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  1. Still unresponsive. What else can I check? Thanks! Jim
  2. The clock in Evo has 10:44, so I will come back to it after lunch. Thanks!
  3. Before it would give me the option to exit the program and I always did. Now I will wait. I can move the Evo window around the screen but I cannot click on anything within the window.
  4. Yes. I have .net framework 4.8 and I did a fresh install of the LAV codecs. Still having the problem but now Evo doesn't grey out and give the option to either wait or close the program, it is just unresponsive.
  5. No, I've never been able to get it to work. Although I recently changed computers and had to do a fresh install. Thanks! Jim
  6. Here are the files. I really appreciate the help! Jim [GAMEEXEVO_LAST_RUN_OUTPUT].7z [GAMEEXEVO_LOGS].7z
  7. Hello! I could use some help with getting Evo to play. After I clik on launch game, Evo locks up and I have to close it. I have run MAME with the game from the command line and it works. What should I look for? Thanks, Jim [GAMEEX_EVOLUTION].log [GAMEEX].ini
  8. jimdeprado


    This looks cool. Can't wait to try it out! Jim
  9. I am currently using MAME197. Thanks for the help! Jim
  10. Thank you again for launching Evolution! I have it up and running and I am working on adding MAME and a few emulators. Can you help with a few small things. 1. The progress bar shows up in the middle of my monitor regardless of where I have any open windows. Is this supposed to happen? 2. I can't seem to exit Evolution throught the main menu. I have to close it by clicking on the "X" in the upper right hand corner. 3. Is there an option to only show the MAME games where I actually have the ROMs. I know this was available in GAMEEx, but can't seem to find the same option in Evolution. 4. I really like the graphical interface in Evolution. Is there a way to reorder the order in which the emulators display? I could remove each emulator and add them back in the order that I want, but was looking for a simpler method. 5. Is there a set of instructions, similar to the GAMEEX setup page, where people with simple minds, like me, can figure out what everything means and what each setting will do? Thanks again! Evolution is simply AWESOME! Jim
  11. jimdeprado


    Thank you very much! I have it installed and I am setting up my emulators.
  12. jimdeprado


    Hello, I was on the site today and trying to update my GameEx to the newest version when I noticed that Evolution was out. Did I click on something that I shouldn't have? I did also recently receive an email with my license from Tom, so I'm wondering if Evo is officially out? Thanks, Jim
  13. I am using Windows 10 and have a Surface Pro 4 with Intel HD Graphics 520 card. I have DirectX 12 and have updated it per the link given above. Thanks all, but I have tried all the solutions above but nothing has worked so far. I will post on MAMEWorld and pass on the solution when I get it. Thanks Again! Jim
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