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    It's still in active development. I've seen some pretty cool things happening, can't say much more than that. Rest assured it's still a thing!
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    Now that's Galactic Dancing! MO.
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    Future Pinball This is a video of a small selection of the many fantastic Future Pinball tables running in attract mode on Pinball X. Note: I had to edit EVERY table myself to get those "extras" to fit into the 4th display area. Some (like SLAMT1LT's movie clips, custom DMDs) I just had to re-size, re-locate and layer correctly. Others, I had to make my own custom overlay / title / score ,etc. This is done by splitting the 3rd screen in two with the bezel. Pinball X just shows what I want for both sections via a picture or video for the "DMD" screen. (Pinball X only supports 3 screens for now) The DMDs are displayed using Future DMD (while playing Future Pinball) I captured live gameplay footage of all 3 screens simultaneously using OBS MP. The gameplay on alot of these tables (SLAMT1LT's tables / MODS in particular) show alot more than what you see here as these tables are just in attract mode in this video. Thanks to the MANY contributers / creators of these amazing tables.