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    Version 3.12


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    I have an excellent JVC 32" CRT, and a whole slew of SCART and Component converters and such...I have a backup CRT or two. I so wish someone would show up at California Extreme with a truckload of forgotten CRTs. But, either way, my partner is no longer entertaining the idea of picking up another beast of a CRT. But, she is okay with me indulging in 4K... I added a curved 49" Sammy KS8000, a couple of years ago, to my MAME cabinet, as I have a beast of a machine to power modern games. And we are getting to the point where LCDs, and perhaps OLED alternatives, are blowing away classic CRTs. Samsung's Q9FN does just that to the last two OLEDs I had, though I miss the 3D sorely. But with the OSSC, combined with a solid UHD display, we are getting so close. Though, I'm not sure what sort of Shadow Masks OSSC supports. So, Ready Player One has virtual recreations of an authentic Joust cabinet...but who's captured these intimate details like native screen type per game, and the recommended filters to make it authentic. It's super difficult to bring the 100% accurate controls to classic MAME titles, but at least getting the visuals right is a treat. And 4K makes it possible, along with HLSL and understanding the shadow masks. It's a leap from the authentic, but we've got to start thinking about how to digitize the analog parts of the arcade experience.
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    Yes, yes it is Pretty active sub here --> https://www.reddit.com/r/crtgaming/
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    It may not make sense to the uninitiated but after using it for a while it does make sense. In other words, you are telling PinballX NOT to display a default or game named DMD file and allow for the program (PinMAME, etc.) to load the DMD instead (hence the NO selection required in Game Manager). While I agree that Game Manager isn't going to be all things to all people, it isn't that bad. I admittedly prefer to load my XML files into Notepad++ for editing/adding/deleting tables. As for you comment about terrible support, I will strongly disagree with you. Support here is mostly member driven with the experienced members helping those that are new to fold. The author takes supporting his product seriously but can't be on call 24/7 for what he created to support a hobby - not a source of income.
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    Jerk! Nice job!
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    Although I'm someone that tries to mess around with shaders and different effects and such. The key here is that there's no substitute for GLASS Look at the beginning of the video when the TV and LCD is basically shutoff. Even without anything on the screen you can already see a distinct visual difference. I'm someone that's tried probably every shader on the planet. I even spent a ton of money on an Acer Predator XB271HU due to it supporting G-Sync which means I can run any game at it's native refresh rate. While I love it especially for newer gen games, I stumbled upon a reddit post one day and decided I had to try it out. Eventually, I found myself carrying out a Sony Trinitron KV-27FS100 out of a Goodwill store. When I got GroovyMAME and everything else hooked up and working perfectly, my jaw hit the floor. It literally is the best way to play these games as there's no substitute for glass and the way the colors pop especially when things are in motion. It's like looking at a photo and your LCD resembles the photo on dull matte paper while your CRT resembles shiny glossy paper that truly shines when you look at it. Another good resource ---> http://scarthunter.b...om/p/links.html https://www.aussiearcade.com/showthread.php/87668-A-guide-to-connecting-your-Windows-PC-to-an-SD-CRT-TV-PVM-or-Arcade-Monitor
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    My original Xbox was hooked up to the Sony Trinitron 32" previously mentioned and looked awesome. Here is a little throwback to old 40 column displays from the 8-bit Atari and Commodore 64 days.
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    Liking this - what's a shadow mask?
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    My mistake. The mega link above still works to get the files. Thanks for the sharing these files. I know I'm late to the party but it is much appreciated!
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    You say there is no hope. But so long as you have something positive inside to share with someone else, there is hope to be had. This hobby of ours brings people together that are different from the rest. Some broken. Many that don't fit in with the rest of society. But if not for us the innovations that drive the world would be harder to come by.
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    Here is a link to the original build that someone took the idea from and made some buck... http://forum.arcadecontrols.com/index.php?topic=131202.0
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    Cool. I assume you've finished all your updates, everything looks great! Your videos have matured as well, thanks for putting forth the effort to share this with all of us.
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    Tron Legacy (Stern Ultimate) DOFLinx: MX PuP SSF Now updated to support my new PuP-Pack with new videos and SSF (surround sound feedback). A Future Pinball first! Video preview:
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    Starwar pincab
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    Perhaps give this a try. https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/19863-resolved-neogeo-game-names-not-displaying/?do=findComment&comment=174025
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    Hey All! As someone who's not had an amazing cab for that long, I've decided to make everything pretty, including my own Mega Docklets. I'm just not a fan of the older VP logo as I display the system's logo on my color dmd when scrolling through the different systems and tables so I had to start creating my own. I've created a directory on the FTP under my name '/-PinballX-/Other Uploads/BrandonLaw/VP Mega Docklets' and will put them in when I can. Here's a few to start as I can only populate so many into the forum due to size limitations. Also happy to take orders if y'all like this version.
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    And one final photoshop before bed and we go Pinball Mayhem.
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    This has always been an issue when adding dmdext to a front end. The process doesn't close out, and when you reopen it again, NADA. just add this to a txt taskkill /F /IM dmdext.exe and change the extension to .bat use that file as your launch after...you can do the same with autohotkey, which is what i used i even added a slight pause then ran the taskill command again, to ensure it was closed out. If you want to avoid FX3 breaking your setup, just back up your fx3 folder in steam, or make the folder read only.
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    Lock this thread up for now. I do not recall having to do this in the past, but on a lark, I went into Windows Display Settings and stacked my monitors vertically in this order: 3 - Topper 4 - DMD 2 - Backglass 1 - Playfield I applied the settings and worked fine, each monitor receiving the correct input. Damndest thing but at least it is fixed for now.
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    Why does this thread not exist already? RetroArch does a really great job integrating with the API for RetroAchievements, which for those that don't know, adds achievements to your retro games much like modern systems do. There is also a Leaderboard, which is a pretty cool hook that allows you to compete against others in the community. It's pretty baller. In addition to the officially supported systems, RetroArch also supports cheevos for Atari 2600 and FBA. I hear they're adding PS1 as well! The list of supported systems is pretty big, and I'm pretty sure there's others that RetroArch supports that don't have a RetroAchievements equivalent. There's a RetroArch bounty for improving the pop-ups to make them look more like a modern console (right now it uses the in-built message display), so it's good to know that's gonna happen. Well long story short, I like to see what others are up to. So if you aren't in there, get in there! If you are in there, add me to your friend list! http://retroachievements.org/user/Adultery Learn how to configure RetroArch and which cores support it here: https://docs.libretro.com/guides/retroachievements/ Read a brief overview about it here: http://www.retroarch.com/index.php?page=achievements If you want to join me in supporting the bounty for pop-up beautification, you can do that here (until they finally put it on bountysource): https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/issues/3946#issuecomment-379507788 Trust me, it's worth the small bit of work it takes to get this rolling.
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    I made some variations for some of the tables that I have. Split into 3 zip downloads. See preview of all below. Part1.zip
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    The Party Zone: really don't remember, what I did and used here, but I remember, i added the ellipsis and stars to... something out here and there - lol. And made a NightMod. these are also on the ftp under: /-PinballX-/Media/vogliadicane/Wheel Images