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    I created for FX3 real DMD videos'. These are captured from the original DMD device, resized it to 128x32 and cut exactly 1 loop of it. The quality is not as the original, but a nice to have in your front end. All on FTP server in /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/MikeDaSpike/FX3/Real DMD Color Videos (Still to do : capture the Williams volume 2 and 3)
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    Took some time and created 3 more. i'm still missing lots of them and it aint easy to recreate the logos. The hippie logo is from the backglass picture same with granada logo but i modified it "tried" adding the missing parts. It looks ok on in my pinball x version but then again they get downscaled with me.
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    Just for your information i have extracted the audio from williams pinball volume 3 and uploaded to /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Pinball FX3/Table Audio I also created video's for williams volume 3, two table video's per table (one with and one without the alternate graphics from zen) along with matching dmd video's. I also uploaded my backglass video's for 2 monitor setup but my backglass video's are only 1024x768 but pinballx should stretch them i'm using 1024x768 on my pincab for the backglass hence the low resolution. These backglass video's constain static images (other people created for most tables i just googled some images for the williams volume's) and dmd inside it.
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    Some quick-whatevers for the new Vol3.
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    I think I can see the problem. Please try the attached and report. Thanks. PinballXx64.zip PinballXx86.zip
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    knocked up quickly new docklets for the Pinball FX3 Williams Vol 3 as uploads are failing ive added them to the server /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/simbamame/fx3 EDIT : re uploaded as i forgot to put the transparency on and they all had black backgrounds - fixed now.
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    I have started creating some new backglasses for some of the tables on my cabinet (3 monitor) that go far beyond twinkling lights. Most of these are created/animated from the original artists offerings whose talents and work I highly respect and hope they would like my animated interpretations of their still graphic work. Some will be completely new creations while most will be re-creations from the original artwork. Purists might not approve or like what I am doing, and that's ok, I feel ya. Just know what I do with their art is a huge message that what they created was awesome and I will try to do my enhancements to hold true to the original concept... just in motion. Please note that these are all work-in-progress with some far more along than others. These are all 1920x1080, no audio, and when finished, will be :30sec long and loop seamlessly. I will also create a new static image from the finished animations to use as a static backglass for those softwares that cannot use video assets "in-game" like Pinball FX3. For those setups, these animations are still very useable in the front end and work awesome as "attract mode visuals" while on the front end selector. Always welcome feedback either way and cool ideas/suggestions. Here's an example for a KISS backglass I'm tinkering with as well for when I can finally find and install a 2015 Stern KISS table for my cabinet. cough cough help cough cough... This one is what really started my craze for animating my cabs backglasses. This piece I created from scratch from a single pic of the band and was used for marketing their 2019 show here in K.C. What's seen here now is a quick cut up to remove the other elements (dates, times, location) for the purpose of what it will look like. (the "explosion to the screen" will be gone for sure.) - Timing of all the other elements will be altered. - More pyros bursts... and always... more cowbell. Loads more to do here. - Both UFO's will be animated. The UFO that is animated now will change as the light pattern for both will look like the lights are rotating instead of flashing as they are now. - Aliens will have full limb articulation and motion.  - Current explosions are place keepers for now. - More motion to come for the surrounding city/scene including a passing elevated train. This is just a working concept at the moment. - When completed, this will look like the Dino is "walking" with the logo rattling with each step and the camera view floating with each step as well. - More lava and debris to come. - This scene actually might change to be used for Jurassic Park Pinball Mayhem while I create a version more true to the night scene view from the mouth as the original artwork depicted. - Maybe some circling Teradac... flying lizards. BTTF is pretty much final. That could change in 2055 though. Here's a sneak peek of a work-in-progress for my Champion Pub animated backglass.  - This is one of my favs! Both the game itself and the fun time animating everything. - Almost done. Lots goin on in there for sure Kid! - Final version... oooooouch - Very early work-in-progress, maybe 20% complete. - All fireelementsare just place holders at the moment. - Allcharacter movements are just testing purposes only... as is just about everything at this point! - Lots of work yet to be done on the castle and characters in the scene. -King, and Dragon will have full body/appendage articulation. (which is fun just playing around with the appendage controls!!) - Enjoy the sneak peek!s a fun one!
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    Version 3.38


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    Just tried Bride of Pinbot on my setup by throwing in some credits closing and going back in in pinballx to see if they're still there, it's working for me (but had me wandering for a moment - rom doesn't save 1/2 credits like some, need to add full credit to test) @Skuta Not sure how it would or could affect anything, and i'm pretty sure you'd have mapped same buttons to same functions in both front ends as well, but do you have exit emulator button 6 mapped to anything in visual pinball x key preferences?. I've tried to recreate the issue by mapping my exit emulator button to a few vpx things and failed to get the problem, but worth a check anyways. Maybe it is something to do with alternateexe? i don't use it myself so not really familiar, i have vpx tables under their own system in 'other sytsems', could be worth trying for one table if you have some time over the weekend @Mike_da_Spike i think i did have that issue with 24 at one time, pretty sure it was something to do with table script - try copying the script from here https://github.com/sverrewl/vpxtable_scripts (Thalamus's repository) and trying again (backup orig script to notepad file first so you can go back if required)
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    I just found the logos carny priest created in the past so i quickly created 4 new ones for wheels i was missing. I also do not create seperate wheels for retro or remake versions i just use the same wheel for all different versions (at the moment). All wheels based on backglass picture again. The only logo's i modified a bit are the redshow one, i tried to remove some of the blue aspects the logo still contained from cutting it out somewhere. And for the moon flight and lucky fruit logo i added / changed to a black border I also uploaded a XCF file for gimp to the ftp on "/-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Zaccaria Pinball/Wheel Images" its based on the psd draco provided in the topic here. It still contains the original ones created by him as well. And i uploaded the images (exported versions) of the ones i created up until now to the same folder on ftp
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    if I don't post anything its either mentioned in a post on the forum because I am addressing a bug someone reported (you will see if you look) or it is just a very minor update that I felt was worth people having but didn't feel I needed to make a song and dance about it. Sometimes its modesty,
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    You've beaten the no. 8 score.....wait, that's my score ........... Updated OP, DB, RSS, LB ~ GC
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    With a chainmail dress, you ARE the Faraday cage!
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    I've added now the Bally tables too. These are better quality and near (not completely) close to the original DMD video's. I've removed high scores and last score from video's. If I have time, I will recapture all the video's again, but that cost me around 45 minutes per video to edit it. Please be patience. EDIT : All videos are recreated now. Note : I renamed Mars to Mars_ (Otherwise it loads Attack from Mars) I could not created a nice DMD of MARVEL_Age_of_Ultron. I could not find any frame that could be used in a video Videos can be found in : /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/MikeDaSpike/FX3/Real DMD Color Videos
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    Alrighty...full disclosure here....I do NOT remember how I encoded the last set in December! The file properties are blank with what was used to encode those things. (Nvidia states "shadowplay" if you use that. I feel I used BandiCam, but had lossless chosen instead of literally ANY compression.) Anyhow, I've gotten a hold of bandicam again (new PC since then) and that seems to have done the trick a bit better. Files are about half the size with better compression and still 4k. I can't see any difference between the files other than the size with the nekkid eye. Separate the BrandonLaw/FX3 4k Table Videos directory by date modified to see the three newbies as they are already properly named. Also, how can we get access to delete files as some jakko plopped a couple of files in my dirs that are not meant to be there.
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    Hey! I haven't even installed the new pack. Kids, life, work, drinking...you know...the common stuff that gets in the way. I'll get to it this weekend as I wanna play, but we all know can't play unless it looks good getting there first!
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    I have 4k video's but created in AttractMode I will upload them to /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/MikeDaSpike/FX3/Table Videos
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    PinballX 3.30 New instruction card Apron display support. Loading GIF animations fixed. The frontend now supports full screen exclusive display mode again. Improved display number handling. If you have issues check your display settings. Performance improvements and fixes. Specifically fixes issues on systems with only 2 CPU cores. Fixes not restoring all artwork when returning from in game mode. PinballX will detect if its launched on startup of windows and wait before obtaining and initializing displays.
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    "Batman meets Contra" looks like a really cool game! The Amiga game looks amazing, and as you indicated, especially so considering the release date. Thanks man!
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    An interesting Anime that was suggested to me on Netflix.. https://www.netflix.com/title/80997338 I'm not sure if you need a subscription or not to view the link, I can't find an English version of the trailer on Youtube to share. I'm currently watching the first episode. It looks like a stylized romance flick but it links the couple together through arcade games. Kinda fun so far. They also added in a few breakaways showing game strategy.
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    You are my hero @scutters The script fixed indeed my issue. Strange thing I only had it when launching from PBX. Need to check if Thalusman has more scripts that I need
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    Do you have it with all tables or some (also vp9)? I will check bride of pinbott today too. Didn't checked that table. I don't have a solution, but maybe this can help @Tom Speirs for troubleshooting. I noticed that 24 didn't save the nvram file when running from pinballx. But when launching 24, made a high score, I pressed instead of my exit button on the keyboard the "q" key twice to exit the vpx table. Than the nvram file was written. I checked on my cabinet a lot of tables, but nvram was written after clicking the exit button. What verion of vpx.exe you run ?
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    Hmm, i was sure it was the multi mapping of the return key to different functions as it made sense (you hit return to confirm/Select Exit but the same key is mapped to Launch and that starts a table), i could also reproduce that behaviour.. Next suggestion is to go back to Keyboard Input Settings and change all buttons so none of the others map to the same key as the Select function (you have Select, Launch & Plunger mapped to the same key); [KeyCodes] quit=27 left=160 right=161 select=13 rotate=82 pageleft=33 pageright=34 exitemulator=27 ingame=80 screenshot=83 capturevideos=86 instructions=73 volumedown=109 volumeup=107 credit=53 plunger=13 launch=13
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    Okay did 3 more, I'm not too happy about how supersonic turned out with the double logo but i wanted to keep it all similar like have a logo on the bottom. The rest that i'm missing might not be so easy to create images for as i might have to extract logo's from somewhere if even available. The logos used are either the ones from carny priest or from the visual pînball media /wheels folder on ftp except for the sypersonic one i took it from the backglass picture itselve (same as in the wheel image also), wood's queen i added black border, universe i left intact but it's missing a small portion on the left of the star it was like this in the original logo i had gotten from ftp, but it's hardly noticeable in pinballx. Files also updated on ftp including the gimp XCF file containing all the images
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    You guys are right. I switched out my video card and I'm rockin' and Rollin'! Thanks so much guys! You're the best!
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    This game has won our 2nd Quarter 2019 voting round. I can't really find any good source information about the game, but it looks a lot like Anteater, another fine game in our competition! This game was suggested by @Luigimaker way back on May 14th, 2017. Sorry it took so long to get it added, but lack of participation has really dragged out the competition process. If anybody would like to suggest more games to add, please feel free to visit the designated thread! Happy gaming!
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    Tom, Would you also please consider one more desperately wanted feature, for the "ambient" sound function. How cool would it be if there were multiple sound files (songs) in the "ambient" media folder, and at PBX startup, a random sound from that folder would be played, as opposed to just the same single one over and over? This would give a very unique experience every single time PBX is run. And when the initially randomly selected file ends, the next sound file is randomly selected. I would love to have a folder full of 80's rock and roll songs, and have them play at random when PBX is active. This would IMO, be very big and noticable enhancement, to an already excellent front end.
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    I have multiples to choose from whenever possible saved to my bezels path as setup for MAME. They show up when you hit tab while the game is loaded within thhe display settings. Some will be based upon your display. Krakerman has produced quite a few HD bezels that are less intrusive into the actual play area.
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    Rats. I *thought* I had managed to solve this by editing the CustomMenu.ini file in the GameEx Config folder but unfortunately that reverted so it still seems to be that if an 'item' is chosen as MAME it behaves like a folder.
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    Oddly, I didn't get 'into' pinball until I mastered a pincab. I play VPX and FX3 and clearly know their differences. This has led me into the real world of pinball and I have to say...really no comparison. This THEN led me into purchasing my first pincab and doing a restore. Enjoying all facets!
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    I am not a child, well, maybe a man-child in my wife's eyes. I agree and second your approach.
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    A neat new project. We forget how primitive technology from then is compared to today. Me, I'd take a converter and make the RF cable go to HDMI and be done with it. But, as you said, the quality is "meh". I noticed this too in another fashion. I found out last year I could install a hard drive in my "fat" PS2 and then use a "hack" to install games directly to the drive without needing the disc. I thought that was great because my copy of ICO never played right (it was a CD-ROM and not a DVD-ROM, so it used the other laser which wasn't strong enough on the earlier model PS2's). Anyway, I got the "hack" to work and all is good there. The problem is the quality of the video. The way I had to connect it up, since I no longer own any CRT tv's, was to plug it into the RCA red/white/yellow A/V ports on the front of my Home Theater amp. It's really soft, and the audio doesn't even convert to surround even though the game says "Dolby Surround" in the opening videos. I'm really pissed about it. I also don't like how I can tell the PS2 to run in 16x9 mode, but all it does is make a letterboxed 4x3. It doesn't stretch to fill my screen! UHG! Maybe one day I'll figure out a solution.
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    No worries and it was only released this morning.
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    Tom, Man that would be awesome if you could do that. Cant thank you enough. So please allow me to expand a bit on what I really am after. The "ambient" sound would play fro the duration, that PBX is active and showing the tables browsing menu. This Ambient sound would loop. The "table audio" would play along with the "ambient", as the tables are rotated in the browsing menu. Clearly two sound files playing concurrently. For my purposes, the "table audio" sounds would only be 2-3 seconds long on average, and would NOT loop. When a table is selected. The "ambient" sound would pause, and the table would load (transition to VP10). When the VP10 table is exited, and PBX becomes active again, the "ambient" sound would un-pause and start playing again. Thats pretty much it. Would you also please consider one more desperately wanted feature, for the "ambient" sound function. How cool would it be if there were multiple sound files (songs) in the "ambient" media folder, and at PBX startup, a random sound from that folder would be played, as opposed to just the same single one over and over? This would give a very unique experience every single time PBX is run. And when the initially randomly selected file ends, the next sound file is randomly selected. I would love to have a folder full of 80's rock and roll songs, and have them play at random when PBX is active. This would IMO, be very big and noticable enhancement, to an already excellent front end. Thanks for the consideration, dedication and efforts. They are very very appreciated by the community. Bill
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    OK so I cleaned out using CCleaner and it works! Something bad must have been in there! Thanks!
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    The statistics file is a file with your statistics per game. So think when pbx launches fine and you run a table it will create it automaticly. And a 11kb file that is empty looks corrupted ( good catch @scutters !)
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    Last thing in the log is "Loading Game Statistics and Scores" Maybe you have a corrupt statistics.ini file or high score data?. Look in databases folder for the statistics.ini file and see if there's any rogue characters in there (or post it back here)
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    Hacky method.. Load on a media player of choice (that can launch minimized, autoplay on start and has configurable shortcut keys, and is pretty lightweight- i guess most can/are) set that to start with windows (or launch with pinballx start up), then either kill it or ideally pause with sendkeys or whatever with table launch before script and then restart / unpause the player with a launch after script on table exit Configure media player to point at your TNA playlist and it'll play that, pinballx would handle table audio on selection. Not tried it but i'm 99% it would work, i have GOM audio on my cab that i launch with some tables to play random music where i have removed removed the table's own music (but left callouts etc) and that setup works for me there with the two audio sources.
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    Try changing this value to 10 directly in your pinballx.ini file to try and reduce length of recordings (rather than going through settings.exe) [VideoCapture] KeysStartRecord=120 KeysEndRecord=120 Seconds=30
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    In addition to Mike_da_spikes advice can you confirm if there's anything more in event viewer around time of last error (07:12:38.8), and does everything else appear to be functioning ok (other apps)? You could also try pinballxlite.exe, I suspect it'll have the same issue but if it doesn't that would be of interest.
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    i attempted to do one as i'm still missing a lot of them, the firefighter text does not look so great, i took it from the backglass picture of the table but in pinballx itselve it looks a bit better (because it gets downscaled with me). I'm happy with it maybe someone has use for it
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    I'm a newbee and this was the easiest part to add to my homemade garage pinball machine. Everything worked flawlessly. Thanks for a great piece of software.
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    Star Wars Pinball is now complete! On to the next batch...
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    I wasn't too happy with how Star Wars Boba Fett turned out so I created an alternate version. I like the scarlacc a bit better and the scene, while not entirely accurate, is much more dynamic. Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back: I decided to keep with the same text logo and art that I used for A New Hope and will likely do the same for Return of the Jedi. And my last for the day.. Droids
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    FINALLY finished with Marvel Pinball.. on towards the next adventure!
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    Thanks! I managed a few more before needing to grab some sleep. I should have Marvel wrapped up soon and will probably start the Star Wars wheel images next.

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