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  2. Just wanted to point out that this is a powerful addition. It can allow control of GameEx and PinballX in lots of ways. It does not require additional hardware. As well as Google assistant, it should work well with many cloud services including Cortana, and Alexa. For common uses use an account at https://ifttt.com. View the full article
  3. Again, it is affecting some, not all, and not all in the same way. Knowing the specific updates and updated files are of potentially more use than linking to a similar issue.
  4. Windows 10 update issue Issue explained in above topic
  5. Ok after trial and error i figured it out.
  6. Hi. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but i´m having a little trouble on unsderstanding how the filters work. ex: no clones - yes/no? yes, i don`t want any clones? no, no clones listed? Shouldn`t the question be like - clones - yes/no? Thanks.
  7. Definitely would help Tom to know what updates were breaking your stuff and seeing it with your pinballx.ini and log.txt files. If it isnt happening for everyone, then much more difficult for him or anyone else to troubleshoot.
  8. Draco1962

    weird issue

    Have not heard of this before, but if running all things equal on both, then it may be down to a difference in video drivers. Can you attach copies of your gameex.ini and log.txt file right after the error occurs from the impacted laptop? Also, you may wish to check the Event Viewer for any oddities.
  9. DJ Infinity

    weird issue

    I have the latest version of Game Ex installed on my Alienware Laptop and my MSI Stealth Laptop. On my Alienware laptop I can start and exit emulators no problem. But for some reason on the MSI Stealth when I exit out of a emulator I get a black screen and have to restart to use my laptop again. Has any1 ran into this before? and if so how was it corrected? I am using 64 bit versions on both and nothing special tweaked.
  10. Not sure why, but I'm eunning windows 1909 with latear security uodate and PBX with DOF is still running. Also fx3 and all other emulators are running
  11. Facebook forums this morning reporting Windows update 1909 is causing PinballX to behave erratically. Caution everyone!
  12. Thanks @scutters. So a surprise is coming to display author/version and comment? Can't wait !
  13. Yes......I just added a topic. After three days of troubleshooting I can positively reproduce Windows recent update/updates causing operational issues with PinballX. I worry new users in future will not be able to get PinballX functioning cleanly. Please see Windows update topic I posted for complete description.
  14. Good morning I want to bring the communities attention to an issue that may pop up. Some of you are aware my PinballX quit cooperating with DOFLinx/DOF this week. I’ve spent an ungodly amount of time getting it working again. Here is what I have discovered. Let me preface the description by admitting I should have had Windows update turned OFF! The symptoms are no feedback devices working in PinballX but they do work perfectly when tables launched outside of PinballX or when launched with another front end. Positive confirmation is the PinballX log stating “Swiss Lizard DOFLinx plugin failed to initialize - plugin stopped” I tried many repairs up to moving PinballX off the computer and performing a new install. I grabbed fresh plug in dlls. I tried running earlier versions of PinballX etc..... If I restored my hard drive to a January 9 restore point everything works great. I discovered 5 Windows updates between January 9 and present day. 2 are systems updates and 3 are security updates. I let Windows reinstall the updates and PinballX had the previous issue. I did a manual uninstall of the five updates and PinballX reverted to working great. My concern is that this issue will affect others. Especially users who install PinballX going forward and get frustrated without knowing why. I suppose everyone on the forum is smarter than myself and already turned off updates but new users may come along with new computers that have the update and are prone to same error. I wish I could tell you guys which of the five updates is the culprit but now that it is working and updates are turned off I hate to open the can of worms. I checked for blocked files and could find no obvious ones but somehow one of those updates is screwing things up with the plug in for DOFLinx/DOF. The plugin tester will still find DOFLinx framework and say everything is OK.
  15. Updated to V1.4 in first post. Includes optional selections to display table author / version and comments. These fields are not standard in current PinballX database xml so at this time won't display anything.
  16. Updated to V2.1.1 - attached to first post Added pause playback function, maps to whatever you have set in PinballX pause in game key/button. Playback resumes if pressed again or if music navigation button pressed (e.g. skip) And here's a quick video showing navigation using a remote control (using the Flirc V2). Apologies for poor quality etc
  17. I've got a big backlog of tables still to add but could not resist and already tried out this one and could not find a wheel in the style i use so here we go
  18. the GDEMU Games List Generator is just a separate app i threw together for anyone who wants an easy way to make a list of there games on there sd card, it's completely separate and not required, however it should look like this: with a select GDENU SD button but as i said it's an optional app. as for the checker.exe just ignore it for now that is used at the end of the process and my app will load that up for you when required. as for the antivirus issue, that does happen because the app was made by me therefor it's not a recognised app so don't worry about it. all you do is load up the gdmenu theme manager and pick one of the themes on the right hand side list then click import theme, then click save and it's fine to save it as the default name which is NEW_THEME.BIN then once that's saved you will click scramble and don't touch anything and it will launch the checker.exe and fill in the info and bring up a save file box, if not click the checker app and click save once again and then scramble and it should work. once the save box is loaded direct it to the GDEMU_SD 1.10\data\files folder which is included, in that directory you should see a 1ST_READ.BIN from there delete it and save the newly created one in that directory as the same name (1ST_READ.BIN) from there you're done. close my theme app and the checker app and launch the GDEMU_SD 1.10\GDEMU_SD.exe and choose your sd card with your games on and delete GDMENU from the top of the list click save and yes to customise menu then you can click done and it will add the new customised GDMENU to your sd card and try it in your dreamcast and you should see the new theme you chose.
  19. You make it sound so simple. First I assume the program I'm supposed to open is "GDEMU Games List Generator.exe", which is not immediately obvious since there is no README.txt telling you to do so. It should be obvious, but there is another application (checker.exe) in the same directory. That doesn't seem like the right one. Speaking of which, Norton removed it and I had to un-quarintine it. So far your program has made me feel about as safe using it as Madsheep's SD card maker. I'm not sure what a bin checker is for , but whatever, felix plows recklessly forward...even though that rival cat called me satyn! It obviously has some dependencies to run. When I run, all it displays is "Load Games", then it says there's no "gameslist.txt". I tried creating a blank text and it just displays no games. There doesn't seem to be anything else to do in the GUI. Does it need to be placed into a specific directory?
  20. You can try adding that specific ROM to the Do Not Filter setting in the Wizard and Update List after saving the change, or, as Tom suggested, upgrading your MAME and ROMset to a newer version.
  21. Ok. So, is this a normal operation.. In gameex arcade, one of my ROMs will be listed but will not play due to it trying to play one of the "7" other versions and not the one that actually works. I know some other frontends have the option on right click to choose one and set as default but I seriously think gameex arcade edition is the best and fastest running (on my pc) and I'd really like to use that one only.
  22. 15th February 2020 - Instant Sheller Version 1.10 Includes an implementation of HackBGRT to change the boot logo on Windows 10 UEFI installs (requires secure boot to be disabled). Improved dialog boxes to restart system. Brand new feature to allow command arguments to be set on a shelled application and the ability to undo and reboot on windows startup by tapping the U key. Fixes app locking up on applying and undoing settings. View the full article
  23. Thanks for the update. Just so Thanks for the update. Just so you know you are posting cache settings from the ini though, not the actual config. The actual config would be under the section [EMULATOR_21] The main thing to note here though is the ROMS in folders setting which has been updated in more recent times to support this.
  24. it has a built-in readme and includes everything needed. and yes it will work with clones.
  25. Hey all, Found a easier way for Cemu. here's the basics emu_21_info=Nintendo Wii U Emulator emu_21_titletext=Nintendo Wii U emu_21_startpagename=Nintendo Wii U emu_21_startpagelogo= emu_21_command=Cemu.exe -f -g Nintendo Wii U.map
  26. Ohhhh....me likey! Looks very promising. What are the requirements? Official GDemu or will it work on clones too? Is there a tutorial at all?
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