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  1. PinballX 2.40 has been released and now officially includes integrated Pinball FX3 support. View the full article
  2. FX3 CAB support

    Can't hang around. Lots of competition these days
  3. FX3 CAB support

    Official PinballX support for Pinball FX3 in PinballX 2.40. Now available.
  4. Okay will do. The existing work and support people had done hadn't occurred to me. Will do today.
  5. Pinball FX 3 - How To

    Here are the settings for Pinball FX 3 with cabinet support using the in build Pinball FX settings in the setup wizard. [PinballFX2] Enabled=True WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Executable=steam.exe Parameters=-applaunch 442120 "-table_[TABLEFILE]" Process=Pinball FX3.exe
  6. I'm more in to producing bloat free these days. So it depends on demand.
  7. I think it was all but its each now.
  8. That setting is depreciated now. its replaced by the "change menu" in the front end.
  9. Pinball Arcade Direct Table Launch with Free Camera Mod!

    Just wanted to update the topic and say official Pinball Arcade support is working again in PinballX including direct table launch. See here:
  10. MAME System Pack

    Hi, the pack is looking for a full MAME rom set. This is normal behaviour. You can fake it by adding to your rom set.
  11. PinballX 2.39 This release has Pinball Arcade working again with the latest version of the software. Ensure to set the interface version as 4 in the Setup Wizard. Pinball Arcade Camera Mod is now directly supported as the launch target instead of the Pinball Arcade Executable and direct table launch is supported. This is automatically detected if the executable is the camera mod and the -table [TABLEFILE] parameters are used. Ensure that PinballX runs as administrator when trying to use the camera mod. Here is what the settings should like for direct table launch with the camera mod. Otherwise the latest version of Pinball Arcade is supported using grid selection with this release. [PinballArcade] WorkingPath=C:\TPAFreeCamMod Executable=TPAFreeCamMod.exe Parameters=-table [TABLEFILE] Process=PinballArcade11.exe Pinball FX is now also forcibly killed for those of you that had to have a launch after to kill the process. This should no longer be required. Pinball FX 3 release is just over a day away. I don't have access to a Beta but I am told these settings work with the Beta with cabinet support enabled: [PinballFX2] WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Executable=steam.exe Parameters=-applaunch 442120 "-table_[TABLEFILE]" Process=Pinball FX3.exe
  12. Tom, I need technical support with Convert-It.

  13. [NEWS] GameEx 14.90

    It seems I needed to catch up on what Last FM does now and I can't see why a last FM addin wouldn't be a good thing.
  14. [RESOLVED] Emumovies Discount With GameEx?

    It still exists. Feel free to contact me.