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    Took me about a year and a half to build, the only parts I didn't make myself were the marquee brackets and the coin door that is for now, missing until I can get replacement screws. Both of those came off of my first cabinet project, it was originally a Star Trek upright cabinet that was trashed upon buying it, so I cleaned it up inside and out. Sadly it got trashed in a move a few years ago but then I wouldn't have this one if it wasn't for it.. I'm also working on more stickers for the side and the left side around the coin door. It isn't blank on purpose, just overly busy.. I only am running MAME with the GameEx FE on it.
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    Version 3.29


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    Version 1.01


    The GameEx Evolution frontend. The next generation of front ends. Note: The product is currently in Beta and there may still be a few bugs.
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    I feel you! Has anyone reached out to farsight to see if there is a 'hidden' switch or parameter to add that can point the .exe to open as the cab variant? I know there's a fella around the steam forums [email protected] I think his email is, that is diligent about answering questions. Might be worth it to massage him for an answer? I'm happy to do so.
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    I know, there are already excellent BG videos out there by bloodydrake and Namsan, but I wanted something more "classical pinball"-like Means, looking like a real static backglass with real single lamps (no fancy digital tricks) behind and some typical lighting choreography, so I made some. Now, I want to share those I have done so far, maybe somebody finds them useful for his own cab. My guidelines were: 1. make something, that really looks like a classic backglass 2. use as much as possible from official Pinball FX2 sources to keep it as close as possible to ZEN's original idea 3. design it like the table was designed, not the movie, that might exist: not all tables are related to the latest movies. E.g.Spiderman is definitely related to the classic comics (see the goblin costume). Same for X-Men, Thor and some more 4. use original movie sources, if the table clearly refers to the movie (e.g. Alien tables). Good fanart is of course ok, too. 5. strictly avoid any film-like digital video tricks 6. name the file so that PinballX can use it! (something, that sometimes annoys me, when I download stuff from the web. Please correct me, if my files don't match this guideline. edit: 6b. strictly maintain the aspect ratio of originals (aim is for 4:3 and 19:6) . A circle has to look like a circle and not like an egg. 7. give a s**t about guidline 2-4, if you have a MUCH better idea There are always 2 versions: - no grill: 2133x1200 (16:9) for commonly used screen aspect ratios in 3 display cabs - with grill: 2133x1600 (4:3) which is for me the perfect aspect ratio for 2 display setups Don't mind the strange resolution numbers (due to my monitor), they work perfectly for e.g. 1920x1080 You can also find all of them on the gamex ftp server under /-PinballX-/Media/vogliadicane/PBFX2 BG videos Have fun!
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    I created compiled version of the script and confirmed the last table loaded was getting written properly to the XML. I never was able to get it to work so I am fairly confident this method won't work going forward.
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    Obviously, Tom is the only one that can confirm what changed between those releases that may have affected this. @Tom Speirs
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    I found 15.20 using google and put that on my GroovyMAME setup that's always offline with a bare-bones windows 7 Ultimate X64 and while it remedies the video/stuttering issues, it crashes with a message about missing database files. Unfortunately, Evo doesn't run on that setup either as it crashes with a message. I've put the latest version of GameEX back on the GM setup and I'll see if I can figure something out by tinkering around with settings.
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    I can reproduce this issue as I've just updated my GameEX because it informed me that an update was available. On my main PC after GameEX 32-bit version finished updating, it looks like the videos are playing about 1.5X - 2X speed compared to an older version I had installed. As A result of this I've noticed more RAM being used. I don't think this is strictly just a 64-bit issue. When I upgraded my GroovyMAME setup because Calamity released 0.202, I upgraded GameEX their too and get constant freezes/unresponsiveness as a result of the videos trying to play too fast. If a Mod or Administrator could send me 15.41 in a PM I'd love to see if this issue happens on multiple setups when rolling back. I might need 15.30 as well as I can't remember which version I had installed previously.
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    Nevermind I have resolved the issue. The incorrect ROMS directory was listed.
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    Thanks! Will probably load it up tonight.
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    I've not been fortunate enough to meet anybody in person, but I feel like you guys are more than friends to me. More like an Extended Family. Love you all!
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    When it's approved on DOF Config Tool...you too can have this new Transformers light show. This was the quickest and easiest DOF MX Led update I've ever done. Explosions, laser blasts, electrical effects, and flasher effects positioned around the playfield.
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    Should be fixed in the attached. If not let me know. Cheers. Tom. vPinMAMELauncher.zip
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    Thanks. I like this. I will look into it.
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    https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/atari-vcs-game-stream-connect-like-never-before?gclid=CjwKCAjwio3dBRAqEiwAHWsNVQ2t4of1oYeWafLw1GK5fK_0t1Akj6S2zVxH4xkZLGb9YGADATX7KxoCYz4QAvD_BwE#/updates/all https://medium.com/@atarivcs/https-medium-com-atarivcs-behind-the-scenes-atari-vcs-mid-summer-hardware-summit-44cddc7e474c
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    I have been intrigued by this Vertigo design by VPCabs. The $3495 price tag seems a little steep and I think I can probably build (with the right tools and plenty of corrections along the way) for at least half that or even less, provided I can find decent schematics. It may not be touchscreen when finished but to be able to play both arcade and pins on the same machine without the horizontal footprint that you get with even a mini-pin may be worth it.
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    - Bug fixes - Faster playfield image/video load. View the full article
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my new project, the MegaBalls. I start with Pinball FX Megaballs, and coming soon 500 Visual Pinball MegaBalls.
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    Version 0.197


    MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game's ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s through the modern era. http://mamedev.org/
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    great universal front end database gives some issues but nothing unsolvable
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    Switched to PinballX a while back I like the fact that you keep this Frontend updated and fresh best Frontend hands down! Keep up the great work!!!
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    The fix was to change the visual pinball .exe to run in NT compatibility mode All works perfect now!!!!