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  2. WMS_No_Good_Gofers View File No Good Gofers Animated Backglass WMS_No_Good_Gofers.mp4 Submitter ImagineVP Submitted 12/05/19 Category Topper Videos  
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    No Good Gofers Animated Backglass WMS_No_Good_Gofers.mp4
  4. Thank you for these answers, I'll try to update.
  5. I see you start dmdext twice. First just the exe file, second the correct parameters. So.. i use batch files too (not for fx3), but for vpx and pinball arcade (with dmdext in mirror mode ) and for me all fine Not at my cab now, but must be easy
  6. Might be timing issue; I think you could also amend your bat file to pass the dmdext parameters on the same line as the start as well. Note, I don't use mirroring so may be off with my suggestion, but knew i'd seen the timing thing mentioned somewhere before. If that doesn't help please also attach your log.txt file (after launching an FX3 table)
  7. You can just update without risk (even downgrade works) And @scutters and I where newbees too (i'm still am) but we try to help others
  8. So, if I update, no risk at all to lose something ? Or should I do a backup of my actual version (how ?)
  9. Yes!, i think there was a fix for that at some stage. Good to run latest anyway for support. Just install latest version straight over the top. Media and settings won't be changed, just the app. If you still have issues after updating please post back and attach your pinballx.ini and log.txtfiles.
  10. Created a batch file to enable xpadder and DMDext freezy when I launch an FX3 table. Works just fine except when launched from within PinballX. When launched within PinballX the DMDext wont work when I launch a FX3 game, Any suggestions? See attached and thanks as always for the support. PinballX.ini dmdfx3.bat
  11. First, be aware I'm a newbie ! So, I'm sorry if my questions seems stupid to you ! I run PBX in a cab with W10 / 16Go RAM / SSD 500Go / GeForce 1070 8 Mo, emulators VPX 10.6 final + Pinball FX3. As i'm not at home, I can't verify what version I have, but it's a one year and a half old version (3 dot something). All my +600 tables were running fine until a recent time, with the releases of VPX tables and backglasses with heavy files, like Addams Family (G5K version), The Flintstones, TOTAN, and a few other ones that are older (Funhouse)... I still can launch these tables directly in PBX and having them perfectly working, but when I try to launch them with PBX, the backglasses doesn't launch at all. It's not a problem of a "hidden" BG, it just doesn't load at all. As I was using high res BG, I tried to install smaller ones with lower res (smaller files), but it changed nothing. And all my other tables still works... What can I do to solve this problem ? And if you think it's because my version of PBX is not up-to-date, how can I update my version without loosing all my settings / medias / etc ? PS: PinballX is a great soft, good job !
  12. Feature Request: Would it be possible to have Attract Mode scan the sub folders within the Video folder? Or add Multiple Video Folders? I'm sure many of us have Video Snaps, Video Adverts and various other Videos we'd love to see in the rotation. Merci
  13. Last week
  14. Hope all is well for you. Just chilling. Happy Holidays!
  15. Hi Tom, Draco suggested I post some siggestions I included in a post in the General Section re. the Game Manager. I hope they are do-able without adversly affecting the main program, which is really good and why I have stuck with PinballX as the frontend of choice for my upcoming cab. A Sort by: Ok, we have a number of sorting options / filters in the main program window, but what about some sorting options / filters in the Game Manger itself. Like filtering table types, year, manufacturer, tables with / without image types. This would make it easier to to perform housekeeping (see Clean up below) for those who are time poor or not confident editing XML files. Clean up: I don't know about you, but unless I diligently edit PinballX Game Manager everytime I install / delete a table, I wind up with many irrelevent entries. The ability to select those entries in the Game Manager and group delete save the user a lot of time. Thumbnails: Having a placeholder for thumnail images of the playfield screenshot so the entry in the Game Manager could be more readily identified as the correct one. I'm thinking something along the lines of how I can currently nominate a screenshot folder on a B2S backglass if I mouse over the backglass. Perhaps the table can be launched from the Game Manager and a similar option be presented upon pressing Alt + Print Screen when mousing over the playfield. Not only could the playfield image be directly copied in to the relevant folder, but a thumbnail generated for the image placeholder in the Game Manager. This might be done by invoking a nominated image editor or calling an arbitry image editor. I'm a bit in the dark on how exactly this would work, but I thought I'd throw that in there. The image database: Too many old, poor resolution images and videos for todays monitors and graphics cards to do justice. I appreciate the community contributing to the database via the FTP site, but there should be either a minimum quality allowed for upload, or a "shadow" data base for low res images and videos. I know that we've been given the option to record our own videos and still images of tables and backglasses, and that's a good thing. And it would be nice if we had a more current selection of wheels, and a bigger selection of flyers and instructions to download rather than having to surf the web. I was thinking some incentive for non subscribers to upload their quality images to the FTP could be on offer. This would entail having a naming convention so that the resulting list in the Game manager would make sense, of course. I think it would be worth exploring. It would enhance PBX as a product. (Very much a suggestion and I would be happy to discuss further & contribute if needs must) Cheers
  16. Hello fellas - just thought I'd pop in and say hi. I've got a new leadership job and working 60 hour weeks, so sadly aint got much time these days to get busy creating like I used to. Bloody responsibilities.. Still miss the banter + peanuts and hope you're all doing good. Steve
  17. I just checked out Batman Dark Knight.mp4. Very nice. It's the same quality as my still image for the same table. But with the subtle lights, it comes up better. Thanks Mike.
  18. FEATURE REQUEST: GameEx and Arcade Edition display custom "bezel" to display top and bottom of 9:16 vertical displays around 4:9 or 16:9 landscape background videos. Image file could be user editable png or jpg format to fit with their theme or could be a default image. This would work well with "Vertigo" style cabs.
  19. Agreed. Timing the tanks is about the only advantage you have in this game. Still, good fun to play though! Updated OP, DB, RSS
  20. That's a good point, even a free account will pull down a few of the backgrounds per day until the daily cap is hit. The snaps content is constantly improving over time and IIRC Tom indicated the GameEx down-loader client will pull down the highest quality available
  21. And additional to bad quality videos. I remove the downloaded files and regenerate the backglass and playfield videos with gamemanger. I regenerate all my 4k playfield videos (around 800 for vpx) 2 weeks ago, and was done in 1 hour and 10 minutes (45 seconds vids).
  22. This game was tough. Heli moved way too slow for my liking. Good thing you could time the guns on the tanks. Anyhow - 49,640
  23. Download a few files from Emumovies and see for yourself. Your orientation may result in "bars" below and above if centered for a 9:16 setup. Can't say I have a special place for marquees. Emumovies is where I started. I was not crazy about all submissions and sought better quality replacements via web searches for those systems and/or loaded them into a graphics program and cleaned them up if possible.
  24. You have some good suggestions. We have an open thread for them so please post them there! You should be able to modify via Setup Wizard to require an exact match for your media. Away from my setup so can't tell you where to go in Setup Wizard, but in the pinballx.ini - To use exact matching: [FileSystem] EnableFileMatching=False To use "fuzzy matching": [FileSystem] EnableFileMatching=True Hopefully that will be if some help to you where similarly named pins media is loaded.
  25. I'd like to point out that you are running GameEx Arcade 15.10 and I am using the latest version of 16.07. Some things may have changed between yours and mine. I am not saying that you have to upgrade, but it makes this more challenging. I would not ask you to upgrade except as a last resort or unless a reload is suggested. The first thing I see in the log.txt is that each emulator other than the integrated Mame emulator has an error stating that the mapfile does not exist. You will find these values in the Advanced Emulator Setup sections for each of the emulators. In GameEx Arcade 16.07, there are no mapfiles included in the install by default; not sure on 15.10. I suggest you recheck the mapfile paths on your install to see if the paths and filenames are 100% correct. I do not see anything wrong with your emulator configuration paths or command line unless the paths where your files actually reside have changed. One thing I suggest is to change your command line in the Emulator Setup for each of your emulators to the following (you have the same flags enabled on the Integrated Mame, so I assume you would want to be consistent): mame.exe [ROM] -rompath "[ROMPATH]" -nowindow -joy -skip_gameinfo You also mentioned trying to add an Atari emulator, but there is no Atari emulator in your config. Where should I see it? Emulators 1 through 5 are there and they are all Mame driven emulators.
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