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  2. Missing Mega Dock for VP images?

    Hi viriiguy, thanks for the part that corresponds to me. Most of those tables do not have them in use and therefore I did not do the Mega Docklet, but you can download the template and watch a video tutorial here. Some if I have already made them, I put them, the rest you can make them yourself.
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  4. I have done a few searches and either I am not looking in the right place, I'm not scrolling down far enough, or I have something that is not working correctly. I have been running Gameex for a little while and am now beginning to customize the front end system but I can't figure out why I can't seem to find the "download theme" area in the "setup". I know it is SIMPLE, but I have spent hours looking and have finally given up. I'm SURE it's going to be one of those... "if it were a snake it would have bit me" types of things. Please help THANK YOU!
  5. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    When I did the fresh GamEx install I didnt change any input settings. The issue seems to have resolved by itself, not sure how. If it does pop up again ill let you know.
  6. Evolution

    So where is the news that was announced, its been over 2 years ?
  7. Hello, First of all, thank you to Draco and PCTecnic who have been making the majority of these Docklet wheel images. I just love them!! I am trying to come up with Docklets for every VP Table that I have, but there are a BUNCH I cannot find. So before I starting the task of trying to make my own, I thought I would check on here and see if any on my list are out there, that I just haven't found. Any that you can point me to would be awesome! Thank you very much. They are, 2 in 1 (Bally 1964) 2001 (Gottlieb 1971) 300 (Gottlieb 1975) 4 Queens (Bally 1970) Aces High (Bally 1965) Agent 777 (Game Plan 1984) Amazon Hunt (Gottlieb 1983) Aqua Teen Hunger Force (Custom CyberPez) AquaLand (Jeugos 1986) Aquarius (Gottlieb 1970) Aspen (Brunswick 1979) Asteroid Annie (Gottlieb 1980) Astro (Gottlieb 1971) Aztec (Williams 1976) Baby PacMan (Bally 1982) Band Wagon (Bally 1965) Beat Time (Williams 1980) Berzerk (Lodger 2017) Black Jack (Bally 1976) Black Sheep Squadron (Astro 1979) Bubba the Redneck WereWolf (Hauntfreak 2017) Buckaroo (Gottlieb 1965) Capersville (Bally 1966) Capt. Card (Gottlieb 1973) Card Trix (Gottlieb 1970) CARtoons (Hauntfreaks 2017) Chigago Cubs Triple Play (Gottlieb 1985) Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Gottlieb 1978) Comet (Williams 1985) Contest (Gottlieb 1958) Cosmic (Taito 1980) Count-Down (Gottlieb 1979) Cow Poke (Gottlieb 1965) Crescendo (Gottlieb 1970) Darling (Williams 1973) Drakor (Taiot 1980) Drop a Card (Gottlieb 1971) Electric Mayhem (Lodger 2016) Elektra (Bally 1981) Embryon (Bally 1980) Escape from New York (32 Assassin 2018) Fire Queen (Gottlieb 1977) Fire! (Williams 1987) Firepower II (Williams 1983) FJ (Hankin 1978) Flying Carpet (Gottlieb 1972) Free Fall (Gottlieb 1974) Freedom (Bally 1976) Galaxy Play (Custom 2018) Gay 90's (Williams 1970) Gemini (Gottlieb 1978) Gemini 2000 (Taito 1982) Gigi (Gottlieb 1963) Gold Strike (Gottlieb 1975) GoldWing (BorgDog 2016) Groovy (Gottlieb 1970) harley quinn (HauntFreaks 2017) Hearts And Spades (Gottlieb 1969) Hi-Score Pool (Chicago Coin 1971) High Hand (Gottlieb 1973) Hollywood Heat (Gottlieb 1986) Hot Tip (Williams 1977) Humpty Dumpty (Gottlieb 1947) Hyperball (Williams 1981) Jack In The Box (Gottlieb 1973) Jet Spin (Gottlieb 1977) Jive Time (Williams 1970) Jolly Roger (Williams 1967) Jubilee (Williams 1973) Jumping Jack (Gottlieb 1973) Kidnap (CIC Play 1986) King Kool (Gottlieb 1972) King Rock (Gottlieb 1972) Lady Luck (Recel 1976) Lawman (Gottlieb 1971) Magic Castle (Zaccaria 1984) Magnotron (Gottlieb 1974) Mars God Of War (Gottlieb 1981) Melody (Gottlieb 1967) MIBS (Gottlieb 1969) Midnight Magic (Atari 1986) Mini Cycle (Gottlieb 1970) Miss-O (Williams 1969) Mopar Madness (Mopar 2015) Neptune (Gottlieb 1978) New York (Gottlieb 1976) Night Rider (Bally 1976) Nobs (BorgDog 2016) Nugent (Stern 1978) Orbit (Gottlieb 1971) Out Of Sight (Gottlieb 1974) OXO (Williams 1973) Outer Space (Gottlieb 1972) Paul Bunyan (Gottlieb 1968) Pinball Champ (Zaccaria 1983) Pioneer (Gottlieb 1976) Polar Explorer (Taito do Brasil 1983) Power Play (Bally 1977) Prospector (Sonic 1977) QBerts Quest (Gottlieb 1983) Quick Draw (Gottlieb 1975) Rapid Fire (Bally 1982) Road Race (Gottlieb 1969) Robo-War (Gottlieb 1988) Robot (Zaccaria 1985) Rocket III (Bally 1967) Rogo (Bally 1974) Scorpion (Williams 1980) Scuba (Gottlieb 1970) Seawitch (Stern 1980) Sexy Girl (Arkon 1980) Sharpshooter (Game Plan) (1979) Sheriff (Gottlieb 1971) SilverBall Mania (Bally 1978) Sing Along (Gottlieb 1967) Sky Jump (Gottlieb 1974) Slick Chick (Gottlieb 1963) Smart Set (Williams 1969) Snow Derby (Gottlieb 1970) Snow Queen (Gottlieb 1970) Space Walk (Gottlieb 1979) Spanish Eyes (Williams 1972) Spin A Card (Gottlieb 1969) Spin Out (Gottlieb 1975) Spirit of 76 (Gottlieb 1975) Spirit of 76 (Gottlieb 1975) Super Straight (Sonic 1977) Surf'n Safari (Gottlieb 1991) TKO (Gottlieb 1979) Top Score (Gottlieb 1975) Torch (Gottlieb 1980) Totem (Gottlieb 1979) Vernes World (Spinball 1996) Viper (Stern 1981) Volcano (Gottlieb 1981) Volley (Gottlieb 1976) Vortex (Taito 1983) Vulcan (Gottlieb 1977)
  8. Finally!

    *still impressed
  9. Finally!

  10. Pet Peeves

    Winner winner! Yes, it's another example of how Hammond and his park builders recklessly crammed plants and animals from different eras together into essentially one big deathmatch. And which one was dominant at the end? T-Rex, from the cretaceous; maybe that's why he tore down the Jurassic Park sign and Roared. "I'm from the cretaceous, puny human. Get your facts strait."
  11. Finally!

    They need to stop programming exact movements. Robots that will be useful in these situations will need AI - to figure it out based on the type of task and varying objects. If any carefully pre-programmed movement is off, the rest of the build is ruined. Alas, a brain is necessary to reason out a solution. So give it one, and watch it go insane! After all, that's what happens when the answer to "why am I here" is "to build IKEA furniture".
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  13. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Does it happen when you only have either the Xbox One controller or the keyboard/mouse installed? Have you modified your Input Settings? I am not able to replicate your issue, especially the volume going back down to 0 by itself. As for the volume indicator, it has always appeared on the right side of the screen.
  14. I have a big problem with visualpinballX tables in my 2 screen cabinet, when I disable to show db2s backglasses in frontend all vpX tables are unplayable, lagging and very low framerate. Everything runs great when this option is turned enabled, also no problems when launching tables in visualpinballx. Both monitors on 60hz, no vsync. everything updated, windows 7 64bit.
  15. My issue is similar in that after I added a 4th monitor (via HDMI for use as a topper) my monitor order was fragged. They now show in Windows in this order: 1 - Topper (HDMI) 2 - Playfield (DVI-D) 3 - Backglass (DVI-I) 4 - DMD (USB) I have the Playfield as my primary, but PinballX doesn't accept the Windows identity and even though I have plugged in what should work, only 3 of the four display (playfield, DMD, topper). I deleted the registration entries, etc. Same results. GPU and Monitor Specs: GPU - EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 - Supports 4 monitors Monitor 1 (Playfield 27 inch) - BenQ GW2750H 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Monitor 2 (Backglass 23 inch) - Acer S231HL 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz Monitor 3 (DMD USB Monitor - 7 inch ) - MYMO NAV0010 800 x 480 Monitor 4 (Topper) Samsung Syncmaster T22B350 1920 x 1080 @60 Hz Will have to copy & paste my config and log files when I get home as I have exceeded my attachment limits from all the years supporting both apps.
  16. Finally!

    lol/wow. That's kinda important in a weird kinda way.
  17. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Here you go. log.txt GameEx.ini
  18. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Sorry forgot to mention that the directional keys dont work either, so i cant navigate menus. Ill upload ini's shortly.
  19. Finally!

    Robot Conquers Assembling Ikea Furniture
  20. I'm running on win 10. I did both routes of deleting the keys and running the reg. unfortunately as soon as I introduce the 3rd monitor it takes the #1 monitor position . I'm wondering if it has more to do with that monitor is plugged into the graphics card that's built in to the mother board, and my other monitors are into the better graphics card. I guess I can try and have all three on the same card but I didn't want to put to much on there just the two monitors that in my mind should have the better quality output.
  21. Pet Peeves

  22. Pet Peeves

  23. What version of windows are you on? Place it on your desktop and click it and remove the (1). If that doesn't work import it as suggested. here is the link. https://support.displaylink.com/knowledgebase/articles/736116-windows-display-properties-identify-numbers-are Try this file, might of been due to this line being missing Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 Monitor Persistence.reg
  24. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Will do when i return from the school run. Ive checked the log and gameex.ini and I cant see anything out of the ordinary but I will upload regardless.
  25. Issues With Volume in GameEx

    Probably going to need you to attach your gameex.ini and log.txt files, Ray.
  26. tried running it but all i get is. an error saying Cannot import C:\Users\given\Downloads\Monitor Persistence (1).reg: The specified file is not a registry script. you can only import binary registry files from within the registry editor.
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