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    I knew my not properly ratio'd virtual dmd would come in handy one day! (it's not 4:1 visible area and i stretch it a bit vertically).. Using the upheaval tt brk font i've squeezed in the stats display plugin display underneath the pinballx dmd (resized that down vertically a bit in pinballx, then i resize back to full size in game for SS tables, for EM where i don't hide pinballx dmd i'm happy with black below pbx dmd video/image)... I'm very happy with my two lines of text result (i only want last played, time played and scores in the table menu) , here's what i see while scrolling through tables now on the virtual dmd, scrolling a couple of tables and then seeing lethal weapon hi-scores; (ignore the grey lines between dmd and plugin displays, OBS studio put that in when i was recording due to my error, normally black)
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    @Mike_da_Spike you da man. Working well..although my system is quick enough to slop through the tables rapidly..I instantly missed the simplicity of going to what I want and just pushing once. Went back hehe. Also, @Tom Speirs good work on the current release. You work hard. It shows. We appreciate you.
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    New and improved table loading image support. Animated GIFs are supported again and there are now two modes for loading images (configured under general settings). You can use the existing loading image/video mode or the new playfield image mode. With the new mode it will either use a playfield image or take a snapshot of your playfield video. Then either use a default or one of your own animated gifs which is then overlayed and animated with a fade in. The result looks pretty slick in my opinion and this is a highly requested feature. Note that animated GIFs are now auto rotated if required and regular images at 0 degrees should be used. Note, if you have an unusually long animated GIF the number of frames may be clipped. The fade in of loading images is now done on a thread and games may load a little quicker too. There are also some blitting optimizations to avoid slow done on a UHD 4k display. Enjoy!
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    These are some very good arcade remakes by Minionsoft created some time ago. This install includes 6 games. The purpose of the project is to get the games to work on Windows 10.. The following arcade remakes are included. - Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back - Missile Command - Moon Patrol - Phoenix - Scramble http://www.minionsoft.com/ The project also uses dxwnd. https://sourceforge.net/projects/dxwnd/ I could not find license files for any on the programs so this is released as freeware/fanware. Download here. View the full article
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    Version 0.91


    Instant Sheller: It allows you to one click shell GameEx or any other front end. Its for Windows XP Service pack 2 and above, Vista, Windows 7 and the latest versions of Windows 10. It also requires the .net framework 2 service pack 1 or above. It features a one click ‘Undo’. Updated May 2018 for support for the latest versions of Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise. For Windows 10 Enterprise it can completely hide everything. For those that need to be told and don't understand what this is, this software is use at your own risk.
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    Yes, it is downscaled but the ringing is an issue. Its fixed in 3.91. Available in a minute.
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    This Plugin uses the statistics.ini file information along with High Score text files to display System data (summarised) in the System Menu screen and / or Table data on the Table selection screen in its own window (not visible after a game is selected to play). Some of the information is the same as you'd see if you open the Information screen on the Table menu, but is displayed as an overlay so is more readily available. Note, If you have changed table names in game manager you may have duplicate entries in the statistics.ini file - this may lead to incorrect information being displayed (e.g. total games per system). The data can be displayed on any screen and the plugin allows a selection of font, colours and transparency to be used to suit preferences. The text will scroll upwards line by line if it doesn't fit into the window size selected. Example; Table and System Menu displays (with black background for clarity here [but could be transparent to show a backglass image etc behind. or resized to show only the top x rows and scroll]) The Configuration Screen Display Window Details Section Use the options in this section to change the location and appearance of what is displayed. Use same system menu display settings for table menu display - If selected only one style of display window is used by the plugin, the system menu display. System Menu Display & Table Menu Display Options - If 'Use same system menu display settings for table menu display' is not selected these options allow you to change the settings of the two different displays. Select the one you want to change. X Position, Y Position - Top left co-ordinates for the window to be displayed from Height, Width - Display window size. If you set a screen size too small to display all lines of the selected data then the text will scroll upwards. This is useful if you want a single line displayed with changing text, in that case size the window according to your selected font and Preview the window to fine tune sizing. Display Font - Font type, colour and size used Centre Text Horizontally - Centre align text in the display window Colour, Transparent, Image - Set background Colour, to Transparent or use Image (note that images are stretched/squeezed to fill your selected display window size) Opacity - Overall opacity of the displayed window Preview - click to preview the display location and selected font and colour options System Display Data Section & Table Display Data Sections What data to display, check the boxes for the information you want displayed. You can also set the number games shown for most/least played in the System menu. Note that the Play Count options display how many times a game has been launched from PinballX, not how many times it has been started in game. Section Spacer Lines - If checked blank lines will separate the data sections selected Installation Extract the contents of the zip file into your PinballX\Plugins folder, unblock the dll file if required (https://www.limilabs.com/blog/unblock-dll-file) and then enable the Statistics Display plugin in plugin manager. Make sure you change the display config to match your setup and preferences. Issues If you have any issues then please attach the PinballX.ini, Log.txt & statistics.ini files as well as the plugins PBXStatsDisplay.ini & PBXStatsDisplay_log.txt files along with a description of the problem. Thanks Thanks to Mike_da_Spike for testing, ideas and generally giving me more to do than I'd planned with this, Tom Speirs for PinballX and sound advice along the way with this plugin, Adultery for the plugin template and Dna Distributer for high score data. Changes 22/09/19 V1.0.0 Initial release 23/09/19 V1.0.1 High scores now prefixed with place 29/09/19 V1.1.0 Added more optional display items. Fixed issues with pausing and game count for last entry in statistics.ini 02/10/19 V1.1.1 .Net 4.0. No need to update from V1.1 if that was working for you (.Net 4.5) 12/10/19 V1.2.0 High score data now uses data from high score text files (more game special score information), allow text centre alignment, allow use of background images. Also change all display text to uppercase for consistency. See https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23213-plugin-pinballx-statistics-display/?do=findComment&comment=190215 post for more info. PBXStatsDisplay V1_2.zip
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    Dirty Harry 76 Frames. Looks best between 4-5 sec. DH_Dark.zip DH_Light.zip If people still uses the Video creating tool : VideoLengthMs1 = 5000 ImageMask1 = "DH_%%.png" BitRate1 = 5 Dark and Light one (specially for Scutters)
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    nice plug in great to run on 3rd screen ( DMD ) Thanks for this, Ian
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    UPDATE 10/10/2019 Star God Remake 2019 Playfield video + 1600x1200 backglass image + 1920x1080 backglass image uploaded to ftp all named stargod2019.XXX @djvelocitee
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    new wheel for star god remake (2019), game name is stargod2019
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    I installed the latest version and am using Loading images (png) that I created through PinballX recorder. I have activated PBXLoadingImage in the PBX plugin manager. I still am getting random table image displays while loading. I have attached the two logs. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. Lane Edit: I got it fixed. I had "use loading images" in the general settings when i really needed "use loading folder" selected. As a side note the new "use loading images" selection was giving me random table images. I would have thought that new setting would use the table image for the table that was loading at the time. O well. Your plug in is working great. I just need to teach myself how to layer a gif on top of the table image and merge them. PBXLoadingImage_log.txt log.txt
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    Also noticed the black screen with a bit of delay, i assume it is the snapshot of the 4k playfield video that takes time. @Tom Speirs I still have 4k playfield images in the the table images folder (a hangover from when i used them as a base for loading images). Could pinballx use those (if present) instead of taking a snapshot of the table video? (if that's what takes the time). Thanks.
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    Plugin updated to V2.1 in first post following PinballX 3.76 release that has inbuilt support for playfield image capture and gif overlay during loading - see release note https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23261-news-pinballx-376/ If using PinballX loading media mode the plugin will do no processing (so no overhead if you forget to disable it after changing modes), if using loading videos/images it will process as before but also rename gif files at startup and exit to prevent them being picked up by pinballx in error. Also changed from .net 2.0 to .net 4.0
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    Should all be fixed in 3.77. Thanks for your help.
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    Fixes back glasses not showing on recent versions of Visual Pinball 10 and B2S server. Video capturing now uses Nvidia hardware encoding if available greatly speeding up the process on capable systems.
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    Sure thing. A poll is a little less important, since our contributors are free to select their game at any time. Thanks for making the updates. I got a call from the ER as a follow up and was told I have C.Diff. Never heard of it till now. Apparently it's really contagious. All I know is it's painful and going to the bathroom this often is getting ridiculous. If I only didn't have to go all the time, I might be able to make it.
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    Congratulations @Cynicaster for winning this edition of GOTQ ! I invite everybody to play our next GOTQ - Raiden II ~GC
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    well guys, i don't know how to say it....let's get this straight , i apologize for my dumbness, i'm a moron. pbx wasnt set to run as admin, whle fx3 is. that was the problem i'm sorry for my mistake and for making you lost your time thanks tom for your last advice that pointed me to the right direction
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    Loading videos are great, thanks. But, is there any chance we could show them on any screen rather than just playfield?. Ideally i'd like to have the playfield video continue running in a loop until the game loads, and probably show loading media on the DMD screen (virtual or real) and then just convert some of the loading overlays in https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23114-loading-videos/ to work on that screen. Probably a big change i guess, but figure it's worth an ask!
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    The Getaway - High Speed II style (based on colorisation http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3984-the-getaway-high-speed-ii-malenko-edition) An easy one, just to get me up to speed to create these ... Dark and Light one (specially for Scutters) 62 frames for 1 loop The loop is just 2.5 sec. I put in the zip files a batch file to copy all the frames to a second loop (as in the preview above) When using 2 loops, use the following in the ini file to create the overlay video VideoLengthMs1 = 5000 ImageMask1 = "GW_%%%.png" BitRate1 = 5 GW_Dark.zip GW_Light.zip
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    Also, do me a favour and download the older version and confirm its working. If that's the case then only I can resolve this.
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    Medieval Madness Trolls style (based on colourisation http://vpuniverse.com/forums/topic/3538-mm/) Light and dark versions again, 90 images in the sequence. Suggest 9 or 10 sec loading video, so videolengthms = 9000 or simliar in Mike_da_Spike's ini MM_Dark.zip MM_Light.zip
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    This right here fixed the issue. You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar. Thanks so much!
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    Uploaded version 1.0 I noticed I had some textual logging issues (typos... ). Removed those and put out of Beta. Thanks to all who tested it and believed in me
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    With a lot of patience, lot of time spent and a lot of help from @scutters, i tried to make my first loading overlay ACDC : ACDC_Dark.zip If you use my tool to create overlay video's , this is my ini file settings VideoLengthMs1 = 5500 ImageMask1 = "ACDC_%%.png" BitRate1 = 5
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    Heard about it right here from @tthurman Im not using a PI though in my case. Using Ubuntu with an intel mini-itx build. I also setup the cloudflare secure DNS. This is used in conjunction with a mini-itx pfsense router. Also highly recommended.
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    No doubt 1903 caused the issue. From the things I've read 1903 caused many issues and now Microsoft is trying to fix their mess. Waiting 3 minutes is not the worst thing in the world. It sure beats what I had to do previously to get things working. I'm glad you found a fix for the Instant Sheller. This program is a gem I don't undue the sheller that often. Only when I perform updates to the OS or install a PC game from time to time. Please keep me posted if you find a way to speed up the Instant sheller process. Thanks!
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    Scutters made this plugin. It shows metadata for the system and game:
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    Let it glow... let it GLOW! This video demo is a test of my mod to Star Wars: Death Star Assault (Ultimate Pro - Future Pinball). I updated the Lightsabers to use new beta features of BAM, and now we have a kickass glow effect! I replaced the saber blade "toy" models with a "bulb" version instead (SLAMT1LT did the same after I showed him the new features). Now the blades can be used as lights. However, instead of lighting the blade as a colour, I have it light up as white for the "core", and then I also used holograms to only display the coloured glow effect, as well as some adjusted lighting! It worked out pretty good! ...and another video showing the mod with different colours... ...and SLAMT1LT asked to add the mod to his table...yay!
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    I'm not naive enough to think this is the only or the best way to do this, but it works. So in very simple terms; Get mp4 / gif source file (on FTP there's a load of real dmd videos - but tend to be title & manufacturer loops only) On ezgif.com Video to Gif - cut video to get desired animation, save Video to Gif- upload new video Select Frames to split to frames, deselect any that are still surplus Select Split - split frames to pngs, save that zip. They're the source images for the sequence. If images are 128*32 Edit sample frame copy, remove unwanted text etc. Try to add Loading text in similar font. Once you have a sample with desired text that text can be selected and copied to all frames (remembering to change colour as required for animations between frames). Do any other image adjustments (add colour etc, if all frames are B&W you can recolour all pixels of same grey shade and repeat for each frame using paint.net recolour choice plugin) Resize the images to width 1280 (use nearest neighbour when resizing to keep pixelated) Overlay in new layer dmd dot effect png (copy here https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/22280-app-creating-real-dmd-color-videos-from-wheel-image/?do=findComment&comment=188416) and merge layers Resize images to 1080 width, use best quality Resize canvas to 1920*1080 - select image centred at bottom Remove black from images making it transparent, i use the paint.net colour to alpha plugin Add gradient overlay as layer and then merge Copy images as required to have enough to make a video loop & renumber filenames. Rotate the images so bottom is on the left (quickest way is select all in windows explorer and right click) If different size (captured form virtual dmd) similar to 128*32, but no need to add dmd dot overlay (as it is probably already dots) They do take a while!!
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    Judge Dredd Super Game style; Image sequences attached for 'light' and 'dark' versions, take your pick. 64 images in each, actual loop is 16 frames (so was duplicated 4 times) works. If you're using @Mike_da_Spike's awesome tool for creating in batch then a 3200ms video works well, but you can make it longer if you want. JD_Light.zip JD_Dark.zip
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    fantastic script, congratulations !! Will it be possible to add a background image in the future instead of a color?
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    Thanks buddy. Plenty who don't agree with you though and are not too keen. I keep going because of people like you and new people who agree. Cheers.
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    And I appreciate your hard work Tom. Without your work (and the pbx community/website) my cabinet wasn't so easy to operate. And the support is also very fast. I hope you will doing this another awful long time
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    Create work @scutters ! Here's a little video demonstration (sorry for my bad camera recording) 20190923_073559.mp4 I set up the systems as a "2" liner and table as a "1" liner I use the font "DigiFace" as Scutters has in his screenshot (Digiface is not standard on the os. just download this Digir___0.ttf and hit install) The positions of the displays, is a bit of try out. My playfield is 4K (3840x2160) and my backglass is HD (1920x1080) This is how my INI file looks : PBXStatsDisplay.ini Maybe a small request .. The high scores does't show the ranking. maybe pre-fix it with 1), 2) or 3) ?
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    Didn't we say it works better with a full set already? Also, I have no ideas how old your roms etc. MAME goes through a lot of changes. PS: They are two separate products primarily by different authors. Please treat them as products and here as such. Thanks.
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    Pretty amazing difference! I recall when bump mapping first hit the scene for the masses with an announcement that it was coming to the Unreal Engine. Looks incredibly elementary compared to what's out there today, but at the same time it's been a long time coming to enter the realm of mainstream. Thanks for the demo Terry!
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    I found a bug that is fixed now in 15.72 available shortly. This affected arcade edition with merged rom sets, It was missing games. Thanks,.
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    Bam New Renderer (Bump Maps & Lighting) vs Future Pinball's Original Renderer. This video shows the dramatic difference BAM's renderer, bump mapping and lighting can make. Bump Mapping isn't a "new" feature for BAM, but it wasn't until recently that any tables made good use of it. Most of SLAMT1LT's Ultimate Pro tables are now using Bump Maps.
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    An interesting video. I have not heard of the DreamPi! Apparently it can be used to play Phantasy Star Online and download some DLC. I'll have to look into it as that sounds interesting.
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    Ok, we are nearly 2 years after the last message Months are running at an incredible speed! I found some time to add 38 new games (again with contributions from T. Busse), 170 new clones, rework java and C# sources to be more closer to each other, slightly update the engine (check xml documentation for byte-trunc instruction), and greatly improved an internal function to try to automatically found the encoding algorithm of a specific hiscore file. So, yes, the project is still alive! Games: R2D Tank, Radar Scope, Guardian, Prehistoric Isle in 1930, Prehistoric Isle 2, Wild Western, The Three Stooges In Brides Is Brides, Black Widow, Gravitar, Space Duel, Eggs, Eliminator, Exed Exes, Loco-Motion, Pac & Pal, Start Trek, Tac/Scan, Warlords, Zektor, Snap Jack, Son Son, Demolition Derby, Espial, Kozmik Kroozr, Omega Race, Rampage, Satan's Hollow, Solar Fox, Spy Hunter, Time Pilot '84, Two Tigers, Wacko, Fire Truck, The Ninja Warriors, Gradius III, Lode Runner, Rainbow Island, Viewpoint, Youjyudn. all games from mame 0.1 to 0.28 are supported clones aligned to mame 0.212 hiscore.dat Everything is here: http://greatstone.free.fr/hi2txt/index.html
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    New systems wheel list. Configure under general settings. Show a wheel list of your systems. Can optionally make it always show first at startup. To use artwork for this new list place video or image files named "- system -" in the appropriate folder (backglass, table images/videos etc). eg. - system -.mp4 Also fixed a couple of performance issues.
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    Hi, Just wanted to let you know that there is a new version of PINemHi released. This new version includes all the hiscores for the newer STERN roms (SAM) and is compatible with vpinmame version 3.0 You can overwrite the files in your pinballx directory , you only have to setup the paths in pinemhi.ini to your visual pinball and or future pinball directory's 1240 roms are supported for visual pinball and all for future pinball. For visual pinball that means roughly 425 games that are supported. Dna Disturber PINemHi 1.3.1.zip
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    Version 1.0.0


    Other 100 Mega Docklets for Future Pinball.
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