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  1. Hi, It accounts for downloads in several ways I believe, including IP address. If you are using a shared proxy server or popular VPN or otherwise trying to protect your identity that could be an issue if you have not contributed. To be clear there is a fair limit for people who have not paid and this is to encourage people to pay, so the forum, the sites, and software will continue as long as there is still demand and people wish it to continue. Thanks. Tom. PS: If none of that applies and you wish me to spend time and investigate further please let me know.
  2. Im so glad you figured it out. When I went to bed last night I was thinking, oh my god, what the hell did I screw up! lol.
  3. Improvements and fixes to Gamelauncher mode Default theme images have been upscaled and quality has improved. View the full article
  4. Improvements and fixes to Gamelauncher mode Default theme images have been upscaled and quality has improved. View the full article
  5. Please post the log file and PinballX.ini
  6. Try it out. I know you haven't.. It is a different interface completely on its own.
  7. Could you please post a log file? Im having trouble understanding you a little. So you are not talking about automatic updates? Are you sure it is not installing to a different folder?
  8. Hi, There are platform updates in version 16.00 so auto updates are disabled for the moment. You should just be able to do a manual download and install. Is that not working for you?
  9. Its just regular GameEx. Theres a couple more improvements to it in 16.08.
  10. PS: Note you have to device manager - update driver - pick manual etc. Good to find a solution to this. Works for anything else too that uses the guide button.
  11. Okay, I found the solution to the guide button. What you need to do is find an older driver for the controller. I attach one for XBOX One wired USB which works for me now. xb1usb.11059.0.140526x64.zip
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Noted. However the databases etc are an open system, you could code your own game manager and create the content too.
  13. Tom Speirs

    Guide button.

    I got a chance to set up a new GameEx rig for a 5 year old. Always nice to do that and it gives me a chance to fix issues. Hence a few fixes to GameLauncher mode in the latest release. Anyway just talking but I see the Guide button no longer works in latest Windows 10 to exit games or in any software other than windows itself. May be worth looking at different controllers going forward. Cheers. Tom. PS: Went with game launcher mode and no game info page just to keep it simple for the nipper. Got like 5 systems setup. No MAME arcade as I feel those games are a little hard. Bought a refurbished Dell OptiPlex 9020 mini for the box with a couple of AmazonBasic 360 controllers. Total around $300 US. Runs N64 and PSX perfectly even with a little upscaling. All Retroarch based.
  14. Is there a log file or is it a hard crash? It may not be the new version it could just be you installed 64 bit. I know with PinballX .NET framework 2 plugins still work so it should not be an issue.
  15. - Game Manager upgraded to .NET 4 - Project upgraded to Visual Studio 2019 View the full article
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