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What is it?

It's an Xpadder plugin for GameEx, silly! ;)
Seamlessly integrate Xpadder with GameEx with just a few simple clicks.
Set the path to your Xpadder.exe, select your emulators from the drop down list, then set up your controller profiles. When GameEx runs the emulator you select, the magic happens in the background. No need to worry about .bat files or messy LaunchBefore/LaunchAfter commands. Say farewell to blank Xpadder profiles!

This plugin handles the launching, the closing, and the profile switching quickly and easily without the hassle. If you use Xpadder, you'll love it!

/end sales pitch

How do I use it?

It's simple really. Here's the rundown:


  • Create your Xpadder profiles, or use your existing ones.
  • Unzip the PLUGINS folder to your GameEx directory.
  • Launch the Plugin Manager from your GameEx start menu folder.
  • Point the plugin at Xpadder.exe
  • Select the emulator (or GameEx interface) from the drop-down list.
  • Browse to your Xpadder profiles.
  • Click "SAVE"
  • Click the "EDIT" button next to the profile to load it and edit it from the configuration screen.
  • Play your games!
  • Check the box to leave Xpadder running when GameEx exits
  • Check the box to enable using blank Xpadder profiles instead of killing the process

Questions or comments? Head to the official release thread located here.

What's New in Version 1.3.8   See changelog


  • Added a new feature to set profiles for specific games inside archives
    • The Zip/7zip/GoodMerge/RAR setting must be enabled for the emulator to leverage this feature!
    • Click the icon next to the dropdown to open the "Extracted Game" option:
    • A popup will open to set up to 8 profiles for each individual ROM in the archive, similar to how flat "games" work.
    • Set your profiles and save, just like a "regular" game.
  • Updated plugin framework to latest version
  • Fixed a settings bug that I hadn't noticed until now
  • Set the default value for "Diable Controller Enumeration" to "Yes" to remove some of the confusion from new people
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