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  1. Hi, Please do the same log with the latest version. Thanks. Tom.
  2. Could you please post the full log with the issue happening with the latest verison. Thanks.
  3. PinballX 3.43 released. Fixes for Visual Pinball 10. View the full article View the full article
  4. PinballX 3.43 released. Fixes for Visual Pinball 10. View the full article
  5. Just wanted to say as far as the code goes I can see absolutely zero reason how this could happen. Attract mode basically does nothing different when displaying a title in PinballX. So if the title is fine outside of attract but different in attract mode I have no idea unless it is in fact a different title being displayed. Is that possible?
  6. I am not sure why this is suddenly happening if it is not a windows or other system issue but I would suggest ensuring your emulators are setup and working in the Setup Wizard itself outside of the front end.
  7. Tom Speirs

    Dmd not working

    Log file and ini please. Any more detail about what changed on your system?
  8. Probably installed 64 bit version and running 32 bit pinmame. There also was a bug in a release last week but 3.42 should be good. Log would sure if you are running it.
  9. PS: There are a few in the midlands. One ran off with my cab and one ran off to make his own frontend. lol. There's also a highly skilled flashy spectrum coder in Northampton.
  10. Looks cool. Decent collection. Sorry though I am just a southern softie Essex boy!
  11. I've rreleased 3.42 which contains the fixes. Thank you for your help.
  12. Im actually pretty sure its resolved. Thanks.
  13. So can you confirm they are all loading now?
  14. I think the issue is when its hiding the editor window. I've disabled that. Try the attached please. PinballX.zip
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