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    I feel that the first problem was also solved. Not the way I wanted. But in another way. I did so: Most games of this system is only one player. Then the own emulator can set the keys we want. The mapped and then used the Xpadder Plugin. (Sorted out) But a small amount of games are two players. I realized that every game has a different mapping. I was simply pressing all the buttons to find them. I put here available to all Xappder files with those mapped to keys in case anyone is interested. I consider the problem solved! If you want to close this post that I feel free !! File.rar
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    Here is a video of pin2dmd in action with latest official pinmame build supporting palette upload. Here it uses modified ROM files colorized with Pinball Browser and SmartDMD palette switching. Here it is connected to a real Dr. Who pinball machine. Both can not be done with pindmd3 Here is a playlist with more videos https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCO4LbW2kIL5m2C5_EXPokThLR8YeTx-i
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    Life is too short and my tickets have been bought for opening day. Not going to let them bother me a bit.
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    That´s really bright. I thought it was a red LED DMD on the picture. BTW thanks for your work on pinballX. If you want to add support for my open source color DMD controller , just contact me. Already 100 participants in this project which would be glad.
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    Hi! It's my first post on gameex, so don't be too harsh with me I'm organizing a group buy for the PIN2DMD project and we're way ahead of what the "comercial solution" can do In the near future all kinds of systems may be implemented, and we're not talking about VPins alone: WPC (beta works), Stern etc... Atm colored Pinmame roms work, Future pinball is on it's way and a lot of things will happen. I don't want to fight a war with russ, but what lucky1 and steve45 did is just freakin' awesome!!! Greets, Dom
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