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  1. I'm so pleased to have found Games Database today and just wanted to say thanks all to those involved. My first computer was an Amstrad CPC 464 and then I 'upgraded' to a CPC 6128 with double the memory - i.e. 128K (yes kilobytes!) instead of 64. My next computer was an Amiga A500 Plus (talkin big stuff now with 1 MEG!). Whilst I now have a desktop PC and notebook etc I still think they were great computers with many good points. I have an emulator for both the Amstrad and Amiga the latter being Amiga Forever which came with the 'Lost Dutchman Mine' game. However despite being a legal copy it has a protection system bulit in which requires you to enter a certain word (eg page 10, line 5, word 3) from the manual. I have found a couple of copies of the manual online but they aren't set out in the original pages making them useless for my purposes. But eventually I found the Games Database site that had the manual in the original form with page numbers and having checked it - it works!! So yeah - well happy . Looking forward to finding other goodies on the site! Jase.
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