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  1. Make sure you got all the latest drivers installed. If not you may need a more powerful video card.
  2. Its supposed to. I think it is something that got broken along the way.
  3. I deleted the post by accident but thanks for letting me know about the image upload issue, whoever it was. Fixed now.
  4. You can cancel the paypal sub at any time you like and you will still get the term. Otherwise it will attempt to renew after a year.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure what the options are for that these days but it just uses the standard windows SPAI API. Thanks. Tom.
  6. After further investigation it turned out to be a bug in the authentication code. Ive put the ports back to how they were and port 21 is working fine now.
  7. Okay, done. Please test and let me know. Cheers. PS: Upload only has been moved to port 23.
  8. Are we talking about PBXRecorder or PBX? The two are unrelated, right? As for two FFPMEGs and PBX, it has to rotate the video mainly. It does two passes for performance reasons. Grabbing HD and UHD via GDI is slow.
  9. PS: Believe Windows 10 is just trying to be secure. Batch files still work with latest win 10.
  10. Okay. In witch case. Put something like this in the startup folder and delete what you have. Tested just a couple of days ago. Probably works straight out the box for you. StartGameEx.bat
  11. Game manager goes over web server, https. So ISPs would not throttle that. Again, I think ISPS just throttle FTP these days. Particular on residential lines.
  12. Attempted hacks on my sites has also increased in recent weeks too so that may be reason for a slow down. Must be popular. lol.
  13. Ive found issues with port 21 in recent years while SSH (normally port 22) works well. I believe the issue is that ISPs throttle port 21 and not 22 because it is ssh. Ill see what I can do and maybe move browsing and upload to another port. Then provide 22 too.
  14. Retroarch configs are now included in 16.11. Just so you know.
  15. Put it here instead: C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup
  16. Is this something that was working and now isn't?
  17. Newer mame version is the only way with Arcade Edition.
  18. I hear you but its kind of by design in arcade edition. Its always been like that as far as I know. Ill look into it though.
  19. In GameEx Arcade Edition left and right and as paging. Although paging keys should still work. I will look.
  20. A similar issue was reported and it turned out two instances of pinballx where running at the same time.
  21. I will check this myself too. GameEx did use new libraries for joystick with the move to sharpdx. It may not be reacquiring the devices correctly.
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