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    Although we tested version 1.1 a lot , made a lot of fixes, we discovered some bugs that gave unexpected behavior after the release. Mostly had to do with filtering tables. But. @scutters and I worked all night to update a stable version and put it in the download section. Version 1.2 is released
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    Until further notice, I am declaring the forums a zombie apocalypse safe zone. Anyone mentioning or talking about the Zombie Apocalypse, Brexit, or for that matter Donald Trump too will be receiving a temporary ban until the Zombie Apocalypse is over and you have been tested to be zombie hormone free twice in twenty four hours. On behalf of Ground Control. Tom Speirs PS: That also includes the royal family and the pope. Keep your mouth shut. Don't want to hear it. Even if you are a comedian. PS 2: Retro gaming or pinball talk etc is still encouraged and welcomed. PS 3: Also includes CEO's if I didn't ask.
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    I know that even though I am not the hunter and fisherman that my dad, uncles and grandparents were, I recall enough to put into practice what they shared to live off the land if I had to. Events like this will change you in several ways, some healthy and others not so much. As an example, I recently bought a new car. I shared some pics of it with my sisters. One of them said that it was "very nice and they were glad that I am happy." to which I responded "Satisfied with my purchase, yes. Happy is relative and I am less dependent upon things to make me so." So what makes me "happy" in this dress rehearsal for the zombie apocalypse? I am happy because I have a beautiful wife that loves me for being me - grumpy bear and all. I am happy that I have (most) of my faculties and can apply what I have learned to make a decent wage and help people in a hobby I enjoy in my down time. I am happy with the friendships I have made here over the years. Some have moved on and I am grateful for the time they were a part of my life because I came out the better because of their presence. I hope that we all make it to the other side of this stronger physically and at heart. As one of the earlier posts said - Don't let them nick your bog roll! Stay the great people that you are! P.S. Here are a few pics of my satisfying purchase - a 2019 Hyundai Kona IRON MAN edition:
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    Prices drastically reduced due to the weak British pound. Get it while you can at this price and help out a one man small business at the same time. Store here. View the full article
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    $3 webcam?! If you want a webcam get it now. Even now ebay is your only choice! That goes for anything non essential too. Get it now if it is important to your mental health. I actually feel very privileged and lucky too. Although I normally do. I don't currently see any problems with here staying open either as things are just so you know. I [plan to keep very busy too. Im blessed to be able to do that. Im just helping my sister move her work to purely online then im back to this stuff. What do you think of what I have done? https://sue.speirs.net
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    @hansolo77 - you, buddy, are one of the front-line. All the focus is on the NHS (and i know it well - it doesn't surprise me - it is its own best promoter ), but there's an army of other's that will be needed over the next 6 months to a year. Food manufacturers, deliver drivers, logistics firms, IT people, pharmaceutical manufacturers etc etc. These are all heroes. Thanks for the risks you're taking, Hans. @RIP-Felix - I do take your points about how this throws 'market forces' into relief and it's maybe a real opportunity to stop and ask "wait, what do we really need?" Things like a 4 day working week and basic universal income may become more "considerable" if we manage to exist through 6 months of difference. However, my understanding is that this is a true pandemic, and not linked with the usual suspects - 3 times more potent than flu and also on a similar contagion scale to thresholds for such a classification. Apparently, we tend to get 3 a century and one was due. Good point about global warming! In some ways this is simpler than that - limit contact and transmission + we're done in a set period of time. Now, asking people to invest in the short term to save in the long term - that's a different issue (especially when 'value' is commonly linked to money, not quality of life). As I sit here in my warm house with food in my fridge, I feel privileged. There are refugees and people in significant poverty out there who have no access to medical services, can't avoid residential overcrowding. These are the people we need to be thinking about. Oh yeah - and you IT guys - you're also the front line. What a fantastic opportunity for innovations. Raspberry Pi zeros, a $10 LCD screen and a $3 webcam, anyone? < steps off soap box
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    Try being me guys. I work in a grocery store deli. It has been HORRIBLE for me. Please be kind, considerate, respectful, and THANKFUL for those of us putting our lives on the line working every day to make sure you get your necessities. Hat's off to you @stigzler. Hang in there buddy. As for the rest of you, please just take a moment to thank those workers on the front lines making sure your family gets what it needs. We don't need pissed off people arguing at us about why something isn't the way it is. We're doing our best. We know we're out of stock already, you don't have to tell us lol.
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    I bought this one. It's in my hands. I'll try it this week when I get a second.
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    Hey all @scutters and I updated the program with a feature that you will like : Media download ! With the approval of @Tom Speirs to use the GameEx FTP server as source we added a 'GameEx online' media file download. But that's not all.... Also you can add your favorite MEGA upload website in the config and use this to download as a source for your media download. Big thanks go out for @scutters who did a hell of a job for this release (thanks mate !) and @joyrider3774 for testing the new features (and reporting back) The manual is updated and added to the download file. Note : The left and right mouse click function are swapped to make it more similar as it is used in windows. So left mouse click on media is now media preview and right click .. wel you need to download to see it ! Have fun with it
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    Version 3.1.4


    I created a small program I('m not a programmer !) , that will create "Real DMD Color Videos" an/or "Topper" from your wheel image(s). I was inspired what @Thalamus posted on Vpinball forum. He posted Real DMD color Video's that first shows the wheel image for some seconds, than the year published and finally the company logo. This all makes a video of around 7 seconds. If you enable high score showing in PinballX, it is a nice show when scrolling through your front end. Until version 3.0 all was created in VBscript. Started from version 3.0 it is transferred to VB.net . Also created a settings program, that you need to run first (and setup) In the attached ZIP there is also a folder with PNG,s of year. You can change these to your off color/font For Real DMD users, it will create a video of 128x32 pixels For DMD users, it will create a video of 1280x320 pixels with an dotted overlay (thanks @scutters for this) Please used the following thread for any issues (this is my 2nd VB.net, so think I missed some things)
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    I have bought this wimaxit 11.6 inch portable screen (from amazon.de but also exists on .com here) because i wanted a 3rd display for displaying a topper / dmd on it. The screen is a full hd screen although in windows a lower resolution is recommended but i use it as a full hd 1920x1080 screen (it is selectable in windows). I display my topper and dmd on it inside pinballx, with pinball fx3 and visual pinball tables i used the full screen to display the dmd using external dmd (freezy). The best part is i don't know any woodworking so i just attached the screen to my backglass screen using some velcro tape i had bought (one strip to screen, one strip to display). The plus side is that the screen can be easily removed if i wanted to do this and use it for other things as it is portable (but you still need a power outlet, there exists versions with batteries but way to exepensive and not good for pinball x). ps for velcro don't buy extra / super strong it's way too hard to get it off probably simpler velcro tape is better but it's al i had laying around Here's a little video i made, I display a few tables running with it but as you can see in the video i only recently received the screen and still have to redo all my backglass videos / setup different pictures in pinball fx3, resetup malzbies, pinball wicked, bigscore pinball so i've given myselve a lot of work by buying this screen but i'm happy with it and it was an easy solution to get a 3rd display edit: seems something went wrong while recording audio ah well it's still all visible
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    success !!! at least with flinstones puppack. I have created an ffmpeg script (batch files) which will resize all videos inside it to 50% original size. Original video's were mostly 1920x1080 new videos are mostly 940x540 now just look at this cpu graph now Plays at 60% cpu usuage max and only a few small spikes to 80% !!! if someone needs these scripts they are very simple create resize_pup.bat for /f "tokens=*" %%G in ('dir /b /s *.mp4') do conv "%%G" create conv.bat ffmpeg -y -i %1 -vf "scale=iw*.5:ih*.5" -c:a copy output.mp4 IF %ERRORLEVEL% EQU 0 ( copy /y output.mp4 %1 del /q output.mp4 ) the reason i delete the file is because not all files will succeed for example if width or height is not divisble by 2 otherwise it would copy the previously resized video to the original file copy ffmpeg.exe and those 2 batch files in the root directory of the puppack and double click resize_pup.bat it will scan for *.mp4 files from current directory and resize them to 50% width. do not execute resize_pup more than once per puppack or you'll end up with 50% of 50% of original file width / height. Run this on a fast pc
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    You called it Mike!, If you're using PinballX Database Manager as an alternative to the standard Game Manager then for VP tables you can automatically populate some table info for VP (table author and version), and also add your own comments - V1.4 of the statistics plugin can then display that in PinballX along with the high scores etc. It's nice to see the authors names as you scroll through your tables
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    After 2 1/2 months of programming, @scutters and I are proud to present to you PinballX Database Manger We created a program to manage your PinballX database files and your media files on a easy way. The download can be found in the download section : There is a small manual attached in the zip file as well. Thanks for the testers @simbamame, @BrandonLaw, @greynurse and @joyrider3774 GreyNurse give us the idea to get information from populate data from Visual Pinball tables (Author,Version and Rom) Very special thanks to Joyrider3774 who did a great job to find all kind of bugs during Beta testing. Thanks @Tom Speirs for letting us use PinballX logo's and for his approval to use FTP support (future release) If you want to thank us for the program, also give thanks to @scutters. Without him, this program wasn't what it is now We already released version 1 so people can get used to it and that we have time to fix any issue that where not found during testing. Additional features will be implemented too (like Gameex FTP download) Enjoy !
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    Version 4.13


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    I saw this in a post by Jake13942 and thought I would share it here. It's a fairly exhustive list and I haven't verified these. It appears to be an evolving thread that has been updated, so I'd say you're go for launch on these titles until the offer expires.
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    Here are some bingo game room megalinks you guys can use for the app, i will update these mega locations as well when i finish new tables, currently have 49 done Backglass images: https://mega.nz/#F!Igo2wKxS!xJwZ4OUa9zgrS4ODBeLsbA Table Images: https://mega.nz/#F!h4onED6C!TXI7ERx_4tbjvbiRPOlqNg Topper Videos (created using mike's tool): https://mega.nz/#F!Vtp23S4A!fgbL65CKZkrttewW82pYwg Wheel images (Docklet Style): https://mega.nz/#F!R8g3HbpZ!2UlnXE5K5zxIq1rIA0A54Q Wheel images (logos): https://mega.nz/#F!pphmBKpC!BuHC4smAEAeOQhvgxCOO3A
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    On a nicer note, Nine Inch Nails just released two new albums free! https://www.revolvermag.com/music/nine-inch-nails-release-two-new-albums-ghosts-v-vi-free-download
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    I'm getting 1 or two a day from just about every business I have dealt with in the last 20 years. Supermarket, fair enough, but my ISP and some company I bought a domain off too? Yeah I know your doing what you can and we are prepared for a shit show. I watch the news and you should do your best anyway. I know in the US you even get physical junk mail by the boatload but I tend not to here and I am not too tolerant of it. Perhaps its just me but it is way more annoying than it is reassuring since I am not subscribed. If you want to see a genuine meaningful message from a CEO see this:
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    Some good stories in here and hilarious bands! The Valentines with Bon Scott, priceless! Playing a Gibson SG no less
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    Thanks, this is exactly what I was trying to describe, just didn't do it as well Txplayer05, in my situation, GameEx Online only logs me in when I use the full email address I registered with for the username. Did you try that?
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    Keep up the great work @hansolo77 and try not to let the assholes out there bring you down! Surprisingly, it seems down in my neck of the woods that people are actually being more kind to one another. Amazing how such a reality check can show you how unimportant so many things we get tore up over really are. @stigzler, that's really scary dude! Hoping speedy recovery for you with an extremely extended purple patch
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    We laugh at germophobes like Howie Mandel, then something like this happens and we become just like him. If you didn't know to cover your cough and wash your hands by now, I guess the silver lining is now you do. We shouldn't delude ourselves into thinking we'll get past this. SARS and MERS are both coronavirus, this is just a new version of them. Global outbreaks occur all the time. Seasonal flu kills up to 650,000 people every year (a global pandemic we've gotten used to living with), but we allow big pharma to custom tailor a vaccine each year to the specific strain so they can profit from seasonal immunity (this year's was only about %50 effective), instead of developing broadly effective vaccines that would eradicate the flu once and for all. H1N1 and Ebola are still out there. Even the measles made a comeback last year, a disease we thought was eradicated in the 60s and for which there exists an effective vaccine. We are living on the razors edge of life every day. People are freaking out now because coronavirus reminded them of this unsettling truth. I just don't understand why this one gained global traction. I'm not saying we're over reacting, This is how we should be responding to any global crisis. I'm just wondering why the collective world choose to respond decisively to this virus and not all the others? If we put this kind of importance on global warming, imagine what we could accomplish. I don't buy the argument that it's too difficult, we just lack the desire to do anything about it.
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    Thanks, @stigzler. My hat is off to you for enduring what you've had to please take care. Growing up being alone and to myself was not a problem. The running joke in the family is that I was going to be old fat and lonely living in Mom's basement. Feeding would be sliding the occasional pizza under the door. Now it is, as you say, sour. We really don't realize how many freedoms we have until they are stripped away. Even if you don't use them, knowing they are no longer there feeds the anxiety. Have a peanut, my friend and know that you and the rest of my friends here are in my prayers for recovery and safety during these trying times.
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    I ditched TeamViewer and switched to AnyDesk. Works way better with games etc. e.g PinballX/GameEx. No annoying popups etc at all. I even bought a license although its not required. Can highly recommend. Parsec also works 100 times better for games/graphics and also does not have annoying popups either. Although requires decent GPUs.
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    Hey @Tom Speirs. I noticed since a couple of months that when I record a video through PinballX that the Teamviewer logo is on it. When launching PBX itself I don't see it. is it possible for you to put the emulator (Visual Pinball preferred) on top, so I don't have to close Team viewer ? On a 4k it is jus a small icon, but really annoying in videos . Hope you can help me with it
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    It is likely that there won't be a frontend solution as PinballX is probably already handed off to FX3 upon table select. As @Mike_da_Spikelast suggested, you can make an enhancement request and, if possible, it may show up in a future iteration of PinballX. P.S. Nice cab!
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    Same thing. I was hoping to not see fx3 loading. Just straight to table. If that is not an option its all good. Having a great time building and tweaking. Thank you all for the help thus far
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    You might consider this: https://docs.mamedev.org/advanced/devicemap.html
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    @Mike_da_Spike. Great work, love the filter options
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    Guys, Thank you both for your help. What I found that worked was turning all of the programs and components for all of my pinball systems "running as admin" off, All of it works perfectly now, go figure. Thank you you both again for the quick and helpful responses.
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    Seriously, love all you guys, and wish you the best. My point is this is our escape and safe zone here. Tom.
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    Look for a file in the CONFIG directory calledGameEx.UpgradeBackup.ini (or GameEx.UpgradeBackup). It is a backup that is made during the upgrade process. Check the date to see how old it is. If it looks like it isn't too old, copy and rename it to GameEx.ini.
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    Is this in the wake of the absurdity running rampant about the "coronovirus?" I can't even give out sample cookies to little kids at work because they don't want to have me exposed to the potential. They don't even have a confirmed case in my state, but yeah, we've been sold out of face masks and hand sanitizer for weeks.
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    Guys, i cleaned up my database .. verified all years for real zaccaria tables against IPDB only one had a wrong year being locomotion if i remember correctly All Descriptions use Name [remake / retro / deluxe] ([Manufacturor] [year]) just like with visual pinball tables (pinballx does not show the data between brackets) All real zaccaria tables have as manufacturor Zaccaria, all deluxe, remake and retro tables have as manufacturor Magic Pixel, the maker of the game I verified some but not all retro table release dates by looking at the historical news of the game on steam i don't know why but the awards table in my database all had the year 2012, i think i remember seeing something these award tables come from one of their previous games but i could not find release info about it so i left them at 2012 if someone has more info about them please let me know verified all remake years by looking at the gamename / internal used name (they contain years) Zaccaria Pinball.xml here are the 2 company logo's i use for these (pinballx rescales them) i also created topper video's using mike da spikes tool and i first spent hours recreating logo only versions of the wheels to be used with mikes tool. I used for retro / remake / original table the same logo for deluxe i used the deluxe ones but these might be less visible as they are bigger in height / width. These are available on ftp But here are a few previews. If you want to play these while playing you need to use ffplay.exe in a launch before script because the game does something at startup with displays that prevents pinball x from futher displaying them. I explained it in the malzbies pinball topic in the user projects section Nautilus remake nautilus2018.mp4 Black belt remake using Magic pixel logo blackbelt2018.mp4 Black belt original table from zaccaria company blackbelt.mp4
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    Looks very nice ! I don't have a topper (i have a led matrix as topper), but maybe I can build a small display above it. Very cool @joyrider3774. i hope to make you happy this weekend with an update Btw. Are those the DMD videos I created for FX3 ? EDIT : Updated code to v3.1 Some bug fixses and topper videos added Don't tell @scutters that I prioritize this instead of PinballX database manager Sneak preview on database manager new feature :
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    @joyrider3774 if I have some time this weekend, I will add some extra parameters for saving to dmd and/or topper folder. But ... also working together with @scutters on a new release for pinballx database manager with GameEx and Mega download. And guess who will be a tester for this ?
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    HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader Saw a post about this elsewhere and started digging to find the above discussion. Unfortunate that it's limited to RA, at least currently.
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    New Spooky Deluxe (2020) game name is spookydeluxe
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    Gotcha! I will upload mine in the weekend when I have access to the cabinet Latest flying tables uploaded in 4k and latest Fx3 XML uploaded
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    But...I know in my heart they are pretty and that is priceless. (if I knew what a crf or qp was, I'd have a better answer)
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    Are you a Redditor? Please visit our subreddit https://www.reddit.com/r/GameEx and feel free to make a post or two!
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    Thanks for making this thread, I didn't know we could change the Loading image! I made this for my cabinet:
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