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  3. +1 on Oddworld - there's 2. There's pitfall game too.
  4. Ya know it
  5. A glass of wine always helps things along
  6. Thank you so much!!!
  7. Why couldn't you just use the QuickLaunch plugin for this?
  8. Yes sir they will.
  9. Ok sounds good. I'm assuming the arcade videos will work in Pinballx? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. It's a $49.99 value! Offer is only good for the ext 24 hours or so, so act now!
  11. It's OK.. Not much more to add to the first post. The betabrite and the 4 line display share the same plugin and thus display the same information. I'll need to find/create another source if I want to use both. Maybe I'll use it to display cpu and memory. or I just might not include it at all. Thanks for looking!
  12. Yesterday
  13. Not sure how to answer as I haven't much to go by to visualize your setup.
  14. I quite like the design. They've retained the 80s but knocked off the edges. Hurry up Atari (Infogrames?) I wanna rip it apart and put an Odroid in it...
  15. My first impression was they looked like a wifi router / streaming device. I'm not as impressed with the later concept pics than the original pic with that blister hazard of a controller. I do like the backlit RED Atari logo on black. Darth Vader esk?
  16. Crash Bandicoot, original was side scrolling plattform Oddworld - Abe's Oddysee Thoes 2 are worth a play
  17. I guess it isn't possible. Shame. I'll just have to find another use for the 4 line display. Thanks to everyone that looked at my post.
  18. Glad you got it all sorted! You did the hard work, now enjoy! Another thing you must do if you haven't already is pony-up for a membership to EmuMovies. I am using the MAME HyperSpin Themed Videos (4x3) (HD) by CriticalCid for my MAME backglass videos and MAME Upscaled PinCab Vids buy Tom for the playfield videos and the look is pretty cool.
  19. Update: So, I've finally super-geeked out. Now making my own circuit boards. Learned Eagle CAD and produced my first board schematic. When used with RecalBox and 2 scripts, handles safe power on/off; a power indicator LED and a 5V CPU fan controller. The board: It's printed on plain paper - it'll be sharper when printed onto specialist transfer paper. First design was with through-hole components. However, remembered the days of hand made PCBs at school and remembered drilling those tiny holes to be a nightmare. So redesigned and re-ordered parts for a surface mount construction. Scale wise - that board is about 4cm across! Gonna be some steady hand and tweezer magic with the soldering.
  20. Status: W.I.P. Started: June 2017 Story: My mate lost his dad. He had recollections of his youth playing on his speccy. He's not a big gamer or anything, but thought I'd make him something to bring back childhood memories alongside the wonders of Pi3 gaming! He also loved Wipeout on the PSX - so gonna bung a series of those on too. Build Pics:
  21. Just got the Servostik working now too!!!! This thing is awesome!!! Switches by itself depending on the game whether it's 4-way or 8-way! Thanks again buddy!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  22. You are the man Draco!!! I decided to give Arcade_mame a try instead of Arcade-Mame and it worked!!!! Just had to copy and paste the media files into the new folder that was created in the media folder. Thank you for all your help!!! Now on to getting the Servostik working! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  23. Blade Runner is not a remake. The original is a classic, and should not be missed by any true sci-fi fan.
  24. Bonuses you get at the end of stage 1. That is the key. Certain amount for all the POWs you save, so try not to die during boss fight or all those are gone. And you get a huge bonus for still having your tank. I probably played for 1 1/2 hours last night
  25. Wow good choices! I was wracking my brain trying to think of some too. There are some pretty good RPG if you're into those.. like Lunar Silver Star Story (just a remake with better graphics, music, and video cutsenes). There's also the remakes of some Final Fantasy games. If you're into shooters, there is Star Wars Rebel Assault 2, which is just a movie with user interaction (think Daphne era). If you like that style, another good game is X-Files, watching a movie and picking the outcomes. But yes, the games KRC suggested are probably the pick of the crop on 2D games.
  26. Wow, what did you do differently to improve your score by 600k? Updated OP, DB, RSS
  27. GC - you are right...I forgot about the signatures, yeah those need a url. But score postings do not. I just hit upload and select a file on my computer...then Boom...but alas does not help with signature issue. Maybe you could move all those files to imgbb like Han suggested or someone here can create a GAMEEx Banner for imgbb account for them to be stored on? I don't know about GE limits either...but did just look. There is a 500MB limit...I am at 11% after all this time. So yeah if you are more active in the forums and post images for other subtopics maybe this is not good for you either. You have used 54.04 MB of your 498.05 MB attachment limit. I have 231 total attachments.
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