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  1. Thanks, but when I click on "GEEditor", I get what I expect to see and not what is actually being displayed. Sorry, I dont know how to insert pics like you did above. File 20-23-41 is a pic of what displays when I open GameEx. File 20-26-40 is a screengrab of my Custom Menus. Thank you in advance and sorry for being a pain! Jim 2017-07-18_20-23-41.pdf 2017-07-18_20-26-40.pdf
  2. stigler, Thanks! I appreciate any help. I wish I was a better coder so I could help. I have started to look at the plugin development posts, but most of it is way over my head. Is there a way to just reset everything back to way I had it originally (and remove the extra menu items)? Jim
  3. Stigzler, Your plugin is awesome. I think that it will be able to get me to where I would like to see my arcade cab going. I do have some questions, if you wouldn't mind. 1) I was messing around with the program and I managed to get Intellivision on my startup directory and I can't seem to figure out how to get rid of it. It is not listed as one of the items when I launch custom menu. I tried to restart from scratch with your plugin but have had no luck. Can you tell what I am doing wrong? 2) Your plugin only shows a few of the games that I have on my cab. Is there a filter that I am missing somewhere that shows everything. Right now it just looks like it is showing games that I have played. Ultimately I would like to create lists under each system with my favorite games. Thanks, Jim CustomLists.log GameEx.ini CustomMenu.ini runitgame.bat log.txt
  4. stigzler and RedDog, I don't know how it happened, but I had the wrong ROM path. I fixed it and Atari 2600 wasn't grayed out anymore. I sincerely appreciate your knowledge and help! Jim
  5. Hello! I have a custom menu of console emulators, the first one on the list is Stella for the Atari 2600. When I load GameEx, the Atari 2600 option is not enabled in the menu. It is a slightly different color. I checked the emulator settings and it is enabled. Can anybody point me in the right direction? Thanks, JimGameEx.ini CustomMenu.ini log.txt
  6. Thank you very much!
  7. Hello! I am trying to setup an additional emulator using the setup wizard. When I click on the big plus, the Setup Wizard asks me if I want to download the emulator. I click on yes and I get an error stating that my username or password is invalid. I thought that I had this all setup, but I must have changed something. I can log into the website and the forums, but can figure the setup wizard password. When I click on "Forgot Password", it says the page does not exist. Any advice on what I am doing wrong? Thanks! Jim GameEx.ini runitgame.bat SetupWizard.log log.txt
  8. Sorry, I forgot to post my files. Thanks in advance! Jim GameEx.ini runitgame.bat log.txt
  9. Hello! I have been using GameEx for about 2 or so months and had some questions that I just can't seem to figure out myself. Any help would be appreciated. Getting hiscores to work. I had previously asked and was pointed to HeadKaze's awesome Mamecompiler64. I have tried to use the autodownload feature, downloaded the files myself and a combination of the two. I have completely uninstalled everything and re-installed. The latest error I am getting is: Testing Diff Patch... Assertion failed: hunk, file patch-2.5.4/patch.c, line 343 patching file src/emu/render.cpp This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information. Finished! 0 Hours 0 Minutes and 1 Seconds Elapsed. When I set up some of my console emulators, I cant figure out how to get the right game names to show up in the game list. As an example, when I added the Atari 2600 roms, I went through the setup wizard and I selected "Use database name". When I go to the game list, I get the rom file names and not the actual game names. I have been modifying the Arcade84 theme for my cabinet. I remember going to arcades as a teenager, and it really brings back a lot of memories. Anyway, the theme has a giant screen in the background and I was wondering if I could play videos on that screen. If I can, can somebody point me in the right direction. Another theme editing question. When the theme initially loads, the menu I have is transparent (i.e. you can read the words, but you can see through the list). When I click on the list or use the arrow keys to select something on the list, the list is no longer transparent and has rows of blue that I can't see through. Is there a setting where I can specify what the lists should look like. Lastly, I wanted to play around with Evolution but no longer can find the download file. Is it still available for Alpha testing? Can I sign up to be a tester? Sorry for the multitude of questions. Thanks, Jim Thanks, Jim
  10. OK, I am finally back from travel and have gotten pretty far with the compiler. I managed to get it to run all the way through and it listed an error in red on the second to last step (It took about 21 or so minutes). I noticed that I did not click "No warnings as errors" in Build Options. I clicked that option and hit go. Now I get a bunch of green (good) things and the same red errors after about 1 to 2 minutes. What am I doing wrong? I have downloaded a new version of MAME source code. Do I need to reinstall the MAME compiler tools? How about the Hi-Score diff patch? Here is the output that I got on my last run. The bolded lines are the errors. Any help would greatly be appreciated.
  11. I had no idea (this should not come as a shock to those that know me). I will take a look and install what you provided. Thanks! Jim
  12. I seem to be having trouble with the compiler. I will admit that I am not the most technical person. Here is what I did. I downloaded and installed the compiler from the link you provided. I downloaded and extracted MAME182 (the version of ROMs that I have) I downloaded the highscore diff file and put it in the proper folder When I hit apply patch, I get the following: Can you help? I tried compiling with the given errors but it works for about 8 or 9 minutes and then there wasn't any output (or none that I could find). Thanks in advance, Jim
  13. Thanks! I didn't realize that I had to do that. I will download headkazes utility and try it out. Thanks! Jim
  14. Hello! I am trying to setup some plugins. As an example, I downloaded the necessary files and checked the box in the setup menu to use hiscores, but nothing happens. After some research, I need to change a line in plugin.ini, but I can't find the file. I did a search and came up with nothing. Can anyone point me in the right direction or send me a copy of their file so I can edit it? Or I am just completely off-base and need to do something totally different. Thanks, Jim
  15. I am pretty sure that my ROM set matches the current version of MAME. Is there a way to verify? Thanks! Jim