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    Prices drastically reduced due to the weak British pound. Get it while you can at this price and help out a one man small business at the same time. Store here. View the full article
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    $3 webcam?! If you want a webcam get it now. Even now ebay is your only choice! That goes for anything non essential too. Get it now if it is important to your mental health. I actually feel very privileged and lucky too. Although I normally do. I don't currently see any problems with here staying open either as things are just so you know. I [plan to keep very busy too. Im blessed to be able to do that. Im just helping my sister move her work to purely online then im back to this stuff. What do you think of what I have done? https://sue.speirs.net
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    Prices drastically reduced due to the weak British pound. Get it while you can at this price and help out a one man small business at the same time. Store here. View the full article
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    I found a simple solution for Teamviewer : On the cab I use the "Teamviewer Host" This has a service running (TeamViewer). Before I start the Video creation, I stop the Teamviewer service. This disconnects my session and the video's creating are good. when this is finished, I start the service again and i can continue (only need to reconnect)
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    If there is a positive I can grab for now, seeing my sisters coming together after years of estrangement is something I wasn't expecting. I
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    Keep up the great work @hansolo77 and try not to let the assholes out there bring you down! Surprisingly, it seems down in my neck of the woods that people are actually being more kind to one another. Amazing how such a reality check can show you how unimportant so many things we get tore up over really are. @stigzler, that's really scary dude! Hoping speedy recovery for you with an extremely extended purple patch
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    @hansolo77 - you, buddy, are one of the front-line. All the focus is on the NHS (and i know it well - it doesn't surprise me - it is its own best promoter ), but there's an army of other's that will be needed over the next 6 months to a year. Food manufacturers, deliver drivers, logistics firms, IT people, pharmaceutical manufacturers etc etc. These are all heroes. Thanks for the risks you're taking, Hans. @RIP-Felix - I do take your points about how this throws 'market forces' into relief and it's maybe a real opportunity to stop and ask "wait, what do we really need?" Things like a 4 day working week and basic universal income may become more "considerable" if we manage to exist through 6 months of difference. However, my understanding is that this is a true pandemic, and not linked with the usual suspects - 3 times more potent than flu and also on a similar contagion scale to thresholds for such a classification. Apparently, we tend to get 3 a century and one was due. Good point about global warming! In some ways this is simpler than that - limit contact and transmission + we're done in a set period of time. Now, asking people to invest in the short term to save in the long term - that's a different issue (especially when 'value' is commonly linked to money, not quality of life). As I sit here in my warm house with food in my fridge, I feel privileged. There are refugees and people in significant poverty out there who have no access to medical services, can't avoid residential overcrowding. These are the people we need to be thinking about. Oh yeah - and you IT guys - you're also the front line. What a fantastic opportunity for innovations. Raspberry Pi zeros, a $10 LCD screen and a $3 webcam, anyone? < steps off soap box
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    Try being me guys. I work in a grocery store deli. It has been HORRIBLE for me. Please be kind, considerate, respectful, and THANKFUL for those of us putting our lives on the line working every day to make sure you get your necessities. Hat's off to you @stigzler. Hang in there buddy. As for the rest of you, please just take a moment to thank those workers on the front lines making sure your family gets what it needs. We don't need pissed off people arguing at us about why something isn't the way it is. We're doing our best. We know we're out of stock already, you don't have to tell us lol.
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    On a serious note (honestly) I would all urge you all to look after yourselves. I've been battling with this as over the past week or so- how seriously to take this. I was hospitalised last year and received two diagnoses of chronic conditions: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Wegeners (a respiratory condition). I'm presently on immuno-supressants. It made me realise how fragile health is. However, I'm also still going out to pick up groceries (I live alone) and thinking about how I'm goign to do my job when I go back to work next week (I work for the NHS). Someone I respect has just told me to take this all very seriously (and he's no drama queen), so I'm think I'm going to "Shield" myself away. Funny really, if you'd have told me 4 weeks ago that I was going to have to lock myself indoors, order in all the time and have no contact with people, I'd have advised you that you'd just described heaven. Now it tastes a little sour.... Look after yourselves, guys - I suspect there may be a few chronic, auto-immune or respiratory conditions amongst us - let those who it wont effect do the leg work for once. Well enough seriousness nor now. I'm off to give myself a peanut.
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