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  2. As for the links, they don't show on the direct link for me, instead, you have to go shopping and come back to it for the review links to show. There are actually numerous comments on them, which is what raised a flag to me considering there only nine reviews. Sounds to me like whoever is doing assembly doesn't know how to flow solder. I can re-flow them if needed, but for the price, you shouldn't have to. Honestly, I don't see a lot of plugging and unplugging going on, however. I have a pristine NES that probably has less than 20 hours total on it. Bought by a friend as an adult who got bored of it quickly and shelved it. It was headed to Goodwill when he asked if I wanted it. He lost the gun though. I'm all too familiar with the death grip Monster terminations. I've got some pretty decent composite/component cables laying around from my old home theater that won't break the items they are plugged into. After I finish with my video transfer, this would be hooked to the NES almost always.
  3. Lol...ghostery was blocking the reviews on the page, so I didn't see them at the bottom there. Honestly, it's not that hard to de-solder them and put new ones on if they do go bad. It's only 1 review and I'm sure it's not that bad. Given the other advantages over similar products that's not a deal breaker, especially when this exists:
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUh2EeLIv4I&t=542s
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  6. https://castlemaniagames.com/shop?olsPage=products%2Fretrotink-2x
  7. Not a known Issue so yeah need the files and ensure you are on the latest version.
  8. Hi all, I just joined the community this weekend and I am completely hooked. My girlfriend hates all of it but I'm sure you can all relate. I've done hours of searching for and answer to this question but can't find anything which means I have a rare case or I've done something so simple wrong that it's laughable. Anyway, here is my question. I have a 2 screen setup with FP. Playfield is 52 inch and backless is 40 inch tvs. So far I have games running perfect if FP (KISS, MOTU etc.) My issue: When I launch the games in PBX, the backglass loads fine but my playfield stays black. Every game. I can hear everything running and even start a game but nothing shows. I'm running the 64bit version of PBX on Win7. The 32bit version will not open for me. I can't attach the files right now because I'm not near the setup.
  9. JAWS (VPX) PuP-Pack You're gonna need a bigger pincab! This is the VPX version of my Jaws PuP-Pack. It's a fairly simple table so it only took a few days...but I may update it later when I have more time. I had a couple of days free time away from my military training course, so I finally got this sucker done! Thanks goto Rom and SLAMT1LT for the original FP tables, and RandR for the VPX conversion! Thanks also to Tarcisio Caleiro for his excellent Jaws default background video! The Future Pinball Ultimate Pro JAWS PuP-Pack is coming... but that table has way more content and modes,etc so it will need a much larger PuP-Pack...and of course the table will need to be updated to work with it. (When I have time). A video demo of the PuP-Pack can be found here: And some pics for those who don't watch videos
  10. And your requested support files? Please attach. Thanks.
  11. I bought my OSSC from VideoGame perfection (UK based) because they were in stock and ready to ship, otherwise I'd have gone with castlemania. So my guess is that's just the way they describe their batch based system of procuring stock without over buying and taking a loss. A bit annoying, but that's the niche. I'm not sure what your referring to about the RCA connectors? I know that some RCA cables, Monster for example, have a death grip notorious for destroying connectors. Here is a great review by RetroRGB. I'm thinking I might get one myself, for my NES, but I'm debating on a HI-Def-NES mod:
  12. That thread is one of the few I found that showed the same error however his resolution was with XPadder. I did read through it because of the error box but I don't believe it's tied to the same thing. I haven't installed anything except Windows 10, updates, Stella for Atari 2600 and GameEx. No plugins at all. That's it. Literally. I did forget about the LAV codecs. Its been a LONG time since I have done a clean, brand new, shiny install. However - no effect. @tthurmanI downloaded and ran the NET Framework Repair tool - no change. GameEx.ini log.txt
  13. Last week
  14. This looks familiar to me... you may want to check in the following post to see if any of the solutions offered help: Additionally, you didn't offer a copy of your log.txt file so make sure you are installing the 32-bit version of GameEx if using any plug-ins that are 32-bit only.
  15. http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/04/feature_keeping_the_game_boy_retail_dream_alive_30_years_after_launch
  16. Best bet would be to go to Pinballarcadefans site and post in the dedicated FCM forum for this.
  17. Net framework 3.5? Might want to give this a try: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30135
  18. Do you have LAV codecs installed? Not sure if it will help specifically but stranger things...
  19. Thanks! I suppose wave 4.5 is production run reference? Many of the reviews here are most concerning, especially regarding the RCA connectors. I'll keep an eye in hopes this will be addressed with the upcoming stock.
  20. I recently installed a new copy of GameEx on an HP EliteBook 2760p I snagged cheap. I have done a complete install/uninstall/install cycle like five times now. It's only one problem but it is consistent. It has nothing to do with the GameEx program per se - the Setup Wizard keeps crashing on one specific page. I can usually get out of these things myself but this one has me a little "wall climb-y"... I managed to just go around the page in question and GameEx runs fine BUT there's some settings I want to play with there. HP EliteBook 2760p i7 processor w/ 8GB RAM. Windows 10 Pro fresh install. GameEx installer downloaded just today - I believe it is dated April 9th. Based on previous posts I verified NET framework is installed as well as DirectX 9.0c. Picture is listed below. Setup crashes anytime I go into "HTPC/ Multimedia Settings". Here's the full text of the error box:
  21. Videogame Perfection is out of stock, but Castlemania Games is taking pre-orders and expecting to ship in mid april. You'll save a bit not having to pay the currency conversion and international shipping. The RetroTink2x and OSSC are in and out of stock, they sell out because they're niche items made to order in small-ish batches. Not quite as sought after as the UltraHDMI mod for the N64 (I had to wait 4 months for mine), but niche in a similar way. Most people will just buy one of those cheap converters on amazon and never look back. There's nothing wrong picking an inexpensive solution if lag and poor picture quality aren't deal breakers. For me they are. That's how I came across the OSSC and RetroTink2x.
  22. PART 6: Rejected by the Gods I hate feeling like a complete noob, but What's the trick to posting on Assembler games / Shumps forum? I created an account and Shumps says my posts have to be approved by a moderator. They never do and I can't reach anyone. Assembler Games forums says I don't have "sufficient privilege to post" in any of the forums I visited, including the one for newly register members. They are completely stone walling me, but I need help from someone with more experience at SNES repair. Both of those forums pop up the most in my searches. After relentless reading sessions trying to narrow down the problem I decided that I need to ask for guidance. Apparently, however, the Gods can't be bothered by mere mortals such as myself. Here's where I'm stuck: On powerup it black screens. After a few seconds I can hit reset a few times and It will startup. After the initinal power fail, then reset trick, every game I've tried runs perfect. No graphical gliches that would indicate a bad PPU, It just takes about ten seconds after PWR ON before the reset button will begin working. On my OSSC LCD screen I notice that after a few resets it will show the 15KHz sync. Once it has been on and running for a while, if I turn it off then back on withing 4 seconds, it will fire up no problem, but not after 5 or more seconds. After that I have to hit the reset button a couple of times to get it back. Speculation I cannot confirm myself and wanted to ask about: Upon power-up, APU RAM tends to contain a stable repeating 64-byte pattern. After Reset, the boot ROM changes. My question is if the APU RAM is corrupted, could it cause the system to initially fail to boot, but then work upon reset? Are there any capacitors or resistors in the SYNC line that could cause an issue like this? Could using a RGB Bypass board like lord voultar's possibly fix this? My question for you: It does work, I just have to hit reset a few times. So should I call it a successful repair and just give up?
  23. Pssht! 42,500 or 425,000.. long as you had fun playing right? Updated OP, DB, RSS
  24. That's ok. Makes it more fun to have something to shoot for. You could always just delete the .hi file or reset the scores in game (via service menu I'm sure). Personally, I'd keep it. Updated OP, DB, RSS
  25. Moved this post to the correct forum - please be aware for prompt response to your issues. Please attach copies of your gameex.ini and log.txt files (no copy & paste please) in reply. Also note what version of MAME you are using. Thanks.
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