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    Version 2.34


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    Welcom the the Pinball Sound Archive your sound archive taken from virtual pinball tables for you to enjoy in your pinball front-end or just listening to as is. Recorded in WavePad Sound Editor ME and has been normalized to -1.5dB with a fade out in the end with a lenght around 35 sec. The files is uploaded on the FTP - Other Uploads > gStAv > Table Audio <<< NOW ALL TABLE AUDIO FREE FOR EVERYONE >>> copy all files to your ...\PinballX\Media\Visual Pinball\Table Audio\ folder !!! BE SURE TO RENAME THE FILES TO MATCH YOUR DATABASE !!! Latest update, 2017-04-02, 3 TABLEs If you hear any crackling sound or other error, please report this to me, and I will try to replace the audio for that table. Updated tables is named tablename_v2.mp3 in FTP as I can't replace files. Feel free to reqest the sound to any virtual table not listed below and I see what I can do!
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    CPWizBiz is a multi-system game info and controls generator. Use it to display the controls for any game on any system. It also creates dynamic layouts, leveraging media such as images, video, flash, youtube, gifs and scrollers. More Details and Download Here: www.magoarcade.com/software/cpwizbiz
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    Just to prove I am not f***ing around when I say it is coming.... Specs: Cabinet: Supplied by DreamAuthentics 2 x Player 7 button 8 way. Illuminated Trackball Spinner with 2 buttons 4 - Way joystick 5 additional buttons by 4-way mapped out for asteroids. Escape button. 2 x 2 Pinball buttons IPAC Ultimate RGB Leds on player buttons. 29" WeiYa Tri Sync Arcade Monitor. [Although wrong one supplied right now.] PC: Corsair Obsidlan 250D Mini ITX case Asus Maximus VII Impact motherboard I7 4790S (Low power model) 16GB 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance Samsung 850 EVO 1TB ArcadeVGA 5000 Corsair CS 650 power supply Software: Windows 8.1 Pro 64 Bit and your favourite front end
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    Updated to match new options from 1.90/1.91/1.92/1.93 and new .xml/ahk scripts for Pinball FX2. Updated to match new options in 1.96/1.97. Z PinballX_S2F_Documentation rev 1.3.pdf
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    - Topper / 4th monitor video support. - Fixes focus issues when using VPX full screen exclusive. - Some nice updates to the PinballX download service available from the game manager. Can now import all media in bulk for a game. Improved online file matching. More media now available thanks to all the contributions. - Several new parameter tags have been added when launching processes.
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    It has been a little while but happy Easter and I bring you an update to your favorite Pinball front end. For those with 4 monitors this release brings topper image support. Fixes some focus issues with VPX. Fixes VP auto configure incorrectly setting the second set as buttons as nudge instead of Magma Save. Enjoy. Please consider signing up for a package here if you would like to support PinballX and its continued development.
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    I know, there are already excellent BG videos out there by bloodydrake and Namsan, but I wanted something more "classical pinball"-like Means, looking like a real static backglass with real single lamps (no fancy digital tricks) behind and some typical lighting choreography, so I made some. Now, I want to share those I have done so far, maybe somebody finds them useful for his own cab. My guidelines were: 1. make something, that really looks like a classic backglass 2. use as much as possible from official Pinball FX2 sources to keep it as close as possible to ZEN's original idea 3. design it like the table was designed, not the movie, that might exist: not all tables are related to the latest movies. E.g.Spiderman is definitely related to the classic comics (see the goblin costume). Same for X-Men, Thor and some more 4. use original movie sources, if the table clearly refers to the movie (e.g. Alien tables). Good fanart is of course ok, too. 5. strictly avoid any film-like digital video tricks 6. name the file so that PinballX can use it! (something, that sometimes annoys me, when I download stuff from the web. Please correct me, if my files don't match this guideline. edit: 6b. strictly maintain the aspect ratio of originals (aim is for 4:3 and 19:6) . A circle has to look like a circle and not like an egg. 7. give a s**t about guidline 2-4, if you have a MUCH better idea There are always 2 versions: - no grill: 2133x1200 (16:9) for commonly used screen aspect ratios in 3 display cabs - with grill: 2133x1600 (4:3) which is for me the perfect aspect ratio for 2 display setups Don't mind the strange resolution numbers (due to my monitor), they work perfectly for e.g. 1920x1080 You can also find all of them on the gamex ftp server under /-PinballX-/Media/vogliadicane/PBFX2 BG videos Have fun!
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    Hi Tom and fellow GameEx fans! Yes the arcade we created for Tom's GameEx is truly amazing. We wanted to design it with all the latest kick-ass features both inside and out. Please stay tuned to this and similar threads about the new GameEx arcade. For the last 15 years DreamAuthentics has defined the personal video arcade. With such awesome and amazing partnership we have had with GameEx over the years we have customers all over the world that have enjoyed unparalleled joy and gaming fun when they combine DreamAuthentics with GameEx. Please feel free to contact me anytime to ask questions. We are putting together a special package for all GameEx users. Also fire away with your ideas. We love to hear from our customers all over the world. The best is yet to come! Game on everyone! Rick Barretto Founder, DreamAuthentics
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    Star Wars Episode IV: I made 2 versions of this. One with the modern logo and one with the vintage logo from the old movie poster. modern: no grill with grill vintage: no grill with grill
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    Deadpool: no grill with grill
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    New GameEx Arcade Draconus Theme. Enjoy! Please keep in mind that the videos within the game sections are part of the HD video packs found on EmuMovies for MAME, Model 2, and Model 3.
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    Hi, just to let folks know that I will try to add some integrated support for this for the next release of PinballX.
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    Excalibur: Based on one of the static backglass images from "hyperpin", which he shared here. Mostly excellent stuff! This one I modded it a lot... no grill with grill --- HQ ---
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    Wild West Rampage: Big Thanks go to Draco for the great and useful psd! no grill with grill
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    Switched to PinballX a while back I like the fact that you keep this Frontend updated and fresh best Frontend hands down! Keep up the great work!!!
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    Star Wars - Might Of The First Order: no grill with grill
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    Tesla: "electric current sabilized!" NO WAY. .. ..It all flickers..zz......z...z...zz......... no grill with grill
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    World War Hulk: no grill with grill
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    Moon Knight: no grill with grill
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    Earth Defense: no grill with grill
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    ALIENS: no grill with grill --- HQ ---
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    Fantastic Four: no grill with grill
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    I am a little peeved at some of the complaints I have seen over recent months and, I believe justifiably so. I have not said anything up until now. There are some that complain that they cannot download because of file download size and other limitations. All I can say is "Too freakin' bad!" There are ways to get access without any limits, some do not involve opening your wallet. You can be recognized by the staff for your contributions to the community. You can contribute images and videos, or put your programming skills to work building a useful application, script, or add-on that works with the frontend to add fucntionality. Or you can just give frequent and consistant help to others. Of course, you can purchase an annual or lifetime membership. Trust me when I say that you are not making anyone rich by doing so. Tom's costs for hosting the forums and file storage are well in excess of what he takes in from memberships. Also, there is a perception that if one does purchase a membership, they are entitled to be treated differently or can act differently than someone that hasn't paid. You only get access to additional areas and program functionality that is not available to Basic members. That is it. If you behave like a tool, you will be dealt with accordingly regardless of membership status. If you are respectful to the staff and other members, you will receive the same in kind. OK, soapbox mode off. Carry on, treat one another with awesomeness, and have a great day!
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    Thanks guys. All sounds like a great idea to me. Ill get on it as soon as I get a chance.
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    Well, I had to pretty much re-install GameEx again. I find it is necessary sometimes (although a major pain) when I run into a hiccup because there seems to be no great way to troubleshoot all of these moving parts when something goes wrong and lets face it, this isn't the busiest forum on the internet. Although somewhat of a pain, just starting from the top seems to be the path of least resistance sometimes when I ran into trouble. Once, I re-installed GameEx, I focused on the Input Settings screen and made sure the Trackball support was on but what I noticed was that some of the things that seem to have had "yes" on as a default answer after my last re-install, automatically had "No" selected as default. I am not sure exactly what did it but I just worked through that Input Settings section as you two suggested and I came out on top somehow. I think it was making some things "No" when they said "Yes." Basically, when she says "yes" she really means "no..." I think I am like 98% there now. I can't believe it after all of this time. Check out my new, beautiful GameEx/Mame arcade cabinet below. I put more work into it than actually raising my own kid and my career. All I need to do is add Dragon's Lair and tweak the resolutions and I am done completely. Keep in mind that all I knew before starting this project was console gaming and I had never even built a PC before. I built the PC, the cabinet with no help, added the peripherals, hunted down the games, etc. It has a lightgun, spinner, and steering wheel that can be placed on the spinner and pedals for driving and reloading in Time Crisis. It was about two months of mind-numbing and mentally abusive work. It meant a lot to me though since I love gaming but got too busy with my career to continue console gaming so it's nice to be able to get a short game of Centipede or Arkanoid in at the end of a long day without having to commit to a 30 minute stage of some single-player console game. Also, since I grew up so poor, I could only afford to watch other kids play these games in the arcade when I was growing up so this cabinet set up is a symbol of how hard I have worked. BTW, what do you mean by "pixel perfect?" Are you saying that my graphics may be as good as it gets? My display is actually a flat screen TV. I wish I would have shopped around a bit for a actual monitor but I was spending so much time learning about all of this stuff that I didn't want to agonize over a monitor selection.
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    A new project - Mega Docklets Style MAME Wheel Images. These will be for vertical MAME games only. I can't guarantee that I will have images for all MAME games that are vertical pincab playfield playable, but will do what I can since there are upwards of 800+ games and sourcing decent images for some is very labor intensive. They will be available via the FTP once I get to a decent number of files. Files can be found on the PinballX FTP Site for download under \OtherUploads\Draco1962\MAME Vertical. Here are some that I have completed recently.
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    Hi, after a long time i've made some Wheel for letter S there is 43 on 78
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    Best Pinball frontend for me!
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    ^^ good idea! Star Wars Han Solo: no grill with grill
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    Star Wars Episode V: Again, I made 2 versions of this. modern: no grill with grill vintage: no grill with grill
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    Spiderman: no grill with grill
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    I had a chance to look at these videos and they are very good! I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of the series as they definitely have more of a backglass feel to them. Great work!
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    Paranormal: no grill with grill
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    Ms. Splosion Man: no Grill with grill
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    Alien Isolation: no grill with grill --- HQ ---
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    Number'ed titles and "A" have been completed. Files can be found on the PinballX FTP Site for download under \OtherUploads\Draco1962\MAME Vertical.
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    Just want to add to this and make it clear that I've never "sold" special support or entitlements. Everyone, whether paid or unpaid gets the same level of normally high service and support. Any payment is for products and services (such as GameEx, FTP and gameex online). Its just logical really, a few bucks does not cover hours and hours of time in any sense which I why again I make it clear no payment is for "support" and never has been but we try our best.
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    Version 1.0.0


    A total of 311 Megadocklets. About 100 new megadocklets for Visual Pinball. All images have been renamed as "Name (Manufacturer Year)" Some failures of previous deliveries have been corrected. ---------------------- Un total de 311 Megadocklets. Cerca de 100 nuevos megadocklets para Visual Pinball. Se han renombrado todas las imágenes como "Nombre (Fabricante Año)" Se han corregido algunos fallos de las entregas anteriores.
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    Here is an interesting write up that could help anyone trying to decide on a new controller.
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    VP folks are starting to create Topper images and they look great. Bump for request to add support a 4th monitor and dedicated Topper image/video folders.
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    Dr. Strange: I took one of the static backglass images from "hyperpin", which he shared here. Mostly excellent stuff! This one I modded it a bit... I will definitely use more of his work. no grill with grill --- HQ ---
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    Venom: no grill with grill --- HQ ---
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    Wolverine: no grill with grill
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    With the number of files to try to source quickly, titles may get missed intentionally to save time and get the most images out that I can. Some may be missing due to not being able to source decent images or not having them on my xml. Will see what I can come up with. Lone Ranger with no Tonto on this project.
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