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  • GameEx By Tom Speirs

    GameEx - HTPC Gaming Front end.   The GameEx frontend. Latest version. Full install.   To get started quickly and easily with MAME try the system pack: Or try the Nintendo NES system pack to get started easily:    
  • Virtual Drive Loader By Adultery

    Simply put, it's a plugin for virtual drive loaders. It currently supports Daemon Tools, Alcohol, and Virtual Clone Drive natively. The plugin also supports GameEx's Roms In 7-zip and Roms In Subfolders options, making it your only native choice for these features if you use them. Some other features for the plugin include: Emulator Specific Setup Select the emulator you wish to use the loader on from the drop down menu Set up your mount and unmount commands If you don't ha
  • Custom Lists By stigzler

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    Use custom game lists within GameEx. Download, unzip and put files in the GameEx>Plugins Folder. Vid: More Details here:  
  • GameEx Evolution By Tom Speirs

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    The GameEx Evolution frontend. The next generation of front ends.   Note: The product is currently in Beta and there may still be a few bugs.  
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