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    GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.66 Improvements and fixes to MAME list update. Ensures only arcade games are listed now. Fixes some games missing including Neo-Geo. Cosmetic and layout improvements to GameEx Arcade Edition running at 640x480 and at 4:3 aspect Updated MAME support files. View the full article
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    Yeah, sure, I know. But I think both tables are complete crap. Champions: who can really stand those voices and the story is childish and weak. Game play is ok, but without passion. There is no real pinball feeling. A-Force* is quite ok, but the ridiculous story (an alternative world dominated by the Russians?). And then English words in a russian font?? Sorry, I love the comic's sometimes strange logic, but this is dumb. Stupid dialogues complete this nonsense. Actually I'm a bit disapointed by the direction ZEN goes with newer tables by concentrating on licensed themes. E.g. the Bethesda suite: I do NOT need lots of menues to choose, if I want more power, shield, amo (or whatever todays gamers need to be thrilled) in a PINBALL TABLE. I want ACTION. If Doom wouldn't be so cool, rich of action and thrilling to me, I wouldn't have made a BG Vid for one of the Bethesda suit. They made a lot of superbe tables for licensed themes (IMHO Star Wars almost all of them, Marvel many of them, Aliens cool in itself), but at the moment I don't get in touch with what they toss out. Maybe, because I don't know those themes at all, but anyways: Pinball has to work in itself. At the moment I tend to focus on some of the older stuff (their originals like Bio Lab**, Excalibur, Castle Storm, Pasha) because I LIKE AND PLAY THEM Sorry for the exitement. Just my two cents. *: anybody has a good image, that really fits to this table? Not the one with She-Hulk in front (which is cool in itself but does not fit at all for this table)? I already searched the net, but... **: I wanted to make this since a long time, but couldn't find anything, that fits.
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    The Infinity Gauntlet: based one of the static backglass images from "hyperpin", which he shared here. Modded a bit... no grill with grill think these are ok again, if not, tell me.
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    @Evilforces - You can now run it from Repository Manager, too.
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    V1.2.0 - "I'm having so much fun, I nearly wet 'em" edition. 1.2.0 Added feature to allow you to choose install folder for the CustomLists root Can also choose the image for the Root customlist Added picture viewer Added ability to change default icons Tightned up the browser at bottom left Cleaned up the CustomMenu.ini production. No more sloppy keys Added functioning URL facility. Now you choose from the html applicaitons setup in GameEx Setup Wizard. Changed code to enable config launch via Repository Manager (thanks headkaze) Also did some new vids, see 1st post for these. Big thanks to Headkaze for squashing a tiny bug I never would have found.
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    Here is a couple of tips necessary to know about Ms. PacMan: - there are only a couple of differences in the ghosts A.I. between PacMan and MsPacMan. One difference you MUST know about is the fact that MsPacMans ghosts will change directions only twice per board. PacMan's ghosts can switch directions up to 8 or 9 times per board. This will make "hiding spots" in MsPacMan way easier and safer to use. - exploit the "hiding spots".
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    Update 1.1.1 Tweaked startup windows and logged dims and pos on start. Removed dec places from minutes played Added additional logging for troubleshooting.