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    Are you having problems with VPX, DOF or other applications used with PinballX not working after a recent Windows 10 update? Are you using Windows Defender to protect your system? Did you know that you can add an exclusion in Windows Defender to keep the app from being inadvertently disabled?
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    It is already solved, I put the png images of loading and delete the gif and it is already solved Thank you
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    Version 0.91


    Instant Sheller: It allows you to one click shell GameEx or any other front end. Its for Windows XP Service pack 2 and above, Vista, Windows 7 and the latest versions of Windows 10. It also requires the .net framework 2 service pack 1 or above. It features a one click ‘Undo’. Updated May 2018 for support for the latest versions of Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. For Windows 10 Enterprise it can completely hide everything. For those that need to be told and don't understand what this is, this software is use at your own risk.
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