GameEx.ini log.txt
  12. Thanks! Like I said, I am a complete amateur, especially compared to you guys. My initial thought is to create an app that creates custom lists for emulators. Here is my thought process. Read existing emulators from gameex.ini Read games/roms from somewhere (I haven't figured this out yet) Allow users to create alternate lists by selecting games/roms Copy the selected emulator (and all of it's properties - including rom location). Maybe make the copied emulator at the bottom of the list (~250) Create a map file for the emulator for the selected games Edit custommenu.ini to include the new list Does that seem reasonable? There are a ton of things that I'm sure that I haven't thought about yet. This may have been done in whole or part already. It is just something that I thought of that would be easy for me to get started. Are there any files out there that work with input and output of text files that I could look at to get some ideas? Thanks! Jim
  13. Adultery, Can I ask a real noob type question. I have Visual Studio 17.0 and I have downloaded your plugin template. When I open the template and try to run it, I get the following error: Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error BC30113 '$safeprojectname$' is not a valid name and cannot be used as the root namespace name. GameEx PluginTemplate1 C:\Users\Jim dePrado\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Templates\ProjectTemplates\Visual Basic\vbc 1 Active I would like to try and create a basic plugin, but I am having trouble getting started. Thanks and enjoy your weekend! Jim
  14. jimdeprado

    [PLUGIN] CustomLists

    stigzler, I managed to remove the items I wanted. I deleted my custommenu.ini file, opened up CustomMenuEditor and created a new one. I don't why it happened or how the custom menus were not in sync with my custommenu.ini file, but things seem to be working now. Thanks, Jim
  15. jimdeprado

    [PLUGIN] CustomLists

    stigzler, No worries about anything. I am thankful for your help with this. Thanks. I've attached my cutommenu.ini file. There is also another "Consoles" under Computers and a "TRS-80 Color Computer" under Admin that don't belong. There are 2 custommenu.ini files. One is in Config and the other is in Plugins. The one below is in config. I appreciate your help! Jim CustomMenu.ini