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  2. PinballX 2.40 has been released and now officially includes integrated Pinball FX3 support. View the full article
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  4. Pinball FX3 came out today! Does anybody know already how to add this to Pinball X? I tried several thins but was not succesfull so far. thanx!
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  6. FX3 CAB support

    what are the -app settings? I cant get mine to start.
  7. Pinball FX2 Table Audio (opening callouts)

    You know we have an FTP site which should be unlimited if you should want to share them there. Actually better than hitting against forum limits. Details here...
  8. Pinball FX2 Table Audio (opening callouts)

    Looks like I have reached my upload limit for today. I have Jaws done up, and Back to the Future music/callout together. I'll upload them when I can.
  9. Pinball FX2 Table Audio (opening callouts)

    Back to the Future UNIVERSAL_BTTF(callout).mp3 UNIVERSAL_BTTF(music).mp3
  10. Pinball FX2 Table Audio (opening callouts)

    I made a few for the new Pinball FX3 tables. Here's E.T. UNIVERSAL_ET(callout_and_music).mp3 UNIVERSAL_ET(music).mp3 UNIVERSAL_ET(callout).mp3
  11. FX3 CAB support

    Can't hang around. Lots of competition these days
  12. FX3 CAB support

    What the heck? That was quick. Time to go do some config!
  13. FX3 CAB support

    Official PinballX support for Pinball FX3 in PinballX 2.40. Now available.
  14. Did anyone tell you that you are awesome? Well, you are! Thanks, Tom!
  15. FX3 CAB support

    Pinball Arcade is working flawlessly now thanks to Tom and I'm starting to think I need to set up Pinball FX also! Some very cool tables on there. Also nice to see that Zen is so supportive of the community and offers actual cab support.
  16. Okay will do. The existing work and support people had done hadn't occurred to me. Will do today.
  17. Agree. PFX2 has full cabinet DOF with DOFLinx now. Being able to still play all those tables with DOF as a separate system would be ideal. Then you can get the newer FX3 only tables setup as another system.
  18. MAME System Pack

    Thanks, Tom. I googled around and found where (I think) you had told someone else the same thing. I thought I had edited my original post to reflect that, but it didn't stick, apparently. When I pointed to the ROMSET folder with the in it, everything worked fine. I was a bit concerned that the mame version could be a problem, but it was not an issue. Great data set - thanks again.
  19. Pinball Arcade Direct Table Launch with Free Camera Mod!

    I was afraid updating would require more setup work or something else would stop working, as this is my first pincab and first time using PinballX. But that did the trick! Thanks for all your work, Tom. You're a gentleman and a scholar.
  20. Feature request submitted -
  21. PINBALL X FEATURE REQUEST: ADD SEPARATE PINBALL FX3 INTEGRATED SUPPORT: The following tables will not be making the jump to Pinball FX3 per Zen Studios: Tables not coming to Pinball FX3 • South Park Pinball 2 Table Pack (This is South Park and Butters tables) • Street Fighter Pinball (not part of Windows PBFX2 collection for Steam/Windows) • Ninja Gaiden Pinball (not part of Windows PBFX2 collection for Steam/Windows) • Plants vs. Zombies Pinball • Ms. Splosion Man Pinball So 4 tables total that won't make the transition - 4 of my favorites and amongst the better tables IMO, so being able to run PBFX2 integrated in addition to PBFX3 without having to run one or the other as a separate emulator under Other Systems would be awesome.
  22. Pinball FX 3 - How To

    Here are the settings for Pinball FX 3 with cabinet support using the in build Pinball FX settings in the setup wizard. [PinballFX2] Enabled=True WorkingPath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam Executable=steam.exe Parameters=-applaunch 442120 "-table_[TABLEFILE]" Process=Pinball FX3.exe
  23. I'm more in to producing bloat free these days. So it depends on demand.
  24. Some recent Feature Requests would like to see a return to an image based main menu or "wheel menu" using logo images in the list, especially for GameEx AE. Additionally, system videos in the background for each system, and MAME options under MAME.
  25. I think it was all but its each now.
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