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    Made and designed this myself. Thanks to GameEx Arcade and Marque Masher. It was a priority to have a great vertical play space and thanks to GameEx this was possible. Having a nice 32" vertical (equals about 20" diagonal for landscape game) with an active marque is a dream come true for all classics. Did a retro pixel theme with the wood. Hopefully it looks retro and like nice furniture at the time. I did the bezel bellow the standard bezel because I wanted the user/player to enjoy the visual while they were playing. Original bezels were made for locating from a ways off in traditional cabinets, and the brilliant art was often missed or ignored. Not now Standard ArcadeX controller. I'm going to do a design/project build on YouTube at some point. Anyway here is a vid I made for friends to see. Sorry for the quality. I shot it low light so the RGB would shine with my Go-Pro. So bad low light quality, and sweet fish-eye just the the astronauts use.
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    Version 4.06


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    This plugin will display a clock (time or date & time) in PinballX. If you've seen the statistics display plugin then this plugin will look familiar, like that plugin you can choose the location and appearance of the clock, with background as transparent, image or colour etc. You can choose to display the clock in PinballX all the time or only in attract mode, it is always hidden when a game is launched. That's pretty much all there is to it, no more excuses for not having the tea ready when your better half returns home from the bingo! Installation Extract the contents of the zip file into your PinballX\Plugins folder, unblock the dll file if required (https://www.limilabs.com/blog/unblock-dll-file) and then enable the Clock plugin in plugin manager. Make sure you change the display config to match your setup and preferences. Configuration Display Window Details Section Use the options in this section to change the location and appearance of what is displayed. X Position, Y Position - Top left co-ordinates for the window to be displayed from Width, Height - Display window size. If you set a screen size too small to display all lines of the selected data then the text will scroll upwards. This is useful if you want a single line displayed with changing text, in that case size the window according to your selected font and Preview the window to fine tune sizing. Rotation - Use the up/down arrows to rotate the displayed window (0,90,180 or 270 degrees), useful to display on Playfield screens (note that if doing so this will not be compatible with PinballX running in exclusive fullscreen mode) Display Font - Font type, colour and size used Centre Text Horizontally - Centre align text in the display window Colour, Transparent, Image - Set background Colour, to Transparent or use Image (note that images are stretched/squeezed to fill your selected display window size) Opacity - Overall opacity of the displayed window Preview - click to preview the display location and selected font and colour options Date Time Format Pick the format of time (or date & time) you want to display. Note that exact formats will depend on your region, and can be adjusted in Windows. Alternate Display - If you select to display a date and time format you can check this box to alternate between the two. Attract Mode Check this box to display the clock only in PinballX attract mode. Issues If you have any issues then please attach the PinballX.ini, Log.txt & statistics.ini files as well as the plugins PBXClock.ini & PBXClock_log.txt files along with a description of the problem. Thanks Thanks to Mike_da_Spike for testing and suggestions, Tom Speirs for PinballX and Adultery for the plugin template. Changes 28/11/19 V1.0.0 Initial release PBXClock V1_0.zip
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    I am thankful for the friendships made and comradery that we have had in the forums over the years. My wish for you is that you are able to spend quality time with your friends and family and find peace for the remainder of this year and the start of the next. This year has been a difficult one having suffered some health setbacks and losses - both familial and friends. I am thankful for those that remain and make sure to let them know. I am thankful for every day that I am on the right side of the earth as that means an opportunity to overcome some of the obstacles in my way and better survive the ones over which I have no control. I am thankful that I have my beautiful wife Alicia and an awesome God that has shown a way to get through adversity when I could not. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
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