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    This is my first theme for GameEx (or for anything else for that matter). When I first started making the theme, I did not expect it to be anything special, but at some point I really thought it started looking pretty good. After all the positive feedback and great suggestions from everyone who took the time to take a look at my work, I am ready to release it. The idea of the Sidebar theme is to give the GameEx user the feeling of looking at the box or jewel case that games might come in. It is fairly simple and minimalistic, but when combined with title/snap shots or videos, it looks nice. Hopefully someone else out there there in GameEx-land will enjoy it as well. Most assets have been altered or changed including: - 45+ Backgrounds (including optional alternate backgrounds) - 90+ Logos to match the backgrounds or game consoles - Update and Loading screen assets - Sound assets Here are some snaps of the theme in action: RELEASE: http://www.gameex.info/forums/files/file/529-sidebar-1920x1080/ ...and a big thanks to everyone who took part in this thread over the last few weeks. === 7-20-2016 === - Added Wii logo and background
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    Hello everybody, because I was asked, if I may do a small step-by-step guide on "how to Setup Pinball FX2" (STEAM VERSION), I did it. This is about: - how to start table directly via parameter - how to move the DMD of Pinball FX2 to another screen - how to remove the ugly border and - how to use Images and Videos for PFX2 in PinballX It´s just a simple guide, but maybe helpful for somebody. First I did this just in German, but later on I was asked if I may translate it as soon as possible to English. So, I was a little bit in a hurry - please don´t mind if it isn´t translated perfectly... This is just a first DRAFT-Version... maybe there will be corrections and minor changes in future. Kind regards, Jannek42 PFX2 in PBX_Ver0.9_ENG.zip PFX2 in PBX_Ver0.9_GER.zip
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    Good day guuys! Pleasure to see you all again. I hope some of you guys liked or in some cases mind me making a video helping new people joining the fold around here. Many un-answered questions from users who was interested but daunted on how to get themselves setup with a bit of GameEx goodness. I hope this video helped out those put of by switching or starting a front end Now I know this was basic, maybe not as fluent in the actual setup as some of you pros, but I hope it got many new users on board to join this great Front End. So thank you guys for making this place just as good as the FE it supports! Well now we need to take it to the next stage. I have shown people how to get it setup and get them on the merry road. But now what I need to do is show them what can be done. Show them what a completed GameEx setup can do. Show them how you guys and how they can make it their own. So no better way of doing that than seeing what you guys have come up with. that way it encourages others to push what can be done and maybe bring some new ideas. So if you could help out that will be great. I will be modifying my setup to give it a bit of WOW factor and showcasing it in a vid to show how and what can be done now that you are setup. But i would be great if I can showcase some of your setups too so people can see even more ideas, possibilities and of course just show off your work. If you got any nice builds, custom themes, ideas, remakes or anything that can help out that would be great! I will help out in any way I can to help you do this as I know you all may not have any means to record themes etc. PLEASE can share files, pictures, videos or anything it would be a massive help for me and an even bigger help for the community! Then.... well we are getting stuck into Evolution!
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    Coming soon... Mega Docklets Style Pinball Arcade Wheel Images. These will not be released by seasons but as I am able to source the logos and artwork, or just as I decide to for any reason that strikes my fancy. Stay tuned! EDIT: OK, here is a teaser.
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    Signiffacnt updates to GameEx and GameEx Arcde Edition. GameEx Arcade Edition now supports all otther emulated systems and not just arcade. Is this the best Arcade Cab and HTPC front end now available? View at YouTube. Fixes to the MAME list update and other systems matching is improved. Fixes AAE showing black screen when launched Fixes some user interface navigation issues. Games in series now lists for other systems if MAME Arcade is being used View the full article
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    Part 1: The Seed of an Idea Ok, so I was inspired by @hansolo77's NintendoPi project. I wanted to get my hands on an official NES Classic and modify it to house a Pi3 rev. B, without loosing stock function. However that's impossible before the new year - or rather expensive due to the "Bot" buying and resale price gouge market before the winter holidays. Whatever, until I can actually get one to mod, I can always work on the Rasberry Pi, Retro Pi and maybe even print my own from daftmike's MiniNES:thingiverse files...Hmmm Project Cost to this point = $0, Just the time Planning, Researching Feasibility, Not playing Skyrim, etc. Part 2: 3D Printer "Wait a minuet," you're saying. "Aren't 3D printers Expensive? At least the good ones?" Well, yeah they kinda are. Certainly a commercial model will be out of reach of the casual consumer, but there is a strong open source collaborative approach to 3D printing. As a result the precarious precipice of price exclusivity has transitioned more to a slope of cost versus cons. You no longer need to mortgage your house to afford one. There are a range of printer designs that have produced more affordable solutions. It's give and take, but if your willing to tinker and learn some tricks price is no longer prohibitive. Neither do you need to be a genius. The software required has automated the process of "slicing" the 3D models and converting it to a tool path (Gcode) for you. If you can use Sketchup (my preference) or any other 3D modeling program, you can easily create a tool path your 3D printer can understand, There are very good slicer programs available for free and room fo grow into paid software if needed. Now, Ive been wanting a 3D printer for a number of years and I knew it was only a matter of time before my desire to build 3D models overpowered my resistance to shell out the cash. Apparently, $259.99 was my magic number. While searching for deals this black Friday/cyber Monday weekend I was able to find a Monoprice 13860 Maker Select 3d Printer V2 for $259.99 (~$40 discount), about the same price as a PS4 slim. That's not bad at all! So I took the plunge. Project Cost to this point = $0 ($259.99 Total) Part 3: Materials List And so it begins. I bought the needed materials from daftmike's list: $2.62 - Double Rows 2x5 10Pin Female DIP Straight Pin Header Socket $36.00 - Raspberry Pi 3 rev B $5.17 - Dip Mounting Locking Tact Tactile Switch $9.18 - NFC RFID V3 Module Kits for Arduino $7.98 - 5x7cm Double-Side Prototype PCB Universal Printed Circuit Board $18.98 - JST-XHP 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 Pin housing and Male / Female Pin Head Connector Adapter Plug Set (I'll use these for other projects down the line too, I really only need a few for this project. This is not included in the project price below, but is in the running total). $12.99 - NFC Tags $8.70 - OSOYOO Pro Micro ATmega32U4 5V/16MHz Module Board with 2 row pin header for arduino (Arduino Pro Mini replacment) $6.89 - 10 Wire Ribbon Cable (for front dual usb ports) $9.99 - RGB LED Breakout module For arduino $13.00 - Touch Lid bin clip latch $6.03 - Double Layers Female USB Type A Right Angle 8-Pin DIP Jack Connector $5.97 - Super Glue $8.99 - 5v 25mm X 25mm X 10mm Small Brushless Cooling Fan $84.84 - Filament (Dark Grey, Light Grey, Black, and Tranparent). Each 1Kg Spool cost between $15-$25 and I will use for other projects besides this. When I print the parts for the MiniNES I'll update with the actual cost of the parts then. Project Cost to this point = $121.51 ($491.29 Total) Part 4: Printing, Failing, Tinkering, Printing, Failing, You-tubing, googling, tinkering, printing, Making progress, Moding, Buying, waiting... Once I received the 3D printer and filament I bought, I tried a print. Like anything new, there is a learning curve. The ABS layers delaminated from one another and I got a crack down the part. More than this I tried to print with a Brim, which helps with bed adhesion, but it creates a lot of cleanup after the part prints since you have to cut it off. I can't use these for the case as it just looks bad. I could glue it but that's not ideal, and if one part delaminated then the whole thing will be brittle. The first NES print colors were way off too. See Below for Pics. So I went to the hardware store to pick up some spray paint and other parts required for my mods. Once I have a good print, I'll sand the finish and spray paint to the color I want (Best match a color blind person can manage, we'll see how that goes...lol). Ensuing was a week long learning curve with Cura (my slicer program) and its related settings for good prints in ABS, which was not as easy as I though it would be. A number of things about the stock operation of the printer bothered me too. I printed some mods. Y-Axis cable chain to prevent bed cables from catching on a piece of metal at the back, Z-Braces to help stabilize the frame and hopefully reduce z wobble (produces wavy ripples on the surface of a print), O-ring padded adjustable feet to help with leveling and to reduce vibration (which may affect print quality), X-Axis leveling rods to easily keep X and Y axis level to each other (Critical to an even bottom layer which affects both print quality and bed adhesion), a fan shroud that will more evenly and effectively cool the current layer of filament which will improve quality, and some clips to hold wrenches and the scraper (Just to have a handy place to keep them) While annoying, this is a necessary opportunity to dial in the settings and familiarize myself with the printer before printing the mini NES. While the mods are not technically necessary, they are somthing I will eventually end up doing anyway. So, I may as well do them now and get a better mini NES print when the time comes. I am still in the process of gathering materials and installing the mods. Next up is a new all metal Hot end, which is supposed to be a big improvement over the stock, giving more precise heat distribution in the extruder for better quality prints, and achieve higher temp for filaments that require it. Also, a Borosilacate Glass bed to give a perfectly flat build surface for an even bottom layer, which improves bed adhesion, surface finish, cleaning and part removal. I'm currently in a holding pattern until the Glass bed and Hotend arrive. I already peeled off the bed pad that came installed on the printer. That was a PITA!!! The glue used was incredibly difficult to remove. After peeling the pad off, which required an uncomfortable amount of force and strategic planning so as not to bend or break anything, something like 90% the glue residue remained. It took a razor blade, 2-4 floz of Goof off (Mainly Acetone), and about an hour of elbow grease to remove it all. There is no way I'm putting the second sheet that came with it on! I thought about printing directly on the aluminum but there's a drill hole dead center in the bed. I could get some painters tape to print on but I'm procrastinating another trip to the store. Until either the Glass bed arrives or I get some blue painters tape I can't print anything. I still need to print the Z-Brace brackets, I have the Gcode ready to go (it's a 24 hour print with my settings). I ordered the Glass bed and Hotend last night, so it will probably be another week until I try to print the case again. Extra Stuff Bought: $37.75 - Hotend Upgrade $5.98 - Flush cut wire clippers $19.01 - Z-Brace Parts (O-rings, nuts, 3ft threaded rod, machine screws) $41.96 - Caliper and Level (good to have) $7.76 - Spray Paint (Charcoal Grey for lower shell and Canvas white for top, This is the only thing in this section that will contribute to the Project Cost) $10.83 - Thermal pad $11.99 - Glass Bed $8.40 - Blower Fan $43.95 - 8BITDO NES30 Pro Controller (I just had to do it) Project Cost to this point = $129.27 ($678.92 Total) PICS:
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    @John Simon This may be of interest to you John: WS.Reputation.1
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    Based on their reputation, I was an early supporter of A.S.K. Homework in their Indiegogo campaign to add PC/cab support for their Zaccaria Pinball simulator. They launched on Steam last June and supporters got access to the gold pack of 38 tables. Cab support (portrait mode and support for gamepad controllers) arrived in Sept. Growing up in the states, I do not have a strong attachment to Zaccaria. I was hoping that someone else would do the work of getting together a solution for PinballX support, but... whatever. The launcher is based heavily on gigalula's work: I just put it all into a working script. Add "Zaccaria Pinball" as a system in the Other Systems screen in the Settings app. Assign System Type as Custom. Point the executable path to the launcher. Use "Zaccaria Pinball.xml" as your database file as-is. At least, don't change the game name tags as these are what the Zaccaria Pinball program calls the different tables. The launcher is specific to my particular configuration. I use the command line driven app Display Changer II to rotate my playfield monitor to portrait and antimicro to map my buttons to keys. The source code is included so it can be adjusted to fit users' needs. Now, the hard part is media. The Zaccaria Pinball app currently only supports the playfield so there is no backglass support. PinballX can display static images while in-game. Nudnick, a contributor for TPAFreeCamMod, put together a collection he made for all 38 backglasses: http://pinballarcadefans.com/showthread.php/11793-Static-Back-Glass-while-wait-for-Mod-Update?p=245857&viewfull=1#post245857 The link still works last time I checked. A lot of wheel images already exist under Media/Visual Pinball on the FTP or at VPForums. For the remaining, I did them myself. Media/Zaccaria Pinball/Wheel Images on the FTP. Quality varies. Cine Star and Red Show, I pulled from backglass images and the remaining from flyers. Look for flyers on the FTP - Flyer Images\300dpi - flyers.cdyn.com I redrew most of the instruction cards I could find when Zaccaria Pinball launched on Steam. These are on the FTP - Other Uploads/Carny/Z20160604 This leaves Table Videos. There is a lot of customizations available for lighting and camera views. It makes sense to have a way to generate our own table videos. I ported gtxjoe's PBXRecorder v1.5 for Zaccaria Pinball using Open Broadcaster Software as the capture engine. This was tested with v17.0: https://github.com/jp9000/obs-studio/releases/download/17.0.0/OBS-Studio-17.0-Small.zip The same install instructions apply as described here: Note - Zaccaria Pinball must be setup with Full Screen disabled to capture screens. I could not overcome focus issues while exclusive Full Screen is enabled. You can always enable again after you are through capturing. It seemed to work well enough for me. The source code is available if you need to tweak timing or key delays. The process of launching tables and capturing screens requires the scripts to modify the Zaccaria Pinball's user settings xml file. Steam has a habit of reconciling what is on the local drive with what it has in its cloud backup. It may ask you to sync. The capture program will pause if this happens and all you need to do is sync/upload local file up to the cloud, and the program will proceed. If all else fails, reboot. Launcher and 64-bit executables included. Have fun! All sources are trademarks/copyrights of their respective owners. My work is free to use by the community without attribution and is to be privately used in PinballX or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse. PBXrecorder_1.5Zaccaria.zip
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    Versions no longer expire as of this release. Yay!
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    Goood... GooooooD!!! (Poor Star Wars Emperor Impression) Another potential! It's actually so simple.. you don't have to do ANYTHING!! Just play. Make sure your settings (DIPS) match the official rules. Then when you get your initials/name in the game, take a screenshot (F12) and then post it as a reply to the game's thread. There's a little more to it than that, but that's the gist of it. We're a friendly group, so no cheating and no powerhogging,we already have guys that do that lol! (mo, cyn, exed lol) We made a "documentation" of official rules. If anything ever changes, we'll let you know (like games that don't have in game boards, we explain how to make your entry official). Read up here: https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/12781-rules-guides-and-map-file/ Welcome aboard!
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    Not exactly HARDROCKDEATHPOWERMETAL!!! or anything but I LOVE this cover. It's almost exactly the cover I had on my Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 CD (yeah I made one of those from the soundtrack list and added a few extra good songs). How can we talk covers without one of the best ones ever done?
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    Thanks man. All heroes don't wear cape, bro, and you are my hero. Believe me, I...ain't...fiddling-with-*** when it comes to this setup! This is all I need. I disabled Windows 10 automatic updates and everything so nothing can be updated that will screw up my setup. I am happy and content. That PC is now officially and strictly dedicated to my Gameex arcade setup. If I catch anyone even trying to do anything besides run Gameex on that cabinet there is going to be World War III down in my man cave!
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    You guys are both winners in my book. We can always call it a tie guys.
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    The log file looks like a normal exit. Not much to go on. Does it go to "Please Wait" when you first open GameEx or after performing an action? When was the last reboot of the PC? Anything showing in Event Viewer? Are you using a Touch screen? If not, you should disable it via Setup Wizard.
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    It comes up from time to time, but you are correct, this is a false-positive. Norton is always updating its heuristics and looks for certain behaviours. I would not be alarmed and enjoy the program!
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    These look awesome in my cabinet. Thanks again. edit: the wrong video was showing....should be the correct one now (PBFX2 videos)
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    /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/HeelerKY/PinballFX2/AltBackglass I've started to make new backglass images 1920x1080 for my 3 monitor cabinet. Uploaded to FTP Feel free to use them if you wish, I'm uploading as I get them done in my spare time. Attached the Archer backglass as an example, thanks for looking.
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    Wow awesome score! I was actually just playing this the other day on my Nintendo. Definitely secures your 1st place (for now.......) Updated OP, DB, RSS PS, welcome back to the forums!
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    To one of the true asset kings... well done sir! And happy birthday.
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    Also you do realise i have to, right? And the best cover: I hate Jack Black with a passion, but: He got me with this one
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    Signiffacnt updates to GameEx and GameEx Arcde Edition. GameEx Arcade Edition now supports all otther emulated systems and not just arcade. Is this the best Arcade Cab and HTPC front end now available? View at YouTube. Fixes to the MAME list update and other systems matching is improved. Fixes AAE showing black screen when launched Fixes some user interface navigation issues. Games in series now lists for other systems if MAME Arcade is being used View the full article
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    I was promoted in December and am the director for my department now at the tech company I work for, so long 60 hour weeks abound. We're moving all our clients over to AWS and setting up Ansible, plus 3 implementations a quarter... Just busy as hell. Add the new baby, there's just no time for fun right now, let alone coding (which I do all week btw). But I still lurk, believe me!
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    hah....fixed! Reminds me of Krokus
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    I love the Phantom of the Opera, having seen it on stage and the movie. But when I am gaming, I like something a little more up-tempo.. Derezzed by Daft Punk anyone?
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    The GPD Win Is a truly astounding machine (Thanks Tom), running GX wonderfully (with all bells and whistles) and every Steam game I have tried runs great also, including Far Cry and Just Cause. But mainly, for Retro game lovers on the move, it is brilliant, and having a keyboard as well is a boon for adventure games. ps. The size of a DS XL, so really portable. http://www.pocketgamer.co.uk/r/Other/GPD+Win/hardware_review.asp?c=73044
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    Happy Belated. Hope you spent your birthday earning some killer high scores.
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    Happy birthday, Mr. Dog.
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    Happy birthday mi amigo! May it be filled with much retro goodness!
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    My response to that: Updated OP, DB, RSS PS - I love Daisy Ridley.
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    then their those covering them.... Gives a whole new meaning to "you play like a bunch of girls"
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    Thanks everyone, Turning touch screen off seemed to have worked. I got it to work but it seems to have eliminated all my emulators I had set up. Oh well at least Mame works
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    I've made a bit of progress! I'm was tinkering around with every setting in the book and different combinations of settings-- doing everything I can think of to get this to work properly... suddenly on sunday, fx2 tables started to exit without crashing out pinball X! So far it is working-- I'm not certain if it is opening multiple versions of steam or not, but I'm going to run a few more tests this week... what I think I changed that might have helped was adding administrative privledges to pinball X, and setting Steam so it didn't automatically open when windows started-- so when I run a pbfx2 table from pinball X it logs me on to steam and runs the table-- then, when I quit steam with a button on my cab, it exits out and back to pinball x-- I can open another table and it still works-- I tested about three pbfx2 tables in a row and it seems to run!! I'm going to spend more time with it this week. I will keep you posted-- thanks for all the tips so far!
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    I am closing this thread. It has already been reported as a bug in GameEx Arcade in your original thread. The author will address this when he is able. I am wanting this fixed soon as well, so please leave the dead horse alone!
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    Making some headway...136,200 It's always Coco that does me in.
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    Jumping off the corner onto your opponent is probably one of the most damaging moves you can do. You have to be careful though, because if the opponent rolls out of the way, you crash to the mat and lie there stunned, giving the guy a chance to turn the tables on you. The super-kick you talked about is only possible when you whip your opponent to the ropes. Whip opponent, wait for him to rebound off the ropes, and when he gets in close hit the "kick" button and you will do the fancy kick. This move is really effective when you're really close to the ropes--you basically throw the guy then hit the kick button right away, and you land your hit before the opponent even completes his rebound off the ropes. Doing it this way means the opponent will not have a chance to do any kind of reversal, which he can (and will) do if he has time to do so. Other moves you can do when your opponent comes rushing back: Kick button + joystick toward opponent = clothesline Punch button = back drop Punch button + toward opponent = elbow smash
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    I occasionally have these little flashes of insight that prove to be right, but a broken clock is also right twice a day...
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    Nice score, Pat! Once you figure out how Mat Mania (aka "Exciting Hour") works, high scores are not so much a matter of skill but of focus and discipline. In other words, you have to go methodically through your opponents without taking unnecessary risks. Especially in a long game, there is always a temptation to do different things to bring some variety to the gameplay, but if you do something too careless your opponent might gain control of the match and never give it back. As mentioned, this is particularly a problem with Coco Savage, but really, it can happen with any of the opponents. I haven't played this one in a few years, but when I get home in a few days I'll see if I can blow the rust off and give Pat a run for his money.
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    <shakes fist furiously> I knew you guys would beat my score! AAAARRGH!! I thought I'd have 1st place for at least a week the way our competition has been of late. Thanks for proving me wrong guys! Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    sorry for my break in this project. too much IRL atm, but I managed to get the super cool original Champions League (Original TomTower - Ninuzzu 2017) for you guys. Uploaded FTP/Dropbox - Attatched Champions League (Original TomTower - Ninuzzu 2017).mp3 LAUNCH-Champions League (Original TomTower - Ninuzzu 2017).mp3
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    Defender, not my kinda game. In the first Yolympics I participated in, MAME OfDefender was on my team and he crushed it. No surprise he took the title. But for points, I'll put this in. ExedExes - 25,125 (the other scores on the right hand side were from 2015, this game has an odd habit of keeping old scores)
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    OH HAI Who's this returning to GameEx? Why it's me, your old pal Exed. Apologies for not being here the past few months, so much has been going on and this month is the Yolympics competition in which I'm a team captain for the 2nd year in a row (and not doing all that great, really) But THIS game I couldn't pass up. I've played it on the Game Boy Advance (and the GBA version gives you 3 lives to start and a hidden third "history" after you complete the first two) Even with one life, it's still no problem (and extra lives become available later on) ExedExes - 258,900
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    I've uploaded a new full Visual Pinball pack with 349 tables and all stockings in FTP My resolutions: 1920x1080 + 1920x1080x1024x768 The pack includes: Windows ------------- - Copy of windows registry: position and color of dmd - Fonts for Windows Visual Pinball ------------------ - 349 Visual Pinball tables Updated as of 02/24/2017 - All B2S for these tables - 56 Tables Alternatives in case you like more than the active version or you want to use both. - All necessary ROMs - All the necessary music - Archives.cfg - NVRam files the tables that you needed to put 3, 4 or even more coins, I have them at 1 credit, the volume is already uploaded in all tables and the terms and conditions accepted. - All necessary scripts, samples and other files. - Latest version of VPinmame SAM for all SAM tables, including Walking Dead or Mustang. PinballX ----------- - Database for this pack - Backglass Video Full Screen (3 Screens) complete - Backglass Video width Speaker Panel (2 Displays) (Incomplete) - Backglass Images for 2 and 3 screens (complete) - DMD videos (Full) - Launch and table audio (Comkpleto) - Table videos (full) - Whell images, 3 complete games, Megadocklet, Custom and Nuke - Personalization with the underlay and startup videos that I did, plus the load images with my logo (this if you want not to overwrite it, I guess it only makes sense to me, except the videos and the underlay) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He subido un nuevo pack completo de Visual Pinball con 349 mesas y todas las medias en el FTP Mis resoluciones: 1920x1080+1920x1080x1024x768 El pack inlcuye: Windows ------------- - Copia del registro de windows: posición y color de los dmd - Fuentes para Windows Visual Pinball ------------------ - 349 mesas de Visual Pinball Actualizadas a fecha de hoy 24/02/2017 - Todos los B2S para estas mesas - 56 Mesas Alternativas por si te gustan más que la versión activa o quieres usar ambas. - Todas las ROMS necesarias - Toda la música necesaria - Archivos.cfg - Archivos NVRam las mesas que necesitabas meter 3, 4 o incluso más monedas, las tengo a 1 crédito, el volumen ya está subido en todas las tablas y los términos y condiciones aceptados. - Todos los scripts necesarios, samples y demás archivos. - Última versión de VPinmame SAM para todas las mesas SAM, incluidas Walking Dead o Mustang. PinballX ----------- - Database para este pack - Backglass Vídeo Full Screen (3 Pantallas) completo - Backglass Vídeo width Speaker Panel (2Pantallas) (Incompleto) - Backglass Images para 2 y 3 pantallas (completo) - DMD vídeos (Completo) - Launch y table audio (Comkpleto) - Table vídeos (completo) - Whell images, 3 juegos completos, Megadocklet, Custom y Nuke - Personalización con el underlay y startup vídeos que yo hice, más las imágenes de carga con mi logo (esto si quieres no lo sobreescribas, supongo que solo tiene sentido para mi, salvo los vídeos y el underlay) PinballX-/Other Uploads/PcTeknic/VisualPinball/Nuevas descargas 2017