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    GameEx Evolution is a scratch written FE (and back-end). It made sense for us to go this route and gives us the advantage of being able to re-design things with a 20/20 hindsight and a team consisting of many years of experience in the FE writing and emulation scene. This is not just a cosmetic update but a total re-write and our aim is to make it the most comprehensive FE around that's easy to set up and with few to no extra 3rd party tools or utilities required. The result is what we believe is the best FE out there. At the moment we're just getting the most important features in place and then we will be adding all the features from GameEx that we think you guys love. Finally GameEx Online is going to be more closely integrated so you will see some fantastic online features coming in the near future also. It's certainly a bright future for GameEx users!
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    You answered most of your own questions, with your own answers!
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    While emulation is the primary source of news here, there are times we need to see that retrogaming is very much alive and a social event, earlier tonight I went to the Secret Weapon in Stratford east London. OK the Secret Weapon is a gamer's pub, yes that's right, a gamer's pub. Which is a rare thing in east London but I hear there are 2. But this appeared about 2 days ago on my Facebook stream, I looked at it https://www.facebook.com/events/1652471658404314/ So I went earlier tonight and I wasn't disappointed. It's a surprising change because I know my gaming event. First off the first thing I ever noticed, was an old Cocktail machine working (running an Icade board) Granted it an old Galaxian machine but it was working with a working coin mech. The pub in question is formerly the princess of wales in Stratford (a place where I grew up). it was shut down about year ago and about 9 months ago it was rechristened the "SECRET WEAPON " why I never knew until tonight. Gamers have started to take over the old pub scene and "SECRET WEAPON" is the second such pub I know (their first one is in Dalston which I will adventure to another time) but this was my first gaming meet. this little evdeavour was started by its' organizer about 6 weeks ago and cost me 5 quid to enter (included a free drink in my case it was a cider) I did a quick periscope of the show but I know it will only last a month [video]https://www.periscope.tv/w/1ypKdoDPmgaxW[/video] that was a quick tour of the place but I will be looking to attend more without the interference of family commitments (yeah like thats going to happen) but I've got a couple more pictures to show you. But my periscope was really first time I've ever done it properly for gaming related news. Other Photos include I may have been there for an hour but in that hour I saw a a different world in which my friends would happily go to. While the consoles are ranging from XBOX and PS2 and SNES it paints a good picture of my social life in East London. Tell me what you think.... View the full article
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    Meaning that I have a minimal investment in TPA. I only have four tables: the free table and the three in the launch pack from way back in Season 1. Don't get me wrong. TPA is fun to play, but there isn't anything there that is not already done with more flair by the Visual Pinball community. It is also nice to play the trial versions on my iPad when I am away from the cab. With PinballX, FCM, DOFFX2, and dmdext filling in the support gaps that Farsight won't cover, it is becoming a worthwhile platform for cab users.