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    New systems wheel list. Configure under general settings. Show a wheel list of your systems. Can optionally make it always show first at startup. To use artwork for this new list place video or image files named "- system -" in the appropriate folder (backglass, table images/videos etc). eg. - system -.mp4 Also fixed a couple of performance issues.
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    I am sorry i have not been as active but i have switched jobs on a contract status and working to get hired on full time for $$$. I actually just got the offer on Wed and I countered so I hope everything works out. With that i have a lot of things going on until the end of the year but will try to be more active once that time passes. I totally understand the possibility that this contest ends but i truly hope it does not. Most of us have been around for years and though we are not here every contest it a great community...to me at least. I love arcade games and i love battling with you guys...but i also understand the time Han and CC have put into this to keep it going for the small amount of scores that get submitted. Other forums and leaderboards come and go all the time...so id hate to se this go before we hit game 500 :) But as always I understand if it does stop...and i will always have a place in my memories for this place. Thanks to everyone.
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    I have the 8Bitdo SF30Pro and SN30Pro controllers. Love them! I highly recommend the PC/PSC dongle. They're the same thing, just with different FW. I flashed the PSC firmware to my PC dongle and can use it either way. It's my goto controller for GameEX and Retroarch on my PC now. You can pair a PS3/4 controller if you prefer also. I also got the Phone clip so I can use it as a handheld playing RA on my phone. That's actually my favorite use for it, but yes it's kinda awkward (top heavy). I got used to it though. I use my EMUmovies subscription to DL the artwork and fill in any missing/wrong ones with those found on the web (not google). Also, they need to be PNG for the transfer process to work. Follow this tutorial. Everything you need all in one place!
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    I use this OTG Adapter and it works great. I am running a 128GB Sandisk Cruzer USB drive and still have room to spare. Lastly - and most important - I purchased a pair of 8bitdo Bluetooth adapters so I can use my PS3 controllers (or my SNES 8bitdo controllers... or my 8bitdo arcade stick... or my XBox controller... most bluetooth ones work!) The 8bitdo bluetooth adapters were $15 each used and the OTG adapter was $2.80 on eBay. I already have a large amount of USB thumb drives at hand and obviously the selection of controllers were already onhand from my Raspberry Pi builds. SO... for me I paid $52.80 for my console and all the fixings. For the use I get out of it I think I hit a sweet spot in terms of cost vs value/return. And it was STILL cheaper than a Pi 3B setup once you price that out as well. (Don't get me wrong. I love my Pi setup and it still has a permanent home in the living room entertainment center.)
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    Somebody brought their game and came to play! Thanks for the submission @rtkiii. And thanks for the comments on the poll thread. I hope we continue running too. Submissions like yours will certainly do well to keep me motivated! Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    There is now implemented in the latest release.
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    I think the directb2s server you use is to use pinupplayer. This will put the backglass behind the active windows (so that pinup player is in front) From my mate @scuttersI received the following suggestion in the past: But I still use the older version of directb2s that puts standard the backglass to front and if I use a puppack, I rename the original backglass extension, so it only use the pup-backglass, but atill have the original file(if I want to switch back) Hope this info helps you
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    Its stored in statistics.ini Should probably move it to a database longer term but performance doesn't seem to be an issue. On first run of pinballx it sets a setting, general, version =2. and sets date added to the past, on future runs it checks for new files and the date to the current time for each table (on pinballx startup)
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    Version 3.56


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    That will teach me to work 36 hours straight. Fixed now. Available in a sec That's the recently added feature by the way.
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    You tell me, is there any hint of awesomeness inside from just looking at the outside? The mods in this thing have really brought this console back to life. A total overhaul. Here's a recap of the build: New Optical drive emulator to replace the aging GDROM with an SD Card reader that not only lasts longer and runs silent, but loads games faster (slightly). The GDEMU's SD card port is extended to the CD drive tray as if it were meant to be there. The GDROM port is filled, and not just a big hole! I'm thinking of wiring an LED to the Disc change button. It's printed in a translucent Blue that should glow nicely. Digital to Digital HDMI output added, bypassing the analog DAC and it's noise. Nothing but a crystal clear VGA 480p DTV signal that gets line doubled to 960p in a black 1080p frame for compatibility with modern TVs. Perfect compatibility, perfect upscale, and it's even got HQ2x filter to smooth out the jaggies without smoothing the whole image. Looks amazing! New power supply to remove the heat generating components to an external AC/DC adapter. This doubles as a 4-port Bluetooth receiver for the DreamConn+ wireless controllers. This way they don't need a dongle to block a physical port on the console. Those still function as normal and can have a keyboard, lightgun, and wired controllers hooked up simultaneously without issue. Moreover it allows the console to be wirelessly powered on/off like a modern console. I have it hooked up to an HDMI switch. When I press the start button the TV automatically switches to the Dreamcast. When I hold it down for 3 seconds the console shuts off and the TV goes back to the previous HDMI input. Awesome! Although heat is not as big of a concern now, I installed a Noctua fan mod. This 40mm fan is basically silent and pushes more air than the stock fan. The 3D printed fan shroud adapts it to the mount and directs the air out the vent nicely. Another use for the printer! Not only will the console run quieter, it will run cooler! This should keep it running longer and increase my enjoyment. Then there are the Wireless controller and lightgun. Expensive, but a nice luxury! As fot the lightgun's range limitation, I've been e-mailing Chris about that. He says he's been able to decrease the minimum distance by ~50% using a simple wide angle lens, like the ones used for cell phone cameras. So I'm looking into that for my gun. The controller is great as is. The added lag is fine for most games, but I can just plug a wired controller when it matters, like fighting games, a genre the DC excels at. I think that's a good summary. I just need to tie up one loose end before I call this a successfully concluded project. Solve the lightgun's range limitation. So that's the last step. I'm on a time crunch now! Just 19 days left! 9/9/19 - Mark your calendars (Play a DC game to Honor a great console's 20 year anniversary)
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    Hey guys ever since version 3.55 or was it 3.54 system table audio files are supported. Since system names are not spoken when browsing the system menu using the narrator plugin, i recorded them as system table audio files, i use them on my system. They will briefly pause the background music to say the system name and then go on with the music inside pinball x frontend. I like it and maybe someone else has use for them so i uploaded them to my upload place in ftp in system media folder. I case anyone else has other systems and would like to record such narrator audio themselves here's a very quick tutorial on how to do this: audacity is needed create a new text file and rename it to speak.vbs (make sure you can see / edit file extentions in windows so your file does not get named speak.vbs.txt), right click the file and choose edit so notepad will open the file and place the line below in it and save the file CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak "Visual Pinball X" when you double click speak.vbs it should now say "Visuall Pinball X" using the setup narrator voice, even when narrator is disabled in ease of acces run audocity and specify to use windows wasapi and select as recording channel and output channel your speakers (names will differ on your system) make sure no other audio is playing Press record button, audiocity will now wait for audio input goto the location of where you saved speak.vbs and double click it, you will hear the narrartor speak and audacity should have recorded it press stop in audacity remove any possible excess of silence in the waveform choose file -> export -> mp3 and name the file "- system -.mp3" move the file to your specified system in the table audio folder run pinball x frontend browse to your system and hear the system name being mentioned when browsing systems. repeat for other systems each time change the text in speak.vbs to your system name That's basically how i created these files. Have fun if you want to change the narrator voice to something else check this topic but be warned changing it also changes it for the narrator pluging inside pinball x frontend Here are a few sample files: - system -.mp3 (visual pinball) - system -.mp3 (pinball fx3) - system -.mp3 (future pinball) rest is available on ftp
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    Is there still a Dreamcast in there somewhere?!? Looks fabulous!
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    Several fixes and performance improvements along with a new recently added list. View the full article
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    Several fixes and performance improvements along with a new recently added list.
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    This is my setup : I've set the "Hold key to exit emulator " to NO | This forces (I guess). because it is working for me ) to quit the emulator with the quit key (that is set to one of my Joy buttons, but also working on keyboard)
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    I hadn't really given it too much thought, my expectations are pretty low, considering the first two. It is possible, however, that we get a Rogue One calibur movie.....which would be a really nice surprise. I always thought Vader would return, because no matter how you slice it, the whole Star Wars story is Darth Vader in so many ways! "no one's every really gone"
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    I think I used the art I have for my GameEx setup. I just had to rename a couple of covers due to the way RetroArch handles naming conventions. Everything has artwork though. Felix has the right idea. If you don't have the artwork go with EMUmovies. $14.80/ea if you buy 2 or more (this is the exact auction where I got mine): https://www.ebay.com/itm/8Bitdo-USB-Wireless-Bluetooth-Adapter-Nintendo-Switch-Ps1-Windows-Mac-Raspi-Pi/283547363470?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
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    Thanks guys. I just grabbed them off Amazon. Not sure why the other one seem so prone to high failure rates, but I grabbed this pair instead. I was somewhat reluctant to pickup the 8bitdo adapters right now, because even used they are $19. Regardless I went ahead an pulled the trigger because I found a Blu-Ray release I wasn't aware of that I wanted. I've got a 128 Gig USB drive that I can free up, which should get me well underway. What did you guys do for box art, just grabbing it from your gameex install?
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    OTG Adapter (the one that looks like a usb hub), a large (250gb?) usb thumb drive, and lots of free time.
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    Display issue and duplicate setting resolved in 3.50 available in a minute.
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    Sorry Mike, guess I missed that. Will do it for next release. Cheers. Tom. PS: Seems theres lots of requests for the new systems feature. Some of the stuff in there in kind of by design unfortunately. Ill take all the requests as a positive thumbs up though
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    Version 1.3 updated changelog : Skip removing media files with name "- system -" New feature in PBX 3.49 to have system wheel and media files
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    Yep. Your not wrong. New version out now.
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    Yes, the download link showed back up after 24 hrs. Downloaded now, to install this weekend. Thanks!
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    The Batman animations are indeed odd in this one. Constantly pulling his cape back to his right shoulder with his left arm? I don't recall this being a "thing". Other than that it looks pretty decent!
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    Fixed now. Thanks for brining it to my attention. Cheers.
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    Fixed it I had to comment out INGAMEJOYSTICKCOMBO=0: [INGAMEJOYSTICKCOMBO] # Joystick combo for use in game to pause the system and show the menu. #INGAMEJOYSTICKCOMBO=0
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    Dust off those consoles and blow out the cartridge slots Whip it out and play with it again!
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    Author is responding! Please provide files as requested. Thanks. Tom.
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    i have the williams pack ones on ftp although only in full hd resolution /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Pinball FX3/Table Videos . I'm not sure if you have contributor status that you can access the ftp but if you can you can check them out. Other people have uploaded 4k video's also
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    You guys have done a fantastic job with managing the competition even as participation has waned. Obviously, I haven't been a participant, but 100 seems like a nice place to take a pause and see where things go from there. This leaves us with countless games for members wishing to continue pushing themselves for higher scores, while at the same time allowing for a return to normally recurring competition when the community interest returns. I always thought the holiday competitions were a very cool concept, so perhaps you could return to the competition in a manner more along these lines in hopes of limiting the work involved while still introducing a few new games annually vs. monthly or quarterly. The ebb and flow of this hobby seems to be great excitement and enthusiasm followed by periods of away time before the itch gets you again. We seem to be in a extended "away time" phase as of late which can likely be attributed to, at least in part, the flood of commercially available arcade clones and deluge of retro console boxes. This too shall pass!
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    Version 2.0.0


    animated backglass .mp4 videos
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    Version 1.0.0


    Animated backglass - Looping .mp4 files
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    Version 1.0.0


    I decided to go ahead and share some of these work-in-progress backglass animations. Keep in mind, these will be updated as I make progress. Until they are finalized, enjoy these as I do on my cab!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Here is a half-completed version of this awesome backglass for you all to enjoy until I can get this baby done.
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    Version 1.006


    GameEx database for American Laser Games.
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    I'll give it a go. 1.) Place bezels in your "artwork" folder in your MAME directory. Make sure they are .zip files and match the name of the corresponding rom. 2.) In the GameEx Setup Wizard on the "MAME Settings" page under the "Advance MAME Settings" for the "Use Bezel" option select "Don't Use Bezel". (This is to use the GameEx bezel, not game specific ones through MAME. 3.) When you run MAME if the game has a bezel it should load automagically. If it's not shown hit the "TAB" key to open the options menu. Scroll down to "Video Options" and make sure Bezels are Enabled. To adjust the amount of bezel that's shown scroll down to "View" and change it to your liking. I have Cropped selected for most of my games. There might be a way to make the default setting "Cropped", but I just went through and changed the option on a game by game basis as they were loaded up for the first time. 3A.) There is an option to crop artwork from the get go. Open MAME. Go to "Configure Options" then "Advanced Options." Under "Artwork Options" go to "Artwork Crop" and turn it ON.
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    Just to let folks know I did actually purchase and setup the domain pinballx.net. So if folks are linking or posting news about releases could I kindly ask you use the new domain www.pinballx.net. The original name redirects to the new one.
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