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    - Full screen exclusive mode is working again, at least for me (super fast fps front end). - Faster image and playfield video loading. Images now load using WIC. Playfield surface is created on a thread, - Video captures are now optimized for streaming and nvenc encoding is reduced to 442 for compatibility.. - Some other optimizations and reduced code. As always, enjoy!
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    You can just update without risk (even downgrade works) And @scutters and I where newbees too (i'm still am) but we try to help others
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    Glad I couldn't help but Mike and Scutters were able. Thanks guys!
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    @scutters thanks for this plugin i just installed it but i have found a problem with it, although i also know the work around thanks to viewing @Mike_da_Spike's ini file. It seems the plugin might have some troubles with regional settings. I have my pc set to belgium / dutch language and keyboard belgian point. If i select a font the plugin was always resetting the font to ms sans serif when running in pinballx. I found out by comparing ini files that on my pc it writes the following: it uses ";" as seperator and "," as decimal seperator but if it does that it does not work and fonts don't display correctly i also had JIT errors sometimes if i used different fonts. Now the workaround is easy i just have to change those lines manually from "Font=Digital Readout; 26,25pt" to "Font=Digital Readout, 26.25pt" and then it works without crashes and loads the font correctly also. Just letting you know as this could be a problem for others as well but the workaround is easy enough just have to edit the ini to correct the changes. My guess is this is related to regional settings as my country used "," not "." as decimal seperator not sure why it had changed "," to ";" to use a seperator between font name and size edit: btw the rotation version seems to be working for me. I have placed the table info on my playfield rotated
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    I've been aware of custom lists for a while but have never really used them because of the work required to create them initially and then to keep them maintained after adding tables - i'm too lazy for that and i wanted a 'set and forget' solution where i could quickly select EM, SS or Original tables from my Visual Pinball X system without the maintenance (i had actually considered splitting there out into their own systems but again was put off by the work required for the same reason). So, here's what i came up with as a method to create and maintain the custom lists i wanted; Downloaded xml starlet from http://xmlstar.sourceforge.net/ and copy the xml.exe onto the cab (i have attached the file in case of link changes, but the attached version probably won't be the latest) Made sure that my Visual Pinball X xml file had the Type field correctly populated for all non Original tables (i leave blank for Originals) in Game Manager Backed up my current database xml files (just in case i screwed up somewhere!) Created a batch file to call xml.exe to create my custom lists. The batch file is just a notepad file saved with a .bat extension rather than .txt. The batch file contents are; REM set to folder where you copied xml.exe set XMLexePATH="c:\CustomScripts" cd %XMLexePATH% REM set database xml source and output names set SOURCEXML1="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\Visual Pinball X.xml" set OUTPUTXML1="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\VPX Solid State.xml" REM create outputxml file ECHO ^<menu^> > %OUTPUTXML1% xml sel -t -c "/menu/game[type='SS']" %SOURCEXML1% >> %OUTPUTXML1% ECHO ^</menu^> >> %OUTPUTXML1% REM set 2nd database xml source and output names set SOURCEXML2="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\Visual Pinball X.xml" set OUTPUTXML2="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\VPX Electro-Mechanical.xml" REM create 2nd outputxml file ECHO ^<menu^> > %OUTPUTXML2% xml sel -t -c "/menu/game[type='EM']" %SOURCEXML2% >> %OUTPUTXML2% ECHO ^</menu^> >> %OUTPUTXML2% REM set 3rd database xml source and output names set SOURCEXML3="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\Visual Pinball X.xml" set OUTPUTXML3="c:\pinballx\Databases\Visual Pinball X\VPX Original.xml" REM create 3rd outputxml file ECHO ^<menu^> > %OUTPUTXML3% xml sel -t -c "/menu/game[manufacturer='Original']" %SOURCEXML3% >> %OUTPUTXML3% ECHO ^</menu^> >> %OUTPUTXML3% .. which is pretty much the same thing repeated 3 times as i'm creating 3 custom lists using xml.exe. The main things to note are the paths which need changing to suit your build, xml.exe location etc and the xpath queries (the xml set -t -c lines). Added the batch file as a Startup Setting in Pinballx (i named the batch file xmlstarlet) so that the batch re-runs every time i start pinballx so that the lists are recreated (adding any new tables [assuming i've populate Game Manager correctly!]) ; And that's it, i now have custom lists for SS, EM and Original Tables under the Lists menu option in PinballX which are maintained automatically. I may revisit later and update my VPX tables in Game Manager so that i enter Type as SS LED or SS DMD rather than just SS and then amend the batch file so that i create different custom lists for each. You might want different custom lists on your setup and the batch file can be amended to suit your requirements. You could create your own decades lists if you wanted (going further back than the default pinballx lists) by using syntax like "/menu/game[year>=1950 and year<1960]", or match all tables with a common description part with syntax like "/menu/game[description [contains(text(),"star wars")]]" (which could be used for different systems and then combined into a custom group to show all tables of that type for any system in one list), or split visual pinball tables by versions if you're using the <alternateexe> tag in your database files. The syntax for queries can be tested by pasting you database xml and query into https://codebeautify.org/Xpath-Tester More advanced use would be to create your own tags for playlists and enter them for your games in the description or type fields and then use them to build custom playlists. I haven't covered the basics of custom lists in this topic deliberately, if you don't know what they are or need more info on how they work check out the custom lists and custom groups section in the pinballx documentation; xml.zip
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    @Mike_da_Spike copy the pxp file in question to a different location / folder. Get quickbms and get this script for it zen_studio_pxp.bms Launch quickbms.exe not quickbms_4gb_files.exe select the zen.studio_pxp.bms file in first selection dialog, in next dialog select PXP files and in final dialog select an empty folder where the pxp file will be extracted to. In the extracted folder there should be a SFX folder with ogg files. Rename music.ogg to [tablename].ogg and you extracted the music. There is plenty more of audio when you extracted the files and i also have a wonky way of opening the extracted texture files (*.pxt) files. i can view playfield image backlglasses and cabinet art on the sides as well and export to png. if your interested in that as well let me know. But i did not do it as it was not related to this topic. This extraction method also works for pinball fx2. I extracted a lot of the table audio using this way to complete my collection (i have all 93 table audio files but some i gotten from other people's uploads)
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    Hello fellas - just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I've got a new leadership job and working 60 hour weeks, so sadly aint got much time these days to get busy creating like I used to. Bloody responsibilities.. Still miss the banter + peanuts and hope you're all doing good. Steve
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    seems the latest update has commandline parameters for playercount and pure/action mode: -PureAction 0 = Pure mode -PureAction 1 = Action mode and it's possible to launch the game and skip the nag screen using return key which is my plunger / launch key if it's not with your setup an easy ahk script can be created to remap one of your cabinet keys to return key upon launching the game. So in theory we do not need the script to launch the game anymore and only my pinballx Launcher app with customized ini file is needed for pinball wicked now. I'll see if i can create such ini later and upload a new zipped package Edit: i tried it but pinballx can't seem to close pinball wicked direcrtly for some reason so i'll leave as is, i could create an ahk script for a launch before command that can kill pinball wicked on a key press just like in the current launcher but i guess i'll leave as is for now.
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    It's just fancier backgrounds and overall ease of use across the GameEx family. Everybody will view it differently, but to me it represents good value vs. doing it all manually. <edit> No on the marquees, I don't know of anyone that specializes in those specifically, but they are out there if you have the patience for hunting them down.
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    Hi there I never liked the way I had to chose how many players will play on Pinball FX3 in Cabinet Mode. "ESC- Exitiing SinglePlayer, Switching to Hot Seat",etc. Luckily we have Startup-Parameters for that. But again: I do not want always with 4 players, but want to be able to select this every time. This is why I wrote a little "Mid"-Launcher that allows me to select the number of players before running a table. Because videos tell more than 1000 words I try to show you what this program does: Its not an awesome 1Mio Clicks-Video but I hope it is clear enough what this does. So after launching the table in PinballX you get a Player-Selection screen which then starts Pinball FX with or without hotSeat-Mode This is NOT a PLugin but a (small) standalone application (I did not find a template for C# and maybe the Plugins are not even meant for that) Feel free to download and use it. It is quite straight forward and a piece of cake for anyone who ever set up a cabinet The File can be downloaded there: https://github.com/OleAlbers/fx3PlayerSelect/releases Sources and a bit more detailled informations are here: https://github.com/OleAlbers/fx3PlayerSelect/tree/1.0 In addition a screenshot: Not too pretty currently, but you can change colors, Background, Fonts etc. And OF COURSE the orientation Feel free to make any suggestions
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    I had created something similar already but besides players it can also select classic or normal play and the ini file is configureable for other systems (i used it also for pinball wicked along with another launcher to select nr of players and action or normal mode) https://github.com/joyrider3774/PinballX_Launcher_app to switch between normal and classic mode you can add the -class commandline parameter maybe you can add it as well in your program
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    Show off! Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    Mat Mana - 27,650
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    I think that they should communicate this to the backers directly rather than them having to find out 3rd party. I am looking forward to it, but this experience will give me pause before backing another venture.
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    I am thankful for the friendships made and comradery that we have had in the forums over the years. My wish for you is that you are able to spend quality time with your friends and family and find peace for the remainder of this year and the start of the next. This year has been a difficult one having suffered some health setbacks and losses - both familial and friends. I am thankful for those that remain and make sure to let them know. I am thankful for every day that I am on the right side of the earth as that means an opportunity to overcome some of the obstacles in my way and better survive the ones over which I have no control. I am thankful that I have my beautiful wife Alicia and an awesome God that has shown a way to get through adversity when I could not. Have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving!
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    The problem with the date was just that Gtxjoe entered the wrong date. So that was quickly fixed. And comments on long threads are now collapsed, and you can now edit them!
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    Never mind, I solved it. I uninstalled and reinstalled the LAV codecs. At first all images displayed black so I uninstalled again, rebooted, installed again, rebooted and now it's working. I am not sure what screwed up the install in the first place but it's working so I'm not going to worry about it. Thanks for your help!
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    wow I think it's fixed. the display settings numbers were totally different from what they identified as thanks so much
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    Don't think the backglass is using videos, you're set to use B2S files in the Pinballx (which is fine if intentional, just a bit slower to show than videos), it's the Use DirectB2S option in settings.exe if you want to disable that and use videos for the backglass. Definitely install the LAV filter as Mike suggested, that might help playfield videos.
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    See main page of pbx: https://www.pinballx.com And just my opinion. For everytable I have, I generate my own playfield and backglass videos. These will be mp4 files that never let me down. Because I have a 4k setup, I capture it via the NVIDIA capture (build in feature of pbx). Foe full HD the normall pbx capture can be used.
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    I asked this in a different thread under a different topic and don't want it to get lost/buried there. The current version of GameEx (16.x) isn't working on my machine. I'd like to be able to download the final 15.x release of both GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition. I think I found the last GameEx setup file on another site, but I can't find the last GameEx Arcade Edition. I expected to be able to find them here but I've looked all over to no avail. I also browsed the FTP with no luck there either. Can someone point me to the 15.73 GameEx Arcade Edition setup package? Thanks.
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    This Plugin uses the statistics.ini file information along with High Score text files to display System data (summarised) in the System Menu screen and / or Table data on the Table selection screen in its own window (not visible after a game is selected to play). Some of the information is the same as you'd see if you open the Information screen on the Table menu, but is displayed as an overlay so is more readily available. Note, If you have changed table names in game manager you may have duplicate entries in the statistics.ini file - this may lead to incorrect information being displayed (e.g. total games per system). The data can be displayed on any screen and the plugin allows a selection of font, colours and transparency to be used to suit preferences. The text will scroll upwards line by line if it doesn't fit into the window size selected. Example Table and System Menu displays (with black background for clarity here (but could be transparent to show a backglass image etc behind. or resized to show only the top x rows and scroll); And optional attract mode summary; The Configuration Screen Display Window Details Section Use the options in this section to change the location and appearance of what is displayed. Use same system menu display settings for table menu display - If selected only one style of display window is used by the plugin, the system menu display. System Menu Display & Table Menu Display Options - If 'Use same system menu display settings for table menu display' is not selected these options allow you to change the settings of the two different displays. Select the one you want to change. X Position, Y Position - Top left co-ordinates for the window to be displayed from Width, Height - Display window size. If you set a screen size too small to display all lines of the selected data then the text will scroll upwards. This is useful if you want a single line displayed with changing text, in that case size the window according to your selected font and Preview the window to fine tune sizing. Rotation - Use the up/down arrows to rotate the displayed window (0,90,180 or 270 degrees), useful to display on Playfield screens (note that if doing so this will not be compatible with PinballX running in exclusive fullscreen mode) Display Font - Font type, colour and size used Centre Text Horizontally - Centre align text in the display window Colour, Transparent, Image - Set background Colour, to Transparent or use Image (note that images are stretched/squeezed to fill your selected display window size) Opacity - Overall opacity of the displayed window Preview - click to preview the display location and selected font and colour options System Display Data Section & Table Display Data Sections What data to display, check the boxes for the information you want displayed. You can also set the number games shown for most/least played in the System menu. Note that the Play Count options display how many times a game has been launched from PinballX, not how many times it has been started in game. Section Spacer Lines - If checked blank lines will separate the data sections selected Attract Mode Check this box to display summary information in Attract Mode (unchecked and the display will continue with system or table data displayed). Summary information will be displayed using settings for the current PinballX wheel (system or table) and will only summarise sections you have selected in System Display Data. Installation Extract the contents of the zip file into your PinballX\Plugins folder, unblock the dll file if required (https://www.limilabs.com/blog/unblock-dll-file) and then enable the Statistics Display plugin in plugin manager. Make sure you change the display config to match your setup and preferences. If updating from a previous version it is likely the ini file has changed. Backup your current ini file so you can copy back relevant sections into the ini file supplied with the plugin. Issues If you have any issues then please attach the PinballX.ini, Log.txt & statistics.ini files as well as the plugins PBXStatsDisplay.ini & PBXStatsDisplay_log.txt files along with a description of the problem. Thanks Thanks to Mike_da_Spike for testing, ideas and generally giving me more to do than I'd planned with this, Tom Speirs for PinballX and sound advice along the way with this plugin, Adultery for the plugin template and Dna Distributer for high score data. Changes 22/09/19 V1.0.0 Initial release 23/09/19 V1.0.1 High scores now prefixed with place 29/09/19 V1.1.0 Added more optional display items. Fixed issues with pausing and game count for last entry in statistics.ini 02/10/19 V1.1.1 .Net 4.0. No need to update from V1.1 if that was working for you (.Net 4.5) 12/10/19 V1.2.0 High score data now uses data from high score text files (more game special score information), allow text centre alignment, allow use of background images. Also change all display text to uppercase for consistency. See https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23213-plugin-pinballx-statistics-display/?do=findComment&comment=190215 post for more info. 24/11/19 V1.3.0 Added rotation option, attract mode summary, fix to regional formatting in ini and now also refresh system level data in PinballX attract mode (rather than just at startup). See https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/23213-plugin-pinballx-statistics-display/?do=findComment&comment=190993 PBXStatsDisplay V1_3.zip
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    Attachment in first post updated to V1.3 Fixes regional setting issue, thanks @joyrider3774 for reporting that Adds optional attract mode summary data for all systems ( @killa7977 - i know it might not be ideal, but it's as close as i can get to your request) Added optional display window rotation. Note, there is more overhead to the plugin if rotation is set <> 0 as the display data is effectively mirrored with rotation. System data now also refreshed when attract mode starts rather than just on startup Thanks once again to @Mike_da_Spike for finding the time to test it out on his system
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    After I got a black screen (from which I could only reset the PC), I used runitgame.bat outside of GameEx over and over again over a dozen times, and the game started up fine every time. I noticed one time that as GameEx was launching the game, it played the game start sound (from Galaga?) and then that sound started stuttering before things appeared to lock up. Also, I tried forcing MAME to use GDI, and when I did, it worked fine from GameEx every time. However, this is not acceptable for a variety of reasons, primarily because of the lack of hlsl. So this leads me to ask if there is a way to delay MAME's startup a couple of seconds while GameEx closes its d3d windows? In case there is some kind of fluke with the timing?
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    I don't think he wants a most played xml database, but wants the most played tables info currently displayed on the systems menu to be displayed (summarised for all systems) when he's viewing the all tables list. Edit: @killa7977 i may be able to add something like the above as an option, but only for pinballx attract mode (so normal table data when navigating the wheel manually), when attract mode starts display a summary of system level data across all systems (regardless of what wheel list you're viewing). Any use (if that makes sense)?
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    Update: I've added 6 more animated Backglass videos for Zaccaria.
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    @joyrider3774 thanks for the test and the info, darn regional settings!! @killa7977 I understand now.. Off the top of my head a plugin doesn't know when pinballx is in the 'all tables' view though, it's just another table view as far as the plugin is concerned so the plugin isn't in 'system' mode to get the data it would need to display for you. I'll have a think about it.
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    I just bought it a little while ago. I am sure the script won't work as is since the table type is new. I will see if I can get the launcher fixed to handle this tonight when I get home.
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    Nice. Thanks. Will check ftp for it later today. The above videos looks promising!
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    The project has moved to .net framework 4 and SharpDX. All operating systems and features are still supported. Image loading optimizations and speed improvements. GameEx Arcade flash games now load in a desktop app rather than browser, giving a nice experience now. Fixes MAME snap aspect ratio. View the full article
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    Sorry about that. Should all be good in 16.03 - now available.
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    Fullscreen optimizations feature is exclusive to Windows 10 (I'm assuming you are running Windows 10) So no luck for me, But I really appreciate your effort to help me out. I'm glad its not just my setup. My Script Covers up the problem pretty well, the FP loading screen still flashes for a split second but I can fix that by changing the loading image to black and the text on the FP loading screen to black as well. But it sucks I have around 80 tables in FP so it will be time consuming. I hate that I'm a perfectionist Scutters, thanks again for your help.
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    The project has moved to .net framework 4 and SharpDX. All operating systems and features are still supported. Image loading optimizations and speed improvements. GameEx Arcade flash games now load in a desktop app rather than browser, giving a nice experience now. Fixes MAME snap aspect ratio. View the full article
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    Here I was about to post the files and I thought for a minute. The original were in .jag format. The current are in .zip. Under Advanced Emulator Setup I set the field for 7zip/rar/zip to true. The list is now current and updated. Strange I could have sworn I had done that in past, but it is working fine now. Thankyou for the help.
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    When I was a young kid, an old wise man said to me:"if you are lazy, get a job in the IT, bacause thats all with computers and you should not do much..."
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    93,120. Improved my score.
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    Nice work... The family guy one appeals to my childish side!
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    Nobody is using them anymore, but wanted to share the next. I didn't like the colors of Dirty Harry, so I re-colored it If you use the program to create the overlays, these are the settings for Dirty Harry (replace the sequence number) VideoLengthMs1 = 5000 ImageMask1 = "DH_%%.png" BitRate1 = 5 Also make a Guns and Roses If you use the program to create the overlays, these are the settings for Guns 'n Roses (replace the sequence number) VideoLengthMs1 = 2500 ImageMask1 = "GNR_%%%.png" BitRate1 = 5 And Familiy Guy If you use the program to create the overlays, these are the settings for Family Guy (replace the sequence number) VideoLengthMs1 = 4500 ImageMask1 = "FG_%%.png" BitRate1 = 5 Thanks to @scutters for this loading images fonts I used for GnR and FG Here are the overlay files : Guns_'n_Roses_Dark.zip Family_Guy__Dark.zip Dirty_Harry_Dark.zip
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    Are you having problems with VPX, DOF or other applications used with PinballX not working after a recent Windows 10 update? Are you using Windows Defender to protect your system? Did you know that you can add an exclusion in Windows Defender to keep the app from being inadvertently disabled?
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    It is already solved, I put the png images of loading and delete the gif and it is already solved Thank you
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    Connect to the ftp and follow the path https://www.gameex.info/forums/ftp/
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    Williams Pinball: Universal Monsters Pack. DMD and Real DMD video's available On the FTP in /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/MikeDaSpike/FX3/Real DMD Color Videos the video's for your real DMD in 128x32 pixels On FTP in /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/MikeDaSpike/FX3/DMD Videos the DMD video's for a monitor with the pixalated overlay from and for my good friend @scutters
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    I have not created my backglass and table video's yet but i did create some wheels already for it. I'll create a new reply post once i have done my table video's etc and uploaded to ftp. The wheels as well as templates and the backglasses i use for my 2 monitor setup are already available on ftp in my folder joyrider3774 in the other uploads section GameNames: BALLY_Creature_from_the_Black_Lagoon WMS_Monster_Bash Credits: Creature from the black lagoon based on this b2s backglass by Wildman : http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2736-creature-from-the-black-lagoon-bally-1992/ Logo by HauntFreaks https://vpinball.com/VPBdownloads/creature-from-the-black-lagoon-midway-1992-wheel/ Monster Bash based on this b2s backglass by bill55 : http://vpuniverse.com/forums/files/file/2149-monster-bash-williams-1998-db2s/ Logo by ministry of pinball: https://www.ministryofpinball.com/en/game-specific-items/williams/monster-bash.html
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    New and improved table loading image support. Animated GIFs are supported again and there are now two modes for loading images (configured under general settings). You can use the existing loading image/video mode or the new playfield image mode. With the new mode it will either use a playfield image or take a snapshot of your playfield video. Then either use a default or one of your own animated gifs which is then overlayed and animated with a fade in. The result looks pretty slick in my opinion and this is a highly requested feature. Note that animated GIFs are now auto rotated if required and regular images at 0 degrees should be used. Note, if you have an unusually long animated GIF the number of frames may be clipped. The fade in of loading images is now done on a thread and games may load a little quicker too. There are also some blitting optimizations to avoid slow done on a UHD 4k display. Enjoy!
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    I have started creating some new backglasses for some of the tables on my cabinet (3 monitor) that go far beyond twinkling lights. Most of these are created/animated from the original artists offerings whose talents and work I highly respect and hope they would like my animated interpretations of their still graphic work. Some will be completely new creations while most will be re-creations from the original artwork. Purists might not approve or like what I am doing, and that's ok, I feel ya. Just know what I do with their art is a huge message that what they created was awesome and I will try to do my enhancements to hold true to the original concept... just in motion. Please note that these are all work-in-progress with some far more along than others. These are all 1920x1080, no audio, and when finished, will be :30sec long and loop seamlessly. I will also create a new static image from the finished animations to use as a static backglass for those softwares that cannot use video assets "in-game" like Pinball FX3. For those setups, these animations are still very useable in the front end and work awesome as "attract mode visuals" while on the front end selector. Always welcome feedback either way and cool ideas/suggestions. Here's an example for a KISS backglass I'm tinkering with as well for when I can finally find and install a 2015 Stern KISS table for my cabinet. cough cough help cough cough... This one is what really started my craze for animating my cabs backglasses. This piece I created from scratch from a single pic of the band and was used for marketing their 2019 show here in K.C. What's seen here now is a quick cut up to remove the other elements (dates, times, location) for the purpose of what it will look like. (the "explosion to the screen" will be gone for sure.) - Timing of all the other elements will be altered. - More pyros bursts... and always... more cowbell. Loads more to do here. - Both UFO's will be animated. The UFO that is animated now will change as the light pattern for both will look like the lights are rotating instead of flashing as they are now. - Aliens will have full limb articulation and motion.  - Current explosions are place keepers for now. - More motion to come for the surrounding city/scene including a passing elevated train. This is just a working concept at the moment. - When completed, this will look like the Dino is "walking" with the logo rattling with each step and the camera view floating with each step as well. - More lava and debris to come. - This scene actually might change to be used for Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem while I create a version more true to the night scene view from the mouth as the original artwork depicted. - Maybe some circling Teradac... flying lizards. BTTF is pretty much final. That could change in 2055 though. Here's a sneak peek of a work-in-progress for my Champion Pub animated backglass.  - This is one of my favs! Both the game itself and the fun time animating everything. - Almost done. Lots goin on in there for sure Kid! - Final version... oooooouch - Very early work-in-progress, maybe 20% complete. - All fireelementsare just place holders at the moment. - Allcharacter movements are just testing purposes only... as is just about everything at this point! - Lots of work yet to be done on the castle and characters in the scene. -King, and Dragon will have full body/appendage articulation. (which is fun just playing around with the appendage controls!!) - Enjoy the sneak peek!s a fun one!
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    Version 1.0.0


    More than 450 MegaBalls for Visual Pinball, Future Pinball or Pinball Arcade. First delivery with the tables that I use in Visual Pinball. Will be added tables that I do not use, exclusive tables of Future Pinball, tables that have left recently in TPA, etc. --------------------------------------------- Más de 450 MegaBalls para Visual Pinball, Future Pinball o Pinball Arcade. Primera entrega con las mesas que yo uso en Visual Pinball. Se añadirán mesas que yo no uso, mesas exlusivas de Future Pinball, mesas que han salido hace poco en TPA, etc. MegaBall.psd
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    Happy birthday Stilkdog!
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