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  2. I get that, I have VP completely integrated and working, but I'm still keen to get PBA writing (PinballX claims it has built in support so I wanted to see that working). Does the auto table selection not work then? I get people prefer VP over PBA, but my issue wasn't over which to use, it was just too try and figure out why the mouse presses weren't going through right. Thinking I might just have to make my own AHK script myself? Part of the reason I want to experiment is too investigate BAM support. I've seen some videos of people getting it to work.
  3. Because most emulators use DirectX its not really possible for GameEx itself to add the overlays as far as I aware.
  4. What@Draco1962 is saying is that if you haven't invested any money in PBA yet then you are far better off investing those hours of time getting Visual Pinball working. VP is hands down a better experience especially for cab players. And it is free of charge. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  6. hi, is there any tutorial for this plugin? ... i'm trying use it on NES emulaator but in virtuanes did not run, what do i put in the Full boot and setup boot cmd, on emulator config?
  7. Yes. I'm still keen to get the inbuilt PBA support working.
  8. You are aware that all of these tables are available as Visual Pinball tables, right?
  9. Hi I've been batteling for a few hours now trying to get PBA to launch the correct table from inside PinballX. I'm trying to cut everything back and just have the default PinballX implementation to work, so no extra mods (FCM) or scripts to keep things simple. I've got PinballX launching PBA via steam working fine, and the rotation of the screen seems fine too. I can "hear" and see key presses being sent, but the wrong table is being selected. When it loads it seems to select Options first, pauses, then exits and selects MyTables. Then pauses then there are *lots* of keypresses where it seems to alternate between MyTables and the Exit button, then selects the wrong table... I've attached my PinballX ini file and PinballArcade xml file. I have another custom Pinball Arcade system in my file but its not in use as that was a test. Also I dont own *any* PBA tables yet other than the free Arabian Nights, so I'm just trying to launch that. I assume the "1x1" is correct for the grid then, as thats the only table I own? Instead, it seems to end up highlighting Addams Family in the unowned grid, then moves down 1 and select Black Hole. I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong here and what best to fix. Does the FCM "just work"? I tried downloading it but when I run it just says its "down for maintenance". Either way I'd like to see it working with the inbuilt PinballX support first. I've also included Steam screenshot to show how it ends up with Black Hole selected. PinballX.ini Pinball Arcade.xml
  10. Happy birthday han! Sorry for being late, big storm knocked Comcast out all day yesterday.
  11. Version 0.13


    Kailera version of PJ64
  12. I would be very interested in this too, albeit for systems other than portables devices. Most of my emulated systems use 4:3 aspect ratio, and when I run GameEx on a 16:9 screen, I get the empty area on both sides. It would be very nice if GameEx itself could support bezels, instead of relying on the individual emulators to do so.
  13. I always have problems with databases mismatching some of my games titles & description. And then of course some databases are simply incomplete. What is the best practice to mix database information with custom information, with regards to games titles and description? Mainly I want to be able to achieve the following: 1) Have GameEx use database titles and games descriptions as a starting point 2) Overwrite titles & description with custom values when for some reason there is a mismatch 3) Add custom titles & description when the game is completely missing from the database I understand that GameEx uses .map files for titles. These are easy to modify manually, but will be re-generated every now and then (when exactly?), so if I fix any wrong title here, I have to do it again over and over. Is there a way to disable the re-generation of the map files, once I am confident that I won't change my set of games at least for a while? I understand less about how GameEx uses the database files... which files can I edit manually to add missing games descriptions? Is it possible to edit them with normal text editors, or what software is needed? Will those files be re-generated sometimes? Thanks for help!
  14. No worries, Ill be honest, I don't care, lol but I've been using HyperList sets for years Can't knock it buddy
  15. Ya'll can split my beer. I've got not taste for the stuff.
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  17. Updates (neglected this post a little!) 1.0.1 Bug Fixes: CPWB.Rig_AddNew: Do check for at least single image in Layout before add rig. CPWB.Ini_KorVToTableKey: Adds Section header in absence of Source section CPwb.StartPopulationOutput: Changes to skip datatable population if no emu/info labels/images... 1.0.2 Some Icon improvements 1.0.3 CPWB.Pop_CPWBg: Creates bak.png if not present from app resource. Added CPWizard Layouts folder backup 1.0.4 Bugfixes: Edit Imgs and Labels for Emus. 1.0.5 Fixed .ire file for General settings. Bug only occurs if you installed at Version 1.0.4. Manual fix required - update won't fix it - contact me if need to know how (basically just copy CoreAssets>VanillaAssets>db>ires>CPWizBiz.ire to the equivalent in your ascribed database location)' 1.0.6 Explored Cmd Line bug Issue #18. To do with .net .parsecmdline - small changes made but unresolved. Consider custom class. 1.0.7 Fixed startup bug if can't find db file. 1.0.8 Added game manual browse from Games tab Added change game controls from CPWizBiz 1.0.9 Added Snap + Save current CPWizard display. > Assists with documenting specific layouts (E.g. Default Emu/System button layouts) 1.1.0 Added UPdate CPWizard Function > Downloads CPWizard and compares against local version. If newer, copies relevant files to local installation. 1.1.1 BugFix: Fixes Update Rig bug where this mucked up database. 1.1.2 Added facility to edit Emulator Function Labels directly in the admin interface Added ability to change the default image viewer for CPWizard grab to one of user's choosing. 1.1.3 Added copy emulator functions from another system (for multi-system emulators such as RetroArch) Re-wrote Marquee and CPWizard dynamic image routine. Now includes any 'de-tagged' images in image results in absence of direct match (e.g. "Tekken 3 (USA)" used where game = "Tekken 3") Landing page for Maquee edit changed to Images Improved update routine, now keeps update stats via ftp. Download + Info:
  18. Do you think I'm made of money!? The peanuts, however, are complimentary.
  19. Happy birthday home slice! Have a beer on us... Specifically on Stigz!
  20. Henceforward, I dub this day, the 28th day of May as Scruffy-Nerf-Herder Day! And so shall it be!!!
  21. I forgot to hit enter when I edited earlier. Dammit.
  22. Happy Birthday chap. Another year older and 3 raspberry pi's richer? Have a gud un.
  23. Thanks buddy. There's only 2 7's in my name though
  24. Happy Birthday, @hansolo77! Hard to imagine that you were born mere days before I walked down the aisle to pick up my high school diploma and began a 5 night round of debauchery. Enjoy your day and have fun!
  25. That is definitely a way to work around it if you want the music playing all of the time. The caveats being: - that all music you want playing will have to be under that folder and no subfolders. - the music will play over any background menu videos sound until you begin game play.
  26. I wasnt blaming anyone, dazzle, certainly not you. Why would I do that when you're a top bloke? I'd just had a frustrating evening with the whole issue and thus was venting my spleen at romcentre... @Tom Speirs thanks, i'll take a look at that, although someone also pointed me towards sets which have 1 name, one file. That may prove the shizzle..
  27. to clarify, that is what i was replying to.
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