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    Son of a... good Bosco score, Cynicaster! MO is hoping to take advantage of the time extension. It doesn't look good for MO.... Happy New Year guys! This league is entering its 7th year!!! I love it! Keep those scores coming, guys!!
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    Version 1.0.0


    More than 450 MegaBalls for Visual Pinball, Future Pinball or Pinball Arcade. First delivery with the tables that I use in Visual Pinball. Will be added tables that I do not use, exclusive tables of Future Pinball, tables that have left recently in TPA, etc. --------------------------------------------- Más de 450 MegaBalls para Visual Pinball, Future Pinball o Pinball Arcade. Primera entrega con las mesas que yo uso en Visual Pinball. Se añadirán mesas que yo no uso, mesas exlusivas de Future Pinball, mesas que han salido hace poco en TPA, etc. MegaBall.psd
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    Hi all, I just finished building my pinball cabinet a couple of months ago. I started out setting up PinballX with the 69 Pinball FX2 tables I had previously purchased. Thanks to a lot of great community members, I found outstanding backglass and playfield videos and wheel images. However, I had difficulty finding color DMD videos that would work with my Pin2DMD display. I don't know if this is a common problem for Pin2DMD owners, but I created videos for the FX2 tables I own and wanted to share them in case they are useful to others. I've also attached one of the videos as an example. I know a lot of folks have moved on to Pinball FX3, but I've held off until they work out the issues I've read about with cabinet support. I've uploaded the videos to the PinballX FTP site in the "/-PinballX-/Other Uploads/TommyBee/Media/Pinball FX2/Real DMD Color Videos" folder. There is a "Readme.txt" file there that explains the contents. To use the videos with PinballX, copy the contents of the "NO_TITLES" or "TITLES" subfolder on the FTP site to your PinballX's "Media/Pinball FX2/Real DMD Color Videos" folder. Enjoy! Tommy Alien_Isolation.avi
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    @Luigimaker: you're absolutely right. I've just unpinned the old game list. It's now on page 4. This is the one to go @hansolo77: you're by no means a backup moderator. We're absolutely equal as a mod. We've both started this High score forum and I absolutely appreciate it you've kept things running more than over a year. You're free to change things and take decisions buddy ! I'll always be around and I'm still planning to have a comeback and start moderating this forum together again @Draco1962: I also appreciate Han's loyalty. He's a great dude ! ....and I hope you don't consider me dead yet haha. Like I said in my remark above...Han is free to change things and take decisions. And....I'll be back. I'll always love arcade games and this Highscore forum both Han and I have setup. @hansolo77: I've already unpinned the old games list and updated the first post of this thread with a nice banner. I've also adjusted the text a bit. It's a perfect list to work with. User friendly ! Great work Han ! ---------------------- Message to all: Maybe I should share with you guys why I've been away so much...October 2015 I started dating a girl (Simone) and now two years later we're married and have a 8 weeks old baby daughter (Emma). It has been a hectic two years and pretty much a roller coaster. Changing from a single guy to a married man and father of a daughter. The best thing that has ever happened to me ~ GC
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