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  1. Tom Speirs

    Can not start settings.exe

    I would try downloading and installing the latest version even if you did already. If you still have problems please post the logs and pinballx.ini Thanks. Tom.
  2. Tom Speirs

    What has changed since 2008?

    Hey, Id be interested to see it. Obviously backup. Id be interested to know about performance differences. As long as your graphics card isn't internal I would think youd be fine. Whether it will "Upgrade" I don't know. You may need a fresh install. It still supports windows XP etc for the moment.
  3. Tom Speirs

    Lots of Pinup Player Haters on Pinball X

    Thanks for the feedback. I usually try hard to not piss people off so not sure what is going on!
  4. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] No License?

    Hi, I sent out the updates by email If you or anyone didn't get it please contact me privately. Cheers. Tom
  5. Tom Speirs

    GameEx 15.45 still problems

    I did find a problem. Please try 15.46. Available in a few minutes.
  6. Tom Speirs

    GameEx 15.45 still problems

    I can't see any problems. Are your other emulators working?
  7. Tom Speirs

    GameEx 15.45 still problems

    I don't think this is down to the latest version but rather your emuiator setup for Future Pinball. I think its still open when returning to GameEx therefore causing conflicts. Try removing the quotes from "Future Pinball.exe"
  8. Tom Speirs

    PinballX 3.28 startup issue

    I think its an issue creating the backglass form. Probably because Flash is not installed or the wrong architecture version is installed. Try deleting c:\pinballx\flash.ocx (this might be a pain) then reinstall.
  9. Tom Speirs

    GameEx 15.44 problems

    Im not quite sure what happened there but its fixed in 15.45
  10. Tom Speirs

    Lots of Pinup Player Haters on Pinball X

    Thanks for the praise although Im not sure why anyone would hate PinballX or me but I guess you can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.
  11. Tom Speirs

    Slow emulator load times

    Is it any better? Please try turning off Bypassing MAME disclaimers.
  12. Tom Speirs

    Slow emulator load times

    Okay, can you please try the attached and post the log. Thanks. GameEx.zip
  13. Tom Speirs

    Startup Video in Backglass Monitor does not work

    Yes it is possible. Have you set a playfield video too. I think you need both for it to work.
  14. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] new gameex upgrade

    I uploaded again just to be sure. Otherwise your browser must be caching.
  15. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] new gameex upgrade

    15.42 is the latest now.