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  1. Gameex not recognizing gif files

    Yes, I don't think GIF are supported as preview snaps. You could always convert the gif files with Convert-It though.
  2. Landscape - Horizontal mode - Question on Art

    Be aware if you are using "Desktop mode" the front end uses different media folders. If you are in Landscape but not in "Desktop mode" It uses the regular media locations. I expect that is it.
  3. GameEx Arcade Edition

    They are simply titled Video_Themes_MP4. You can get them in four ways: 1. From the EmuMovies FTP 2. From the EmuMovies Sync utility. 3. Let GameEx download them automatically in the background. 4. Launch the GameEx artwork downloader shortcut. For the latter two enter your emumovies credentials in the setup wizard.
  4. [PLUGIN] LCD/LED Plugin 2.86

    Thanks Ben. Missed this eariler.
  5. GameEX Arcade Edition Basic Frontend Questions.

    1: You can add and remove items from the list but not change the look too much. You can change a few things such as the font and background. 2: The synopsis can be removed. As for the look just need the artwork.
  6. Windows update broke real color dmd videos

    I wasn't even aware you could have a monitor DMD and real DMD playing at the same time. Sounds like it is not detecting your real DMD. Check drivers etc.
  7. PinballX 2.62: Breaks VPinMame in VP/VPX

    Its there.
  8. PinballX 2.62: Breaks VPinMame in VP/VPX

    2.65 is available now. I reverted back to the older directx wrapper api.
  9. Please Help! Getting Fatal Error...

    Please upgrade to 2.65
  10. Windows update broke real color dmd videos

    2.64 has issues. Could you please upgrade to 2.65 Thanks.
  11. PBFX2 DirectX Error w/2.64

    No worries. Obviously as usual the project is in active development so I will get to it soon but yes there seem to be some directx conflicts for some setups. It works fins for me too but I am a bit behind also.
  12. PBFX2 DirectX Error w/2.64

    Best just to roll back to 2.50 for now. I'm offering it as default. 2.64 has quite a few issues I need to address.
  13. register

    hey, please contact me privately if I didn't already deal this for you,
  14. The theme movie videos are from emumovies.com Cheers. Tom
  15. FTP Server download speed

    No, it just depends where you are located in your case. Its much faster for folks in Europe.