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    We have quite a few hi-score games (92) to choose from and each month new games will be added. Because we want you to be able to check at a glance which hi-score games are part of our competition we have created this Games List (alphabetical order). It's easy and simple > just browse this list and click on the game you want to play. Enjoy ! The purpose of this list, as opposed to the v1 list, is that we can keep this list in alphabetical order and have it ordered numerically. We will attempt to keep this list updated as new games are added to our competition. As this site continues to develop and upgrade, the lists here will also become more enhanced and "evolve". We will attempt to have our resident HS Programmer (Adultery) add some lines of code to his already masterful DB Manager to automate this a bit with a table structure so it's not one long vertical line. 1941 Counter Attack 1943: The Battle of Midway 1944 A.B. Cop Anteater Arkanoid Bank Panic Bay Route Black Widow Blazing Star Blood Bros. Bomb Jack Bubble Bobble Bubbles Burger Time Centipede Choplifter Circus Charlie City Connection Crystal Castles Cyvern Defender Dig Dug DoDonPachi Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 3 Donkey Kong Junior Double Dragon Fast Lane Flicky Frogger Galaga Galaga '88 GAPlus Gauntlet Gekisou Ghouls n Ghosts Golden Axe Green Beret Gun Smoke Gradius Growl Gyrus Hammerin Harry I, Robot Jackal Joust Jumping Jack Juno First Lady Bug Mario Bros Mat Mania Metal Slug Metal Slug X Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Moon Patrol Mr. Do! Ms. Pac-man Nitro Ball Out Run Pang Popeye Puzzle Bobble Q*Bert Qix R-Type Raiden Reactor Robotron 2084 Rygar Shinobi Sky Kid Snow Bros Space Harrier Spy Hunter Strider Strikers 1945 Tapper Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tetris: The Grand Master The Punisher Tiger Heli Time Pilot TMNT Tokio / Scramble Formation Toobin Track & Field Tutankham Vs. ExciteBike Wonder Boy 3 Yie Ar Kung-Fu Zaxxon
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    Humble Bundle freebie https://www.humblebundle.com/store/amnesia-collection
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    Due to being on hiatus with a family member becoming ill, I have not had chance to do anything in regards to basically....... anything! Over the past few days I have completely revamped this theme and done a complete redraw on the Arcade Cabinet. I will upload some images as soon as I can.
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    Hey all, I have been working on moving the DirectX libraries to SlimDX from managed directX. It may make not a difference but it is a newer library and may be more stable and offer some better performance. I will upload once I have done some testing and fixed the startup sound issues. I would like to test on the cab here. Could anyone point me to some more intensive video files so I can see if performance is any better in that regard? like 60fps or UHD. Cheers. Tom.
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    PinballX 2.60 released Performance is significantly improved with this release The DirectX library has been transitioned to SlimDX with help from Ben Baker Bass audio library has been upgraded to the latest version The limit on company logo images has been increased to 70 from 60 Startup audio and GameEx online is working again New 'Launch' Keyboard and Gamepad control to immediaitly launch a game and skip the info screen. A belated happy new year from me. Enjoy View the full article
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    I'm confused... which score do you want me to take? The only one with your initials is 63,280. But there is a score higher with AAA as the initials. The confusing thing is that the AAA score is different than the 1P score of 63,280. So either the AAA is your best run and a flubbed initial entry, or 63.280 is your official entry.. It's a difference of a few hundred points, I just wanted to make sure I enter in the one you're wanting.
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    It looks like 2 games databases are not working in Gameex Arcade. They both seem to be working in reg gameex the two databases are Zinc and FBalpha also the themes downloads are coming down as 0byte zip files. Was not sure where to list this
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    Just barely... the open spot games are running out and I have to actually work for these scores
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    Get The Red Solstice for FREE, now through Friday at 10am Pacific Time. You can also pick up the other game in the series Solstice Chronicles: MIA at 30% off! The Red Solstice is a tense, tactical, squad-based action game. Fight to survive with up to 8 players in co-op, or lead your own squad in single-player mode. *Offer ends Friday at 10AM Pacific Time
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    its a miracle. i download the db3 file and all name, description, year even star appear. a very good thing. i then post you a small video to show you what i mean about scrolling name or logo in the background. i dont found this very beautiful and it slow down the interface experience. scrolling2.mp4
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    It's updated now. I was in the process of updating the marquee art when I had to stop and help bring in groceries.
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    Thanks for being a good sport and getting me another score. I agree, I don't really like this game either. It's too difficult, I'm used to the Atari version. Updated Op, DB, RSS
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    Long as we're using 4 [Normal], that's the important part. I'll update the OP to show it needs checked. Updated OP
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    Cool! Glad you added a game request. You've been posting some great scores. You deserve to make a request.
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    On the contrary, married with child, you are just beginning to live! Congrats!
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    Thank you for the tip stigzler. I will put it in my toolbox !
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    Welcom the the Pinball Sound Archive your sound archive taken from virtual pinball tables for you to enjoy in your pinball front-end or just listening to as is. Recorded in WavePad Sound Editor ME and has been normalized to -1.5dB with a fade out in the end with a lenght around 35 sec. The files is uploaded on the FTP - Other Uploads > gStAv > Table Audio <<< NOW ALL TABLE AUDIO FREE FOR EVERYONE >>> copy all files to your ...\PinballX\Media\Visual Pinball\Table Audio\ folder !!! BE SURE TO RENAME THE FILES TO MATCH YOUR DATABASE !!! Latest update, 2017-10-31, 2 TABLEs If you hear any crackling sound or other error, please report this to me, and I will try to replace the audio for that table. Updated tables is named tablename_v2.mp3 in FTP as I can't replace files. Feel free to reqest the sound to any virtual table not listed below and I see what I can do!
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    You will be able to get the result you want, but the setup is a little unusual. GameEx is geared towards setting up emulators that run games via command line functionality (which most do)...but every so often someone asks how to set up a game list of stand alone PC games. This is the type of setup you will need, but it is very doable as long as each game has it's own executable. First of all, I suggest you go with the regular GameEx as it is much more configurable than GameEx Arcade. Create shortcuts to each game executable. Each one will need to be named differently. If they are the same, that adds some complexity. Stop and let me know if that is the case. Set the names of the links to whatever you want displayed in the game list. Place the links in a folder outside GameEx. Let's use C:\ArcadeProject\Links as an example. Next, run the Setup Wizard. The sections you will need to use are the Emulator Setup and Enable/Disable Features. Use the quick links on the left sidebar to get to them. In the Emulator Setup, we need to set up a sort of faux emulator. Choose an emulator number (probably #1 in your case). Set the Start Page Name to something cool. Set the Title Text to the same cool name. Set the Working Path to the main folder: C:\ArcadeProject Set the ROM Path to the shortcut folder: C:\ArcadeProject\Links Set the Rom Filter to *.lnk Set the Command Line to "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" Lastly, I suggest setting Enable/Disable Features > Fix to Emulator to your Emulator #. This will make GameEx load directly to your student's game list so you don't need to navigate to it manually. For a basic setup, that is it. It should do what you want. But I am thinking that you might want to fancy things up once it is running...so extra credit time... There are a ton of themes that can be downloaded. Pull a few down using the Download Theme option and choose a theme in the Theme section. Be aware that most downloadable themes assume you have accompanying graphic assets such as in-game Snap shots, in-game Title shots, etc. Also, some are made for specific resolutions (or screen ratio, 16x9, 16x10, etc). So choose one that works for the assets and size you intend to have. Besides the default theme, A few I think might work for you are Default - Ultimate 1 or Default - Brokeh. They both look nice and only require Snaps and Title shots. If you want to use Snapshots, set up a snap folder like C:\ArcadeProject\Snaps and place your snaps there. Then in the Emulator Setup, set the Image Snap Path to C:\ArcadeProject\Snaps. Both .png and .jpg are supported. Make sure the filename of the snap is the same as the filename of the game's link file. That is how GameEx matches the pics to the game. You can do the same for Title snaps, just create a separate folder like C:\ArcadeProject\Title. If you ever decide to do video snaps instead, that can be done. The setup is very similar, but keep the video file sizes down or you might see a small amount of 'lag' when moving through the game list (depending on the rig you have inside the cabinet). Also, there is an option called Display Settings > Hide Desktop that will show a black screen instead of the desktop while the game is loading. You may want to enable that once you are done for a bit more finish. Good luck with it. It sounds like a fantastic idea. Feel free to come back with questions if you need to...and if you do go through with the project, it would be cool to see a snap of the cabinet running GameEx once you have it done.
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    I post VP Tables only. Yes he converted the tables from FP to VP. Awesome, i edit list for Junkyard Cats now
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    Oh! Just realize I can play old title. Watch out, I will grow in the leaderboard. Slowly but surely. Don't know if all this is understand in english, in my head , it is Suggestion : Just add a last (and update) message on the thread v1 on the game list to link to this one.
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    Gauntlet is written as Gauntet
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    Respect to you and GC. All efforts are appreciated by all participants!! 4 years running Now! M O
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    I loved playing this when it was originally featured. I'm gonna have to go back and try it again. Also, thanks for keeping the forum alive! Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    Yeah Im playing with a PS3 controller
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    What are you talking about?!?!?! I am most definitely getting one of those in a few years...with racing stripes too.
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    There is no need to compile your own version of MAME anymore since MAMEDev have implemented a powerful Lua plugin system for things like hiscore and cheats. Even CPWizard uses a showcp plugin now instead of a patch to display your CP while MAME is paused. Additionally if you need DirectInput support (for injecting keys into MAME) you can simply use a hex editor and replace "RegisterRawInputDevices" with something like "***DISABLE_RAW_INPUT***". To enable RawInput again just replace it back with "RegisterRawInputDevices". I can't really think of a reason for compiling a custom version of MAME anymore except for maybe those who want to enable the built-in debugger for searching memory locations for hiscore patches or cheats.
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    #1: There is not a separate volume for the Arcade Ambience sounds in GameEx (Maybe possible if you submit a Feature Request in the thread in the FAQ section). An alternative is to run the Arcade Ambience files found at the Arcade Ambience site via the Ambience Utility created by Shanman. I have tested on my Win 10 rig and didn't even have to install a second sound card as is usually required. Since I play sound through HDMI on my 40" Sammy, I was able to plug a set of external speakers into the speaker jack of my motherboard and configure the app with the Arcade Ambience sound files. That way, I can control the ambience sound volume independent of my games. Just that easy! #3: You can disable the game information by changing the setting EnablePopUpDescriptions=False in the GameEx.ini or the Theme.ini file for the theme you have selected. If you change this in the theme, it will override the setting in the gameex.ini file.
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    I've been enjoying the look of this the last couple of days I've worked on tweaking settings. It might be too dark for some but on my display it looks really good depending on game chosen. Feedback, opinions, insults, welcome Enjoy! raster.zip
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    Heh. Whoda thunk it. An app of mine made it to EmuCR: Bonkers,
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    Sure. For those that have extracted official or a recent MAME build you'll notice files in location MAME\ini\presets These files take effect when running -video d3d -hlsl_enable from command-line or having video d3d hlsl_enable 1 in mame.ini For those that want to try my modified raster.ini just chuck it in locations MAME\ini and MAME\ini\presets overwriting the one there. (I put it in both locations to make sure it takes effect) What this does is it gives you a really nice HLSL look upon launching any raster game (which is the majority of them) because MAME prioritizes what's in these ini files over what's set in mame.ini
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    I came across this gem of a site while doing some recent sourcing for console pics. Explore it here ! Pics are by the author unless otherwise attributed and in the public domain.
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    40,400 The number of enemies simultaneously on the screen gets pretty ridiculous in this game, but it's nice that it doesn't slow down like Double Dragon when that happens. I find that for most of the game the only way I can survive is to spam the jump kick move because it knocks guys down with a single hit. If I do anything else that takes more than single hit, somebody will attack me from behind. This reminds me of how you pretty much get forced to use nothing but the elbow smash in Double Dragon.
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    Not enough lifetime to emulate and play every game for every system, but it is neat to see some of the systems that never made it to the U.S. or were gone before they made it into all stores
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    ExaDrive 2 Case: Apex MI-008 (Mini ITX) MB: ASUS P8H61-I Rev 2.0 CPU: Core i3 2120 @ 3.3GHz RAM: 8GB Dual Channel DDR3-1333MHz GPU: GeForce GT 1030 HDD: WD Blue 2TB 5400RPM/64MB Cache SSD: WD Blue 500GB SATA III Optical: Samsung 48X DVD+RW Slimline 802.3: Realtek Gb NIC 802.11: Rosewill 150-N USB WiFi Bluetooth: Targus BT 4.1 USB PSU: 230W ITX OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 (Custom) Interface: GameEX v13.10 Inputs: (2x) Sony Dualshock 3 This is the continuation of a Linux based HTPC system I started last year (ExaDrive) and originally used Kodi and Mah!Cade for interfacing with games and media, even when switching to Windows 7 x64 as the primary OS. Recently I replaced that with GameEX. It emulates 33 systems in addition to running 80 DOS and Windows games currently. Games as recent as Skyrim, Bioshock Infinite, Doom 2016 and Wolfenstein - The New Order are all very playable at 720p on the budget level GeForce card it has. Also, despite the CPU being a budget level model that's over six years old as of this writing no MAME game I've tried runs less than 100% and PSP, PS2, Dreamcast and Saturn emulation is just as good. The OS is extremely ripped down and customized for speed. Using NTLite and dozens of manual tricks and optimizations I was able to patch the OS to current levels then rip its install size down to 6GB. It has no support for printing, international languages, entire classes of hardware the machine will never have, tons of core Windows features/components and many other things a typical PC would need. It also runs BBLean as its shell and has dozens of services disabled. POST to usability takes about 40 seconds. Used RAM on a cold boot is around 700MB. The Dualshock 3s are driven by SCP Toolkit, which presents them as XBox controllers to the OS. Rumble is fully supported, even for DirectInput games by using a passthrough driver for XInput rumble. Most things are controlled by them via a program called AntiMicro, which allows them to send keyboard and mouse inputs to the machine. Arcade, 8bit, 16bit, 32X, GBA and N64 games are 7zipped. ISOs and Nintendo DS games are NTFS compressed and Sega CD + Turbo CD games are in ISO+MP3 and ISO+OGG format, respectively, to further save space. Handling of decompression and running games is handled by a huge batch script I wrote that GameEX points to (It also supports Zip, RAR and NanoZip archives for ROMs). Web browsing and WiFi management are possible using gamepads in spite of the lack of both functions in GameEX via Antimicro and a few AutoIT scripts I wrote. It's kind of clunky, but it works! Emulated Systems PC Games
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    GameEx Arcade updates (all versions) overwrites Arcade Ambience configurations in Audio Settings when upgraded to new version. If Play Ambiance is changed to No, the upgrade installation will change it to a default of Yes. If the path is set to a path other than C:\ProgramData for Arcade Ambiance MP3, it will default back to C:\ProgramData upon upgrade.
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    GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 15.10 released. Features new and improved support for 4k / UltraHD View the full article
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    GameEx and GameEx Arcade Edition 15.10 released. Features new and improved support for 4k / UltraHD View the full article
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    Here are the settings for Pinball FX 3 with cabinet support using the in build Pinball FX settings in the setup wizard. [PinballFX2] Enabled=True WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Executable=steam.exe Parameters=-applaunch 442120 "-table_[TABLEFILE]" Process=Pinball FX3.exe If you do not have Cabinet Mode enabled see here:
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    Version 2.62


    The PinballX frontend. Latest version. Full install. Note: You will need to create an account to download this file if you are not already a member.
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    ​RocketLauncher/RetroArch guide for GameEx Note: Note #2: Note #3: Download Links: ​GameEx Setup: So once you have your games working in RocketLauncher, either configured for HyperSpin, GameEx, getting them to work with GameEx is really easy. However, GameEx's HideOS.exe isn't playing nicely with RetroArch. The black screen it generates happens to be on top of retroarch, below the bezel. I will also show you how to fix this, and make it work with GameEx sorted MAME list. Let's get started. We will configure MAME and the Atari 2600 system. Atari 2600 Setup As you can see above, starting RocketLauncher is simple, and always the same. All my systems are configured this way. Here is another example: The system parameter, -s, works with the systems you have named in RocketLauncher. Also don't forget to disable Show Desktop in advanced emulator config here: Here is a screenshot of my RocketLauncher window: The -f and -p parameters are only needed if you have RocketLauncher configured for Hyperspin. If you have it configured for GameEx, you might not need them, or need to change them to work with GameEx. I would like some feedback from users setting up RocketLauncher for GameEx first on this. Now, if you are to launch your games (using retroarch), GameEx's HideOS.exe (the application that hide the desktop, if you have it enabled) gets in the way. Work-around for HideOS.exe and RetroArch ​If your goal is to run RetroArch with GameEx, please note that you will also need RocketLauncher, or need to write yourself an AutoHotKey script. I have tried different ways to fix this problem, using the before launch, after launch options in GameEx, with a batch file, and nothing worked. I wanted to have it run like any other emulators, like for example, MAME, with a smooth transition from GameEx -> RocketLauncher -> RetroArch -> RocketLauncher -> GameEx. Go to RocketLauncher, in the Modules tab (with global selected on the left), and look up RetroArch.ahk, and click the edit button as shown here: note: you might need to add c:\windows\notepad.exe in the RocketLauncherUI tab for the prefered module editor. Once you have RetroArch.ahk loaded in your text editor, do a text search for "run(" without the "". And you will find this part here You will need to add the line, Run, taskkill /IM HideOS.exe, right before the launch emulator function as shown above. This will kill HideOS.exe process right before launching RetroArch, so that when RocketLauncher fades out to RA, hideos.exe is killed and not showing anymore. However, since it's killed, you will need to start it again when the emulator finishes, otherwise you will see a glimpse of the desktop when ending your session. Browse to the end of the RetroArch.ahk script and change the Close Process procedure as shown below: By default, FadeOutStart is first, then WinClose second. I found out that ordering it this way result exactly in the behavior needed to cleanly exit out the emulator. Make sure you change your GameEx path in run, d:\gameex\hideos.exe. Congrats, you should by now be able to add as many systems as you wish thru rocketlauncher, and use retroarch for all the systems it supports, right from GameEx, with a clean start and exit. If you want to proceed further, and make the GameEx sorted MAME list work with RL/RA, follow on. MAME Setup Head back to the Setup Wizard, and choose AdvancedMAME. As you can see, the same thing applies here. You launch MAME games the same way as you start any other emulators. MAME Settings stays the same, here is mine: Almost forgot, head to Display Settings in the Setup Wizard, and make sure you have Hide Operating System selected for Hide Desktop option, and Yes to Hide/Show Taskbar later below. You should now have everything to make all your systems work with RocketLauncher/RetroArch. If you don't know RocketLauncher (and/or RA), I suggest you take time and learn both softwares. RL have a ton of options. On this matter, you might want to set the fade timer to 2000 milliseconds in RocketLauncher (or anything higher...) If you have any questions, please let me know, I'll do my best to help you out. GameEx.ini RetroArch.ahk.rar
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    Here is what you need to do: 1. Via Setup Wizard, go to the Weather settings under HTPC 2. Next to the field labeled Weather Location, click on the button with ... at the end of the field 3. A new pop-up windows should appear. Make sure Enable Weather Icon is checked. Also, type Xativa Valencia Spain in the City/Town field and click Search. Xativa. V. Spain should populate the Results field. 4. Ensure that Use Centigrade is checked, then click OK. The pop-up window should then close. 5. You should now see Xativa, V, Spain in the Weather Location field. Click the next arrow a few times, the exit. 6. Boot GameEx. As of the time of this post, GameEx is reporting your current temperature as 18 degrees C. which is a few degrees warmer than what is being reported here. As you can see, it just takes a little experimenting with the format of your search.
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    Seriously? It is a folder that takes up 1 byte and the steps have been laid out pretty as an ant-free picnic. The only difference I can see in the level of work that has to be done is that for using the same app via Hyperprin, someone else has tidied the process up by creating/using a few programs that take the guesswork out of launching the jukebox program. Is that is your determination for a go/no-go decision to give the software an honest try? I am not trying to stir up shit here, but, as with anything else in this hobby, one will have to roll-up the sleeves and get their hands dirty in the configuration once in a while to make things work. Nothing is going to automagically configure itself to fit the whims of the end-user. /me shakes head in disbelief
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    Console Logos - Round Glass files pack centered on 1000x1000 px. Contains Adobe .psd and GIMP .xcf so the user may change the color backgrounds, rings, or insert their own images for custom logo files.