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  1. Just wanted to point out that this is a powerful addition. It can allow control of GameEx and PinballX in lots of ways. It does not require additional hardware. As well as Google assistant, it should work well with many cloud services including Cortana, and Alexa. For common uses use an account at https://ifttt.com. View the full article
  2. Its normal, although get that its not ideal. Cheers.
  3. Yes, wrong forum but easy to move. Answer is only one time.
  4. Or are you just saying two audio files are playing at the same time? Is this a bug or just a peroneal preference thing?
  5. Weird. I thought I already fixed this issue. It only affected windows 7 if I recall. Ill build a VM and see if I can duplicate the issue.
  6. Fair enough, Most people use B2S with visual pinball on cabinets. I guess you got a desktop setup or went a different route,
  7. Version 2.00


    MNGer is media player for MNG videos/animations. It associates MNG files with the player upon setup, and is a very quick, nice easy way to play MNG videos, and also plays supporting audio files (MP3, M4A, OGG, WAV, AIF) if available Its simple to setup, configure and simple to use, and works just like any basic Media Player. After setup either launch the application, or just double click on a MNG file to play. Usage: Launch application and select MNG Drag and drop MNG file Open a MNG in Windows Explorer Open from the command line '-fullscreen' plays the MNG full screen and exits when MNG is complete '-fixaspect' attempts to detect video orientation and fix the aspect ratio to 4:3 or 3:4 '-hidemouse' hides the mouse pointer e.g. mnger.exe c:\mame\snap\1942.mng -fullscreen -fixaspect For anyone interested MNG is an open source / open license image animation format developed by the same people that developed the PNG image format. It was meant to replace the CompuServe GIF image format that at the time had some people worried about its licensing and is limited to 8 bit color. Time has gone by, MNG never became mainstream along with APNG and GIF is still well alive.
  8. Its because you have the game set to show the backglass as shown in the log. Hide backglass is the default and should normally never be changed for visual pinball. PS: Different issue should be new topic.
  9. Thanks for reporting the issue and sorry for the delay. The issue is fixed in 16.27, available in about 20 minutes. Cheers. Tom,
  10. This stands out: 18:57:09.60 17/02/2020: Total verifyable roms: 0 18:57:09.60 17/02/2020: Verify ROMs took 0 minutes, 0 seconds. Probably due to the old MAME version.
  11. Hard to fix bugs or troubleshoot an old version that I don't even use buddy.
  12. Its just settings here but are you talking about within PinballX or the launched table?
  13. 15th February 2020 - Instant Sheller Version 1.10 Includes an implementation of HackBGRT to change the boot logo on Windows 10 UEFI installs (requires secure boot to be disabled). Improved dialog boxes to restart system. Brand new feature to allow command arguments to be set on a shelled application and the ability to undo and reboot on windows startup by tapping the U key. Fixes app locking up on applying and undoing settings. View the full article
  14. Thanks for the update. Just so Thanks for the update. Just so you know you are posting cache settings from the ini though, not the actual config. The actual config would be under the section [EMULATOR_21] The main thing to note here though is the ROMS in folders setting which has been updated in more recent times to support this.
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