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  1. Tom Speirs

    PBX crash on exiting table

    For BAM and I believe with that it needs to be added to the future pinball command line. I also think /arcaderender is obsoleted with BAM.
  2. Tom Speirs

    Generate gamelist and directinput

    Ill check out the link. Although I want to keep RDP support how it is on my systems. No doubt the best and very useful for developing, Just not very useful for managing a live cab. Its a low priority change for Evo but the point is valid none the less for me as well as the op.
  3. Tom Speirs

    Annoying Bug

    Its because PinballX uses the .net class to read displays and the displays are not dynamically updated using this method. It is something I intend to look at.
  4. Tom Speirs

    Generate gamelist and directinput

    Connecting via RDP requires a windows login and login session and this happens upon connecting. This tends to crash most DirectX apps on both connect and disconnect although can't remember what it does for Evo. Its not a huge deal for Evo because of the Setup Wizard, I agree. Although, there is then no way to relaunch evo and disconnect. RDP is really pretty horrible if you are managing a cab.
  5. Tom Speirs

    Generate gamelist and directinput

    Just for remote access as the op talks about. Teamviewer as well as VNC. No disagreement RDP is the best experience. However, it is session/login based whereas other solutions are not.
  6. Tom Speirs

    Controls - Keyboard

    Might be a silly question, but you configured the controls in the setup wizard?
  7. Tom Speirs

    PBX crash on exiting table

    I think the command line requires /STAYINRAM
  8. Tom Speirs

    Atari system pack

    What did the error say exactly?
  9. Tom Speirs

    Controls - Keyboard

    I think he is saying the physical keyboard is not working?
  10. Tom Speirs

    Controls - Keyboard

    It should work. Probably a bug. Could you please post the complete support files? I believe there is an option in the setup wizard to grab them
  11. Tom Speirs

    Generate gamelist and directinput

    1. Try clicking "audit games" in the setup wizard. 2. Unfortunately, Evo only supports raw input. I feel your pain.
  12. Tom Speirs

    Clever SSID Thread

    The best real life one I saw. My buddy lives next door to a sex shop (not a really seedy one) and his SSID is "Dildos next door"
  13. Tom Speirs

    Lets not forget.

    Just messing with you buddy. Don't worry you are very far from alone. lol
  14. Tom Speirs

    Lets not forget.

    Or was it more about this? lol
  15. Tom Speirs

    Lets not forget.

    It is. lol.