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  1. Tom Speirs

    Recording problems

    You are not resetting those values you are telling the program "what they already are, because it does not know"
  2. Tom Speirs

    Recording problems

    Im not sure how to explain it in other way. Maybe its lost in translation. Sorry. I can see its not doing it according it according to your log.
  3. Tom Speirs

    Recording problems

    Did you see my reply? Looks like you not enabled GeForce capture in pinballx because you don't understand how it works. Again for the driver capture (GeForce experience) you are telling PinballX what those values actually exist to be already not what you want them to be.
  4. Tom Speirs

    Recording problems

    The reason you need to set the driver capture to match Geforce Experience is simply because there is no way to find out what these values are. You are simply setting them to match so PinballX can send keystrokes. There is no other way to accees Geforce Experience through an API or code that I am aware of or have found. PinballX is not setting these values. You are telling it what they are. Your other things all relate to performance or probably because videos already exist which I understand and will look at.
  5. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    No worries buddy. (Perhaps you can get me a job!?)
  6. Just to let folks know if they wanted to display instructions on an additional monitor at all times and even when tables are launched they can use the new Apron display support. You could use this instead of a topper display setup in PinballX and it will display instructions at all times if they exist.
  7. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    Found it. It wasn't working with custom systems. Fixed in 3.22, available shortly.
  8. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    I wonder if its because its setup as a custom system otherwise not sure. Do the highscores show under "information"? Please post statistics.ini
  9. Tom Speirs

    PinballX launch problem

    Install and uncheck the x64 option. Or delete flash.ocx and install again.
  10. Tom Speirs

    FX3 tables crashing to PBX menu after launch

    Please try attached. (64 bit) PinballX.zip
  11. Tom Speirs

    [RESOLVED] How to : High scores on real DMD ?

    Its on by default. Removing the setting from the ini will just turn it on. It does require a pinmame rom supported by pinemhi. The table needs to be launched (since the feature was introduced I believe). It either plays after the video has completed once or if displaying an image after displaying the image after 8 seconds. Both real dmd and normal monitors are supported.
  12. Tom Speirs

    Can't get individual files to open but all emulators work

    Please post the logs after you have attempted to duplicate the issue. ie launch the games that don't work then post the log. Is this something that did work and now isn't? You have added lots of systems. Perhaps just work on getting one to work at all before anything else. Its hard to troubleshoot simply "it doesn't work". Thanks. Tom.
  13. Tom Speirs

    Bug medias backglass since update 3.30

    As mentioned in the 3.30 release notes the screen number handling has been improved and changed. Please check your display settings in the setup wizard. Previous versions were more forgiving with mistakes too.
  14. Tom Speirs

    FX3 tables crashing to PBX menu after launch

    Please try 3.29 again. The person who started this topic just said the previous version has the same problem. Maybe steam did an update. It was reported in another topic that the exe process name may have changed. Im not able to test right now though.