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  1. Probably not something I would add to PinballX but Ill get you a launch on start and exit script to hide and show icons.
  2. Im not sure I am with you, its blacked out for me and always has been. Could you provide the support files?
  3. Thanks for testing fellas. 3.92 is out. Should be back to 2 seconds and perhaps less. Thanks.
  4. Yes, it is downscaled but the ringing is an issue. Its fixed in 3.91. Available in a minute.
  5. Thank you. Maybe further improved with 3.89. As for position, no offence but its a little like feature creep to me. You could adjust the position by modifying the gif though.
  6. Could you see if it is any faster with 3.87 please? Thanks.
  7. Okay, so go into task manager (ctrl-alt-delete). The start new program (normally on file menu) then explorer.exe
  8. Just launch instant sheller again and click undo.
  9. I reverted xdmd in 3.85. Should all be good. Please try.
  10. I have pindmd3. Yes, of course logs. What exactly is not working, is it just in game or is the dmd not working at all? Is it PinMame in front end or just video and images?
  11. Im not entirely sure what happened but I just released 3.84 and its working for me.
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