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  1. Hi, Not sure what happened but could you please contact me directly. Thanks. Tom.
  2. Have not had a chance yet. Sorry.
  3. There is an option in the Setup Wizard - Audit Roms.
  4. Looks like gameex has been running non stop for a day in that log. Could you please post one with the issue you actually have?
  5. X arcade uses a keyboard encoder. It would be unlikely this is specifically an issue with gameex but more likely a hardware or Windows issue. Anyway, please post the files as requested.
  6. I'll take a look shortly and see if I can reproduce.
  7. It's okay. Take a better look. All 4 major products have had a release in the last 6 weeks.
  8. I guess you didn't look very hard? 2018!? Are you a troll? Your one post away from a ban for trolling
  9. Hey, Please contact me directly with any licensing issues. Otherwise, I expcet you do not have MAME configured correctly. To support that we need the GameEx logs not the MAME info. Thanks. Tom.
  10. It's probably windows 10 scaling. You can disable by accessing compatibility properties for each executable.
  11. The topic title in regarding to "Gaming PC" is a bit misleading. They are referring to the other Ryzen CPUs, not threadrippers in regard to that. Games currently rarely take advantage of threading but its good for other stuff.
  12. Odd. Maybe your system needed a reboot or something.
  13. Fixes flash instructions not loading after a few times. View the full article
  14. Fixes flash instructions not loading after a few times.
  15. That's an incomplete log too or a sign something odd is going on.
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