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  1. You really want a full set for MAME. Then if there not showing up click audit games. You set the exit game key under controls and it should be as simple as that. I tested it recently because it was not working for me and it turns out it doesn't work over remote desktop solutions. is that the problem? Did you set the exit control?
  2. Its working for me. What are you trying to download?
  3. PS: I expect you will be out of luck with any product here on 1gb ram. GameEx lite may be your best bet but yeah upgrading the ram would be a good idea.
  4. Short answer on manual is no. Just try and then post if you have problems though. As for copying, you should be able to. All user data is stored in the aptly named userdata folder.
  5. You should only need to run pinballx as administrator if you are launching systems that are also set to launch as administrator. This should only apply to old versions of visual pinball. It has been noticed then some recent versions of vpx do have issues exiting and hang both from pinballx and when launched on there own. I am happy to look into this but my current thinking is that this is an issue with VPX rather than PinballX.
  6. Ill test it out when I get a chance. Thanks. Tom.
  7. Hey @kurmi That would be a feature request. Thanks. Tom
  8. My point is there is no official way implemented. We would need a load list or menu change event. You are kind of ahead of me.
  9. No problem. Don't expect Sega Rally in arcade edition though as its flagged as not working.
  10. I found a bug that is fixed now in 15.72 available shortly. This affected arcade edition with merged rom sets, It was missing games. Thanks,.
  11. It does this by default by veryfing. If you have an old version of mame or this setting is turned off then you will get all.
  12. I can confirm I can find no issues. If you wish to list all MAME games excluding mechanical but including all the junk and not working you should use regular GameEx and disable all the filters. Thanks. Tom.
  13. It shouldn't make any difference. neither should and don't normally crash like that. Fair enough though.
  14. Im testing with latest mame now. Sorry, your initial post was very vague and strange, You are saying there is issue with latest MAME version? I wasnt aware sega rally is now working in MAME. Are you sure it is just not a non working game? GameEx filters out a lot of games by default. Did you know that? You should get more than 2,200 games though which is why I am testing.
  15. well your using a very old version of mame and the ui version instead of the cmd line version. Thats your issue. Seems you changed this at some point. I don't know but what I addressed was an issue with a direct3d conflict. I cant duplicate the issue you have
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