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    Just as the title says, I am going to be making a nice database for the Wii that will include English games, how many players, descriptions, genre, publisher, developer, Release date, the Wii's Game ID as GoodName so for people like me who use a real Wii on the side, there will be no renaming required or MAP files required so there won't be filename conflicts when you try to load your ISOs on your Wii. (The Wii requires the filenames be the Wii games internal game ID for it to recognize and load them). Be ready. I am going to use this post to keep track of what I've completed so far. (nothing is being done in any particular order) 07/11 Update 202 Games Total Added You can now find my Database in the Downloads section of the site here: http://www.gameex.info/forums/files/file/64-nintendo-wii-eng-database/
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    Just wanted to share some pics of my (still wip) pinball cab: The "original" cab - almost all guts were missing... After painting the cab black (the original painting was in terrible shape) I had to build a (slightly smaller) backbox: Here is the Backbox with Backglass and "DMD": This is how I digitalized the Plunger with a micro switch: Horray, its alive!! The illuminated buttons, flasher, strobe and launch ball indicator. I use the original "coin-reject" button of the coindoor for inserting coins: Another pic of the flasher and its bezel: After assembling everything I thought it would be a good idea to install another 2 speakers right under the playfield. Those 2 speakers only play the table sounds like coins, bumper, rolling sound and no music. The 2 speakers in the backbox are only playing the sound effects and music from the rom. "Cool, now It´s done" I thought.....then I had another idea.....5 flashers are better than 3 - and so I installed 2 more flashers at not so common positions: Now its finished - not! Why? because I had another idea....To avoid the playfield being scratched by my cats (they think its quite funny jumping from the glass on the backbox and back) I have to install a topper (I chose an emergency light). Here is a pic of my cab with open coindoor and triggered topperNow, as the cab is almost done I tought about a new project: A TARDIS Arcade cab. Unfortunately I have no room for that right now (I have to sell the pinball first), so I´ll convert the pinball cab into a cool steampunk pinball - hopefully.....
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    Ive looked at those adapters in detail. Last time I looked you can't even buy a genuine one in the UK. If you don't have hassle making the drivers work its legit.
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    I'm not aware of this trick but i sure am curious now! I would need to know more to make a judgment on it tbh. Some tricks are just utilising unforeseen "holes" in the gaming logic that the programmers failed to recognise and rectify at the time. These kinds of tricks i wouldn't normally have a problem with. Other tricks, such as deliberately trying to "glitch" the game into making you invincible, give you infinite lives, freeze timers etc etc i feel are cheating and therefor should be disallowed. That's just my opinion though.
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    You two are in a league of your own !! Amazing scores Updated LB
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    NEVER! It's what keeps this competition strong. ExedExes - 500,800
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    My Do Run Run! score was with 3 lives. If we're gonna play with 5, I'll submit a new score before the month is up. Anyways, here are the last few scores, this completes all that I'm going to play. The next scores I post will be improvements to previous scores, and I have a few of them here too. Scattershotgun Scores - Part 4 Anteater - 113,230 Bank Panic - 476,550 Nitroball - 6,798,830 Bomb Jack - 339,480 Mr. Do! - 115,900 (got the diamond here too, with a chance at ANOTHER!) Updates to previous scores - Moon Patrol - 84,450 Pooyan - 146,050 Pepper II - 132,360
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    Thanks, it wasn't easy getting all of them and renaming them all as well. Especially when I have french and japanese covers too that I had to separate them from. Not sure if I should even mess with the Japanese and French covers because the names aren't all the same. I'd gladly hand the images over for someone else to though lol.
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    I have all english WiiWare Box covers in my upload folder on the Emumovies FTP if anyone is interested. If I am missing a game let me know!
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    Now you have gone from giggles to, dare I quote George Takei...
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