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  1. That's probably my bad. I removed the settings from the setup wizard because AdvanceMAME is dead now and has been some time. The settings are still functional just not in the GUI with the setup wizard. You will need to mess with gameex.ini unless someone wanted to make a tool to set it up as I had guessed that's what RocketLauncher would do.
  2. Its okay. Me too
  3. Should be good now but please change your password as your account might have been abused. Like I said, this didn't happen by accident.
  4. Those settings are for after a table is launched, not within PinballX. Cheers. Tom.
  5. Should definitely all be good now. I do apologise. Basically I was away.
  6. I can duplicate this. Is fixed in 2.31 available shortly.
  7. Thanks Draco, quite right need the log.
  8. I will look at it shortly.
  9. You guys win. The expiry is removed with 2.30. Uploading now.
  10. Versions no longer expire as of this release. Yay!
  11. The issue is resolved with 14.71. Now available. I was right that the setup was not installing some required libraries.
  12. Its probably password leaking protection. This will happen if you have accessed the FTP from many different locations (IP addresses) within a couple of days and it is literally many.
  13. Obviously But I would get more complaints if it went paid instead.
  14. I think you have your facts slightly wrong there. 2.29 definitely does not expire as far as I can see. Just wanted to correct you on that. I get people are pissed and I am not exactly happy about what happened but lets hold off on the drama a bit please but not blaming you for getting it wrong.
  15. You should contact me directly with any registration issues. You can simply reply to the email.