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  4. Weirdly,i reinstalled the latest version and unticked support for Pin2DMD and noticed the XDMD.dll change, went into PBX and it worked! All good thanks for your help guys!
  5. Hi guys. The update fixed FX3 Launching, thanks... but... (as always :-) ) introduced a new issue. My Pin2DMD stopped working in PBX. The work around for this is to move the XDMD files to replace the native PBX files, however this no longer works in this version. Rolling back works fine. Attached is the PBX.ini and logs PinballX.ini log.txt
  6. Okay. Gonna be a few days. But I will do that. Thanks
  7. Draco1962

    PinballX crashed, and never starts again ;/

    You may also want to download and install the latest version 3.34 that was updated since your original post. You may want to save a copy of your pinballx.ini file elsewhere on your system, delete the copy in your pinballx\config path and let the installation create a default copy. See if that boots OK. If so, it is possible that your pinballx.ini file is corrupt. Rare that this happens but not impossible.
  8. phazer

    PinballX crashed, and never starts again ;/

    I agree. I tried disabling all plug-ins from the plugin manager (no boxes checked). Still wouldn't start up. I'll have to look up how to reinstall .net 4.7 for Win10.
  9. phazer

    PinballX crashed, and never starts again ;/

    I tried a complete removal of PinballX: Uninstalled program, deleted PinballX directory, rebooted, and then reinstalled. Still wouldn't start up. I will post the .ini if the "from scratch" installation for your review. Thanks.
  10. My bet is UseB2S was set to True in the ini file But, whatever...
  11. Draco1962

    Backglass not loading, on "long load time" VP10 tables.

    Tom may need to take a closer look. Can you please attach new copies of your log.txt and pinballx.ini files in reply Also note again what tables are affected at this time. Thanks!
  12. As a general rule, posting in the correct forum and providing copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files when reporting a problem with the frontend is considered good form. This helps us help you get things working. Otherwise, it gives the perception that you are trolling. Not good form.
  13. I'll just use one of the other frontends.......................THX
  14. Floyd Turbo

    Lady Bug

    23,390 I added an extra F by mistake. Or maybe its now Floyd 'F%#king' Turbo. Lol I really liked the aspect of being able to change the board and trap enemies. Getting the most out of the multiplier I think is the key to scoring well on this game. I will for sure be putting this on my favourites list.
  15. Okay did the upgrade. Problem remains.
  16. Sorry, my post is a bit misleading - yep it was fixed earlier, but as i was suggesting a new install i just mentioned the latest version.... which then changed so i updated the post. Not sure what was fixed in v3.34 but as no change log i assume it was only minor / cosmetic stuff
  17. Mike_da_Spike

    BG not showing up on the latest PinballX in Attract mode

    Please post this in the correct forum and post your config and log files See : Ask for help
  18. Is version 3.34 fixing an issue with fx3 I thought that was fixed with 3.32 .. :s
  19. Mike_da_Spike

    PinballX crashed, and never starts again ;/

    Also try to disable also all plug-ins in plugin manager. Looks like, according to your log file, that a plugin is failing If that doesn't work try to repair install .net 4.7
  20. scutters

    PinballX crashed, and never starts again ;/

    @phazer No single known event caused the issue then... Will have a look at the .ini when you post it but for now what i'd try is to rename/move your pinballx folder (as backup) and reinstall again (v3.34 now) and try that with no config / media files, if that works copy ini, database, media foldrs back one at a time trying again in between. (I'm assuming your uninstall previously was a windows uninstall without a delete of the pinballx folder after - if you fully removed pinballx before reinstall then ignore my suggestion)
  21. Trying to setup latest Pinballx and some things have been just buggy. The one right now is if I run it in Attract mode it will show the table but the back glass is a black screen. The other frontends I've tried seems to be working without issue. File names have been double check. Even the default Star Trek media pack shows a black screen on the BG. Any Ideas? Thanks
  22. phazer

    PinballX crashed, and never starts again ;/

    I had not used PinballX in several weeks while I tried some other front ends. Windows 10 had updated since then. Since around 2014, I cannot recall a Windows update that had broken PinballX. I'll post my pinballx.ini files as soon as I can. Help from you and Draco is appreciated. Thanks.
  23. If still an issue after you upgrade to the latest, please attach (NO copy & paste please) copies of your pinballx.ini and log.txt files for review. We generally need to see these when you initially report an issue with PinballX and it saves us a lot of time and guess work.
  24. Oh one was just released :-). I will update
  25. Of pbx? I'm running the latest as of a week ago
  26. Please try latest version.
  27. scutters

    PinballX crashed, and never starts again ;/

    @phazer When did the problem start?, after update of pinballx, windows updates, etc?
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