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    Yes, if its running and you are logged in.
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    Great build and write up! @Mike_da_Spike I'm just switching over from digital nudge and plunge to a vituapin v3 plunger kit. I've gone through calibration and now set nudge threshold in virtuapin controller to 0 and tilt sensitivity in VPX to 900. I still need to dial in the numbers a bit but it's a good start, did you tweak any other settings on your setup? Thanks.
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    Excellent work Thanks for taking the time to share your build with us!
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    Nothing short of any amazing pincab construction write up! Thanks so much for sharing the details of your journey!
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    Still would really like to see a scrollable popup keyboard using the flipper keys that would allow you to quickly jump through the tables. Something like hit popup button, A B C D E F ... Z are displayed. Hit the flipper button to scroll to letter and press launch to select. You jump to first table with that latter in your table list. Once you get a ton of tables even scrolling page by page takes a long time.
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