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  1. Via MAME: Recently the Neo Geo BIOS was updated to add a new version of the Universal BIOS. This was done between 0.171/0.172, and results in an error trying to load Neo Geo games with an un-updated set.
  2. No offense, but wouldn't it have been faster for you to post the link instead of instructions on how to Google apost you referenced? We're all good people here, and we do this for fun. We support this community because we love the hobby. Keep that in mind when you sprinkle your answers with sarcasm. We want to help you!
  3. It's really kind of a grey area, but I would just advise against it. My advice to you is more about learning how MAME works, there's lots of threads about it. MAME is a very particular emulator and not like any other ,in that the ROM files are very specific to the build you're using. You may also want to look into ROM management software like clrMAMEpro.
  4. You really need to make sure your ROM set matches your MAME build and is complete, otherwise you're going to keep running into this. I think it's been mentioned before. We can't help you find ROMS, you gotta take some ownership here@imek.
  5. It sounds like a focus problem, but it should also be noted that like Microsoft, we no longer support XP so it's going to be tough to diagnose.
  6. You can also ask me if you have any plugin questions. My more popular ones integrate Xpadder and Virtual Drives, and there's one for two monitor setups. Pretty much endless possibilities for customization of you have a little coding ability.
  7. Also, the configuration you posted there has 'enabled' option set to 'no'. Set it to 'yes'.
  8. Does it run outside of GameEx?
  9. This reply should probably be moved. Just sayin.
  10. GameEx Evolution is, well, the evolution of GameEx. Right now Evo is in alpha but it's got a completely new rendering engine and a ton of improvements over GameEx. It's made to meet/exceed flashy front ends graphically while packing the efficiency, functionality and ease of use of traditional GameEx. In a nutshell.
  11. Yeah. Click it.
  12. Is it a .reg file? You should just be able to click it to add the value to the registry, as admin of course. If your reg key didn't work, contact Tom Speirs via email.
  13. It's a database. You can't really rename a column. You can reprise one though if you want. Tom would need to speak on how he parses them. If it's by index then the name won't matter, but if it's by name then just going to break the database. In either case you can't just delete a column.
  14. I'm more surprised that they promote the mod.
  15. You need to be a supporting member to download things from the repository. Your current lifetime subscription is for GameEx updates, not for the content. Right now it looks like you're in the basic group. Please ask a staff member if you aren't sure, someone can answer any other questions you may have.