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  2. Might be that he is running something that will override the Windows taskbar and desktop settings. Knowing the OS might help.
  3. Im not sure I am with you, its blacked out for me and always has been. Could you provide the support files?
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  5. Have you tried right clicking on the desktop and left clicking Hide desktop icons?
  6. Okay when I launch PBX, I can still see desktop icons on my backglass screen. I would prefer for those to be blacked-out when PBX is booting up. Or maybe even force a selected image so the desktop icons are covered. Is this possible?
  7. Atari VCS Plastics, Thermals, and Internals This is probably a good time to remind our Indiegogo backers of the participatory nature of their support. As we have stated before, the Atari VCS hardware that early backers receive will be 100% finished, but the software on these first units will be early access, exclusively available to our community. Atari will be counting on our many thousands of backers to help improve and enhance the VCS experience with all the great feedback and ideas we know they will provide, in advance of our retail launch in spring 2020. Our goal, as always, has been to make sure that we ship our official products with the help of our biggest fans. Of course we will provide many more details about the Atari VCS software directly to backers as we get closer to shipping. Hmm... I thought I was buying a console, not beta-testing the VCS UI, etc. So I get my product a year late and I have to beta test it as an early backer to boot (early backer = unpaid labor). Real nice, Atari.
  8. Thanks for the submission. I'm still sick. C.Diff ain't something to play around with. Feeling better, but still dealing with diarrhea. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  9. Installed 3.92. And yes .. around 2.5 seconds again !
  10. Thanks for testing fellas. 3.92 is out. Should be back to 2 seconds and perhaps less. Thanks.
  11. Mine is also 3 seconds delay. Was a bit quicker with the older version, but the resolution wasn't nais ...
  12. THis is the one I use : Pinball FX3.xml
  13. Yep, 3.91 looks a lot better! Thanks Tom. Not quite as quick on my system as yours @Mike_da_Spike, i get a 3 or 4 sec black screen. Might be because i'm still on the 32bit version, never did track down my 64bit gremlin
  14. 3.91 looks much better. I didn't notice the quality drop in the previous version as well. But glad that Scutters has good eyes and my 4k phone did the trick. @scutters, is this looks better for you ? 20191014_124415[1].mp4
  15. Yes, it is downscaled but the ringing is an issue. Its fixed in 3.91. Available in a minute.
  16. Hi, great work with all the recent updates, especially the new feature that shows the table screenshot whilst loading. Is it possible to change the loading graphic, or if not, can you make it more transparent so it doesn’t obscure the table image as much?
  17. someone with the 91 pinball XML I can't put the new ones
  18. Youre right @scutters. Didn't noticed that before. I think Tom lowered the resolution for speeding it up, but thats just a lucky guess from my side
  19. The video shows what i mean about the lower res image, or was it always that way and i was too busy watching the gif to notice?? becomes (notice the ring?)
  20. Checked 3.90 (man you go fast with the releases). Looks a bit the same as 3.87, but I say it is fine (Indeed slower than 1920x1080 videos) Attached a video that launched a 4k table 20191014_100256[1].mp4
  21. Hey Tom, just gave 3.89 a go.. the image & gif does indeed load a lot faster than before, good work!, still not quite as fast as a loading video, but the main issue for me with it now is that the playfield image is quite low quality/res and looks pretty bad after a 4k playfield video. Also had an issue when i first ran it, log attached which does show an error, fish tales rom / vpinmame position/size settings got reset (virtual dmd position). I reset it manually and haven't been able to reproduce since, so maybe just a one off thing. Thought i'd mention it though. log.txt
  22. I can modify the gif, but that make it really large. Now I can make it 4-5mb and loads fast. Maybe if you have some time left next year, you can think about this feature. I will try 3.89 a bit later today
  23. Thank you. Maybe further improved with 3.89. As for position, no offence but its a little like feature creep to me. You could adjust the position by modifying the gif though.
  24. hey Tom. Just installed 3.88. and the loading time decreased enormous . Not as fast as a HD movie, but the UHD now loads in 2 sec including the animated gif (so 2 sec of black screen, instead of 5) . For me this isn't a point that it is annoying anymore ! Is there a way (for you) to implement the location of the animated gifs ? Right now it is in the middle of the screen, maybe some people want to have it on the top and I prefer them on the bottom Again mate, Good work !
  25. Good catch @Draco1962! That this was not the steam version. I didn't noticed that. Normally the steam games are under the steam directory, but you have a "standalone" version. Right now you want to launch steam.exe but the path doesn't match to fx3 game. First try it if you can launch it from the command line (outside pinballx). Try instead of steam.exe the path to pinball fx3.exe with the parameters. This also works for the original steam version and loads a coupke of seconds faster.
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