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Emulator-specific Configuration files for use with GameEx

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  1. Open GL Shaders and HLSL artwork

    Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,
    since the version 0160 of MAME, OpenGL is supported inside of MAME. Basically the MAME devs, have integrated the graphics part of SDL MAME into the official build. What does this mean? It means we can now use Open GL based shaders, so we have opportunities to HLSL.
    I have uploaded here, two OpenGL shaders, one is based on Timothy Lotte and was converted to MAME by SoltanGris42 (Mameworld) .
    The other one is the CRT-geom shader of cgwg, Themaister and DOLLS.
    The conversion of the CRT-geom shader was done with the help of Hunter K. (Retroarch admin) and by myself.
    There are eight shader-files in this archive.
    The only difference is that the "VERT" versions are rotating the shadow masks by default.
    The idea here is that you use the VERT version in a "vertical.ini" so that it gets used for vertical oriented games only.
    Put the files of this zip into a folder of your choice (I recommend a OpenGL named folder inside your MAME installation).
    The following tutorial, is for people that would rather use their own MAME version (must be at least v0.160).
    The tutorial follows the usage of Timothy Lotte´s shader, but it works the same for CRT-geom.
    To activate a OpenGL shader, you need to change the following line of your mame.ini OSD VIDEO OPTIONS section :

    video opengl
    and put the path to the shader in this line of the # OpenGL-SPECIFIC OPTIONS and activate the shader by following line:
    gl_glsl 1gl_glsl_filter 1glsl_shader_mame0 put the path to the content of the zip-file here\Lottes_CRT
    this is just a example :

    gl_glsl 1gl_glsl_filter 1glsl_shader_mame0 D:\GAMESTATION\OpenGL_MAME_0159_64\glsl\Lottes_CRT
    Make a copy of your mame.ini and put it in the ini folder of your MAME installation, naming it vertical.ini
    In your copy, change the path setting to point at Lottes_CRT_VERT.
    this is just a example :

    glsl_shader_mame0 D:\GAMESTATION\OpenGL_MAME_0159_64\glsl\Lottes_CRT_VERT
    thats it.... try it and enjoy these awesome shaders .
    Comments, Support or Bugs can be found here: http://www.gameex.info/forums/topic/15915-new-opengl-shader-for-mame-0159/
    Credits goes to Timothy Lottes (http://timothylottes.blogspot.de/2014/08/scanlines.html) and SoltanGris42 (Mameworld) for the Lotte shader work involved.
    Credits for the CRT-geom shader goes to cgwg, Themaister, DOLLS and Hunter K.


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  2. PC Z-Code Interactive Fiction .ini file

    PC Z-Code Interactive Fiction .ini file. Once installed make appropriate modifications to file paths via notepad or Setup Wizard. For use with Windows Frotz.


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