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    Version 2.36


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    Just to prove I am not f***ing around when I say it is coming.... Specs: Cabinet: Supplied by DreamAuthentics 2 x Player 7 button 8 way. Illuminated Trackball Spinner with 2 buttons 4 - Way joystick 5 additional buttons by 4-way mapped out for asteroids. Escape button. 2 x 2 Pinball buttons IPAC Ultimate RGB Leds on player buttons. 29" WeiYa Tri Sync Arcade Monitor. [Although wrong one supplied right now.] PC: Corsair Obsidlan 250D Mini ITX case Asus Maximus VII Impact motherboard I7 4790S (Low power model) 16GB 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance Samsung 850 EVO 1TB ArcadeVGA 5000 Corsair CS 650 power supply Software: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit and your favourite front end
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    Hi, i upload the Table Videos for Bethesda... Download
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    Ladies and Gentlemen (OK, Gentlemen), may I present....Ataroid! It's not some bizarre cross between a star system and a colonic condition, rather one between an Atari 2600 and an Odroid. Here's the skinny: Specs: CPU: 8 Cores @ 2GHz- Samsung Exynos5422 Cortex™-A15 2Ghz and Cortex™-A7 Octa core CPUs RAM: 2Gigs- 2Gbyte LPDDR3 RAM PoP stacked Onboard ROM: 32 GB eMMC5.0 HS400 Internal Flash Storage Stroage: 1TB USB3 Internal Storage Rear Ports: 2xUSB2, 1xSPDIF Optical Out, 1xPhono out, HDMI Out, 1xGBit Ethernet Connectivity: WiFi, Bluetooth and Xbox360 Controllers. Expansion: 4x powered USB3 ports still available inside the chassis. Systems Emulated (at full speed, with minimal glitches): From Vectrex.. Up to N64, PSP, Dreamcast and Playstation 1. Also runs Kodi @ 1080p with 5.1 DTS Audio out. Video Further Info and Build Pics Here Pictures (Click to see all)
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    I built this cab a while ago and put the finishing touches on the theme a couple summers back. The theme is a port of @Krakerman's GameRoomEx (inspiration goes to him). I used a vertically mounted LCD to maximize play area for vertical scrolling shooters like 1941, but it also allows you to not sacrifice play area for 4:3 aspect games. Instead you get black space above and below the playfield for artwork and custom bezels (which is a lot of work, but worth it IMO). The other advantage to a vertscreen is that you can run it like a Pincab. You can read the official release thread here, which includes links to the DL page and installation instructions.
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    Alright ya'll... this is our first 2-month GOTM competition. And it's a doozie! I love the Metal Slug series, and this one is no exception! Here's a bit of info for you though. There are some settings you need to change before you can play this game with our (TwinGalaxies) rules. The way to change them though is a bit tricky. Simply accessing MAME's DIP settings isn't enough. You see, this was a cartridge-based system. The DIP's only change the global arcade settings, where as the per-game settings are built into the cartridge. To access these settings, get the game loaded and running, then press F2 on your keyboard. This will bring up the internal system's settings. (Sorry for my screenshots, I don't know how to configure MAME to not include the panel artwork (let me know!)) Scroll down to SETTING UP THE SOFT DIP: Enter the menu with A or B, then select SLOT1 METAL SLUG X: Then make your changes... specifically CONTINUE to OFF, BLOOD if interested: Then scroll down off the page to go to the 2nd menu: Then continue making changes.. specifically CREDIT/LEVEL to ON/ON, and COUNTRY to USA. That's it. You'll then press button D or 4, or whatever you use for bombs/grenades to back all the way out, and select EXIT to reboot the machine. That's it! As a courtesy, please verify you've done this prior to submitting a screenshot. It's important to make sure we're all on the same page. I did a test run, killing a few guys then purposely dying. If you choose to continue, it WILL keep your score, so strictly adhering to the NO CONTINUES rule is paramount. Thanks guys, happy playing!
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    GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.82 released. A new version of the setup wizard by Ben Baker is included which fixes several reported issues and also shows some of the new design of the setup wizard that will be available in GameEx Evolution. Also with this release, game manuals are now not a registered only feature. View the full article
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    I so need to get my cabinet back up and running
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    Love the back and forth of the scores this month. Cmon Han I'm pulling for ya, nooffense Mario
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    The purpose of this list, as opposed to the v1 list, is that I can keep this list in alphabetical order and have it ordered numerically to aide in the upcoming ROTM (Rematch of the Month). I will attempt to keep this list updated as new games are added to our competition. As this site continues to develop and upgrade, the lists here will also become more enhanced and "evolve". I will attempt to have our resident HS Programmer (Adultery) add some lines of code to his already masterful DB Manager to automate this a bit with a table structure so it's not one long vertical line. In the meanwhile, nothing else too exciting here yet! 1941 Counter Attack 1943: The Battle of Midway 1944 A.B. Cop Anteater Arkanoid Bank Panic Bay Route Black Widow Blazing Star Blood Bros. Bomb Jack Bubble Bobble Bubbles Burger Time Centipede Choplifter Circus Charlie City Connection Crystal Castles Cyvern Defender Dig Dug DoDonPachi Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong Junior Double Dragon Fast Lane Flicky Frogger Galaga GAPlus Gauntet Gekisou Ghouls n Ghosts Golden Axe Green Beret Gun Smoke Gyrus Hammerin Harry I, Robot Jackal Joust Jumping Jack Juno First Lady Bug Mario Bros Mat Mania Metal Slug Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Moon Patrol Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-man Nitro Ball Out Run Pang Popeye Puzzle Bobble Q*Bert Qix R-Type Raiden Reactor Robotron 2084 Rygar Shinobi Sky Kid Snow Bros Space Harrier Spy Hunter Strider Strikers 1945 Tapper Tetris: The Grand Master The Punisher Tiger Heli Time Pilot Tokio / Scramble Formation Toobin Track & Field Tutankham Vs. ExciteBike Wonder Boy 3 Yie Ar Kung-Fu Zaxxon
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    Thanks for the replies. After messing around with Launcher X as well as most settings in PinballX, my system is once again booting into PinballX from Windows startup (and I can see all 3 screens again). The setting that was causing all this frustration was in the Display Settings. I must have changed Full Screen Windowed to NO. This setting needs to be set to YES. Now, everything seems to be working once again. I will say that when this setting was set to NO, flipping between tables in PinballX was a lot snappier than it is now. I'll still trade that for all 3 screens working on bootup, but I wanted to note the differences.
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    It's a $49.99 value! Offer is only good for the ext 24 hours or so, so act now! https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadow-warrior-special-edition
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    I've been working on my new GameEX Theme, below is kinda where it is at right now, still abit of tweaking to go.
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    Crash Bandicoot, original was side scrolling plattform Oddworld - Abe's Oddysee Thoes 2 are worth a play
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    I can vouch for the Driving Force GT! Really good wheel and at a bargain price nowadays too. I'm using it in my cab with MAME, DeMUL, Supermodel, M2 and PC (via Steam). Most MAME driving games play well. If a game was originally fitted with an optical wheel though, it can be difficult to get it set up correctly. Some pictures of it in my cab here that may be of help/inspiration to you.
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    Picked it up at my local Wal*Mart for $7 on Clearance. They also had a Centipede I may go back for tomorrow. Thinking of trying to put a Nano in it, but not sure how nice that'll turn out... The screen is pretty small, but there's definitely enough room in it. If I could pull it off it would look really nice on my desk at work! Thoughts?
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    A little more information can be found here. As you can see from the images it appears there will be color variants.
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    A majority of the media files are currently duplicates to support the various pinball systems on my cab (visual pinball/visual pinball x/pinball arcade etc). Especially for backglass and topper videos this duplication has quite an impact of available storage on my ssd. Request: can PinballX also have a generic media folder that you can activate for multiple pinball systems and share media content?
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    One day only, get Jotun free on Steam! Save yourself $15! Get it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/323580/Jotun_Valhalla_Edition/
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    Well, after struggling with a family bankruptcy following my job loss in 2009 and dealing with a '99 Honda Civic for the last 3 years that wants to overheat frequently and the breaks have gone, I have decided to buy a new car. I have decided on a 2017 Kia Soul+ . Not many bells and whistles, it looks like a Pokeball on wheels, but drives nice and has more to offer than what I have now.
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    Not sure if I've shared my build here yet, despite finishing it about 2 years ago... GameEx with GameExtender on a second display between the main monitor & the control panel. In-game, the second display shows PNGs of the button assignments generated with CPWizard. I can also swap out the control panel with a flat panel and play mouse & keyboard games. I also did a custom theme which you can see in this quick, extremely low-fi video I made of the cab in action: Since making the video, I've installed RocketLauncher alongside GameEx for it's MAME bezels (and the ability to send screenshots to my network with fancy HLSL effects in place, which I use for the GameEx High Score Competition).
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    Personnaly i use an Xarcade 2 players ans 2 xbox 360 controllers. In MAME, i go to the cfg folder and delete all .cfg files in it, then i play a game (for example SF2CE ) and i go into the input menu (with TAB) and configure the player 1 & player 2 controls (for both Xarcade & xbox360 pad plugged at the same time as mame allow multiple inputs) then i exit MAME. I go in the cfg folder again and search for the sf2ce.cfg that mame as created for the game. I rename it default.cfg and make it read-only Now, whenever my xbox controller are plugged or not, all is working as expected and when i want to reuse them later they are recognized I hope it helps
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    Sorry buddy, but your score wasn't meant to last! Actually, it's pretty good, considering this version with these settings is pretty difficult. I only managed to make it half way through Stage 2 (Egypt). Like all Metal Slug games, remember to rescue the POW's, don't spam on the guns because they don't last forever, and take your time! Follow the patterns on the big boss guys. Also.. does anybody know how to turn off all the artwork when taking screenshots? It's still annoying.. Initials: HAN Score: 629,150 Stage: 2 (Egypt) Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    Ouch. Had the same with dropbox recently. Grab back the means to production Terry and run your own server!! I think you got them all apart from the one showing 1942 running on that behemoth.... You remember that one, right?
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    Nah. You gave good instructions. It's just a matter of following them. The Metal Slug Series is fantastic and worth the teeny-tiny bit of extra effort.
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    I'll look at the GameEx.ini but that's one "LOG" I don't care to look at after almost 10 years here at GameEx. That's probably why it's dirty in the first place.
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    ouch @ that controller. The 90s called - they want their aesthetic back.
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    It's something! ExedExes - 171,700 Also, apologies for my signature possibly appearing funny. Photobucket is allowing a very limited amount of bandwidth for 3rd party image linking. If you want unlimited, it's $400 a year! (how about no) so I changed my signature host to imgur. It should look better now.
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    Man... It almost feels like cheating by starting at the highest difficulty level, beating one level, then killing that big fat bonus fly & barely surviving past that... But here it is. 138,875.
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    GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 14.82 released. A new version of the setup wizard by Ben Baker is included which fixes several reported issues and also shows some of the new design of the setup wizard that will be available in GameEx Evolution. Also with this release, game manuals are now not a registered only feature. View the full article
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    I think it has been discussed in one form or fashion with Han's NES RPi conversion or about anywhere you look. I am sure from Nintendont's perspective it is a sin, but I say whatever floats your boat. I am still toying with the idea of adding a RPi and an SSD externally to the back of my Tankstick.
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    Here <edit> you can also use the repository manager
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    @spiffo Model2 and Model3 are set up in GameEx to work with the Integrated Mame. They each have their own section in the Setup Wizard. If these are enabled and configured properly, when GameEx runs a game from the Mame menu that it recognizes as Model2/3, instead of using the Mame executable it will use the Model2/Model3 emulator. As far as GameEx goes, it does not intend Model2/3 to be a stand alone emulator, so there is no database (and I doubt there will be) because it expects to pull the game data from the Mame database.
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    ....and that game is the rare 1993 SEGA STAR WARS: http://www.arcade-museum.com/game_detail.php?game_id=9775 That's a lot of games!
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    Commander Draco preparing for dust-off from the Great Temple on Yavin 4:
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    I use this on my cab. It's awesome. Force feedback/steering scope (360/270 degrees etc)/wheel stiffness all adjustable. Easily modifiable to fit onto a cab too. http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/driving-force-gt Can pick up reasonably cheap on ebay,. too.
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    I should be posting some hi score entries over the next few days, theres been quite a few gems added since the last time i submitted a score.
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    So... I just got let down (in probably the softest way possible) by our esteemed backend programmer. Maybe that's not the best way to say it. But let me explain. It's not surprising really, considering the amount of work required to make all this happen. As we sit right now, the system works. We have a working program that allows us to update not only the high score tables through an automated generation process, but also maintains an RSS feed as well as generating MAP files. The current system is stable and has no issues. To go in and re-do the program to allow for 3 tables instead of one, and recalculate leaderboard points is quite an overhaul. I almost feel ashamed for asking such a task to be done for us. I honestly understand where he's coming from, and if I were in his shoes I'd probably do the same. The forum is dying as is, to spend a lot of time trying to upgrade everything to meet the new ideas without any kind of guarantee it will work is just too high a gamble. Perhaps when he has the free time to dabble, something might come of all this. It's a nice thing to see the waters tested though, and to jostle around ideas. In the end though, I have to agree with him. The ideas are intriguing, but the work required is too much to worry about at this time. To that end, I'm going to leave the idea with the ROTM still in place. We're not going to clear out the existing scores or anything. We're just going to make the winning vote a focus point for everybody to say "hey I remember competing on that game, maybe I can do better this time.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This integrating other 200 games MAME in PinballX. It's almost ready, the moment I bring 200 new MegaDocklets, well, 195 new and 5 which already had downloaded from FTP. As you can see, almost all are horizontal. -------------------------------------------------- Esto integrando otros 200 juegos de MAME en PinballX. Ya está casi listo, de momento os traigo 200 nuevos MegaDocklets, bueno, 195 nuevos y 5 que ya tenía descargados del FTP. Como veís, casi todos son horizontales.
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    428,730 Aside from shoot-em-ups, there aren't many types of games from the "insert coin to continue" era of arcade gaming that I like very much. Reason being, the games are usually designed around "getting to the end" rather than interesting scoring systems. In the process, they fleece the player of as much money as possible -- often going through phases (boss battles, etc.) where credits last about 5 seconds. So, run and gun games like Metal Slug aren't normally my bag, but I have to admit, this game is pretty awesome. The detail in the graphics and animations is outstanding and you can tell they really took a lot of care in designing this game.
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    Just rediscovered my fave game ever. Last time I played Wipeout was PS2, coz got myself an xbox 360 after that. Wipeout Omega has just been released on the PS4 and just had an evening in "the zone" - it's still got it... Never known a game like it for total absorption. Now...again...Need..to...get..that...gold..medal....
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    OK so according to all the reviews online this stick is crap for long-term use. Having said that I have had one new in box for years now. My wife's son bought it for me for Christmas thinking a geeky controller for your video games. He found it at a Job Lot for $5 and grabbed it for me. Good kid. I plugged it in once to my PC and since it didn't work as a USB controller I put it away. I have had a PS3 all along but I like the stock PS3 controllers. Fast forward to yesterday. I was trying to clean out my closet so I can get some cash to pay for the oil tank I had to go waaaaaaay into debt to replace. (Tank's in the house but now I still owe a ton of money on it. Bleh.) Sold off my PSOne collection and an Arcadia Quest Kickstarter I ordered that I never opened. I found this stick in the back of the closet and thought I'd look it up on eBay. Only one for sale and it's $45. Looking at the history it has been $45 for many relists now so I assume it has no real value. I was about to toss it into the Closet of Holding again and figured I'd see if anything had been done about using it for a PC. I found this article which led me to this site. It took me 5 minutes to download the tool and install. It took 5 minutes only because I didn't notice that there are drop down menus during install and you actually have to pick "PS3 Dual Shock controller" under "Choose DualShock 3 Controllers to Install" before you tell it to install... so I had to uninstall and do it again. It works. I played Atari, MAME, Nintendo... the stick works well. I can see what all the bad press is about but as a casual controller I really like it! It is by no means perfect - the joystick could be stiffer (hurrhurr) and it's obviously not an X-Arcade Tankstick - but, as I said, I like it. I have it working on Windows 7 and 10. I now have a good arcade stick to take with me on vacation or just to mess around with on my laptop. Just some info for anyone that may have picked up one of these and it's now sitting in their Closet of No Return!
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    Yes, as Tom points out, in the Advance MAME settings (not to be confused with AdvanceMAME) there is a field for "do not filter these ,,," that will get you going. Don't forget to update afterwards!
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    Thanks, all. I disabled the integrated sound in the bios and installed the LAV codecs. Everything now appears to be working correctly -- I disabled ambient sound and still got the juke to work. All this is rather confusing, since I've never had these issues before but alas.
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    I think I used the wrong one! I used the one for Cancer.. I'm actually Gemini. So does that make my score invalid? Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    And Skyrim... BETHESDA_Skyrim(effect and music).mp3 BETHESDA_Skyrim(music).mp3 BETHESDA_Skyrim(sound effect).mp3
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    But I love Time Crisis...and $100.00 isn't TOOO bad...nope...nope...must...resist...spending...more...money....