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    Version 2.0.0


    animated backglass .mp4 videos
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    Ive found issues with port 21 in recent years while SSH (normally port 22) works well. I believe the issue is that ISPs throttle port 21 and not 22 because it is ssh. Ill see what I can do and maybe move browsing and upload to another port. Then provide 22 too.
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    New wheels for williams pinball volume 5. Extracted Table audio is available on ftp in my folder. Have not created any table video's yet but i think mike da spike already uploaded his files. Images come mostly from vpuniverse b2s preview pictures, logo's come from ftp although i did modify circus voltaire logo
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    Halloween (Ultimate Pro): "PinEvent - PUPDMD - Pup-Pack - PUPSSF" mod. After weeks of work on both integrating and updating PUPDMD framework to PinEvent... and completely updating Halloween with a new PUPDMD and PuP-Pack update... I'm happy to finally be able to show it off! This video shows the 16:9 FullDMD option and the Backglass pup-pack videos working together very nicely. All text and zoom / flashing effects are done with PUPDMD in real-time to completely replace the FP DMD functions. All game modes are shown. Lots of cool stuff! I updated the table itself significantly to fix bugs and make all modes complete (it was released early by SLAMT1LT to be out for Halloween...more updates will come from him at some point). I also added an "end" objective (clear all modes to kill Michael and start over). I'll be trying my best to get the table ready for tomorrow. I need to now work on the RealDMD settings and 4:1 videos (if there will be any more). This table uses a brand new version of PinEvent... so I also need to update RetroFlair - BAM to be compatible as well. I think we are going to see more and more cabs with Stern style backboxes now
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    Version 1.0.0


    No Good Gofers Animated Backglass WMS_No_Good_Gofers.mp4
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    Version 2.0.0


    animated backglass .mp4 videos
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    MegaBalls Visual Pinball / Future Pinball / TPA View File More than 450 MegaBalls for Visual Pinball, Future Pinball or Pinball Arcade. First delivery with the tables that I use in Visual Pinball. Will be added tables that I do not use, exclusive tables of Future Pinball, tables that have left recently in TPA, etc. --------------------------------------------- Más de 450 MegaBalls para Visual Pinball, Future Pinball o Pinball Arcade. Primera entrega con las mesas que yo uso en Visual Pinball. Se añadirán mesas que yo no uso, mesas exlusivas de Future Pinball, mesas que han salido hace poco en TPA, etc. MegaBall.psd Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 06/16/18 Category Wheel Images  
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    No not possible. All you can do is edit PinballX\Media\Images\underlay.png to get some similar effect but it will never look like the screenshot above. or use overlay.png to overlay an image i think that one can be same size as playfield size but underlay seems to get squashed if you do it seems to be lower part of wheels only i use this one to make it look like this:
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    Check the williams volume 5 topic
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    You mean for positions? Just calaculate it yourselve and see what fits. Depending on your setup backglass should start for y position at 0 and x position at 1080 or 1920 it depends if you have landscape or portrait in your windows setup and how your screens are setup which is primary etc and location against each other. For dmd x 1280/2 - dmdwidthyouwant /2 + width of playfield monitor (1080 or 1920) height see what fits top dmd should be 1024 - dmdheightyouwant - bottomspacing(35 for example) if you place a default backglass image or if you start a table that already has a backglass and goto cabinet options from that screen you will see the backglass and dmd and can see where it positions. It's no rocket science on official zen studio forums there is a topic domewhere that explains it in more detail. I have excact same resolutions as you but even then depending on setup in windows and backglass images you use the offsets (especially for dmd) will differ. i also have a 2 monitor cabinet. on pinball x ftp or here on my mega link you can find the backglasses i use along with the template. I got all tables check also the faq it has an example https://www.pinballfx.com/?page_id=7754
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    Its not the download part itself. Its the connection and browsing part. I'm used that when authentication is done I can use it, but wait for 15 sec. When browsing or selecting a file it wait for 15 sec. When download is starting all is fine. Changing to port 22 (instead of 21) is a hige difference, but the download fails
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    place backglass image files in the games folder from steam where the pxp files are. Name your images exactly the same as the table pxp files minus extension. so citadel.pxp -> citadel.png or citadel.jpg (not sure what it accepts). That should show the backglass, pinball fx3 does not supply ingame backglasses you have to provide them yourselve. There are some on the pinball x ftp or check official zen forums someone has posted theirs there also. I think thats what your after but not sure as it could be i misterpreted your last message
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    Retroarch configs are now included in 16.11. Just so you know.
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    You are impatient @BrandonLaw. Sorry lot on my plate. Also busy for the community Have some overlays that are finished for a month, but didnt post it yet. And the dmd's are a pain in the ... well you know... to create them
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    Just another video showing you my big progress with my PinCab while you can still see inside of it. Now I have a Fire Button on the lockdown bar, and Apron LCD Screen, a 16:9 Middle Screen, a working tilt bob and analogue nudge, SSF... and more!
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    I want to thank everyone for their replies to my issue. Not sure how to mark the post as "RESOLVED". It appears my issue was tied to low HD space and most likely due to Win 10 and the auto clean up joyrider mentioned. Just finished my VP9 clean up. I am now at 19.3 GB free. Deleted my media folder of backglass and playfield videos that were tied to the VP9 tables that I deleted. That was tying up a lot of space. No more wheel issues! Running like before. Thank you Tom for a great front end! Time to fill some of that space back up......Haha!
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    there's also a wheel cache in the temp folder of windows that pinballx uses (%Temp%\PinballX\WheelCache). Maybe the low disk space and this cache folder has something todo with it 4gb left is indeed really low. Or perhaps windows was cleaning up the temp folder automatically to free up disk space and the wheel cache kept getting erased. I know windows 10 has some options to auto free disk space (storage sense or something) best to disable that setting to prevent temporary files and thus wheel cache to be erased
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    Version 4.06


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    Also the direct output log from the plugin directory
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    Can you please attach your pinballx.ini and log.txt file after replicating the slow start? Thanks.
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    Can't say that I've ever tried or seen this tried, but never say never. GameEx supports touchscreen so if you have the emulator and know the command line, why not load it up and give it a go?
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    pinball wicked pro pinball VP9 VP9 PhysMod VPX zaccaria pinball demon's tilt future pinball malzbies pinball collection pinball arcade Arcooda Pinball FX3
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    UPDATE 26/12/2019 Cine star Deluxe 2019 Playfield video + 1600x1200 backglass image + 1920x1080 backglass image uploaded to ftp all named cinestardeluxe.XXX Redshow Deluxe 2019 Playfield video + 1600x1200 backglass image + 1920x1080 backglass image uploaded to ftp all named redshowdeluxe.XXX Do note on backglass images on deluxe tables for some reason the game crops images if they are in 4:3 format, i kept the same screenshots as it would display ingame. If you don't like this take the 1920x1080 versions to display in pinballx for the deluxe tables. (that's what i do untill they might fix this problem)
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    Here's a quick peek at my PinEvent PUP FullDMD update to Halloween Ultimate Pro. I've created the attract mode to mimic the opening to the movie, but I'm using PUPDMD's features to display all the text in realtime. I have complete DOF, MX, SSF, PUPDMD (4:1 and 16:9) and a complete pup-pack done for the table. This is a HUGE update! I have completely updated the table...fixed A LOT of bugs (SLAM said it wasn't complete yet, but he posted it for Halloween)... and made all modes completable, and also added and "end" to the game. I'll have a "gameplay" demo video soon enough, and I "hope" to have it available to download and test by tomorrow. Words cannot describe how friggin cool this table now is with the complete PinEvent experience in a cabinet!
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    Hi Rich - I have this working in GameEx Arcade Edition. Following the exerpt from my gameex.ini file: [Emulator_3] Enabled=True STARTPAGENAME=Fix It Felix Jr. TITLETEXT=Fix It Felix Jr. StartPageLogo=fifj WorkingPath=J:\ROMS\Fix-It Felix Jr RomPath=J:\ROMS\Fix-It Felix Jr ROMFilter=*.lnk (I right-clicked on fifj.exe and created a shortcut named Fix-It Felix Jr - this was to fix the name in the logo display.) Command=fifj.exe SnapPath=J:\Assets\Fix-It Felix Jr\Snap LogoPath=J:\Assets\Fix-It Felix Jr VideoSnapPath=J:\Assets\Fix-It Felix Jr\ThemeVideos VideoThemePath=J:\Assets\Fix-It Felix Jr\ThemeVideos DefaultVideoThemePath=J:\Assets\Fix-It Felix Jr\ThemeVideos TitlePath= DATABASE= MapKeys=True lastgame= UseDbName=True Give it a try. I have a few kinks to try to work out in how it displays in AE for the logo in the Wheel. (right now only displays text, not the logo file). Also need to work out how to get it to work properly with my X-Arcade Tankstick. The wrapper is not friendly to it at all, but I will figure it out. EDIT: Got the settings to work with the Tankstick, so now to the AE flourishes. Reading the wrapper "readme.txt" file is fundamental. Easier than expected.
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    That worked. Thank you very much. I did the " in pinballx.ini set this line = False; AutoPositionPinMAME=True" Enjoy your holiday.
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    https://half-life.com/en/alyx https://www.windowscentral.com/half-life-alyx
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    New Game Cine Star Deluxe (2019) game name is cinestardeluxe
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    here's the new entry for the database, i also created a new wheel for the table. i was able to extract data from the game using quick bms and makes things easier check the other topic in media projects <game name="cinestardeluxe"> <description>Cine Star Deluxe</description> <rom></rom> <manufacturer>Magic Pixel</manufacturer> <year>2019</year> <type>DX</type> <hidedmd>True</hidedmd> <hidetopper>True</hidetopper> <hidebackglass>True</hidebackglass> <enabled>True</enabled> <rating>-2</rating> </game>
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    There is another option, for tables you don't have videos for yet you could add static backglass images. Pinballx looks for videos first then images. Depends if you'd be happy with static images i guess, should be plenty on the FTP (as well as stock backglass videos of course, but they might be harder to identify as not your recordings later)
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    We've got topics for loading images and loading videos so i figured we may as well have one for loading gifs following pinballx v3.76 (https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23261-news-pinballx-376/). Edit : there was a topic for loading gifs already! https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/17042-pbx-206-animated-gifs/, check that out for a few more options. Loading gifs will be automatically placed in the centre of the screen on top of a playfield snapshot if this option is set under Settings; I've converted the DMD style image sequences i use for Loading Videos as pseudo semi transparent gifs for this use. Extract from the zip and save them to your PinballX\Media\Loading Images\ folder, Pinballx will pick one at random as an overlay on the playfield image during table load. If you want more flexibility but not straight out of the box options then you should check the Loading Videos topic. Two versions of the GIFs available, with the background lighter (more transparent) or darker (less transparent), try both and pick whichever suits your tastes best (or use both versions if you want). Gifs based mainly on DMD colourisation work; http://vpuniverse.com/forums/forum/138-pin2dmd-dmd-colorization-works-in-progress/ Please share your own! GIFs_Dark.zip GIFs_Light.zip
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    @Mike_da_Spike's DMD style loading video sequences as loading gifs; Thanks for these Mike! Bottom of screen versions on FTP /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/scutters/Loading Gifs/DMD. Zip has light and dark versions for centre of loading screen overlay. GIFs.zip
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    A minute's not long enough? Anyways, for anyone interested / still using pbx recorder here's an updated script / exe with a couple of extra options to output playfield @1920*1080 (for 4k users who either want to save space or gain a little performance [this also speeds up playfield image snapshots for table loading images if you're using that option]), and optional output as yuv420p which may also help with perf ( https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/20809-266-here-hardware-accelerated-video-rendering/?do=findComment&comment=178204). @gtxjoe / @Carny_Priesthope you don't mind me posting here, will delete if you wish! PBXrecorder.zip
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    New Game Red Show Deluxe (2019) game name is redshowdeluxe. Also updated wheels gimp xcf template to contain this image and added new deluxe tables section on ftp ( /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Zaccaria Pinball/Wheel Images/Deluxe Tables ). The gimp xcf template was saved using gimp 2.10.14, i upgraded my gimp so not sure if it can be opened with previous versions
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    So I received a virtuapin digital plunger kit V3 as a gift, time to move away from using magna save buttons for nudging!. Here's a quick reference of how i configured the software for nudges & tilts with visual pinball 10 (VPX), as i struggled to find information on a lot of this. I don't cover the installation or much to do with the plunger setup as the document you receive with the kit pretty much covers that off. The goal for me was to get nudging working without having to bash the table and to tilt easily if it was hit hard. Note, in my setup i have 4 exciters fitted to the cabinet but no sub woofer and i also tend to play SS rather than EM tables, different setups may need drastically different final settings (especially if you're using DOF). There's probably other ways to do the setup, but this way worked for me. Step 1 Install & Plunger Install the virtuapin digital plunger kit V3 and controller software (https://www.virtuapincontroller.com/), and configure following instructions detailed in pdf https://virtuapin.net/docs/Manuals/Plunger Kit Guide v3.1.pdf Note a couple of things in the pdf; ⦁ Screenshot is VP9 not VPX for button setup, so nudge gains are set higher. ⦁ Screenshot has incorrect Right Magna save button mapped, shown as 5 when it should be 3 ⦁ Document doesn't tell you that if you push the plunger it can as act as a button (16) so can also be used to launch a ball on tables which use a launch button (so you don't need to have a dedicated launch button as well as the plunger). Also note that you may need to edit individual VPX table plunger settings as recommended in the pdf. Step 2 LED Nudge Threshold Open VirtuaPin controller sofware , change to the Controller Settings View and lower the LED Nudge Threshold to 0. Open a table in visual pinball editor (AC/DC is a good one for this test). Select Table -> Sound Manager, scroll down to the flipper sounds and click play whilst viewing the controller board, the LED will probably be lit or will light when you click play. Raise the LED Nudge Threshold value until the LED does not light when the flipper sound is played. If the table you selected has 'loud' bumpers try the bumper sounds too, probably raising the LED NudgeThreshold further. For bumpers i raised the value until i got an occasional blink of the LED when the sound was played repeatedly, whilst flipper sounds did not light the LED, which i think is about right. I could still tap the table fairly lightly after the adjustment to simulate a 'soft' nudge and have it registered by the LED. If you cannot see the boards LED indicator then you can alternatively monitor the Tilt X and Tilt Y values in the controller software to give an idea of the numbers to use. Step 3 Nudge Threshold When happy with the LED Threshold set the Nudge Threshold to match the LED Threshold in the controller software. This will stop a lot of noise being sent from the accelerometer on the board to Visual Pinball as false nudges. Step 4 Visual Pinball Visual Nudge To avoid a visible 'shake' on the screen when using anolgue nudging go into Visual Pinball -> Preferences -> Video / Graphic Options and set Visual Nudge Strength to 0. This is optional, if you decide to leave this on then it may assist with some of the steps that follow and you can always disable it later. Step 5 Visual Pinball Core.vbs I dabbled for some time trying to get the same settings to work across different tables but some seemed really hard to tilt. The reason for that is in the table scripts with vpmNudge.Sensitivity explicitly being set, others using a default value of 5 (can be 0-10 with 10 most senstive). Rather than test and update individual table scripts i wanted to set a global value (to an easy tilt setting) which luckily can be done in Visual Pinball\Scripts\Core.vbs... Open core.vbs in notepad and look for this line; Public Property Let Sensitivity(aSens) : mSensitivity = (10-aSens)+1 : End property Comment that line and replace like; 'Public Property Let Sensitivity(aSens) : mSensitivity = (10-aSens)+1 : End property Public Property Let Sensitivity(aSens) : mSensitivity = 1 : End property Note - I use mSensitivity = 1 which is the most sensitive value in this script (unlike in the table script where 1 would be insensitive), this change will force all tables to use the same sensitive tilt setting. Also note if you change core.vbs you'll need to remember to update this again if it's updated as part of future visual pinball releases. Step 6 Visual Pinball Nudge Settings So now all tables should have the same scripted sensitivity and virtuapin should be filtering out background vibrations. Go to Visual Pinball key preferences, default values are; First thing to do here if not done already is check Enable Nudge Filter, Enable Analog Nudge & Tilit Sensitivity Then start a Visual Pinball table, trap the ball on a flipper and try nudging the table. You should see an effect. Raise the X-Gain and Y-Gain values to increase the sensitivity of the nudge as required. I.e how hard you want to tap the cabinet for the table to register a nudge. Note - close and re-open visual pinball after making changes to any of the nudge settings in order for them to take effect, otherwise you'll still be testing the old settings. A side effect of increasing the Gain values does mean that although nudging is easier, that the affect on the ball is also greater - nudging the ball further. When happy with the impact required to register a nudge you then adjust the X & Y Max values, reducing them to limit the maximum affect on a ball nudging will have. Dead Zone - leave this seting at 0. Changing it would only duplicate the controllers nudge threshold settings we've already done, but without having an LED to assist us in tuning the setting. Nudging should now be setup Step 7 Visual Pinball Tilt Settings The final step is Tilting. As we have set a global sensitivity for all tables in core.vbs all we have to do now is set the Tilt Sensitivity in Visual Pinball Key Prefs, start with a value around 900 and run a table, can you tilt it with a few nudges? -if not raise the value to increase sensitivity, if the table bumpers set off a tilt warning then you probably want to lower this value to decrease sensitivity. Note - if you want to nudge more for less tilts then try an increased hardcoded value for mSensitivity in core.vbs like = 6 instead of 1 (up to 11). But this'll likely require you to revisit the Tilt Sensitity Setting in Visual Pinball Key Prefs My Final settings (for ref only, as stated previously settings required will vary as for different builds) Controller Visual Pinball Note - i used the plunger pushed = button 16 as a buyin button for pinmame as i already had a launch button (1). Which in my setup then map to PinballX as; And that's it... i now have a consistent nudge & tilt across VPX tables that don't need me to whack the table to get an effect. The plunger kit is working great and has added a lot to the virtual pinball experience, more than i thought it would in fact, would recommend! One final note for DOF users, if you're struggling with solenoid vibrations causing false nudges have a look at wrd1972's info here - https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=38357
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    Version 1.0.0


    Other 100 Mega Docklets for Future Pinball.
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    no probleme but all are in french instruction marvel https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7pqqnd8lt1bhea/instructionsmarvel1.rar https://www.dropbox.com/s/njlxfbawednb33x/instructionsmarvel2.rar https://www.dropbox.com/s/0qo2gox3b64ucos/instructionsmarvel3.rar instructions Zen https://www.dropbox.com/s/cgj6ylgahfrryn5/InstructionsZen1.rar https://www.dropbox.com/s/de5wvts8oi1wx5q/InstructionsZen2.rar instructions star wars https://www.dropbox.com/s/qkxkqv1cryq548l/instructionstarwar.rar if you want more dmd video & co, you can come on my site : http://starpincab.fr
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    By weeks end I'll post the .docx so you guys can edit it. I just want to get the basics down and then other authors can add content. PinballX_S2F_Documentation rev 45.pdf Z
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