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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Noted. However the databases etc are an open system, you could code your own game manager and create the content too.
  2. Tom Speirs

    Guide button.

    I got a chance to set up a new GameEx rig for a 5 year old. Always nice to do that and it gives me a chance to fix issues. Hence a few fixes to GameLauncher mode in the latest release. Anyway just talking but I see the Guide button no longer works in latest Windows 10 to exit games or in any software other than windows itself. May be worth looking at different controllers going forward. Cheers. Tom. PS: Went with game launcher mode and no game info page just to keep it simple for the nipper. Got like 5 systems setup. No MAME arcade as I feel those games are a little hard. Bought a refurbished Dell OptiPlex 9020 mini for the box with a couple of AmazonBasic 360 controllers. Total around $300 US. Runs N64 and PSX perfectly even with a little upscaling. All Retroarch based.
  3. Is there a log file or is it a hard crash? It may not be the new version it could just be you installed 64 bit. I know with PinballX .NET framework 2 plugins still work so it should not be an issue.
  4. - Game Manager upgraded to .NET 4 - Project upgraded to Visual Studio 2019 View the full article
  5. - Game Manager upgraded to .NET 4 - Project upgraded to Visual Studio 2019
  6. Thanks for nailiing down the issue. now I can get it fixed. Thanks.
  7. Yes. I was referring to the "Run Screensaver" menu option in regards to manually running. That will determine if it is the timer/detecting input or an issue with the screensaver itself.
  8. Sorry for the delay. I generally cant duplicate any issues though. I will test with your specific settings shortly. Does it work if running manually? As for the op, did I suggest deleting the data\emu*.map files?
  9. Please upgrade and report back. Cant fix a bug in an old version, right,
  10. I cant duplicate the volume issue but the display issue is fixed in 16.06. Available shortly.
  11. I can duplicate the display issue.. working on it..
  12. Could you please post customipinut.ini too please.
  13. I guess it makes sense to provide older versions as there were platform updates. See attached, Hopefully you are someone else can work with me to fix any issues though, Thanks. GameExSetup.zip GameExSetupArcadeEdition.zip
  14. The Bypass disclaimer feature was also fixed for newer MAME versions so please try turning that off.
  15. Are you using 3d cabinets by any chance?
  16. I would rather fix the problem you are having. The Direct3d display library was changed in the latest release so that could be why. Sure I can fix it. Any more detail you can provide would be useful.
  17. You can simply rename or delete the executable.
  18. You are trying to change keyboard settings and not gamepad? Might be a silly question but ipac is a keyboard encoder not gamepad. If its not that you will need to get the log file and GameEx.ini off the cab and attach ithere. For Keyboard controls you need to enable custom input. Also clear the keys before setting as this acts as AND if I recall but might be wrong there, For the additional advanced keys you need also need to enable custom input.
  19. It looks like it is not starting at all according to your log and is hanging on running pinscape at startup.
  20. Sorry about that. Should all be good in 16.03 - now available.
  21. If not, at least launchbox got some nice free advertising and seo.
  22. Just so you know its best to create a nerw topic each time rather than assume. I don't believe your issue is related to a recent release as such. Did you do anything else such as install a new version of visual pinball? I am not sure dmd capture works with externall pinmame dll. It is working for me with latest release.
  23. It wasn't working in your previous logs but its working in the latest. It wont say gamesdb if its using emumovies. I am using it right now and its working fine for me.
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