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  2. hansolo77

    [GOTM] Pepper II

    Sorry for the delay guys. My computer took a royal dump on me and I've basically been AWOL for the last week. I've been rebuilding a new machine from scratch (see here for details!). I'm almost there, but not quite. I can't update the HiScore threads until Adultery can send me a PM/Email with my DBM password. It's saved and hidden on my old drive that I can't access anymore! So hopefully he can get back to me soon. In the mean time, happy playing!
  3. hansolo77

    Been gone a while..

    So there I was, working on my computer. Our cat sneaks behind my TV and steps on the power cord to my computer, unplugging it. The computer instantly lost power, the cord/power supply sparked, the cat jumped 6 feet in the air and took off. I tried to reconnect the power and turn the computer back on... nothing. The computer was doing this power cycle deal where it would come on for a half second then power off again then on again for a half second then off again. I tried all the tricks, got to the point where I only had the power supply, cpu, and 1 stick of ram, and the system would boot.. But that was it. I could get it to post, but then crash Windows during start up. Not sure what's up with that. I even tried using my server's backup to restore the hard drive, and nothing. The restore worked, but the system was still not working. As it turns out, the power supply died and was only partially working, 3 out of the 4 sticks of ram were fried, and I seem to have gotten a boot sector virus some time ago that the backups still had. I never really turn my computer off, it goes into standby, so I have no idea how long I've had the virus, but it's un-salvageable. I've spent the last week or so spending ALL my savings to rebuild a new computer. New case (because the old one was rusting out and had that nasty white stain from the fire on it), New Motherboard (AsRock Fatal1ty Z370 Gaming K6), New CPU (Intel i7 8086 Limited Edition), New RAM (16gb DDR4 GSkill FlareX). I also grabbed 4 Noctua NF-F12 120mm PWM fans. Then this week's paycheck went to a new hard drive, Samsung 970 Pro 512gb NVME SSD, and a new power supply (Corsair TX750M). I've never played with a NVME drive before. It's pretty cool. Haven't really noticed any performance improvements, but I'm still just working on getting things back up and running. I've reinstalled Windows 7. I tried to go with Windows 10, but found out that the OS is incompatible with Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials (so I can get backups working). Spent a couple of days trying out all solutions I could find through Google, Microsoft, etc. Just gave up. Windows 7 struggled to install because of the NVME, there were no such devices when it first came out, so it didn't know it existed. Had to come up with a way to modify the install by building a bootable USB flash stick with preinstalled generic NVME drivers. All good now. Then I spent a day getting all the Windows updates. Slowly but surely I'm getting there! Anyway, I wanted to apologize for my absence and lack of High Score moderations. Speaking of which.. @Adultery I tried to send you a PM. I forgot the server password and can't send DB updates from the DBM. Any chance you see this and can help me out? Do I need a reset, or maybe you can just tell me what it was? The PM system here said you weren't able to receive messages.
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  5. Draco1962

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    Sorry dude, but you will need to upgrade to the latest PinballX version 3.11 before anyone can help you. Version 2.38 is over a year old.
  6. proudx

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    ok I can can certainly try setting up visual pinball X as the main system and see if it helps, although I think I figured out whats going on. This is where I am at. If I run version 2.16 in non exclusive fullscreen mode and launch a visual pinball exclusive, if I alt tab right after the table has loaded and set visual pinball player as the focus then I am able to successfully return to the game from the pause menu, I suspect I could fix the issue by having some autoit or ahk script to select the visual pinball player window after x amount of time. It must be a loading order issue. Trying Version 2.38 doesn't appear to be any better and solve the problem. I have attached all my config files as well as the logs. I did discover 2.38 was overwriting my screenees.txt file and incorrectly setting my back glass window as 3 so I added a value to disable the b2s autoposition once I did this pinballx 2.38 was no longer overwriting my screenres.txt and changing my back glass monitor form the correct value of 2 to 3 pinballxautopositiondisaled.ini ScreenRes.txt pinballx216.ini log-238fullscreenexclusivewindowedmode.txt pinballx238.ini log-238fullscreenwindowedmode.txt log -216fullscreenexclusivewindowedlog.txt log.-216fullscreenwindowedlog.txt B2STableSettings.xml
  7. I have a Same problem Since march , i use backglass image fix in file pinball fx3 But it's ok for me. Finaly i prefere
  8. Draco1962

    Happy Birthday fRequEnCy!

    He still pops in on occasion and the work he has done in the past for assembling a list of tried-and-true emulator command lines has withstood the test of time. I know it has saved my bacon a time or two. Happy Birthday @fRequEnCy !
  9. Yep, I reinstalled 32 bit (did the first time as well) and no luck :/
  10. Re install and this time use the 32 bit
  11. Hi all- I have gotten a new cpu build for pinball, and a month or so ago copied all my table files over after doing a fresh install of pinballx and vpx. Since the project has been an upgrade as well as adding new things like DOF Linx, it's taken me a while to get to setting up PinballX DOF. VPX DOF and FX3 DOFLinx work great now. But I can't get PinballX DOF to work. I reinstalled R3++ DOF, copied over the PinballX Plugin to the plugins folder, and in the plugin manager, the state says "Error! DirectOutput framework not found. Make sure the DOF com object is registered.". This is not the case when looking at the config test within the directoutput folder itself. I'm not sure which files would be helpful (I did read the sticky), but I have attached the log from the PBX folder, as well as the 2 globalconfig files from my DirectOutput config folder. I'm hoping I overlooked something, but I am dotting my i's and crossing my t's, comparing to the file structure from my old build, and I see no reason why I should be having this issue. Please let me know if there are ay additional files or further info I can provide. Thanks! log.txt GlobalConfig_B2SServer.xml GlobalConfig_PinballX.xml
  12. fjser

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    Change this - trust me. I had some issues with things similar to yours, and found that the "additional systems" had the issues while configuring as the main visual pinball system did not. Make VPX your primary system since you will spend most of your time in there
  13. Last week
  14. Another quick update for today we have version 1.2 of the Super Nintendo Hacks & Homebrew video snaps collection. Version 1.2 includes 4 new video snaps bringing the total number of videos in this collection to 38. A special thanks again to @audi85 for submitting the captures for this update. More details are to be found after the preview. Version 1.2 Added 4 Videos Captures @Audi85 Edits & Encoding @Circo Update your videos today EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies FIles Feed (We only post a handful in the news feed) View the full article
  15. Today EmuMovies has released version 1.7 if the Nintendo Super Famicom Video Snaps collection. Version 1.7 includes 382 new videos bringing the collection to a total of 1,089 videos. These are just the Japanese titles on the platform, you can also check out our Super Nintendo and SNES Hacks and Homebrew video snap packs. Captures were submitted by @Audi85 and @DamnedRegistrations. Continue past the preview for all the details. Version 1.7 Added 382 Videos Captures & Edits @Audi85, @DamnedRegistrations Final Edits & Encoding @Circo Update your videos today EmuMovies Website (SQ Only) Directly through your front-end or our app using EmuMovies Sync (HQ & SQ) EmuMovies File Server (FTP) (HQ & SQ) View all our updates on the EmuMovies FIles Feed (We only post a handful in the news feed) View the full article
  16. proudx

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    Sure. I don’t have the logs right now but can grab them later. What i mean by custom system is is visual pinball 10 is setup as other system while visual pinball 9 is setup as visual pinball system.
  17. Hi Tom This was indeed PBX recorder, just before I noticed rt hat PinballX had the new feature in it. Thank you for the feedbCk Cheers Mike
  18. Draco1962

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    You may want to attach copies of your log.txt and pinballx.ini files in response to this thread and also explain what you mean by "custom system" so those trying to help aren't guessing.
  19. proudx

    FullScreen Exclusive Pause in Game loses Focus

    No it still doesn’t work. I tried both ways with visual pinball running in full Screen windowed as well as full screen exclusive. Both result in when pressing pause and selecting return to game it doesn’t go back to the visual pinball player window
  20. Tom Speirs

    [NEWS] PinballX 3.10 - 3.11

    - Can now zero rate tables. - Attract mode now shows high scores on your DMD - Select and filter the game list by ratings. - Can now rate a table within the front end. - Company logos can be by a year or year range. Use the following in the filename: Bally (1980), Bally (-1980), Bally (1980-), Bally (1982-1988). There is also now no fixed limit on how many you can have. - Automatically add new and missing tables. This feature is enabled or disabled under General Settings - Current Pin2DMD support with the existing DLLs is broken now, so I have included new working versions with the installer. Select the option for Pin2DMD when installing. - Fixes mouse wheel not working in game manager. - The install now defaults to a 32 bit install, for both new installs and anyone upgrading from a release prior to this one. If you are not using the 32 bit version select the option on install. It caused numerous support issues previously and it just wasn't a good idea to default to 64 bit in hindsight. View the full article
  21. No worries, and yes.
  22. Thanks Tom , yeah that sorted it out. That initial load time was several minutes. Appreciate the suggestion. Thanks and keep up the great work. In the future, will it be possible to create lists via manufacturer and/or year ?
  23. Hi, I assumed this was an issue with PBX Recorder but wanted to check it was not PinballX itself. Is this an issue with PBX recorder or PinballX? Video capture is also included in PinballX itself now. So there should be no need to use PBX Recorder.
  24. Please post your log file so I can try and troubleshoot the issue. Wheel images are also recreated with this release if you chose to show company of system logos on top of them. This may cause a long delay on first run. Please let it run. If that is not the issue please post your log. Thanks. Tom.
  25. HI , I have just updated from 3.07 to 3.11 and pinball x freezes at load screen. Previous upgrade , i had to delete the flash.ocx file. Did the same for this , but still locks up. Windows 7 system
  26. Perfect!!! you are a diamond. although i now have the daunting task of doing that to loads of images lol Thank you
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