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  1. bug

    Disable "Full screen windowed"
  2. The issue is there is only one person that can answer the trickier questions and that is me. I could only provide a higher level of support if there was a charge per case like how Microsoft does things. Apart from the reason nobody would like it, I don't do it because I can't to be setting up ROMS and tables for people. What issue are you referring to exactly or are you just trying to make some kind of statement? You do realise that no hardware or software business provide one on one support for free anymore? You may get through to India if you are lucky with some of them but I can't afford to operate a call centre and if I did it would still only be me that could really help.
  3. just drop it.
  4. Hi, This is not currently possible in PinballX. Thanks. Tom.
  5. No, sorry.
  6. You are looking for the "show game information" setting. The video themes are from
  7. I will try that game and see if I can duplicate the issue. PS: I don't believe earlier versions of GameEx have better Daphne or Steam support.
  8. Working fine here.
  9. Is there a particular game that is not showing up that is not too expensive to buy?
  10. Ill do a fresh steam install here and test. See if its just you or not. Cheers. Tom
  11. I see a lot of this in the log: Invalid or filtered path: Are you able to indentify what those games are?
  12. Its not though
  13. And @me too as far as I know!? Although happy to be the unsung hero. lol.
  14. Again, it should be seamless. If something got broken in a steam update then you need to wait for me to fix it. if its an issue on your end then you should post your log. You don't need a guide
  15. It should be automatic. No complexity involved. Maybe something got changed in a new version of the Steam client.