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    PBX doesn't scan your roms folder to generate a game listing, it reads an XML file to generate that listing. If you have the games listed in GameEX that you want shown in PBX then it's a simple mater of copying over the XML at location *GameEx\DATA\PINBALLX* VERTICAL.XML or w/e you want to use. In the setup wizard of PBX it must be [TABLEFILE] and are you sure your executable is named mame.exe? It's usually mame64.exe due to 64-bit being the best these days. Is MAME working and launching games outside of PBX? You might need to adjust rompath option in mame.ini
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    Proof of concept (Which correlates to Draco's already put together Docklets) for cutting and cleaning text, recoloring images, and sharpening if needed in which there will be a regular, and a 'Retro' tag that was recreated from the in-game tags to look similar. They will be much larger as these were sized down for the post.
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    You get me a list and I'll get crackin'. Or, I can just start from scratch and make the docklets the way I do them, because of course they look best haaaaaaa. Happy to help.
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    Thanks for your database xml i used it but it seems it was missing the latest table (star's phoenix (Remake)) so i added it in. It's basically your database file with the extra table added. If anyone needs the table entry it's name is sphoenix2018 .. here's a database file with the table added in Zaccaria Pinball.xml I also just finished creating video's for 97 tables (out of 98 i have not unlocked the treasure table yet), but i messed initially with my ffmpeg arguments to do post conversion and not all video's are 1 minute in length but it'll do some are 59 seconds some 49 and one even 26 seconds. Luckily not much is going on in these tables in "attract mode" so it'll do I recorded them at 60 fps using my nvidia 1070 gtx The launch script is also working perfectly, i did not have any problems yet launching a table using this latest version
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    Success! - I have Zaccaria tables launching from PinballX. I have tested about 20 different tables and things are working great for me. I will probably do some more cleanup and improvements down the road but for now I am content. My sample shows how to launch a table from each Zaccaria pinball table type. They have EM, SS, Retro, Remake and Award. I still need to go through and confirm all the table names for each and every table but I wanted to get this script out there for others to test so please as you add to PBX lets keep a running list of all the table names with the "group" they are under. The key to using the script is in game manager make sure to put the correct table name in and most importantly the Type. My scripts looks for EM,SS,RT,RM and AW. The script will exit if you do not put the type in Game manager correctly. ( I am converting the case to upper so EM, em, Em, eM are all valid) EM=Electro Mag, SS=Solid State, RT=Retro, RM=Remake, AW=Award Update: 12/1/18 - There is a optional change you can make to your script if you normally leave your playfield in landscape mode and then rotate to portrait when playing Zacarria. If your playfield is already in portrait then you will not need to modify this. There is a parameter to Zaccaria to automatically rotate the screen. (Stopping the need to rotate it via a launch before/after script) Original line: Run, "%SteamDirPath%\Steam.exe" -applaunch 444930 Change to: Run, "%SteamDirPath%\Steam.exe" -applaunch 444930 -rotate right (Or -rotate left depending on your configuration) Note: There will be one thing that needs to be changed in the LaunchZaccaria.ahk script. On Line 17 you will need to update the directory/filename of your Zaccaria PBX database file. Make sure to save your changes and compile again. Line to edit: FileRead, xmldata, C:\Pinball\PinballX\Databases\Zaccaria\Zaccaria.xml ;change to your zaccaria PBX database PBX config for Zaccaria: A single table from each "group" configured. LaunchZaccaria.ahk
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    Hi, I have created 97 video's of the playfield of the tables for zaccaria pinball. I have uploaded them to the ftp on the following location: /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Zaccaria Pinball/Table Videos They are created on my main pc system, using nvidia shadow play on a GTX 1070 and while recording i had zaccaria pinball setup to not show the arcade cabinet top glass as i find it looking kinda weird. (i also play like that) Initially i had tried to use the media generator linked in a seperate thread in this topic but i could not get it working nor letting it launch the games correctly. so i modified the script a bit (hackery doo dah nothing release worthy) so instead of using obs it just sended a key event F9 and sleeps one minute and press f9 again. Then i assigned f9 button to recording functionality in nvidia settings and let it run. I did remove all the ffmpeg stuff as i can not provide a filename for the recording to be saved as and i did not want to spent a lot of time impleting all that (like detectng the filename in some predefined folder when a file gets added). I also modified the launching of the tables to make use of the direct launch for pbx linked in the topic below. So After it had recorded everything i renamed the files to match gamenames needed to be used using the launcher app available in this thread here (you need to use that system if you want to use the video's out of the box). I did call ffmpeg afterwards on the recorded video's to reduce its size and initally i had messed up the ffmpeg command so some of the video's are shorter that 60 seconds (some are 49 seconds, and one even 26 seconds) but not much happens in the attract mode of these tables so it should suffice. Most video's are around 59 - 60 seconds and they contain no audio. The upload was still fairly big around 1.5 gig for 97 table video's. I'll post the ffmpeg command i used once i get home as maybe someone can give me a better command to make video's in the future or perhaps someone can recode them or limit playback to 25 or 30 seconds. to reduce size. I did verify all files in vlc and they all play correctly as far as i could tell, i also verified a few of them inside pinballx itselve. But i did not verify in my cabinet as it has not arrived yet and i have a beefy main pc so not sure if video's would play well on lower end systems. I also uploaded my database file to use it's basically the same one as linked in the direct launch topic for zaccaria pinball with one extra table added (sphoenix2018) also one playfield video of the treasure table is missing since i have not unlocked it yet in the campaign mode of the game (only bought the game with all dlc during the weekend). Video's are recorded in 1920x1080 at 60 fps (in nvidia shadowplay settings) on high bitrate setting but as said before i pushed them through ffmpeg.exe to reduce size, and the orientation is also what pinballx expects them to be. So in any case hopefully it helps someone and maybe they can be improved upon. edit 1: as mentioned here are the batch files i used to do the postprocessing using ffmpeg.exe i create a "conv.bat" file that will call ffmpeg on the video file supplied as parameter and save recoded video in conv directory. I also create a "conv all.bat" file that basically does a for loop over all the *.mp4 files in the current folder and then call conv.bat wich each found file.. it's in the attachement. (you need to place a staticly linked ffmpeg.exe binary in same folder as well i could not include as it made the archive to big) But anyway the ffmpeg.exe call i'm currently using is this one : Does anyone know if that's good or if it could be improved upon ? I basically looked in one of the recording scripts to see how they called it and copy pasted but initially it also had some -ss 10 -to 1000 command and that made my video be cut off in time so i removed that visual pinball recording ffmpeg.rar Edit 2: I also uploaded also some backglass screenshots of the game in 1600x1200 4:3 and 1920x1080 in 16:9. The black borders are added by the game itselve, so i can't make them fullscreen without distorting the backglasses itselve. It's avaiable here /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Zaccaria Pinball/Backglass Images
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    text logos with transparency. 32assassin has several on VPForums. And he might have updates in his collection at hyperspin forums. https://hyperspin-fe.com/profile/2831-32assassin/content/?type=downloads_file For what was missing, I created some by pulling from flyers and backglass images and copied them to the FTP. Media/Zaccaria Pinball/Wheel Images Quality of source images for some of these was poor around the time the app was first released so the result was not great either. This work is free to use by the community without attribution. All sources are trademarks / copyrights of their respective owners. This is to be privately used in front-ends or for other non-commercial (or at least non-profit) pinball-related applications. I hold no responsibility for their misuse.
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    I am running the Steam version of Arcooda so that makes sense. Best bet woud be to go to PinballArcadeFans.com and post a message in the FreeCamMod group under TPA \ PC. NoEx (the author) might be able to help. All you may need is the previous version if you are running the offline Arcooda version. Most people bought the steam version of Arcooda if they have it.
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    Also in current news...anyone else see the 99 cent 27 table drop on Steam? Don't mind if I do.
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    You need to enter the ROMs in the "Don't filter these ROMS" section by the ROM name, separated by a semi-colon (ex: aburner;pacman;redbaron;redbarona;splatter;qbert;qbertqub;jungleby;jungleh;junglehbr;junglek; junglekas;junglekj2;asteroid;asteroid1;asteroid2;asteroidb). After you make any changes via Setup Wizard or manual edit of the gameex.ini file for the integrated MAME setup, run Update List from within GameEx. I notice that you have MAME installed in C:\Users\MAME\Desktop\Mameui64\ - I suggest that you do not install anything to C:\Users and, instead install/run from C:\MAMEUI64 or some other path in the root of C:\. C:\Users is recognized by your OS as an area requiring higher permissions. It is possible that the necessary updates to the DAT files may not be occurring as expected, if at all.
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    You could use the Zaccaria.xml file for your list. Not as pretty but works in a pinch and has the system file names.
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    Since we don't have the support files Draco asked for there is no way to be sure of this, but it sounds as if you're most likely using integrated MAME based on what you've tried. Since there are only 4 titles being filtered out I would just add those 4 to the "Don't filter these" list. Launch GameEx, update and see if your problem is resolved.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to my forum friends and virtual family! I am thankful to be part of a diverse, passionate, and enthusiastic retro gaming community. Despite our many differences and locals, we keep coming back to our "home" here to share our experiences with one another. Special thanks and shout outs to @Tom Speirs and @headkaze for their continued efforts in keeping GameEx/GameEx Arcade and PinballX running smooth and good luck with GameEx Evolution. My buds @tthurman, @Adultery, and @hansolo77 - all of you have touched me in ways beyond the norm and I am glad to count you amongst my friends. You've been there for my lows and highs and never wavered. Thank you!
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    Sorry @Alan Ribas It was an issue with the zip file, I fixed it. Please install it again.
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    I thought the word "congratulations" fit the context well.
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    Yeah I can fix it, it's not an issue. I just have to carve out the time to do it. It's really not a problem at all, I just need to grab the name of the file inside the archive myself since GameEx's internal variable is passing me the archive name. This will inadvertantly fix GoodMerge support too, although it hasn't come up yet. I'll push out a plug-in update sometime this evening after my 2yo goes to bed.
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    I recently toured Boeing in Seattle and it is nothing short of amazing to see how these things are built. It was actually nothing like I had envisioned, instead, it's sections built in random areas of the massive buildings before being brought together for final assembly. It is literally a small city of workers, nearly 4000 at any given time. The buildings are so large that special mechanical systems are installed throughout the facility to keep it from raining inside. https://maps.roadtrippers.com/stories/boeing-factory They won't let you take pictures, their reasoning is that someone in the 80's dropped a battery pack from a 35 mm that went right through a 747 wing resulting in $300K in damages. There are only four of these big boys in the world, of which we saw three on this day. Basically, they assemble sections in the South Carolina plant and them transport them back to Washington for final assembly. The engines act as a fulcrum and around the factory are these 18000 lb concrete weights they use to stabilize the planes before the engines are installed. This plane did nothing but deliver engines. This is a really cool tour to do If you're ever in the area!
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    Gonna have to take a break, my fingers and hands are numb. 143,600
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    I figured it out. I was missing the resource files. So now I have FCM initiating Arcooda but get a warning box stating I need level .17 of Arcooda, which is what I have. I just looked now at FCM again (today 11/16) and the latest release is for level 1.71.19 of Arcooda, yet I cannot find a download link to that version of Arcooda. Thanks for the help, I will keep chugging. I am actually doing a comprehensive re-configuration of my cabinet, including changing monitor config, keyboard encoder, and complete reinstall of everything including VPX, FP, PinballX and FX3. Somehow I figure a need to wipe a lot of things to get a fresh start on the latest builds and scripts. I think my biggest change is to keep my playfield in portrait all the time and now I completely avoid all screen rotation coding. This actually solves many issues with Pinballx and Arcooda and FX3, plus VPX doesnt really care.
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    Anybody experiencing the same issues may want to check this out before updating to this.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Database de Pinball FX3
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    I think and expect you are missing the windows 7 "platform update". Cheers. Tom.
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    And an alternative for Adventure Land. .
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    Yes, but exceded size limit. You can download from my MEGA account. https://mega.nz/#F!eN8Q2R7C!P7FC-5xowWkDSgcARSAj_A Now is Complete, except Backglass Videos. Backglass Images for 2 and 3 screens DMD Videos Table Videos and Images Table Audio and Launch Audio Wheels Nuke and Megadocklets Updated database
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    Version 1.0.0


    Other 100 Mega Docklets for Future Pinball.