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  1. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] PinballX with LEDBlinky

    No worries. It's actually kinda funny!
  2. Glad we are all friends. Just so there is no misunderstanding I care an awful lot and am incredibly passionate and conscious about my work. Please understand someone like me doesn't want to hear stuff like that. Thanks. Tom
  3. Tom Speirs

    Need help!

    I can think of many ways where pinballx is better too but I'm professional and not a brat. Nothing is ignored here. Ignoring requires time and is a deliberate action. It's something I simply don't do. Good luck. Ps. I don't mind a bit of social chat but can we get down to business and just be allowed to build better products for the community. Does it really have to be handbags at dawn going on and My little pony is better than your cabbage patch doll? Lol Sorry if I'm rude but we are all too old for acting like little kids right?
  4. Tom Speirs

    Backglass peview not shown in PBX 3.x

    Please read up on the 64 bit changes in the latest pinballx. Thanks. Tom
  5. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] PinballX with LEDBlinky

    Hey. I'll try and get back to you soon. Thanks. Tom
  6. PBX won't exit after capturing all the DMD, Backglass and Table vids...

    Captured vids for all my tables, got it all laid out correctly and displaying for each game in the front end and it looks great!

    However... I now cannot exit PBX from the game select screen.  It all loads up and looks great, scrolls through all the games and changes all the vids accordingly.  BUT, you can't move backwards, only forward.  To exit, I've got to find the PBX icon in the tray on the DMD screen and hard close it.  When you select a game and play it, you cannot exit  back to PBX either...  You have to hit Q to quit VPX, then find the PBX tray icon and close it. 

    If you hit ALT TAB while you're playing a table, you can see the DMD and Backglass vids still running in the background along with the rom driven dmd for the table and the b2s backglass.

    Tried everything and spent hours trying to find a solution and re-loading all the programs with no success.  PBX worked great when all I had were screens of the DMD, BG and Tables, but I want all the vids running!

    Tried assigning the exit button to random other keyboard buttons, but I can't get anything to work and I'm thinking the background vids are messing something up.

    This is my first build, I'm hoping I've done something dumb and not checked a box somewhere, PLEEEEEEASE Help!


    1. Smiggedy


      Ok, one problem solved...

      I had "no" selected somehow on the exit screen settings selection.  Now VPT tables will exit to PBX, and PBX will exit itself pressing escape. 

      VPX tables will still not exit via pressing the escape key.  I'm pressing "Q" to quit the game, then ALT TAB and closing VPX.  It then will return to PBX.  Once the screens are set in my cabinet this won't be an easy task, hoping theres a fix out there as I'm just starting to load VPX tables to the game manager.

      It's probably something else I did causing it not to work, please point me in the right direction.


    2. Smiggedy


      Still can't figure out the VPX table issue...  All games will load and work in PBX, but VPX tables will not exit back to PBX for some reason.  Please help if you can!!!


  7. You can do this via editing PinballX.ini directly.
  8. Tom Speirs

    PinballX Crash When DirectB2B is Active In Settings

    It looks like you have a bad path set somewhere. Also, if you are trying to use B2S within PinballX you probably need to install the 32 bit version of PinballX since B2S is a 32 bit app.
  9. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] PinballX with LEDBlinky

    Could you please post the pinballx log too.
  10. Tom Speirs

    Loss of joystick input in 15.32

    Thanks for reporting back. I've not done much on your issues but will try to make audio reinitialize on return from game.
  11. I personally like being able to do a mass view and edit without having to click through on each item. A mass remove would be useful along with an auto add but in my opinion I like the design better.
  12. I'm listening but personally I found the Popper GUI far less intuitive and user friendly. It would nice to hear your views on what exactly you think could be improved. Mouse wheel, that should be easy to fix.
  13. Tom Speirs

    [PLUGIN] Game Tagger

    Let me know if I can help.
  14. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] Gameex not creating steamdatav2

    Fixed in 15.34. Now available.
  15. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] Gameex not creating steamdatav2

    No, not yet. Have not had time yet. I am looking at some of it right now.,