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  2. Just wanted to point out that this is a powerful addition. It can allow control of GameEx and PinballX in lots of ways. It does not require additional hardware. As well as Google assistant, it should work well with many cloud services including Cortana, and Alexa. For common uses use an account at https://ifttt.com. View the full article
  3. hello joyrider3774 thanks for your very fast answer !
  4. For pinball fx3 did you request a cabinet code and did you enter the cabinet code in the game? If not table launching does not work. Pinball arcade does not have support for launching games directly but you can use freecammod to get this functionality. Please also upload log files and pinballx ini files as attachments not the contents of the file in a post
  5. Hi Follks About 1 Jeahr a go i install Pinballx as Frontend. I had the Problem, that when i click on a Table (doesent matter Pinball FX3 or Pinball Arcade ) in Pinballx, Pinballx only opens the Progamm ( Pinball FX3 or Pinball Arcade ), but not the Tabel. I found no Solution and stopped the project. Yesterday i make a new try with new complete diffrent Computer. Same problem.... I have: - Latest Pinballx Version - Latest Windows 10 Build in German - Pinball FX3 und Pinball Arcade via Steam It seems that Pinballx have the right link to the programms because they start Pinball FX / Pinball Arcade. Gamelist Manager find the Tables automatically in the Game List. There is a direct launch button and when i try to start the table there a erro message appears: Game not found.... what i overlook? Does anyone can help? thanks!
  6. Lol .. Well . normally my sound is off in the cab, because only using the cab at ridiculous times. The audio is just the table audio from Adams family table. So not really something for visual pinball x. will be fixed in next release ( I blame @scutters, he should check my Denglish part everywhere just kidding) oh dear ... untested features ???? I think we are good with the settings one, but if you find something, please let us know !
  7. guitarmaster509


    How do I download?
  8. sorry for sometimes saying wrong things like 55° degree angle instead of 45° or 1969 instead of 1996 etc but i'm not used to talking in videos
  9. Make sure you're on the latest version of pinup player (v1.4.4) for Harry Potter. Not sure if the issue you describe is what you might get with an older version.
  10. Looks like my proof reading wasn't up to scratch! . Thanks for the help testing. Can't speak for Mike's system table audio, but have you considered sounds of the arcades? https://www.vpforums.org/index.php?showtopic=36720
  11. just read through the PDF @Mike_da_Spike i'm guessing the screenshots are based on your system ? if so can you tell me what you got as table audio with system files ? kinda wondering as i don't have any table audio anymore since pbx supports the system names in the speech plugin. Also found this small hickup in the pdf at least i think it's a small hickup I wasn't aware of certain things during testing like that settings dialog, so never tried it out before Great work and congrats on the release
  12. @Draco1962, thanks mate.. and thanks for the icon we used in the app!
  13. OBS studio is an option to capture FP, have a look at You might need the AMD plugin too https://github.com/obsproject/obs-amd-encoder. Don't know as i'm nvidia. Otherwise your best bet might be to search the FTP for media
  14. You guys are amazeballs! Thanks for your hard work and the testers in making these awesome additions!
  15. RedDog

    BigFish Games

    Sorry, it's been quite a while since I had to use batch files. Apparently the 'sleep' command was retired. Try: timeout 5 /nobreak
  16. Great job Mike!. Well done mate. For info - anyone using the tool and liking the extra database information fields (they are quite handy) and wanting to display them in PinballX then you can with the stats plugin;
  17. After 2 1/2 months of programming, @scutters and I are proud to present to you PinballX Database Manger We created a program to manage your PinballX database files and your media files on a easy way. The download can be found in the download section : There is a small manual attached in the zip file as well. Thanks for the testers @simbamame, @BrandonLaw, @greynurse and @joyrider3774 GreyNurse give us the idea to get information from populate data from Visual Pinball tables (Author,Version and Rom) Very special thanks to Joyrider3774 who did a great job to find all kind of bugs during Beta testing. Thanks @Tom Speirs for letting us use PinballX logo's and for his approval to use FTP support (future release) If you want to thank us for the program, also give thanks to @scutters. Without him, this program wasn't what it is now We already released version 1 so people can get used to it and that we have time to fix any issue that where not found during testing. Additional features will be implemented too (like Gameex FTP download) Enjoy !
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Scutters and Mike Da Spike are proud to present the release of "Database manager for PBX" We built this program to make it easier for ourselves to update/add tables and media in PBX. Beforehand, please make a copy of your database directory (and maybe your media folder too)! We are not responsible that anything goes wrong. Features: - Auto find PinballX and all relative paths - Shows system name and XML name - Filtering disabled and/or system XML - Filtering on obsolete tables (for VPX,VP9 and FPT) (and easily deleting tables including deleting media) - Added custom fields for extra information * - Unicode supported entries in tables - Search/filter on tables - Easy to use drag and drop for updating media - Media preview on right mouse click - Easily adding -system- media per system - Deleting media with one click - Media Audit button to checking per XML missing content and unused media - Populate data from Visual Pinball tables (Author,Version and Rom) - IPDB list updated to Feb 2020 Needed in same folder (icluded in ZIP file): PinballX Database Manager.exe Interop.WMPLib.dll** AxInterop.WMPLib.dll** Needed in PinballX folder: FFMPEG.exe * If you use custom fields and you use Gamemanager, the XML will be overwrite by Gamemanger and you will lose the custom entries ! ** These DLL's are from Windows media player and used for preview media content. WMP needs to be installed on the system too. A small manual is attached in the ZIP file Please use the following thread for questions/remarks/issues
  19. Amilcar

    BigFish Games

    I've been trying to add a sleep command but examples on the net not really helpful. Could you please post an example. So far what I've managed is to get the game going but gameex returns to selection page while the game is still running in the background. Phew. will get there. Not related to this, but while searching for clues , i came across one of your articles on using a folder with links to execute different games. That works great with a straight forward games. Got a few GOG games not zipped or ISO so I've got that working. But maybe you can guide me on how to setup the artwork. I have absolutely no idea because artwork looks at the name of the .exe file . In this case i'm using links. tried mapping the link file. That don't work . I'm stuck. Any way round this. Thanks
  20. As Tom mentioned. GDI capture doesnt work for future pinball. And because you have not a NVIDIA card, yiu cannot use the driver caption option.
  21. Never mind, it was Norton Security suite again. It removed the app and It flagged so many things that I missed the theme manager exe in the quarantine. I just DL'd again and it's there now, after telling Norton to step-off. Seems to be working fine now. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for being cool. I don't have time to mess with it now, but I'll defiantly check it out this weekend. Nice work! If only we could do this with our everdrives!
  22. Just installed Future Pinball and having the same issue, just recording a black video for table and backglass. I tried changing to gpu (Radeon RX570) driver capture in the settings program, closing and reopening the game manager and just got a black video for the table and n o backglass capture. I've attached two logs that I tried each way. Thanks for any insight. log -with gpu.txt log - without gpu.txt
  23. RedDog

    BigFish Games

    Funny enough, I was going to make a comment that one way to go would be to make changes to the iso and rebuild it. I didn't expect that you would know how. LOL In Advanced Emulator Setup > Also Launch, enter F:\startgame.bat. This will launch the batch file at the same time as the iso is mounted. To make sure the mount completes first, I would add a Sleep command to the beginning of your batch file. I would think 3 to 5 seconds would be long enough.
  24. Amilcar

    BigFish Games

    Hi RedDog, thanks for all the time taken on this but i just can't seem to get the game to completely run on the f:drive I've managed to get gameex to load the ISO to the virtual drive:F but cannot execute the game because each one has a different file name. So what i did was create an ISO with an added file called startgame.bat which then executes the main game. It does work because once the files are on the virtual drive and i run the bat file, the game runs. so the bat file being: eg: start darkromance7-themonsterwithin.exe. Obviously i'll change the name according to the game name. I just need to know where from the emulator setup i can execute that bat file.If its possible then all should work. I've tried it on launch before, after but don't work. Is this a way forward or maybe not. Thanks.
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