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    A major new feature for developers in this release. Introducing AddIns. Addins allow you to programmatically create your own modules (lists and menus) and play, list and launch anything.. You can for example create your own video or multimedia modules somewhat similar to how some Kodi AddOns work. It's not overly complicated to get started and there is a full example available here. They are also now part of the official GameEx repository. I am happy to answer any questions. View the full article
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    GameEx 14.83 released Radio stations now start to play much faster. New background video for GameEx default theme GameEx now uses the smoother frame rate please wait animation from GameEx Arcade Edittion. Fixed pop up descriptions showing wrong MAME game descriptions. Automatic artwork downloader now downloads MAME ICONs GZIP (gz) support for premium members. View the full article
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    OK, I know some of you like free. Get Oddworld Abe's Oddysee free from GoG.com for the next 48 hours (actually 37 hours as of the time of this post).
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    .PSD Templates + Video Tutorial "How to make a MegaDocklet" / "Cómo hacer un MegaDocklet" View File Some users have asked me about how to make the MegaDocklets for tables added on your own, tables that I have not in use and therefore I have not made the MegaDocklet. Although the .PSD templates for Photoshop are quite simple to understand and the layers are already prepared, users who are not accustomed to Photoshop may cost a little and that is why I have prepared this video. --------------- Algunos usuarios me han preguntado sobre como hacer los MegaDocklets para mesas añadidas por vuestra cuenta, mesas que yo no tengo en uso y por lo tanto no he hecho el MegaDocklet. Aunque las plantillas .PSD para Photoshop son bastante sencillas de entender y ya están las capas preparadas, puede que a usuarios que no estén habituados a Photoshop les cueste un poco y por eso he preparado este vídeo. Submitter PcTeknic Submitted 09/02/17 Category Wheel Images  
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    PinballX 2.39 This release has Pinball Arcade working again with the latest version of the software. Ensure to set the interface version as 4 in the Setup Wizard. Pinball Arcade Camera Mod is now directly supported as the launch target instead of the Pinball Arcade Executable and direct table launch is supported. This is automatically detected if the executable is the camera mod and the -table [TABLEFILE] parameters are used. Ensure that PinballX runs as administrator when trying to use the camera mod. Here is what the settings should like for direct table launch with the camera mod. Otherwise the latest version of Pinball Arcade is supported using grid selection with this release. [PinballArcade] WorkingPath=C:\TPAFreeCamMod Executable=TPAFreeCamMod.exe Parameters=-table [TABLEFILE] Process=PinballArcade11.exe Pinball FX is now also forcibly killed for those of you that had to have a launch after to kill the process. This should no longer be required. Pinball FX 3 release is just over a day away. I don't have access to a Beta but I am told these settings work with the Beta with cabinet support enabled: [PinballFX2] WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Executable=steam.exe Parameters=-applaunch 442120 "-table_[TABLEFILE]" Process=Pinball FX3.exe
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    I would like to be able to choose the default databases to display and extend the range. Now we mark the option "defaul filters" to generate 70s, 80s, 90s and moder for years and stern, williams, bally, Gottlieb by manufacturers. I think it would be good for the user to mark every list he wants to see, and include the 60s. I for example would not mark 60s nor the 70s, but there will be those who mainly want those. Nor is it a problem because the user can create a database of the 60s, but it is no longer automatic. The same for manufacturers, my Gottlieb I do not like, but I have created a database with Inder / Sonic and I will do the same for Sega / Data East. The good thing is that although PinballX does not generate these lists or you do not have selection options, you can do it yourself on your own. More interesting than this, that the user can do for himself, I think it would be the option already commented many times with a selection of systems to choose the tables to display, Visual, Future, PinballFX2, TPA, Zaccaria, MAME. .. Those who have multiple systems would appreciate it. I've done another installation for MAME, so I boot it with arcade videos and say games instead of Tables. PinballX I use it only for Visual, I have removed TPA and Future. The FX2 although I have it integrated, I always execute it directly. As you can see, it is not something I ask for me, I love PinballX, it is an opinion about what could be improved, it is several people who ask about these things.
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    I still have all the software work to do but mainly trying to get fx2 to run in pinball x menu
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    Thanks for submitting this! I am sure that others will get a lot out of the tutorial and I look forward to seeing their submissions!
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    Hi all, Figured seeing as though I signed up I should do the intro. Built my cab well over 10 years ago - well the shell, control panel, primed in beautiful white MDF primer, all the wiring, buttons, joysticks, PC and 68cm fat back tv and that's how it remained up until recently. Not sure why but decided 10 years was more than enough time for the primer to cure and give it a lick of top coat. So a few weeks ago I stripped it all down, pulled it into the carport, cut about 30cm off the back (originally needed the depth for the tv, but have swapped it for a flat panel), cut some holes for speakers and then painted it. Put it all back together and back into the bar. Next was to give it a nice FE as mameUI64 is only good for trying some games out, not really nice when people come over. Stumbled on GameEx and the limited time I've tried it's been really good. Anyway the cab is a 4-player beast, based around NBA Jam which was a big favourite of mine and does get a bit of playtime on the cab when friends are around. Ultimarc 64 does the buttons and joysticks, connected to a pc sitting in the bottom of the cab. Audio is four 6x9" 3-way speakers powered by Sony Xplod amp (which is turned way down). Still in the process of setting up GameEx to work how I want it - there's a lot of options to play with so going to try some of them out. I do have to sort out the control panel image which get's displayed as I don't have my buttons set up that way. Anyway I've been out of this game for a while, and just easing back in so please go easy on me if I ask a stupid question. Cheers -cdbrown
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    OK, now I feel a bit stupid. In the Setup Wizard screenshot above, you'll notice a line that says 'Show Vert/Horiz - Auto Based on Display' That line is filtering out all games that are Vertical Shooters / Scrollers because of my normal horizontal display, no wonder Space Invaders and Centipede didn't show up, DOH! I still can't get the Update List to not verify the ROMs, if you check the log it always includes -verifysets, but when I checked the verify.dat file that gets stored in users\'username'\appdata\local\temp and found the missing games in there and listed as GOOD I knew it couldn't be a verification problem. Well anyway, I've learnt loads, thank you very much to everyone who has helped, much appreciated. spiffo.
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    @spiffo I was able to reproduce your problem when my rompath was set wrong in the GameEX AE Setup Wizard. Once I corrected that then the games show as they should based on my settings. Here's a log of my last run but am unsure if it will actually help you. log.txt
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    Hello I show you a new concept I use pinballx and pinball fx2 I have use: _Gtx msi 1080 _I7 7700 _2X16Go Ram _Asus Z270 maximus IX Formula _Watercooling thermaletake _Power 1200w _Tower thermaltake P5 _Sony 43" 4k _ATMJOYFLIP For button Covering type carbone look Thanks
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    Terry's had more than one round, his hard-drives died, taking everything with them. That may have been 2016, not sure off the top of my head. Regardless, he gets my vote for perseverance! "Most Helpful": Tom sort of has an inside track on this one
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    Hey gang, I just wanted to share a deal some of you stateside guys might be interested in. Now until November Best Buy is offering a trade in program for Logitech Harmony remotes. You bring in your old Harmony remote and they print a coupon for $50 of a Home Companion or $100 of the Elite. I traded in 350 that I bought refurbished on Amazon for $20, so it's for any Harmony remote. I was able to stack the deal with another and get an Amazon Echo Dot for free. Grand total $85.59 after tax for a $150 remote and $50 Echo Dot. You may not be able to stack the deals though. It took about 10 minutes of wheeling and dealing which eventually lead to the assistant store manager giving the ok. Once it got up to him though he said yes fairly quickly because there was nothing that said the deals couldn't stack. YMMV though.
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    First thing for you to know, is that besides the DOSBox I am also using the DBGL (DOSBox Game Launcher) to start the games. I remember that before using the DBGL I was having problems setting up the games to start in GameEx. But with the DBGL, setting up new games is trivially easy. It has a downside however, in the fact that I have to name the games' media assets (video snaps, covers etc.) with numbers instead of the the names of the games, and then use a custom MAP file to show the correct names in GameEx. It's not a big deal for me, because given the small size of my retro collection I never use automatic download of media, but if you use that, then I guess it won't work for DOS games launched via DBGL. You can find the DBGL here: http://members.quicknet.nl/blankendaalr/dbgl/#download An extra boon for me was that the DBGL is open source and doesn't require installation
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    Errrr, wasn't arguing against your point at all dazzle. Sure your point is fine... I was just trying to help a fella with his setup... Also wasn't suggesting gameex was at fault either...
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    Well, I did document it in a way. It's a Nintendo (wasn't working). I modified it to add a couple of DB9 plugs for SEGA/ATARI controllers, as well as a USB hub where the cartridge slot is. Replaced the red LED with a blue one, and hacked up something terrible the back side where the power and HDMI plugs go. Then I have 2 of these in my house (one for me and one for my Dad): For my brother and my Aunt, I went with a cheaper (at the time) basic model: These are great because the entire case (minus the black plastic bits) are made from a solid single piece aluminum with a heat slug that sits right on top of the processor. This means the entire case is a heat sink. I've never had a single overheat warning on any of my Kodi boxes. As for other game systems.. I've also got a Pi inside an old (broken) PSX case (5501 model). Modified that with some 3D printed (purchased from Germany) parts that replace the video plug with an HDMI, the serial port with an SD card ribbon cable, the parallel port with a 3.5mm headphone jack and RJ45 LAN plug, and the controller ports with 4 USB plugs. I've got one of the USB plugs going to an internal 4tb hard drive, and this system is dedicated PSX. I even have a wireless PS3 controller. I also built a RetroPi system in a Sega Genesis USB hub. This is SEGA dedicated, except for the addition of the Streets of Rage Remake Port: Or for better comparison: and NES Classic and SNES Classic, meet the Genesis Classic.
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    Open Steam client Choose Steam/Settings/Account Change Beta participation to the Steam Beta Update It asks for a restart, then the beta version will be installed.
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    215,590 I thought I was done for the night....I lied lol. Definitely love this game.
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    I have the Etsy N64 case, it does look nice. The cartridge was kind of lame though, save the money on that.
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    FYI. I just got this from Support at Zen Studios " thank you for reporting this, we have just been made aware of this issue ourselves today. We are looking into it, if there is a way for us to solve this, or contact Steam to make use of the really cool cabinets a lot of you have built " While we all try to find a way through this by adapting to the changes, I also suggest everyone contacting support@zenstudios.com and reporting this bug that makes pinball cabinet use of the Zen Studios product so difficult. I suggest being firm, but treating it as a bug that stops what we all bought and enjoy from working. I hope they can help to get it sorted out.
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    I made it to "A" boss, I don't know if it is "THE" level boss or not. Was jumping up a bunch of platforms with robotic claws trying to grab me, shooting rockets at me, and the occasional laser blast. Didn't kill it though, and after I died I lost all my POW records. Oh well. Still, the farthest I've gotten so far! Score: 1,136,600 Initials: HAN Level: 2 (Egypt) Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    I think I found my answer about the lack of a Reset Pulse on the A2600 Revision 16 "Vader" four switcher. I stumbled across this excellent site which has everything the would be Atari 2600 repairman could need to know about the system. I had a quick read through the service manual and found that the 4 model revisions of Atari 2600 have some important functional differences. My woody four switcher, besides the single motherboard form factor, added some pull up resistors and diodes to the Television Interface Adapter lines (LM1 and Sync). These prevent feedback and ensure +5v on the signal. This change is also present on revision 16 "Vader" motherboards, except they add a Timing Chip (A205) into the Reset Circuit that eliminate problems the reset pulse was necessary for (I assume this is why I don't get the same curve). It's not the result of a faulty reset pulse circuit, but rather a design change that removes this problem entirely. So the lack of a reset pulse I noted earlier on the Vader is a non-issue. It would be a problem on the 2600 and pre-revision 16 2600A motherboards, but they checked out. That solves it then. I now have 3 functional Atari 2600s. One "Heavy Sixer" (2600) in pristine condition, one rev. 14 "woody four switcher" (2600A) with a broken Player 1 difficulty slider, and one rev. 16 "Darth Vader" (2600A). They all play games without major issues! If one ever breaks down, now I know how to troubleshoot and fix them (I'll use that service guide's flowchart to diagnose and fix the problem). Actually, from that guide, I now know that the best one of the three to use for daily play is the Vader. It has the best circuit protection and won't have issues with the reset timing. The 2600 should be tucked away for preservation or placed on display, but not used while an alternative exists (Vader/Woody/Emulation).
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    You betcha, baby. That Talos101 theme causes babies to be conceived. "alternative toddler interface" Flappy Bird. One button. Press...press....PRESS....WHACK..WHACKWHACKWHACK.....BOOM....press....press....press.... (ad infinitum) (go easy on him guys - he's got a toddler)
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    Not currently that I know of but that's a great idea! They have an API, I already scrape it on my cabinet, and was working on a pop up over my Game info plugin off and on as time permits. So there's not, but there might be sometime soon!
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    Who is F'Nale? Action From The Movie Set Ready Player One
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    Masters of the Universe: Mastered. DOFLinx MX Cabinet Edition You have the power of the ultimate light show in a pinball cabinet! This is the first Future Pinball table to use addressable leds thanks to the new DOF led MX support in DOFLinx 5.20! You have never seen a light show quite like this in a pinball cabinet! Amazing effects and animation that surround the playfield! A video demonstration can be seen here in my cabinet: This table has the complete cabinet feedback and lighting support for the following: - 10 solenoids for flipper, slingshots, bumpers, etc..- 5 RGB flashers- Blower Fan- Shaker- Gear motor- Strobe- Beacon- Start button- Coin button- Launch Ball button- RGB Undercab Lighting- Addressable leds Requirements: - DOF R3 installed (for DOFLinx cabinet feedback and lighting) and addressable leds already setup and working (for MX led effects).- DOFlinx 5.20 or higher is REQUIRED, even if you don't have addressable leds.- addressable leds are NOT required to play this table, but they are HIGHLY recommended.- to use the addressable leds with this table you must have your DOF "config" files updated by using DOF Config Tool! (just like you would for Visual Pinball) To play a Future Pinball table with addressable leds support (DOFLinx MX): - update DOFLinx as per normal (must be 5.20 or higher). Make sure you copy over the new DOFLinx.vbs to "Future Pinball \ Scripts". - add DIRECTOUTPUTGLOBAL=c:\DirectOuput\Config\GLobalConfig_b2sServer.xml (assuming you have it there) to your DOFLinx.ini file.- download the awesomeness of a Future Pinball DOFLinx MX table- check DOF Config Tool to see if support for that table has been added to it yet (you will see FP tables start with "FP:") If there are no DOF commands showing for that table, its not supported yet.- "Generate" a new Config File (containing directoutputconfig30.ini in the zip) and copy the new files to your "DirectOutput \ Configs" folder.- play the epicness that is Future Pinball with DOFLinx cabinet feedback and addressable leds! DOFLinx 5.20+ download link: http://www.vpforums....&showfile=12318 Table will be here when approved: http://www.vpforums.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=13089
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    I do not believe the Setup Wizard has an option to start GameEx on boot, but it is easy to add to Windows. Just go to Start > All Programs > Startup and place a shortcut to GameEx there. Do check the manual for your TV to see what the proper way is to use it with a computer. I have read that not all HDMI ports on TVs work well with PCs. You do not want to damage your TV or PC.
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    Disable file matching. System is probably getting a little confused because I imagine that all of these files have names that start off as some variant of "Star Wars - ..." Look at your FX2 database xml file. Make sure that the file name of the video you intend to use matches the value of the description tag exactly. Watch for spaces, dashes, etc.
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    Also, do you have codecs installed? It may be crashing trying to play a video file. It wont be fixed in an update.
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    I dig it personally, so long as we keep them positive. Could be fun!
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    A day of greatness is upon us.... DOFLinx will soon support triggering "any" DOF device and command. This means that finally.... addressable leds (MX), will work with Future Pinball and Pinball FX2! Here's a coming soon "reveal" video I made.... "Let there be light!"
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    If you're setting up from scratch, you could always use Gemvoy (plugin in the downloads section). It was designed to take the guesswork out of setups. Whilst it may take a bit of learning to start, once done, emu setup is simple. It also deals with any unzip/mounting/per game settings problems.
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    I use siteground. Cheap, flexible and easy. She may benefit from using WordPress
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    This problem is affecting many users. I know it's due to a Steam update and not the fault of anyone at PinballX but I hope you guys will still look into a work around or fix because I, for one, am not comfortable with AHK and have no experience with scripting and wouldn't know where to begin. I hope we can get a fix... I'll try to get my log file and .ini file off my cabinet (have to go hook up a keyboard and mouse) and provide it if it might help. Thanks, --J
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    @Stexe For someone who profits off of a grey area, you'd think you might be a little more understanding and accommodating. It would literally take a few minutes to have AHK press that button for you. Maybe you should have put a bounty on your feature request, considering you came in full of piss and vinegar over a feature request you made a year ago that didn't get implemented. Money talks... I don't have to tell you that. Remind me, how much did PinballX cost you again?
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    Justy so you are aware, this is going swimmingly so far. There are a lot of games to acquire but this has been pretty fun. Now working on a few shortcuts and testing the results via AE.
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    Bah... technical blah blah arf woof blah jargon... PLAY THE HEAVY SIXER. It's the best console ever. $5.00 to replace that difficulty switch if you're into it.
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    Sweet setup TerryRed! Thanks for the detail on the simpit, I'm sure I wasn't the only one wondering what goodies you had going on with it.
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    Ok, so now I'm a much happier man. My mancave is mostly up and running. PinKadia is alive again, and the simpit is shaking the house again after a long absence... driving my wife crazy! Here's a video tour describing what I have, and how everything works and is wired together and how VR is setup to work with everything. I show off the simpit and how my 12 transducer telemetry feedback setup works and you also get to "hear" how it works too! It is amazing combined with VR! If want to skip right to the simpit demo then go here.... Just waiting for the new TV to get replaced, then I'll make a stand for that to go over the simpit to bring the screen closer. Then the last screen and game consoles will go the the unused space.
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    Oh...I totally forgot about "Wild 9"
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    Indeed Given the Atari announcement, how long will it be until SEGA joins the fray? SEGA is arguably the greatest arcade manufacturer of all time, and this most certainly spilled over into consoles and the PC. It only makes sense they would capitalize on the retro rebirth too.
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    Yes it has. Will do when I get time.
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    All Sega has to do is re-release the DC. It was too far ahead of its time. How many of you would pre-order the second it was announced? Look how fast the paltry NES Mini and SNES Mini sold out - now imagine a full re-release DC, that runs original GDI discs and had a digital download store! Off topic i know but damn, why don't these companies do it properly! ?
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    Just came across these: Gex (Original was side scroll platform) Heart of darkness Pandemonium 1 and 2 Punky Skunk Spider: The Video Game I forgot that Gex 1 was 2D...lol, I remember being disappointed it wasn't 3D. Heart of Darkness looks good for a 2D and gets touted as a forgotten jewel. Might be worth a play?
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    Might this have something to do with it? 08:41:02.7 26/01/2008: Setting Resolution to 1280x720 32 bit color 08:41:02.7 26/01/2008: Creating DirectDraw Surfaces 08:41:02.7 26/01/2008: Creating Primary Surface - Full Screen Mode 08:41:02.7 26/01/2008: Creating Back Buffer 08:41:02.7 26/01/2008: Loading graphic Surfaces 08:41:02.7 26/01/2008: Display is running at: 1152x648 32bit color, 59hz