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    New and improved table loading image support. Animated GIFs are supported again and there are now two modes for loading images (configured under general settings). You can use the existing loading image/video mode or the new playfield image mode. With the new mode it will either use a playfield image or take a snapshot of your playfield video. Then either use a default or one of your own animated gifs which is then overlayed and animated with a fade in. The result looks pretty slick in my opinion and this is a highly requested feature. Note that animated GIFs are now auto rotated if required and regular images at 0 degrees should be used. Note, if you have an unusually long animated GIF the number of frames may be clipped. The fade in of loading images is now done on a thread and games may load a little quicker too. There are also some blitting optimizations to avoid slow done on a UHD 4k display. Enjoy!
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    Also noticed the black screen with a bit of delay, i assume it is the snapshot of the 4k playfield video that takes time. @Tom Speirs I still have 4k playfield images in the the table images folder (a hangover from when i used them as a base for loading images). Could pinballx use those (if present) instead of taking a snapshot of the table video? (if that's what takes the time). Thanks.
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    Do you have "hide dmd" checked in game manger per table ? If this option is unchecked, the dmd remain from pbx over vpx. The next screenshot will keep the dmd and the backglass from pbx
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    Plugin updated to V2.1 in first post following PinballX 3.76 release that has inbuilt support for playfield image capture and gif overlay during loading - see release note https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23261-news-pinballx-376/ If using PinballX loading media mode the plugin will do no processing (so no overhead if you forget to disable it after changing modes), if using loading videos/images it will process as before but also rename gif files at startup and exit to prevent them being picked up by pinballx in error. Also changed from .net 2.0 to .net 4.0
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    Should all be fixed in 3.77. Thanks for your help.
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    Fixes back glasses not showing on recent versions of Visual Pinball 10 and B2S server. Video capturing now uses Nvidia hardware encoding if available greatly speeding up the process on capable systems.
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    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that there is a new version of PINemHi released. This new version includes all the hiscores for the newer STERN roms (SAM) and is compatible with vpinmame version 3.0 You can overwrite the files in your pinballx directory , you only have to setup the paths in pinemhi.ini to your visual pinball and or future pinball directory's 1240 roms are supported for visual pinball and all for future pinball. For visual pinball that means roughly 425 games that are supported. Dna Disturber PINemHi 1.3.1.zip
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