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    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1086760/Pinball_FX3__Williams_Pinball_Volume_4/ Table names: WMS_White_Water WMS_Hurricane WMS_Roadshow Table audio extracted and uploaded to ftp ( /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Pinball FX3/Table Audio ) Table, backglass and dmd video's i use on my 2 monitor cabinet are uploaded to ftp /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Pinball FX3/ folder Wheel images: gimp templates avaible on /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Pinball FX3/Wheel Images All images searched on google, some taken from b2s backglasses, some logo's come from ministry of pinball (red & teds and i think white water), the hurricane logo comes from ftp visual pinball folder
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    PART 9: Never give up, never surrender...It's VE Day [email protected]! I am happy to report victory has been achieved! Thanks to a post on the SHMUPS forum I swapped the SuperCICs from my broken 1-chip and a working SNS-CPU-RGB-02. I mentioned that one of my goals was to use hot air to work off a chip with many fine pitch pins. This was my first try and it went well, thanks to a proper rework station, good flux, and solid pair of course. Well, the result was a proper boot up! No reset button needed. the game started up first try! To confirm the CIC was bad, I then tried the donor board. Weird thing was it too booted up fine. So the only explanation is a cold solder joint. I thought I reflowed all the chips on the board, but I must have missed that one. The CIC was fine. So that concludes it. I learned a lot about the SNES and had a bunch of fun trying to figure this one out. Ultimately it proved beyond me and I had to consult those with more experience than me. They came through and I'm the better for it. I pushed my soldering and reworking ability. It was close, but I'm glad I didn't give up. I feel nice bit of pride for seeing this one to the end. Moreover, the world has one fewer 1-chip SNES's going to the landfill. Actually, I bought 2 broken SNES's and both work now. That's awesome to me. That an otherwise novice can resurrect a busted console and keep it going on into the future. Yes! To put it simply...
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    Premieres Sunday, June 16 at 9/8c on The History Channel.
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    Thanks man. I appriciate it. Im not a developer, so wasn't sure if this could help someone. I use this tool too. I run it every time I add or modify tables. Just run in 30 seconds and creates all. Glad I could help you with this and thanks for testing it and reporting issues.
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    Gotcha! I will upload mine in the weekend when I have access to the cabinet Latest flying tables uploaded in 4k and latest Fx3 XML uploaded
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    Thanks @joyrider3774 I've just finished the B2S active backglasses and full force feedback for all three tables. I will be uploading the new DOFLinx and backglasses over at www.vpforums.org shortly.
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    Its fixed in 3.45. Avialble in 5 minutes. Obfusfaction playing sillt buggers again.
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    Its fixed in 3.44. Now available. It seems the latest version of the obfuscation software caused an issue.
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    I never tried pressing return in the previous version of the menu i thought it was not working at all when using a real keyboard but can't test now anymore. The game seemed to hang a few seconds when doing the mouseclick since new update on my cabonet and somtimes it clicked beside the logo in my case. I start the game with the rotate parameter Btw the game update also has a bug for displaying backglasses, some tables mostly retro and awards and normal tables show a black screen instead of the backglass. Remake tables don't seem to have the problem. Just so you know that already
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    @GAH1068 with the latest update (#72) the menu of zaccaria completely changed. For some reason on my pinball cabinet the mouse click did not work correctly all the time to click on the logo. But i noticed in the new menu Sending return using keyboard also works. So in my local copy of the script i removed the mouse click. For some reason on my cabinet the mouse click acted weird don't know exactly why but it made my game hang and position was not 100% correct for me. I'm not sure if this has changed but maybe if sending return works all the time to bypass the initial logo it can be changed as it will work better then mouse click. But you should verify i only quickly tested with me and it seemed to work. As far as i can tell the new menu system still uses same internal system and selecting remakes etc also still seems to work but i did not test all sections. It's just so you know the menu got updated and the script might perhaps need a small change dealing with the mouse click or in case people will report problems after the update.
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    New wheel for the wood's queen remake table (game name is wqueen2019)
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    You should setup pbx to exit the emulator and only use that key/button
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    For all you optimists out there.....
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    Saw this in a thread I've been following elsewhere and given the particular game, couldn't resist posting. https://www.destructoid.com/classic-atari-star-wars-arcade-games-are-back-in-this-new-arcade1up-cabinet-557246.phtml I get that these machines aren't for everybody, but I have seen some nice home arcades from some of the fellows who are really going all out with these. These complement their emu setups and gives them a pretty badass miniature arcade in the process that not so techie types (friends and family) can easily enjoy minus the learning curve and intimidating nature of the emu world to newbs.
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    Fixes flash instructions not loading after a few times. View the full article
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    Fixes GameEx Online. Fixes screensaver start for plugins. Can now be cancelled. Joystick input now additionally supports x/y and pov. View the full article
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    Happy Father's Day! As some of you know, I lost my father about two years ago in November. My parents divorced when I turned 15. We were estranged from then until my late 20's, rarely talking or visiting. We reconciled our differences and resumed our relationship until he passed. I can wish all that I want, but I can't get those lost years back. I can say that I haven't many regrets for them, as they forced me to grow up just a little quicker, and better understand what happened in the first place. If you find yourself in an odd place with your dad, today is a good day to set aside your differences and wish him a Happy Father's Day. Talk about the weather, his favorite team, anything but the differences that separated you. Tell him you love him. Like heartbeats, there are only so many opportunities in a lifetime.
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    Well.. you got description in your xml which contains unicode characters, and files don't can have unicodes. I will make something which also contains a test mode ( So it will shows what to delete) Exactly.. I already have that code, because one of my cleaning contains that. I will let you known when I have an alpha/beta version of it
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    The secret is FLUX and a temperature controlled soldering station, not those 15-30W irons you get $10. They get too hot and damage things. Without flux your solder oxidizes into a brittle mass that wont melt. 340-Degrees C, a good tip and some flux is what you need to get off on the right foot. From there it's all technique. That's what YouTube is for, among other things. As a quick aside, I've seen many traces on my boards that were damaged by people using those cheap soldering irons. The copper amalgamates with the solder if you go much above 350C. Or they scrub with soldering braid too hot, which wipes/scratchs the trace off. Once it's dammaged, it's hard to get a good connection. The heat can melt the solder resist that keeps the solder on the trace, not on the ground plane around the trace. Once it's gone, It's easy to make a short. Overall, a $100 investment will get you a very decent (if cheap) rework station with a temperature selectable ceramic tip soldering iron, hot air gun, and even a DC power supply. This would make soldering MUCH easier. This is a must have if you're going to attempt to install a Dreamcast DCHDMI or N64 UltraHDMI mod. Anything more complicated than simply joining 2 wires will greatly benefit.
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    i agree with @scutters release it as a finished plug in, ive encountered ZERO problems with this and have used a fair bit as i currently add about 10-12 tables a week from various sites.
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    Your too much Terry! This is my favorite table that you've highlighted over the years and really makes me wish they would have followed through on the sequel.
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    Coming Soon... Tron Legacy "End of Line" PuP-Pack. Completely reworked (using newer PuP features) with new videos for events such as Game Start, Drain, Ball Saved, TILT, Attract Trailers, and all new "Mode Title" videos. Now includes (for the first time) PORTAL mode videos...but most importantly... New (optional) hi quality "stereo" OST music from the movie that replaces the mono 22000Hz SAM system music. Video debut trailer here (you see new videos half-way in...but it's all about the music and emotion, man!) ...some pics for those who can't be bothered with a 2 min video... One of the changes I made to Tron Legacy "End of Line" pup-pack... Mode "Intro" videos. In the previous Max Pack, each mode would start with a long "Intro" video, and just keep that video looping continuously during the entire mode. I've never been a fan of that (unless it works well like ATC mode on Aliens FX3 pack), as it makes everything way too busy, and Jackpots and other video events just blend in and don't stand out. More isn't always better. So now I have shorter Intro videos play only once (with animated text), and then you will see the default backglass, but now with the Mode Text on the bottom and the coloured neon border and flares still showing for the mode. Since this pack doesn't use an Overlay image (can't do the neon flares that way)... this needed to be baked into the videos. This makes for a more "clean" look, and is really how I wanted this pack to originally look. Another addition to Tron Legacy: "End of Line" pup-pack, was adding some missing videos such as Ball Saved (now on the backglass), TILT, more Drains, and more Game Starts, and more Attract mode Trailers. This PuP-Pack will be replacing the current "Max Pack". It is designed for 3 screen users (with an LCD screen DMD), or 2 screen users who have a real DMD. The backglass portion of the pup-pack won't be able to display a virtual DMD, due to using two fullscreen video layers. The optional Topper videos will also need a dedicated space / screen as well. Those users who don't have a dedicated space for a DMD, will need to use the older "2 on 1" or "3 on 1" packs.
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    I've been to Wetherby twice in the last 2 1/2 years and it's a breath of fresh air when I do go there (Nice pubs, locations etc ), compared to where I live which is full of scumbags. It does make me laugh when I go into local shops and they look at me funny because of the way I talk
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    Try https://mega.nz/#F!p3hREDgB!pEWMJvVQ7t3Sv_TmrxdU-w!52AzHIDR Would like to give credit where it's due as it's not my media - but i can't remember where i got that link!
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    I put this together as I was in the planning phase of a new Xpadder plugin for PinballX. If you want to get into making a plugin for Tom's interface, here's the only start-up tool you'll ever need! All you need to do is drop the zip file in the Visual Studio Templates>Visual Basic directory. Included in the package are: Updated PinballX Plugin class Includes the new keypress function!Logger Utility Based on a modified version by our very own Headkaze! Built in support for debug loggingINI Utility A comprehensive INI reading and writing utilityA sample configuration formThe template was created in VS 2012 Ultimate. If you have questions or need advice, don't hesitate to ask! Download the template from here.
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    Just wanted to say that I did see this and am not ignoring you, just wrapped up. Cheers. Tom.
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    ive lost my fx3 template for mega docklets does any body have either an FX3 or ZEN PSD template please as im itching to do VOL 4 wheels. Ian Victor from @PcTeknic sent me the templates. Thanks mate.
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    dont want to jump for joy just yet but since i removed the pci express card , it has been running for 3 hours now, so realy hope that was the fix, sucks for my usb 3 drive for backups tough,but ill take that solution if it keeps running
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    I was just thinking .. You can import the database XML files easily in Excel (<pinballx folder>\databases\). If the video names matches the name as in Excel (as it should be), you can do extract this list, do a copy of all those Video's to a subdir and it is cleaned
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    You guys are way better than I am. I played a bit of this yesterday to see how I'd stand up. My phone was did so I couldn't take a picture of the board. Not really worth it, I only made it to stage 2. I like the game though, hope to get a score in soon. The is the last month! Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    274,620 Back in business.
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    Thanks I will later once I boot it up. I did find a work around i went to cmd and shell:startup and put in a shortcut
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    Tom will need to take a look at your profile. I am able to see the option from my access.
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    Good catch ! that was a bug. I completely forgot to write that part in the new XML Version 0.8b uploaded with the fix. And I started to separate the files (Recently Added.xml & Recently Modified.xml) . Still not 100%. I check on the file (if exist) when it is modified. A new file can have a higher modified date. So if a file exist a new file can be added to modified XML. But only if there is a file ! Need to think of a better way. I have some idea's, but need more time to think about it Uploaded 0.9b Note : An file that is being replaced by a new file is identified as a new file (because it is new). Need to find a way to identify this as a modified file
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    Hmmm ... I thought i should get this question someday. I prefer to have all in the same list (but the text in pbx was too long for "Recently Added/Modified" It will make a lot of xml files and noticed that I cannot hide them in game manager. Do not have much time, but let me think about
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    Honestly? You're just following the trend. I'm not upset about it, as I'm guilty of it too. My own projects are interfering with my gaming. I've been trying to catch up on Marvel Movies. Up until a few days ago, I still hadn't seen Captain America: Civil War. I want to watch them all in order. I've also not seen any DC movies (liveaction) since the 2nd Batman Begins series, which includes Superman v Batman, Suicide Squad, etc. On the TV side of things, I've got a TON of stuff to watch. Haven't even started Game of Thrones yet, but I've read all the published books. lol. Lately, most of my free time outside of work has been dedicated to completing my latest RetroPie build using the Odroid XU4 inside an NES case. Hardware mods are done, and software is also done for the most part. I'm working on tweaking out the skins and gamelists. Right now, I'm going through my +48k roms adding games to custom collections (3rd time now) for lists like Run&Gun, Beat'm'Up and Shoot'm'Up. I'm up to letter 'D' on my Shmup list. Anyway, don't feel bad about being relaxed on posting updated/new scores. We all have stuff we're doing other than gaming all day. Updated OP, DB, RSS
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    IT WORKS! Thanks!!! I also noticed now that in the "paths" option for PinMAME you have to select Display: "Default" not specifically select DISPLAY1 or DISPLAY2... Otherwise it will only be a black screen.
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you @Slashbot. I also meant to say welcome back. Could the issue be a pinup conflict like this one?
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    I didn't know there were a log file… So I read it and it gave me the answer. It was the Flash.ocw file that needed to be deleted. I ran the setup again to recontruct it, and it's done. Everything works fine again from now on. Thank you for your help. I fix my problem and I learn something else about PBX.
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    I could, but would have to partially take apart the backbox and move the machine to get at the monitor adjustments.....and you know how that would go.....fix one thing and break another
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    I've created a simple WMP skin for use with this plugin to display track information - scrolling artist, track & album information in a more backglass friendly way than the WMP default skin. It is text only with no video or visualisation area so that is all it will display regardless of whether playing a video or music file, although video/visualisation can be made visible by selecting Full Screen in the plugin (which in turn will hide the track information bar of the skin). Example; I'll add the download zip to the first post. To install you'll need to unzip the 'WMP Backglass Skin.zip' file and then install the Digirtu_.ttf font file (used by the skin) - double click that and then click install. Next step is to install the WMP skin by double clicking the Backglass LED.wmz file, that should bring up a View Now option which will open WMP and allow you to position the track info bar on screen by dragging it to position. Close WMP and then select to use a visible player in the plugin via plugin manager. Depending on how you have the plugin configured the track information should be visible on top of the backglass video either when you next start pinballx, or when it enters attract mode. I'm open to suggestions on tweaks to the skin if you have any.. splitting track, band, album details out to separate boxes, different font etc. EDIT 16/06/2019 This version of the WMP skin is now superseded by new version https://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/22325-plugin-pinballx-media-player/?do=findComment&comment=187384, i'll remove from the 1st post and attach it here instead so still it's available if for some reason you prefer it to the new one! WMP Backglass Skin.zip
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    PinballX 3.43 released. Fixes for Visual Pinball 10. View the full article
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    So I received a virtuapin digital plunger kit V3 as a gift, time to move away from using magna save buttons for nudging!. Here's a quick reference of how i configured the software for nudges & tilts with visual pinball 10 (VPX), as i struggled to find information on a lot of this. I don't cover the installation or much to do with the plunger setup as the document you receive with the kit pretty much covers that off. The goal for me was to get nudging working without having to bash the table and to tilt easily if it was hit hard. Note, in my setup i have 4 exciters fitted to the cabinet but no sub woofer and i also tend to play SS rather than EM tables, different setups may need drastically different final settings. There's probably other ways to do the setup, but this way worked for me. Step 1 Install & Plunger Install the virtuapin digital plunger kit V3 and controller software (https://www.virtuapincontroller.com/), and configure following instructions detailed in pdf https://virtuapin.net/docs/Manuals/Plunger Kit Guide v3.1.pdf Note a couple of things in the pdf; ⦁ Screenshot is VP9 not VPX for button setup, so nudge gains are set higher. ⦁ Screenshot has incorrect Right Magna save button mapped, shown as 5 when it should be 3 ⦁ Document doesn't tell you that if you push the plunger it can as act as a button (16) so can also be used to launch a ball on tables which use a launch button (so you don't need to have a dedicated launch button as well as the plunger). Also note that you may need to edit individual VPX table plunger settings as recommended in the pdf. Step 2 LED Nudge Threshold Open VirtuaPin controller sofware , change to the Controller Settings View and lower the LED Nudge Threshold to 0. Open a table in visual pinball editor (AC/DC is a good one for this test). Select Table -> Sound Manager, scroll down to the flipper sounds and click play whilst viewing the controller board, the LED will probably be lit or will light when you click play. Raise the LED Nudge Threshold value until the LED does not light when the flipper sound is played. If the table you selected has 'loud' bumpers try the bumper sounds too, probably raising the LED NudgeThreshold further. For bumpers i raised the value until i got an occasional blink of the LED when the sound was played repeatedly, whilst flipper sounds did not light the LED, which i think is about right. I could still tap the table fairly lightly after the adjustment to simulate a 'soft' nudge and have it registered by the LED. If you cannot see the boards LED indicator then you can alternatively monitor the Tilt X and Tilt Y values in the controller software to give an idea of the numbers to use. Step 3 Nudge Threshold When happy with the LED Threshold set the Nudge Threshold to match the LED Threshold in the controller software. This will stop a lot of noise being sent from the accelerometer on the board to Visual Pinball as false nudges. Step 4 Visual Pinball Visual Nudge To avoid a visible 'shake' on the screen when using anolgue nudging go into Visual Pinball -> Preferences -> Video / Graphic Options and set Visual Nudge Strength to 0. This is optional, if you decide to leave this on then it may assist with some of the steps that follow and you can always disable it later. Step 5 Visual Pinball Core.vbs I dabbled for some time trying to get the same settings to work across different tables but some seemed really hard to tilt. The reason for that is in the table scripts with vpmNudge.Sensitivity explicitly being set, others using a default value of 5 (can be 0-10 with 10 most senstive). Rather than test and update individual table scripts i wanted to set a global value (to an easy tilt setting) which luckily can be done in Visual Pinball\Scripts\Core.vbs... Open core.vbs in notepad and look for this line; Public Property Let Sensitivity(aSens) : mSensitivity = (10-aSens)+1 : End property Comment that line and replace like; 'Public Property Let Sensitivity(aSens) : mSensitivity = (10-aSens)+1 : End property Public Property Let Sensitivity(aSens) : mSensitivity = 1 : End property Note - I use mSensitivity = 1 which is the most sensitive value in this script (unlike in the table script where 1 would be insensitive), this change will force all tables to use the same sensitive tilt setting. Also note if you change core.vbs you'll need to remember to update this again if it's updated as part of future visual pinball releases. Step 6 Visual Pinball Nudge Settings So now all tables should have the same scripted sensitivity and virtuapin should be filtering out background vibrations. Go to Visual Pinball key preferences, default values are; First thing to do here if not done already is check Enable Nudge Filter, Enable Analog Nudge & Tilit Sensitivity Then start a Visual Pinball table, trap the ball on a flipper and try nudging the table. You should see an effect. Raise the X-Gain and Y-Gain values to increase the sensitivity of the nudge as required. I.e how hard you want to tap the cabinet for the table to register a nudge. Note - close and re-open visual pinball after making changes to any of the nudge settings in order for them to take effect, otherwise you'll still be testing the old settings. A side effect of increasing the Gain values does mean that although nudging is easier, that the affect on the ball is also greater - nudging the ball further. When happy with the impact required to register a nudge you then adjust the X & Y Max values, reducing them to limit the maximum affect on a ball nudging will have. Dead Zone - leave this seting at 0. Changing it would only duplicate the controllers nudge threshold settings we've already done, but without having an LED to assist us in tuning the setting. Nudging should now be setup Step 7 Visual Pinball Tilt Settings The final step is Tilting. As we have set a global sensitivity for all tables in core.vbs all we have to do now is set the Tilt Sensitivity in Visual Pinball Key Prefs, start with a value around 900 and run a table, can you tilt it with a few nudges? -if not raise the value to increase sensitivity, if the table bumpers set off a tilt warning then you probably want to lower this value to decrease sensitivity. Note - if you want to nudge more for less tilts then try an increased hardcoded value for mSensitivity in core.vbs like = 6 instead of 1 (up to 11). But this'll likely require you to revisit the Tilit Sensitity Setting in Visual Pinball Key Prefs My Final settings Controller Visual Pinball Note - i used the plunger pushed = button 16 as a buyin button for pinmame as i already had a launch button (1). Which in my setup then map to PinballX as; And that's it... i now have a consistent nudge & tilt across VPX tables that don't need me to whack the table to get an effect. The plunger kit is working great and has added a lot to the virtual pinball experience, more than i thought it would in fact, would recommend!
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    Update 27/12/2018: i had forgotten to include some image files in the zip please redownload the zip ... Pinball_wicked.zip and start over / overwrite ini file again I run in 1600x900 my playfield screen and my backglass in 1024x768 and i have a 2 monitor setup so i display using dmdext a mirrored backglass over my backglass picture. you can do the same with 3 monitor setup but you'll need to change settings and postions of dmdext. You can even use pindmd to do this. I also don't know if dmd positions ingame will be the same at higher resolutions than 1600x900 if not take a screenshot of the game running and showing dmd and find out and change the dmd positions HOWTO: 1) download and install irotate https://www.entechtaiwan.com/util/irotate.shtm 2) if not running windows 10 download powershell (i use it to run irotate with elevated rights and i have disabled uac prompts for the user i'm logged in with in windows) 3) download and place dmdext files somewhere if you are not using it already i placed it in my scripts folder if it's installed in other location you will need to change parameters in batch files calling dmdext you'll also need to change it if you are using pindmd and not a virtual dmd like i do. https://github.com/freezy/dmd-extensions/ check the readme for parameters for pindmd etc 4)download Pinball wicked.zip it contains everything (launcher script, extra launcher, launch before / after commands backglass etc) except the playfield video (playfield video is available on ftp here /-PinballX-/Other Uploads/Joyrider3774/Pinball Wicked ) or use this file with included table video : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1foqCcH1M2n5vuNOw3KKa6rTbgOdVu1g2/view?usp=sharing 5) start pinball wicked from steam and set it up to use windowed full screen borderless also set up the dmd settings exactly like this (using other settings will need to make you find out the values for dmd positoning) for dmext. Also set camera used to 8 so you see the table full screen. 6) Launch PinballWickedLauncher.exe once and press alt+f4 to exit. It will fill in extra required settings in PinballWickedLauncher.ini then edit the ini file to use your keyboard or joystick just like it was done for pinball fx3 launcher. It's just a copy of that launcher with different ini file. all info here https://github.com/joyrider3774/PinballX_Launcher_app This is only needed if you want to be able to select multiplayer and pure or action mode you can also use LaunchPinballWicked.exe directly to start single player pure mode without the extra launcher executable with multiplayer options (you'll also need to change pinballx settings then to use LaunchPinballWicked.exe directly instead of my launcher app) 7) Edit and recompile LaunchPinballWicked.ahk. (download and install autohotkey for this, edit ahk file using notepad then rightclick & choose compile) - check if 10 seconds on this value is enough for your system to show the pinball wicked menu: WaitForMenu = 10000. If the menu loads faster decrease the value, if the menu loads slower increase the value its the value used to wait for the menu to be visible ingame - IMPORTANT change the key used to exit the game to the same key that is assigned in pinballx / you use to exit normally. Default is mapped to ESC change it to your key if you are not using the ESC key ; Exit Table ; pinball wicked does not seem to react well on the quit game key from pinball x ; so change the ESC key below to the key you have set in pinballx as quit game key ; info about keys can be found here : https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm ; in my cab i use the esc key Esc:: ;<----- change HERE Gosub killApp Return 8) use my Image_Monitor_View.exe to test displaying the image file on the backglass it uses 0 based monitor index so first monitor is value 0, 2nd value 1 etc. I don't know if it follows windows monitor positioning but you can find out by testing first. You can close the backglass using taskmanager/ rightclick on icon on taskbar and choose exit and perhaps alt + tab to to form and then press alt + f4. There is no other way. In my case my backglass is on 2nd monitor and i had to use 1 then to display it there. It will display the image stretched to full screen on it. start Image_Monitor_View.exe 1 "C:\PinballX\Media\Pinball Wicked\Backglass Images\Black_Flaggers.png" if it's a different screen or value change "1" value also verify the media folder if it's the same with you 9) edit Launch before bat file using notepad and check if your playfield monitor is monitor 1 to rotate. If you are not running in landscape in windows but already in portrait mode you don't need irotate to rotate your screen so remove it from launch before & launche after script. If you run landscape you can change the rotate parameters in this value "powershell -Command "Start-Process 'irotate.exe' '/1:rotate=90 /exit' -Verb runAs -WorkingDirectory 'C:\Program Files (x86)\iRotate\'"" 10) if you don't have a 2 monitor setup but a 3 monitor setup or even use pindmd you'll need to change the dmdext parameters position. I'll explain the values here but you all will probably need to change the values needed for your setup except perhaps the postion of the dmd ingame (if it does not change on higher resolutions): The command i used for dmdext was the following in the launchbefore script : start "" /min dmdext.exe mirror --source=screen --position=93 46 328 83 --destination=virtual --virtual-stay-on-top --virtual-hide-grip --virtual-position=1084 530 656 166 --position=93 46 328 83: defines ingame dmd position to copy and mirror it could be you don't need to change this if it stays the same on other resolutions than mine if it's not correct take a screenshot ingame using steam (f12 is default button) when game is launched using the launcher etc of course (so screen is rotated) and then using gimp or other image drawing program find out dmd offset the x=93,y=46 and 328 = width, 83= height --virtual-stay-on-top <- is needed because i display the virtual dmd over the backglass my Image_Monitor_View.exe is drawing (after screen was rotated) it's needed because my imagemonitor view is also displaying on top --virtual-position=1084 530 656 166 <- X,Y, Width, HEight of the position of the virtual dmd you will definatly need to change this for your backglass / dmd monitor as you can see i double the original width and heifht of the dmd to be mirrored the 1084 and 530 are the x and y value where it needs to be placed. you need to add up any previous monitor sizes (remember playfield is roated so take that into account) + a value to center the dmd. 11) you need to have ENTER mapped to your plunger Launch / button, if you don't do this you can not confirm player ready screen in multiplayer so i used simple ahk script to map my &/1 key to enter you need to do something similar if your launch button does not use ENTER by default. you can do that using pinball_wicked_remap.ahk script and you need to recompile the exe provided is setup for my system 12) use these pinballx settings: You need to make sure to wait for the launch before & launch after scripts are done so that the rotation if the screen is done using irotate alraedy before using the intermediate launcher or the direct launcher. Irotate is not called with start parameter so i'm sure it's executed all the rest is called with start command so batch file does not wait until the process is ended. otherwise it will get stuck if you don't use start with the wait for exit params set to true 13) launch after script uses taskkill.Exe to kill all started apps in launch before and rotate screen back to normal positioning LaunchPinballWicked.exe can also be used instead of pinballwickedlauncher.Exe to directly launch single player pure mode if you don't need multiplayer selections. LaunchPinballWicked.exe accepts as first parameter player nr (1 2 3 or 4) and as second parameter only "Action" if thats specified it will use action mode. If you don't provide any parameters it will launch single player pure mode. Examples: LaunchPinballWicked.exe <- launch 1 player pure mode LaunchPinballWicked.exe 1 Action <- launch 1 player action mode LaunchPinballWicked.exe 2 <- launch 2 player pure mode LaunchPinballWicked.exe 2 Action <- launch 2 player action mode etc.. Video of final version i'm using now
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    I think you're referring to the wheel underlay. If so you want an underlay.png file in C:\Pinballx\Media\Images\ Examples here;
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    BETHESDA - Doom: no grill with grill --- HQ ---

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