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  2. That's why packs are a bad idea!
  3. Each individual table in my tables folder is made up of sub folders, hundreds of them - for each table. I am guessing only the root Tables folder itself, not the sub-folders, are searched. I can *.vpx and move all of the individual tables to root directory if I need to. That's interesting. Hmm.. must be a setting, as most of my tables do not have/save high scores, yet some do. I did get a pack of tables of someone and those tables have a lot of issues like 90 degree flipped dmds etc. I feel it's possible that all of those tables are just plain messed up because the user may have gone in and played around with various settings for them.
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  5. I am including the latest ini file and a screen shot, it is also doing this for sega32x as well so am thinking must be a gameex setting I am overlooking. Using Emulator#9 GameEx Emulator9.ini press_any_key_popup.bmp
  6. I made lifetime payment because it doesn't let me download from http://ftpbrowse.gameex.com ?
  7. So the problem now is backglass videos captured by game manager don't work in the front end? (but you can open them ok in VLC) VLC shouldn't be a problem, i have that installed too. I'd reinstall LAV codecs from Pinballx homepage and if that still doesn't work, post a screenshot of your LAV settings and attach a copy of pinballx.log file after recording new videos. Smells like a lav issue somewhere..
  8. Best done in VPX video options, set to 1; It will look for tables in your tables folder as setup in Settings for Table Path Don't think i've ever seen a rom / SS table without high scores, and enabled by default. From your stats file i don't have any of the tables you do so i can't confirm, but maybe there is a rom setting to enable high scores... news to me but possible, try going through the options for the roms (have a look on vpforums for rom adjustment guides)
  9. I am going to upload 4.07 in a minute. Please try it and post the log. Thanks. Tom.
  10. So I ditched the PBX Recorder for the Game Manager capture tool. I've recorded both tables and backglass fine. When playing straight from the folder, the table videos play fine but the backglass videos gave me a "can't play 0XC1010103" error. I switched to VLC media player and they play fine from the folder but the backglass videos still won't play in Pinbal; X on my second (2) screen. The table videos play fine on my main (1) screen. When I start a table, the backglass and table work fine. My LAV filter setup looks just like that above. I had hardware acceleration checked but unchecked it. Could having both the LAV filter and VLC Player installed (with another version of LAV) be a problem? Update - I added a few more tables via game manager. One one I used the video capture and the other I left the videos that were downloaded by the manager. The backglass downloaded by the manager played on the 2nd screen, the one I captured still didn't but is in the folder and playable via VLC.
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  12. If it is only detecting vpx files, what other files do you have in the folder? Do you have VPT too? First you said it was only detecting VPX then you said it was all but not. Could you please clarify? Only rom root folder? Do you mean root\tables folder? Generally with Visual Pinball, only the tables folder is used. Please provide more details. Thanks. Tables are best running in the version they were designed for. So not sure why you want to run other than VPX with VPX? Generally you would setup multiple versions of Visual Pinball in PBX if you have mixed tables. I cant remember how I coded it now, but would consider that a feature rather than a bug if its only allowing vpx to run with vpx! High score support is automatic for the most part. For Visual Pinball only PinMAME tables are supported right now. Support for non PinMAME tables is on the way.
  13. I am happy to help as is everyone else, but gees, why do people continue to recommend competing products on my own site whilst putting down my products but still, wanting to use them!? Maybe its just me but is that acceptable? Do they think that will get them preferential treatment? Do they not realise this stuff gets indexed by Google and acts as free SEO and advertisting?
  14. Yeah nvram folder is good. After trying out some more tables, I still only have the one table that saves Highscores, but I think it may really have just been down to bad luck. Some of the tables I tried have default high scores, which I wasn't beating. Some other ones don't seem to support high scores at all (they are older tables and don't ask for initials or mention any high scores on the DMD). The only table that does work - Excalibur - supports high scores but has no defaults, it's the only one like that - so it's not surprising that it works. I am guessing high scores have to be programmed into the ROM or whatever, or maybe it's some sort of setting I have to manually enable for these tables? It just so happened that a lot of the first tables I tried didn't have that built in - I guess? I'm still not sure of the other two issues though (1.5 speed on almost all tables and not recognizing .vpx files unless they are in the root Visual Pinball folder specified). Also thanks for the help so far! edit: Looks like using an fps limiter did the trick for the speed. Not sure why it started happening after using PinballX but it looks good now. Really just the vpx files not detecting, which I am starting to worry is intentional.
  15. Easiest way to check if saving to high scores in game is to enter initials exit out and then restart game, see if high scores are there still. You can probably also just add a load of credits and exit out, restart and see if they're still there. Both ways should save to the same romname.nv file in your Visual Pinball NVRAM folder.
  16. Congrats @smario on winning GOTQ 4 - 2019 !! With an amazing 400k+ score you really deserve this win !! I hope you have fun with our new GOTQ - Pinball Action Have fun!!
  17. Pinball Action is a video arcade game, a simulator of a pinball machine, released in 1985 by Tehkan (now Tecmo). Pinball Action features three separate pinball areas in addition to the starting area. Each of the additional 'faces' has a challenge which, when completed, allows a player access to a special three extra credits. The three faces feature challenges modelled on ten-pin bowling, poker, and slot machines. Sorry for the delay adding our new GOTQ game. Have fun everybody with our first Pinbal Game !! ~ GC
  18. As requested: I'm not sure about vpinmame saving them or how to check for that, but I know for the game it does work with, it creates a high score txt file in the High Scores folder within PinballX (and also displays it in the information section inside the front end). With any other game it creates no such txt file in there. PinballX.ini Statistics.ini
  19. Pinbal Action Leaderboard POSITION USER NAME TOTAL SCORE 1 Be the first! 00000000 Last Updated by GimmeClassics: 01-21-2020 Please use these settings when submitting a hi-score for Pinbal Action: ROMSet: PBAction Lives: 3 Cabinet: Upright Bonus Life: 70K 200K Extra: easy Difficulty [Flippers]: Easy Difficulty [Outlane]: Easy Special Rules: None. The green coloured default values match the Twin Galaxies settings. The red coloured values need to be changed! # you can change your Mame dip switch settings by following this guide: # you can make a printscreen of your hi-score screen by following this guide: # general rules for submitting you hi-score:
  20. Strange issues! Can you post your pinballx.ini file (attach it rather than paste contents) from the pinballx\config folder as well as statistics.ini from the databases folder. Thanks Edit- just re-read your post. Re the high scores not saving, are you saying they're not available to pinballx in the front end, or that vpinmame isn't saving them (in game)?
  21. Hey! Going down a bit of a rabbit hole here, but I have run into a number issues that Google is having a hard time solving. The background is I am running PBX as a frontend for VPX and only VPX, mainly to save highscores, as I already had Launchbox set up as a front end and outside of not saving high scores, works fine. However, with PBX I have run into a number of minor problems that combined - become a bit of a dealbreaker. I am hoping some of these can be easily rectified. As a note, even though I have PBX set to load through Launchbox, I have tested PBX without Launchbox, and all of the problems persist in the exact same way. 1. Most tables run at about 1.5x speed. It seems to be the VPinMAME tables, only, though. They run perfectly fine when run independent of PBX. 2. 5/6 tables tested so far do not save high scores. The fact that 1/6 has makes it weirder - may just bad luck with the small sample size? Not sure. 3. The Game Manager only detects .vpx files in the root directory. i HOPE it's just a checkbox I missed, because it would be an absolute nightmare to reconfigure at 434 tables to be run out of the root directory (and an eyesore). Surely it can't look for vpx files in the folders? I looked at previous posts and a log is typically requested, so here is one running Dungeons and Dragons, a table that has both issues of not saving a high score and running at about 1.5x speed: 12:50:02.64 2020-01-21: PinballX - Version 4.06 x64 12:50:02.68 2020-01-21: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (16GB) 12:50:02.68 2020-01-21: Loading Settings 12:50:02.70 2020-01-21: Initialize Component 12:50:02.71 2020-01-21: Initialize Display 12:50:02.75 2020-01-21: Testing Flash engine. 12:50:03.92 2020-01-21: Loading PlugIns 12:50:03.93 2020-01-21: Looking for startup images 12:50:04.14 2020-01-21: Hiding Cursor 12:50:04.15 2020-01-21: Hiding Taskbar 12:50:04.15 2020-01-21: Getting GPU and CPU Information 12:50:04.17 2020-01-21: CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700K CPU @ 3.70GHz 12:50:04.17 2020-01-21: 6 cores, 12 threads 12:50:04.17 2020-01-21: GPU 1: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 12:50:04.17 2020-01-21: Displays: 1 12:50:04.17 2020-01-21: Load Game List 12:50:04.20 2020-01-21: Loading Database: Visual Pinball 12:50:04.21 2020-01-21: Loading Custom Database: dwad 12:50:04.21 2020-01-21: Initial load gamelist took: 15ms 12:50:04.24 2020-01-21: Finding and matching artwork and videos 12:50:04.25 2020-01-21: Took: 15ms 12:50:04.25 2020-01-21: Loading Game Statistics and Scores 12:50:04.94 2020-01-21: Main display running full screen windowed. 12:50:05.00 2020-01-21: Loading Surfaces 12:50:05.04 2020-01-21: Finished Loading Surfaces 12:50:05.04 2020-01-21: Initialize Audio 12:50:05.14 2020-01-21: Set Keyboard Controls 12:50:05.14 2020-01-21: Initialize Joystick 12:50:05.22 2020-01-21: 3 Joysticks Attached 12:50:05.22 2020-01-21: Started 12:50:08.92 2020-01-21: Launch System 12:50:08.92 2020-01-21: Waiting for threads 12:50:08.92 2020-01-21: Disposing display 12:50:09.10 2020-01-21: E:\Downloads\Visual Pinball\VPinballX.exe /play -"E:\Downloads\Visual Pinball\Tables\Dungeons&Dragons (Bally 1987) v1.1.1.vpx" 12:50:09.12 2020-01-21: E:\Program Files\PinballX\vpauto.exe 12:50:18.54 2020-01-21: Found PinMAME ROM: dungdrag.nv 12:50:18.94 2020-01-21: Visual Pinball Player window foreground 12:51:00.94 2020-01-21: Hidden Visual Pinball Editor Window 12:51:30.83 2020-01-21: Exit System Control Pressed 12:51:33.37 2020-01-21: Main display running full screen windowed. 12:51:39.94 2020-01-21: Exiting 12:51:39.96 2020-01-21: Showing Taskbar 12:51:39.96 2020-01-21: Unhiding Mouse Cursor 12:51:39.97 2020-01-21: Disposing Plugins 12:51:39.97 2020-01-21: Saving Settings 12:51:39.97 2020-01-21: Bye Any help would be great - thanks!
  22. can anyone tell me where to find backball pinball fx3 -star wars ahch to island -star wars only -star wars the last jedi -star war battle of mimban like this in the video below? Thank you
  23. Am busy installing more tables and came across some more i could not find the docklet for in style i use...
  24. Good choice ! There are some tables released the last couple of months that looks real awesome. And the physics are close to real
  25. Is the file correctly named in folder and in gamemanager ?
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