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UltraDMD Install

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Updated UltraDMD Install

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  1. UltraDMD Installer

    Note: I have reverted back to original UltraDMD version. The installer still has some benefits though.
    So I got a little motivated and I updated UltraDMD to work with the latest version of XDMD and latest windows and libraries.
    Im going to include the source with XDMD once i clean it up commit.
    Hopefully should just work and that's it. I've only tested on Windows 10 but the whole point was to get it up to date.
    With this release it has the potential for 64 bit binaries and real DMDs.
    It should natively support PinDMD2 and 3 and also supports dmddevice.dll to work with any other DMD.
    I hope I am not stepping on toes but I just kind of went on a mission with it.


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