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  2. Anakin/Vader (same thing to me) Much like Arnold, Hayden will BE BACK! To save his grandson from the dark side, but I don't see him coming back as Vader. I wouldn't however rule out some force projection BS of Vader though, ala TLJ. The original trilogy stands the test of time with the second not being nearly as bad as I originally thought. The third has really been nothing but a complete disaster with really nice special effects and abysmal writing, or more like downright plagiarism.
  3. NO HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN!!! Not only did he almost kill off Star Wars for me, he's not an actor anymore. They couldn't bring him back if they wanted to. I guess they could have done something with Darth Vader, as James Earl Jones is still very much alive and keen to do voice work for the series still. But he's redeemed, that's why Lucas made another edit to Return of the Jedi to include Hayden in ghost form. You can't have a ghost Vader. Like I said though, fan theory's are always better than what will happen. We already know the guy who botched the Last Jedi has been given the go ahead on the next trilogy. There will have to be some tie-in for that in this last movie. We also know where the last movie ended... The last of the Resistance consists of C3PO/R2D2/BB8, Poe Dameron, Leia, Chewie, Finn, Rey, and that asian chick. I don't even remember if any of Black Squadron survived, I'll have to (dreadingly) rewatch. As for the First Order, Snoke is dead, and I believe General Hux died too. All that's left is Kylo. I agree with the rehash of ROTJ though.. JJ Abrams is back at the helm, and that's all he knows how to do. Remember that Star Trek Movie with Khan? Same thing, just switched around. What they need to do is bring Grand Admiral Thrawn out of wherever he's hiding. Maybe they can do that with the next trilogy.
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  5. Are you using a guide or walkthrough? When I played, it was just for fun, exploring, and just whatever. I never had any goals, and don't know what any of that stuff "Chilrend/Windshear, etc" is. I think I finally put the game on the shelf after a long time of not accomplishing anything and essentially giving up. I prefer a more story driven, direct line from from start finish style RPG. Free roam with thousands of things to do with no end in site just gets boring.
  6. yes, I built it all myself.Mini arcade Tempest machine
  7. What if the ROM names are added to the Do Not Filter list and list is rerun?
  8. That could be the blonde version of the barbarian chick right there! I remember this game well, but not those being associated with it
  9. most of those show up for me if I disable the verify. For the others unfortunately MAME has the wrong data. That will need to be fixed in MAME itself.
  10. @Tom Speirs I downloaded last version and i don't think the problem with the settings app is fixed. The default list options seems to be linked to the add missing tables value in game manager. Changing either one changes the other (if you restart settings app you'll notice it when changing one of the values). Enable Default list options still does not update pinballx.ini well it seems its possible it updates the wrong value these 2 are linked somehow on my system Or was this not fixed yet ? PinballX.ini
  11. Hi, Tom What ever you did, that fixed 4 player game list issue. Thanks It also added missing trackball games. As far as the light gun games it also add a bunch of missing games to list. It’s missing Aliens 3, Area 51, Area 51/ maximum force duo, carnevil, rail chase, revolution x, Terminator 2,, and point blank 2. There might be a total of 10 missing.
  12. Who said anything about last Skywalker, it's The Rise of Skywalker, dude My predictions are: Rey is just another Padawan, not Luke's daughter, but instead represents a rebirth of sorts for the Jedi. She leads into the ensuing trilogy even though Daisy (according to her) won't be playing the character. Rey and Kylo will almost certainly have another confrontation, but this time grandfather will become involved, and that's what brings him to the light side. Kylo and Rey (and maybe grandfather too) take out Palpatine again in some fashion reminiscent of ROTJ. I say this because I'm guessing they tie in how Palpatine told Anakin about a Sith Lord that had obtained force powers that defied death, which was actually himself he was talking about. Force ghosts galore including, Hayden Christensen...
  13. PS: gun and spinner is a different issue I think. Will look. Examples?
  14. Should be fixed in 15.65. Now available.
  15. No. The hide option means that you Hide the PBX standard. By unchecking all the settings itmens that you should shown the DMD and backglass videos/pictures from PBX above the setting of the emulator
  16. Yeah, I don't think its on my end. The main changes in the latest update were improved gamepad support and faster ini file processing. There was a very lsmall change to the video code but I be hugely surprised if it would make any kind of difference. I would also try going into lav settings and disabling the 32 bit video checkboxes. That is a known issue on some systems. Im well aware those videos can cause an issue because they are encoded as 4:4:4. If your display cant support them check those lav settings. Note that unchecking those formats does not disable support for them LAV will convert them.
  17. I'd be more excited to visit the new star wars sections of Disneyland/world than seeing this movie. Who is the the last Skywalker? Unless they reveal Luke is Rey's father (and that would be character assassination...Luke, you a-hole, How can you abandon your own daughter?)...then Leia is the only Skywalker left, right? It's not like they can spring another one out of the woodwork on us! Although, lets be real. Are we supposed to believe that Luke remained celibate all these years and never had kids? The galaxy could be teeming with Skywalkers for all we know. It's too late to introduce a new character now though. In empire, Yoda referred to Leia as the other Skywalker. If she's really dead, and they don't try to CGI her in or something, maybe they're loosely referring to Kylo as the last Skywalker, since he disowned the Solo name when he killed Han? Maybe he has a change of heart and hooks up with Rey. They rule the galaxy together - a Disney fairy tale ending. But then he would have redeemed his name and become a solo again. And let's get real again, no-one will forgive him for killing Han Solo! So that's the worst case scenario! So maybe Rey goes evil and joins Kylo and the rule the galaxy together. Same end result, more believable. She does have a bit of an anger problem, like him. They both have daddy issues...what am I saying? Kylo has to die! NO FORGIVENESS YOU PATRICIDAL MANIAC! Here's what will really happen: PREDICTION: Rey tries to bring Kylo back from the dark side, he dies in the battle despite her efforts to save him. Rey is Luke's daughter. Disney follows the plot line of Return of the Jedi to the T, we're all annoyed, but expected nothing less!
  18. Here are some images of the wheel, that missing games. I have a full 211 MAME rom set on machine and they all work. I’ve also installed nplayers.ini .211
  19. in game manager I unchecked "hide backglass' and "hide DMD" for each table, is that not correct?
  20. Hi Tom, it’s missing a bunch games. The Simpsons, tmnt, tmnt in time, snow bros 2, silent Dragon, NFL Blitz, super high impact, venettta. Those are just of some off the top my head. Its also missing a bunch from gun games and spinner games.
  21. Thanks for the quick reply Tom. And HRM. I have the LAV codecs installed. Even went so far as to uninstall and reinstall them to test. No idea what else could be causing it. There is ONE other change that was made that could be causing it (what video out I use off my MB - HDMI vs VGA), which seems a stretch but I'll try switching back and seeing. I switched to put a video processor to deal with my cab (it's got a mirror in it) better so I don't need to invert everything anymore...that COULD have screwed things up and I didn't notice somehow.
  22. Thanks for the info Tom. Looks like my script I made. I can set it to obsolete and check your version. Performance should be better. Thanks again for all your hard work and all the time you spend for the community
  23. No, there wasn't but it was changed some time ago. not \MP, uses vmr 9. I believe the issue is because they are encoded as 4:4:4. LAV codes installed take care of that.. I have no issues with those files currently..
  24. I think the directb2s server you use is to use pinupplayer. This will put the backglass behind the active windows (so that pinup player is in front) From my mate @scuttersI received the following suggestion in the past: But I still use the older version of directb2s that puts standard the backglass to front and if I use a puppack, I rename the original backglass extension, so it only use the pup-backglass, but atill have the original file(if I want to switch back) Hope this info helps you
  25. Its stored in statistics.ini Should probably move it to a database longer term but performance doesn't seem to be an issue. On first run of pinballx it sets a setting, general, version =2. and sets date added to the past, on future runs it checks for new files and the date to the current time for each table (on pinballx startup)
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