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  2. Nintendo 64 Games wont load - Project 64

    Thanks RedDog. I'll get that later tonight.
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  4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    To all those here in the states or anywhere else you may be celebrating Thanksgiving, I wish you a happy and safe holiday weekend!
  5. [COMMUNITY PROJECT] Game Icons Project

    Thanks, Ben, for the program and the link. I think that this will be of great help for the creators contributing to this project!
  6. Toddzilla

    That's some fine craftsmanship, my good man. Great to see care, craft and detail prevail over designed obsolescence and commercialism. (Did I really just turn a bit of wood into a political comment!? Damn, I'm getting old)
  7. Nintendo 64 Games wont load - Project 64

    @dschulpius Now that you have corrected your command line to Project64.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]", could you run another N64 game through GameEx and then post the resulting log.txt and runitgame.bat file. runitgame.bat can be found in the GameEx\DATA directory. Also, I notice your roms are zipped. I am not sure if it will matter, but if you open the zip file for the game you ran, does it contain one rom or multiple roms?
  8. Pinball FX3 Setup?

    Issue for non-Steam version reported here... Thus far I do not believe that anyone has reported a solution to this, at least not in the PinballX forums.
  9. Play with friends
  10. Pinball FX3 Setup?

    ok this is not a steam version, it was an iso image I had
  11. megadocklets everywhere

    Agreed and it was nice to see as ive not noticed them in any other 3rd party apps, and just felt like was home when scrolling threw the supremacy menus :-)
  12. Pinball FX3 Setup?

    checking now. maybe I will uninstall and reinstall fx3 but I do not see a steam directory. don't know why it installed into the root of c as games. ill give that a whirl first. Also , where can I find the artwork to overlay in the menu?
  13. Pinball FX3 Setup?

    Also, are you running FX3 via Steam? The normal path is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam PinballX cannot find the executable via this link in your log file. That is why it is going back to the main wheel menu. 23:53:13.4 11/21/2017: C:\Games\Pinball FX3.exe -table_"Doom" 23:53:13.7 11/21/2017: The system cannot find the file specified 23:53:13.7 11/21/2017: at System.Diagnostics.Process.StartWithShellExecuteEx(ProcessStartInfo startInfo) 23:53:13.7 11/21/2017: at System.Diagnostics.Process.Start() 23:53:13.7 11/21/2017: at PinballX.FrmMain.q()
  14. megadocklets everywhere

    The idea is not entirely original except that I mega-sized the docklet. At least it is original as opposed to a concerted and intentional ripoff of our content with no attribution.
  15. Just for fun PinbalX Trailer2

    Just my 2 cents, but would be cool to have a collection of PinballX in action videos that the user can easily page through.
  16. All i can say @TerryRed is that this is absobloodylootly gorgeous :-) This is a work of art and will be using in my pincade. thanks for sharing. Ian.
  17. megadocklets everywhere

    was surprised to find this.... i was using kodi and installed supremacy as an add on....TBH nice as it complements my pinball nicely :-)
  18. Pinball FX3 Setup?

  19. Nintendo 64 Games wont load - Project 64

    Sadly Command=Project64.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" didn't work. Same as above.
  20. Pinball FX3 Setup?

    hey everyone, complete noob here, I just started building my pinball(for wife) and for the life of me cannot figure out how to get PFX3 to work. it sees the tables but when I click on one it brings me back to the main menu. saying cant find specified file ill attach xml and logs as well as ini. I also have PFX2 that I would like to install if someone can guide me. log.txt Pinball FX3.xml PinballX.ini
  21. Nintendo 64 Games wont load - Project 64

    Cool, I'll try it. I did look through that link but I must have missed that one. I did see a config with the command line I am using. Thanks. I guess I need to read better. There's so much info to go through. LOL
  22. Just for fun PinbalX Trailer2

    Ok for me if you want that, would be great to see the new version. Sent from my SM-G935U using Tapatalk
  23. gamex in unbuntu mate

    It was Ubuntu. Its probably only me that's messed with it. I have not tried it for a long time so there could be multiple issues with it. There's really not much point to run it in Ubuntu other than for the hell of it!
  24. Nintendo 64 Games wont load - Project 64

    Try changing your command line to read Command=Project64.exe "[ROMPATH]\[ROMFILE]" instead of Command=Project64.exe [ROMPath]\[RomFile] (recall that link to the map, config and command lines I showed you yesterday?
  25. [GOTM] Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    86....Cowabunga! Made it to the second boss Bebop. Anyone have any tips to get past this boss?
  26. Hi all, I'm back for more help. Kinda embarrassing, sorry. I cant get any Nintendo 64 Games to load in Project 64 when launched through Gamex. They load and I can play them directly in Project 64. However When I launch them through Gamex I get a pause, then a Windows error message box that says "Cant Load" (or something like that. I have the "Show Desktop" potion turned to Yes in Gamex's Advanced Emulator section). Oddly when I click on the OK box in this error message the box goes away and Project 64 is active, I can then navigate with the mouse pointer, select a game and play it. Then when I close Project 64, Gamex appears again just like I would expect when I would have stopped a game. I'm using the latest Project 64 version 2.3 but I see the same issue with all older versions I've tried. Must be a siting I'm missing. Here's my Gamex files, Thanks in advance for any help: GameEx.ini log.txt
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  28. HLSL and Pixel Accuracy

    I am warming to the idea of using something like HLSL in my MAME games, as I do like the look when surrounded by the classic bezel. I have a 49" 4k screen on my cabinet, and that setup looks really nice, with the bezel in full. But one thing really bums me out about HLSL as I've seen it...and perhaps I'm missing something. But, playing at a friends Original Robotron cabinet, I noticed that it has unique diamond-esque pixel patterns. HLSL, at least some of the presets, only appears to do scanlines. Does anyone have any recommendations for pixel perfect HLSL accuracy? Thanks!
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