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  3. Well, right now it's pretty kick a**! Of course, in 6 months...
  4. OK thanks RedDog! I did try tinkering with it a little but got frustrated and took a break. I will try again soon. Oh and its good to see another SWFL person on the forums. Sunny beaches for us huh?
  5. I'm 100% sure this is operator error, but after I downloaded all 11 files and tried to open them through winzip, I get an error that the file can't be opened. Please help a simpleton figure out what to do. Thanks, jim
  6. I started tinkering with the Theme editor about a year and a half ago completely from scratch. It turned out better than I had hoped it would, so I did post it here (shameless little plug). I admit that a guide would have been nice, but with the forum threads, asking questions, and a bit of time working with it, you can get a handle on it. What I did was grab a theme I liked, loaded it up in the editor, and then started poking around to see what was what. After that, I started altering images to see what effects I could do. One bit of knowledge that will be helpful is to know that there are two different theme versions that can be created: Version 2 and Version 4. Version 4 has a bit more stuff. Off the top of my head, the things that come to mind are the inclusion of the title image (v2 only has the snap image), more menu options, and I believe popup descriptions and game ratings. Of course, the editor supports both and when you create a brand new theme, you will be prompted to choose. You can determine what version a theme uses by opening the Theme.ini file in a text editor. The version will be listed at the top. Also, themes can be created with one background that is used for every page in GameEx or you can use customized background for almost everything. Note that a few pages (like steam) do share backgrounds with other pages. I do not recall which ones those are at the moment, but there aren't many. Another bit of knowledge that is helpful to know is that png files allow for transparency while jpg do not (in case you are new to image editing). And another thing I did when I decided to to the theme was to create a thread in the GameEx Media Project section of the forum. That way I could get feedback on what I was doing and ask questions that related to what I was trying to do. The feedback was really helpful. Even if you don't plan on releasing the theme to the world, you might consider tdoing something similar. Anyway, hope it helps.
  7. Come...0n........Pepper II!!
  8. This is a couple years old, and was probably prompted by the Battle Pod announcement, but still an interesting trip down memory lane. Given how many good game Star Wars generated, it's really no surprise that it also generated its fair share of duds. Voting is at the bottom of the article.
  9. Hey zeck73, So, your gameEx.ini says that: ...the Mame snaps are located in E:\MAME\snap. ...the Mame marquees are located in E:\MAME\marquees. The name of the 4 in 1 game rom is In order for a graphic to appear, it must have the same name as the rom (except for the extension, of course). If I recall correctly, GameEx only supports jpg or png for image files. Check your snap and marquee folders to see if there is a graphic file called 4in1.jpg or 4in1.png. If they are named differently, do not exist, or are in a different format, you have found out why they do not appear. Lastly, keep in mind that the theme does come into play here. It tells which assets are displayed on the screen and where they are displayed. Your theme appears to be straight forward with the snap in the upper left and marquee in the bottom left. Hopefully this helps. Let us know what you find.
  10. Here's an interesting view point geesh, those trailers were super cheesy!
  11. Read this on C|net....
  12. Pinball FX2 - Rogue One table to be released January 31! Read about it here.
  13. Thanks Ben, I'll take a look at this and report back.
  14. It most certainly can! Without any doubt your specs are good, this is a point i've been trying to make for a long time. And no matter how much i explain, people are just not getting it! GameEx will compensate for low spec hardware and drives, there are options to make use of best hardware and drives, but there is no excuse to claim anything inbetween. There are pretty much all options for all situations. Either people need to ask for more help, or people need to be more willing to offer it.
  15. Many thanks for your return, my friend! I do not even know how to thank you for your contact! Its orientation was very good, but possibly I'm still doing something wrong that FX2 is still not working. I joined the NVIDIA panel and added the FX2 and VISUAL PINBALL and did the Pinballx tests. It happens that PINBALLX + FX2 worked the first time but with bug and the table was very slow. On second and further attempts he returned to the same D3D error and could no longer open the table. The visual pinball I managed to open the table. =) In the NVIDIA panel I found it strange because in the pinball fx2 I can not remove it, just add on top of the same .exe file. The other executable files I can add and remove normally. I think it's some small detail that's missing to run fx2 with pinballx, but I think I'm on the right track. Can you tell me what it can be? If you know anything else, any information will be very useful to me. Thank you for helping me. If it was not for your information I would not know what I was going to do. I just have to thank you! I wish you a great day!
  16. This looks amazing. I'd love to have a place of my own (like a house) that I can convert something into a Star Wars themed home theater. Some of those guys go all out. I'd love them to build me one. The only thing I'm thinking when I look at these builds though is "That's a lot of work to LOSE in a fire.." - I have a fear of losing everything to fires now that I've had it happen.
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  18. Check in the nVidia control panel and make sure the 1070 is assigned to FX2. Even if it shows assigned, reassign it again. This happens when WIndoze 10 grabs a generic video driver to the card.
  19. Some great new editions! Thanks for your hard work!
  20. Blade: no grill with grill --- HQ ---
  21. Plants vs. Zombies: Based on an image I got from Draco (thanks a lot). no grill with grill --- HQ ---
  22. El Dorado: Based on an image I got from Draco (thanks a lot). no grill with grill --- HQ ---
  23. V12: The only thing I like about this table is the music. But even that doesn't fit a s*it to the story. Anyways, it's here and it deserves a BG video. Based on an image I got from Draco (thanks a lot) no grill with grill --- HQ ---
  24. As Evilforces has already mentioned; occasionally, for whatever reason a problem pops up that nobody can seemingly diagnose. It's unfortunate that this has happened to you, but I understand there is only so many things you can try before frustration gets the best of you, and causes you to look elsewhere. Evilforces has persevered dealing with this for quite some time, so he knows all to well how frustrating it can be. At this point I can't help but wonder if it isn't some type of hardware conflict, as the one common denominator I seem to have noticed (unless I've missed something) is chip-sets that support AMD's APU. Good luck, and don't be a stranger just because your running another frontend!
  25. Thankyou for your kind words, I still have GameEx installed and the paths are still the same so I can pop back anytime, I was reluctant to change as most other frontends are no where near as good as GameEx, But I have found one which is very good, very slick interface and is extremely easy to setup. I will still keep an eye out on this forum to see If anything pops up. Cheers
  26. I'm sorry to hear that Dansmell ... I understand perfectly your problem and your decision to change frontend. As you know, I have the same problem as you for several months, but I always try to touch or change some parameter to see if I can finally solve it or find the error that is causing it. I have not had any luck at the moment, but I think I'll make it one day. I would also change frontend if I did not solve the problem, the problem for me is that today there is no frontend that gives me everything that GameEx gives me. You may not be spend much time in this community, but I can assure you that these people who speak at the forum are very willing to help others with their problems and always try to give their best. It is often difficult to find the cause of the problem when it only happens on a few occasions as in our case, but I am sure that sooner or later it will be solved. If you ever decide to come back, I'm sure there will be people waiting for you to help enjoy your games. Greetings.
  27. Thankyou all for your input, But having being unable to rectify this problem I had no alternative but to change frontend, I currently have 6 emulators setup with console intro vids as well as game vids and its working perfectly on the new frontend , Goodbye all.
  28. The Last Jedi. Discuss. It's going to be a long, long, year.
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